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Ascended Lady Master Leto

               Ascended Master               

Service to God in Life

  • Also known as:
    • "Princess"
    • Chohan of the Fourth Secret Ray

  • Twin Flame / Divine Complement / Twin Ray:
    • Alexander Gaylord

  • First Public Dictation / Discourse:
    • January 17, 1937   Pasadena, California U.S.A. (1) (4)

  • Embodied as:
    • "Princess Louise" (3)
    • Embodied in 11th century Scotland - Leto: "In the eleventh century," She explained, "I lived in Scotland, and during an experience of that life, the memory of heather became very dear. Ever since then, at most unexpected moments, the fragrance of heather radiates very strongly, so much so, that many times, it is noticed by those about Me." (3)
    • During the height of the Incan civilization where she brought forth many advances in science — understanding the deeper spiritual laws behind the outer forms.
    • Scientist on Atlantis
    • Mystic in China

  • Ascended
    • More than 380 years ago (3)

  • God Quality
    • Necessity

  • Divine Ray & Sacred Fire
    • Fourth Secret Ray of Water
    • Liquid Currents of the Life Force of Water
    • Elemental Force of Nature of Water
    • Prana of a pastel color similar to Sea-foam Green or Aquamarine

  • Office in Hierarchy
    • Chohan of the Fourth Secret Ray
    • Teaches how to safely leave the outer physical body and reenter at will.
    • Teacher of youth who have dedicated their life to the path of the Ascension.
    • Instructor in Divine Alchemy
    • Assists in the governing of the emotional body

  • Retreat
    • Retreat of the Master of Paris - described by Godfre as "an old castle-like residence, from which we could see dimly the Eiffel Tower. It was situated high up, and from its many windows, one had almost a complete bird's-eye view of the city. It seemed, as if it had been built for that purpose, in the first place." (3)

  • Music Keynote
    • The Heather on the Hill

Anita Van Kol |

" . . . .I want so much, tonight, to bring into your consciousness the feeling that the Reality of everything which comes into manifestation exists first in its Light pattern. Everything that comes into form out here first must have its Light pattern, your own form included. You could not have a form without a Light Pattern upon which it was built. The points of Light within the cells of your body are the Light Pattern upon which is gathered the substance that makes your physical form.

"Do you not see how practical, how wise it is to realize that this substance around your Light Pattern has been moulded and acted upon by your feeling which was less than Perfection? Reverse that! Hold your outer activity in abeyance; call your Presence into action, which is Perfection, to reverse and change those Mighty Currents of Energy. Then, you begin to out-picture the Perfection instead of recording the imperfection, which is the clothing of your Light Pattern. It will remain.

"It is so all-comprehensive to realize that in your emotional or feeling world there is the cause of everything that comes into manifestation. If you want health, happiness, supply and Perfection, your attention and your feeling would necessarily need to accept - from the only place where Perfection can come from, your "Mighty I AM Presence" - all that It holds there waiting for you. Dear ones, think how long, how long the Perfection from the Presence has been waiting, waiting, waiting for something to call your attention, to the requirements within your outer octave here; which would allow Its Energy to flow through unhampered, untouched by anything but Its own Perfection.

"It is the Great, Great Law of Life, precious ones! Do not ever tire of studying and applying this GreatKnowledge which Saint Germain has brought forth. It was intentionally made so simplified that even a child can understand and apply It. All of the old terminology has been left out, so no one might be confused in Its application. That is why the Great Divine Director, Jesus and Others have said: "If you can, give your whole attention to this, forgetting all that has not produced results for you; then you will more quickly have results from this Application. . . . "

Beloved Leto
through the Messenger, Guy Warren Ballard,   January 17, 1937,   Pasadena, California U.S.A. (4)

" . . . You have the capability to allow the currents of the Life Force of your own body temple to be in constant Harmony with the Mind of God at your command. All this, and every creative endeavor of your lifestream, comes forth because of the Flame that burns brightly upon your Heart. . . "

Beloved Leto
through the Anointed Representative®, Carolyn Louise Shearer,   October 7, 2011,   Tucson, Arizona U.S.A. (6)

Heather at Kilcoe castle
Patryk Kosmider |

In the book, The Magic Presence (page 189, 303 - 304), we were introduced to Leto. Godfre describes:

(page 189) She had been in the Ascended state more than three hundred years, yet She looked not over seventeen.

(page 303) "You may call me Leto." After greeting Her, they expressed their great joy and delight for Her Presence.

"I have come," She explained, "to take you to Our home in Paris, which My Master wishes you to make your home while abroad. It will make Him very happy to extend His hospitality to you all." We joyously accepted His Invitation, knowing it to be part of the Divine Plan Saint Germain had arranged for us. To add to our happiness, we found Her suite next to that of Nada and Pearl.

