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     Rocky Mountains     

God of the Mountains

Service to God in Life

  • First Public Dictation / Discourse:
    • Sunday June 27, 1937 in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. (1)

  • Divine Quality
    • Constancy

  • Office in Hierarchy
    • Tabor is the Chohan of the Fifth Secret Ray of Constancy - the Fifth Pranic Breath.
    • Assists in the governing of the physical body

  • Divine Ray & Sacred Fire
    • Fifth Secret Ray of Earth
    • Liquid Currents of the Life Force of Earth
    • Elemental Force of Nature of Earth
    • Prana with a color similar to Turqoise

  • Retreat
    • Lord Tabor maintains a Retreat in the Rocky Mountains, near Ouray, Colorado, which contains jeweled, rainbow colored, crystalline walls. In this Retreat, God Tabor sustains the Fifth Secret Ray of Constancy on Earth. There is a focus of gold and ancient manuscripts on the Great Law of Life.

Rocky Mountains

The Infinite Power of the Universe

". . . Sometimes when you hear the Messengers use the powerful statement: 'Mighty I AM Presence, turn it upside down and bring an Ascended Master Miracle of your Perfection out of it', it means that the condition is being reversed. Out of the lack of understanding comes the True Understanding of the Presence. This Understanding is the Powerhouse by which all humanity is transformed.

"May I remind you again today, that in calling your Presence into action to produce Harmony and Perfection in your world, and America, dear ones, there is no struggle. There is no battle! There is no war feeling in it. It is the Call to the Light. The release goes forth and the Light, knowing no resistance nor interference just moves in, dissolving everything unlike Itself.

"Keep reminding your outer intellect, which naturally charges your feeling world, that in the change which comes there need be no battle. In the great calm serenity and issuing of these Decrees into the mental and feeling world of mankind, the Light, which is Self-Luminous Intelligent Substance, proceeds into action with the Infinite Power of the Universe to produce this result which you desire so much and which is so imperative. . . . "

". . . If you have some serious problem to handle, be careful how you let others know your need. If the knowledge of your need touches someone who is discordant, you have just that much more to handle. This is the point! Beloved ones, is there anything in the Universe more powerful than your Presence? Is there? Oh surely not. Do you think someone in the physical, and I know you do often think it, has more ability to call the Presence into action than you have? Well suppose that were the case temporarily. Do you not see that sooner or later, you will come to the place where you will meet the condition; when you must stand wholly with your Presence, not looking to a single thing outside? The moment you really do that, your troubles will cease, precious ones. I assure you that the moment you can turn wholly to your Presence and say: 'Mighty I AM Presence, I am just looking to you!' — you cannot fail to have results.

"Do you realize that century, after century, after century mankind has been taught to lean on something other than their own Life, which is the Mighty I AM Presence? While individuals were still praying to God, they were looking around outside to see what person could assist, if that assistance were needed.

"Precious ones, as you keep calling your Presence into action, It will choose. Your Higher Mental Body — which is the discriminating selective Intelligence — will choose who shall give assistance, if it be through human channels. Then no mistakes can be made. . . . "

Beloved God Tabor
through the Messenger, Guy Warren Ballard,   June 27, 1937,   Los Angeles, California U.S.A. (11)

Rocky Mountains

In the book, The Magic Presence (pages 274 - 277), we were first introduced to Tabor. Godfre describes the following events:

Our train reached Denver at four o'clock of the third day after graduation; and early the next morning, Nada, Pearl, Zara, Bob, Rex, and I left on horseback for the Cave of Symbols. We reached the summit of the mountain about eleven o'clock, and Zara was happy in the extreme. She excused herself, saying she wanted to be alone for a while. In the meantime the rest of us prepared lunch. Later, she returned, and the Light in her eyes was brilliant.

"I have had a strange experience," she remarked, "I have seen the God of this mountain. He is a Wonderful Being. Such Majesty, Wisdom, and Power I have never imagined before in anyone. He is at least eight feet tall, and is Guard of this sacred mountain, as He calls it. He is known, as the God Tabor. He told me He would have much to do in helping us all, in the near future. Everything around here seems so familiar, as if I had been here before."'

"He said, I had been here in very ancient times. I do not fully understand what He means, but I feel as though I were just about to remember, something important in the past. He explained, that one day, I would enter the Heart of this mountain, and receive of its Eternal Life and Wisdom; but not until after two years had passed. He asked me to be at peace, that all might come about in Divine Order, and said that I had entered the Great Stream of Life which would carry me on to Eternal Perfection."

"My Dear Sister, you are indeed blest," said Nada, going up and embracing her fondly, "just trust the 'Mighty I AM Presence' within you; and all will be revealed at the right time. Now come and have lunch."

"I shall be glad to eat with you, but I feel a strength within, which I have never experienced before," she replied. "I am so grateful that you brought me here today-you are so wonderful to me.

I deeply admire the scenic beauty; but this Inner Glory surpasses everything in my Life. God bless you, my beloved friends."

Then all understood, why we had been impelled to come to Table Mountain. Lunch finished, Rex suggested we go down the opposite side of the mountain; that Zara might see the amazing color effects of the more rugged scenery, and pass the entrance to the Cave of Symbols. As we came to the entrance of the Cave, Rex stopped his horse.

"Come," he said, "let's go in."

"No, no!" cautioned Zara, her face turning white, "we may not enter now. Please let us return home." We realized she was being directed from within, and did not press things further, but turned our horses homeward. When we reached the ranch, Rayborn told us he had received a message from Beloved Saint Germain; for us all to meet Him in the tower room, at eight o'clock that same evening. The hour arrived, and as we approached the door, it opened wide revealing Saint Germain. He welcomed us with His usual Grace, and we took our places in the chairs forming a circle. The Livingstons were surprised, and admired the beauty of the room with great enthusiasm. When all had stilled themselves, Saint Germain said: "I have called this meeting especially for Zara, and secondly, for Daniel Rayborn." He gave a short but beautiful Tribute of praise and gratitude to the "I AM Presence," and as He spoke, the "Light" blazed forth with great intensity, and illu-mined the room brilliantly.

He stepped in front of Zara, and touched her forehead. Immediately, a circle of gold, rose, and blue Light surrounded us, and we were enabled to see into the next octave of Light, beyond the one in which humanity generally functions. The "Light" began to focus around Zara, and her 'Inner-sight became opened, the experiences of many lives passing before her. In one of these, she had been under the Instruction of Saint Germain, and at that time she had reached great enlightenment. In another life, she had been a priestess in the cave of a great mountain, and it was then, she had first met the God Tabor.

While This Revelation of past lives was shown, the former memory of these activities was established; and Saint Germain explained, it would be of very great benefit a few years later. As He finished the work with her, the Beautiful Circle of "Light" slowly disappeared.

King, Godfre Ray    The Magic Presence - Saint Germain Series Volume 2

This book is a continuation of the experiences which Godfre Ray King had with the Ascended Master Saint Germain in Volume 1. In The Magic Presence, Godfre applies the knowledge that he received from Saint Germain in Unveiled Mysteries. An exciting story of relationships.

The Magic Presence

Rocky Mountains

"The Earth Is the Lord's, and the Fullness Thereof"

"To Those Who Would Harvest the Abundance from the Heart of God:

"From our Retreat in the Rocky Mountains near Colorado Springs flows the Love of Our Heart's Eye. Beholding immaculately, we invoke in all Life a greater realization of man's Inner Power over the field of his own consciousness.

"Now, consciousness is a moving, vital essence that possesses the Divine Tao, conducting through the mind's fingers of contact that Spirit by which men cognize the manifestations of themselves and nature. All of man's acts, the great and the small, take on new meaning when he realizes that his consciousness is a gift of the Spirit Most Holy. Wherever consciousness preordains action, there is responsibility to the Holy Spirit; and where there is responsibility, there is also the need for understanding, in order that the responsibility might be fulfilled.