When opportunity offered, I explained to the others that this little Lady, who looked not more than seventeen, had used Her Present Body over three hundred years. I almost strained the credulity of my friends, in spite of all Saint Germain had said and done; that they might become accustomed to the Great Truth and Reality of the Ascended Masters and Their work.

(page 304 - 307) As each of us said good-night to Leto, it seemed as though a gossamer Garment of Light enfolded us, and the fragrance of heather, which had filled the room all evening, clung to us while we retired. We met at breakfast, and the Radiance was even greater than the night before. During the course of our conversation, I asked Her, why we had been conscious of the fragrance of heather during Her Instruction.

"In the eleventh century," She explained, "I lived in Scotland, and during an experience of that life, the memory of heather became very dear. Ever since then, at most unexpected moments, the fragrance of heather radiates very strongly, so much so, that many times, it is noticed by those about Me."

I observed that Leto wore a simple, White Garment, yet it gave the effect of having a glint of many colors, shining through. She answered my thought about it immediately, by saying:

"This Garment I am wearing is seamless One, not made with hands, but precipitated direct from Pure 'Light-substance,' hence, the glint and Radiance you see. It will never soil nor show wear. It will not be long, until each of you will be wearing the same kind of Garment. In the fully awakened, or what you call the Ascended Master Consciousness, We never encumber ourselves with luggage of any kind; for in the ethers all about Us, is the Pure Substance from which we form everything, as We desire to use it.

"All we need to do is to bring it into form, through holding the conscious attention upon our mental picture or visualized form. This creates a focus for the concentration and condensation of the Electronic Light in the ether, which fills all space everywhere. Our feeling, united with the mental picture, sets up a drawing activity - a magnetic pull-upon the Pure Electronic Substance. With This Feeling, there must enter a certain knowledge of how to raise or lower the vibratory rate in the aura around the electron; for the vibratory rate of the aura determines the quality and material of the precipitated article.

"When I use the term electron, I mean an Eternally Pure Heart-center of Immortal Fire - a Perfect Balance of Light, Substance and Intelligence - around which is an aura of lesser Light that the scientific world calls a force-field. The electron is forever changelessly Perfect, but the force-field, or aura around it, is subject to expansion and contraction; and this is the determining factor in bringing substance into form-from the invisible into the visible.

"Because of the Inherent Intelligence within the electron, it becomes an obedient servant, and is subject to the manipulation of the Individual, who acknowledges his Source of Life by his awareness of the `Mighty I AM Presence' within himself. From This Height of Consciousness, such an Individual, by a direct command to the Intelligence within the electron, can release a wave of Its Fire to flow out, and cause the force-field to expand or contract at his will.

"This is the raising or lowering of the vibratory rate, and is the activity, that causes the force-field to register or become the quality of the material, which he brings into physical form. For illustration, iron has a much lower vibratory rate than Gold, and if one be precipitating Gold, the force-field around the electron would naturally be much larger in extent, and hence, contain more of the Immortal Fire than would that of iron.

"In bringing about this sort of manifestation, the vision and feeling must be held steady to produce quick results. It is the work of the student to master himself, and maintain the Conscious Control and direction of the energy within his own mind and body. Then he is able to govern the flow of its power, through the channels of sight and feeling, to a definite objective, and hold it there; until the receptacle, which is his mental picture, is filled full of the Living Luminous Substance from the Universal Fire of Life.

"This Instruction is for your use, and you must apply it, if you wish to attain any degree of Mastery; for only by use of the knowledge we already have, can we utilize that which is still greater. No one can ever attain any degree of Mastery, except through the operation of the Great Inner Law of the `I AM.'

"The Greatest of all Fundamentals is to remember - forever - that from the lowest to the highest Being in the Universe, the Only `Presence and Power' which can move or do anything constructive is That Conscious Intelligence which acknowledges Its Own Being and Manifestation, by decreeing `I AM,' followed by whatever quality that Being desires to bring into outer existence. It is the `Word of God'."

King, Godfre Ray    The Magic Presence - Saint Germain Series Volume 2

This book is a continuation of the experiences which Godfre Ray King had with the Ascended Master Saint Germain in Volume 1. In The Magic Presence, Godfre applies the knowledge that he received from Saint Germain in Unveiled Mysteries. An exciting story of relationships.

The Magic Presence

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  6. Leto, October 7, 2011 Copyright © 2011 The Temple of The Presence®   Website:
  7. In Brother of the 3rd Degree, the initiate Eole was also called Princess Louise and her story was strikingly similar to the description of Leto in the Magic Presence. Colono was born in South America, just as Gaylord had a lot to do with South America. Saint Germain described an episode in London where Princess Louise was in a carriage with runaway horses. He saved Princess Louise by stopping the carriage.

Great Central Sun Angels

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