"Many have pleaded ignorance while others have ignorantly engaged the teeth of their energies in opposition to the highest plans God has for the earth planet. When we pause to consider that attitudes of just plain meanness-and there is no other word for them-have passed among mankind through the educational systems of the world and the marts of commerce, through the exploitation of the credulous and the proliferation of dark designs of thought and horror, we realize how important it is that all men be reminded once again, before it is too late, of their solemn responsibility to guard the Christ Consciousness in others as well as in themselves. Those who are concerned solely with their own accumulation of wealth seldom realize that unless they possess the abundant Life, they will one day lose all that they have temporarily gained; for 'The Earth is the Lord's, and the fullness thereof.' (6)

"If any man would shew himself “approved unto God” and to the Powers that Be, spreading abroad the word of Truth from the mountains to the great plains, he should understand that above all is the need to “train up a child in the way he should go, (that) when he is old, he will not depart from it.” All have accumulated karma and records of the past, much of these being shaded in darkness; yet through the centuries all who have had any degree of openness of mind and heart have also absorbed some Light. But when we pause to consider the responsibility of man to accurately teach man, we perceive that in order to pass on higher Truth he himself must have a more than ordinary training, and his consciousness cannot be limited to the accumulation of things. (7)

"Many of the teachers of the world today are so wrapped up in the little knots of their own personal lives and karma that they are incapable of truly caring for the spiritual-material needs of their pupils. Their outlook is not only worldly-simple but almost vulgar, because they are saturated with egoism. Parents who send their children to be trained by these highly unqualified individuals, who deny God and pridefully strut their designs before the youth, fancying themselves architects of a are already reaping the karma of their neglect.

"The saddest part of this misadventure is that humanity seldom realize that into what to them seems a relatively unimportant matter-the education of their youth-goes the entire adventure of their own becoming. For, so long as humanity are kept busy in the toils of their karma, which as a treadmill regurgitates their experiences and spills them forth as a vile suds upon one another, so long shall they be bound to the world of form.

"Only when humanity's teachers understand the true meaning of training up a child in the way he should go, only when they understand the cosmic responsibility to cleanse their own spirits so that their teachings may become a vital communication of cosmic ideal wedded to the entire accumulation of man's knowledge, cleansing and purifying all-only then will humanity begin to build once again a Golden Age. Then what some might call Platonistic, but what is actually the divine society of the Ascended Masters, the kingdom of heaven upon earth, will become a reality because the enlightened potential of the Spirit of man will be not latent but apparent in conscious manifestation.

"We of the Ascended Masters' Realm, overseeing humanity with the Radiation of Our Love and the eye of Our Attention, pinpoint once again in this unit of Cosmic Knowledge, this Pearl of Wisdom, the need for all to face squarely their cosmic responsibility to employ the energies of consciousness, the faculties of mind and heart, to build a Golden Age civilization solidly based upon the Golden Rule. It is in the hope that loving parents, young people, and even the elder stewards will bestow upon the tapestry of the coming age a restoration of prayer in the schools-not, as it has been for so many years, a mere token offered unto God, but as a vital communication of the heart of the child to his Creator-that we advocate the bolstering of faith, hope, and charity in the hearts of all. How sad it has been, but how true, that where God has been moved out, men with atheistic and damning concepts of dialectical materialism have moved in.

"In the asteroid belt of the solar system, located between Mars and Jupiter, revolve magnetic chunks of the ancient planet Maldek, a monument to the perfidy of the laggards and their denial of the power of the creative Spirit of pure Being. (5) Will you then, parents and teachers of this age, allow your children and your children's children to imitate their degenerate ways and then to literally destroy this planet before you lift a hand in defense of Righteousness and Truth! How men can deny God and expect to build a socialistic, utopian society of antichrist in the place of the kingdom of heaven is difficult to understand; but it has happened in nation after nation, while the Scriptures declare, 'The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.' (8)

"The youth of the world, who have been hypnotized by the dark doings of the Luciferians rampant in this age, should wake up to the fact that they have been made the puppets of darkness. They should understand clearly that they have been manipulated by those who have used the television and moving picture industry of the United States and other nations to brainwash them with a decadent philosophy and a decadent music-the same old theme that caused the destruction of Maldek. They should see, before it is too late, that the jaws of a vicious trap are closing in upon them-and even if the plot should fail to actually materialize as their perpetrators plan, mankind stand to be the losers, because the youth who have defected from the Spirit of the living God will be the ones who will not only bear the coming generation but also set the example for it. Yet all of this can still be avoided by their parents, teachers, and elected representatives, who thus far have allowed the misapplication of the cardinal principles of Divine Reality in school, church, and society to go unchecked.

"In Heaven's Name, do you think that humanity can escape the penalty of their own deeds exacted upon them by an inexorable Cosmic Law! If they neglect the training of their children, they are neglecting the most vital part of the structuring of the social order. When it is time for them to reembody, who will teach them what they have not taught the very ones who shall bring them forth? Mankind's current concern with the pollution of the elements is a hollow mockery of their pollutions of the human spirit and the human mind through their failure to stop the trafficking of dangerous drugs and pornographic art. The flood of degrading concepts now being released into the world of man at an alarming rate, unless reversed in its course, will destroy this planet as surely as it did Maldek.

"O humanity, hearken to thy Cosmic Teachers who are no longer removed into a corner but stand before thee face to face to reveal the Truth of the ages and the Law of thy being! The way of cosmic history is plain. The way of the Great Law is also plain: 'Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.' (9)

"The advent of Cosmic Truth can be brought to bear upon human needs if hearts will open and respond. If they will not, and I speak to each little spark of the Divine Spirit, I am certain that we will not be allowed from our level to interfere with human free will. The hope of the world lies in man's acceptance of the Grace of God.

"Never fear, the grace is there. Never fear, the wisdom is there. Never fear, the mercy is there - just waiting for man to appropriate it. Today as never before, man must take a good look at himself, at his world, and at his life in its universal context. He must realize that in this vast network of universal Life which he calls Cosmos are framed such mysteries as to delight his eye and to bring wonder to his heart. But if he is ever to know these graces, if he is ever to become an Ascended Being, if he is ever to enter into the fruit of holy reason, it will be because he acknowledges that Spark of Life in himself and in Nature as the inviolate creation of a Reality so far beyond his finite self as to be labeled by him 'infinite'. If he acknowledges the Spark, then I say, there is hope.

"I AM Tabor. My concern is with the proper utilization of the Abundant Life that God has placed in the hills. In reality man is like unto a hill, one that we would till and cultivate; for the cultivation of the spirit of man and of spiritual goals is our desire. “The earth is the Lord's, and the fullness thereof,” but no one is more eager to bestow it on man than God. It is man and man alone who, by the schisms he has created between himself and his God through his doubts of his own immortal destiny and his questionings of the Divine Plan, has frustrated the grace that God has, and is, from manifesting right where it is so badly needed.

"'In God We Trust', written on the coins of the United States of America, is a mantram invocative of Cosmic Protection to the earth that ought never to be removed and that ought also to be written upon the heart. Then the movement of the nation toward the re-establishment of an Ascended Master culture can rightly begin. These words should also be enshrined in the hearts of the people of the whole world, for all nations can benefit from the radiance released through this simple yet powerful fiat. The people of Russia and China, dominated as are the people of Tibet and Eastern Europe by the red dragon of communism, have found their dreams of culture, of beauty, of love, of order, and of the strength of the law of infinite Love suppressed by a godless tyranny that is spreading as a looming shadow across the face of the earth, blighting the world with a plague of darkness, hopelessness, and despair.

"The only pathway toward the Light lies not on the altars of Baal or other pagan gods, but upon the altar of the living God where there is wrought a Golden Age civilization through the malleability of man's free will and his acceptance of the Chalice of Opportunity to follow the Ascended Masters in the regeneration of the Spirit of Life, that all may be found not wanting but enjoying and progressively assimilating the abundant Life. (10)

"Fruitfully, I remain


God of the Mountains

Beloved Tabor
through the Messenger, Mark Prophet,   1971,   U.S.A. (2)

Rocky Mountains near Ouray, Colorado
Rocky Mountains near Ouray, Colorado

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