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     Mary Baker Eddy     

Service to God in Life

  • Also known as:
    • Mary Baker Eddy
    • Goddess of Wisdom

  • Ascended:
    • After her transition in 1910, Mary Baker Eddy spent approximately 30 years in the inner planes before attaining her Ascension in the 1940s. Elizabeth Clare Prophet confirmed that Mary attained Her Ascension, becoming One with Her Beloved Mighty I AM Presence. She is now a part of the Ascended Host of Light, and is known as Theosophia.

  • First Public Dictation / Discourse:
    • January 16, 1977   Pasadena, California U.S.A.

  • Embodied as:
    • Mary, the sister of Martha and Lazarus
    • Mary Baker Eddy

Mary Baker Eddy (1821-1910) is the American religious leader, whose founding of Christian Science made her the only woman in modern history to found a major religion. Born near Concord, New Hampshire into an old New England family, she suffered from poor health as both a child and a young woman. Because of illness she received limited formal schooling, relying instead on reading and home study under tutors hired by her parents. During her early adult years she suffered increasing invalidism and became understandably preoccupied with health issues. At one point she experimented with homeopathy and was treated with some success by Phineas Quimby a healer known for performing cures without medication. When Quimby died her condition worsened, and in 1866 she suffered a severe fall that left her crippled and with no apparent hope of recovery. Always a serious student of the Bible, she began reading the Gospel accounts of the healings performed by Jesus.

She spent the next three years writing and developing her understanding of the curative powers of Christian belief, which in brief was that all sickness originated first in the mental rather than in the physical body, and that healing depends on a proper discernment of the Laws of God. She became convinced that she could teach others how to heal the sick by learning and adopting her beliefs. In 1875 she published her teachings in a work that was revised before her death as "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures." This work and the Bible formed the Scripture of the new faith, which was given the name Christian Science.

"I AM come in the Light which God has bestowed upon me in His grace, in His Mercy that Light which I gleaned sitting at the feet of Christ the LORD. He the Fount, I the cup. And I held my cup that I might receive of the Fount, and in receiving drink, and in drinking become also the wellspring of Life.

"I have lived again and again to set forth the truth of the ages. It is ever the Light of the Divine Theosophia to give unto the children of God the awareness of the unreality of death. This is the foundation of all of the teaching of the Mother. For you see, if you can understand that death is not real, then all that leads to death must also be unreal.

"Understand, then, that to see through the mists and the maya and to understand that only God is real is the way to heal and to hold the immaculate concept for yourself. . . . You must be scientific with your Sword of Truth; for the Mother is always scientific, and so Her children learn the ways of science. Unfortunately, they have taken the material science and excluded the Spiritual Science. This is why the Mother must appear again and again and speak the Word of Truth and point the Way - and point to Him who taught, 'I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life.' In that blessed mantra is the understanding that Christ as Light is the Way the Way out of all human strife and error and that which is apart from the real. And the Truth of Being is that God does heal. God does bring together the Harmony of Consciousness and of Matter. God is the Great Spirit of Healing in this age.

"Return to the Temple for Healing and look not, then, upon those who call themselves the ones who come to make whole and yet cannot make whole, because they have not the Holy Spirit. I refer not, then, to the blessed physicians who serve as the instruments of the LORD God, but to those who are only administering the chemical antidote for a chemical creation. You may not understand my words, but as you live them you will understand them by and by.

"Whatever is used in healing as a material vehicle for the Spirit must be understood as the vehicle and not the Healer, whether it is the laying on of hands or the taking of medicine or of herbs or of the alchemy of chiropractic whatever the means in Matter, it is but the instrument. And unless the physician or the healer endow Matter with the Spirit of the Living Flame, that healing is not the integration of forces and forcefields for Wholeness, but only a temporary alleviation of a symptom that, manifesting on the periphery of life, can be traced to an origin in consciousness and the misuse of consciousness.

"I would speak to you of will in healing, for the will to behold Wholeness is the foundation of Wholeness. By will you set the blueprint. Your will is your conviction that God does and can and will heal, the absolute conviction that Life is Whole and Free and Blessed. By this will alone, which is the Will of God and not the will of man, many arise each day who otherwise would not rise to offer service to God. Then there are those who do not rise to give service simply because of the lack of the Divine Will infusing the temple, the hallowed temple of Being.

"Will is a matrix which the energies of life must follow. Will is never stubbornness of the carnal mind, but it is an emanation of the Infinite Mind that gives your eyes the set gaze upon the goal and the mark, and the face and the word and the gait in conformity with perseverance and courage. Now, then, when the will is set, then the Divine Forces of Healing come into play. And the LORD God will send emissaries, Angels of Light whom you do not expect, to give to you whatever is necessary for the transfer of the Alchemy of Spirit to the Alchemy of Matter.

"In Reality all are One, and it is only because mankind have a consciousness of duality that we speak in terms of duality. Mankind think of themselves as having a body of Matter; and therefore we speak of filling Matter with the Light of Spirit. But those who can understand will surely see that God and man, Spirit and Matter are One, ever flowing, ever manifesting the principle of Life. If you can then but for a moment become that Oneness, you must also become that Wholeness.

"Take care, however, lest you confuse the consciousness of wholeness in one plane and one area of understanding with wholeness in all areas. You may have the conviction and the will of Healing and the understanding of Wholeness, but you will find that cycles you have set in motion over the past aeons have gone before you in lesser planes in the mind, the emotions, and the physical body. These, then, do not have your present awareness but your past awareness. The challenge of the Alchemy of Healing, then, will be to transfer your present consciousness, gained in the Holy of Holies, to the past consciousness that is now the world of effect.

"How can this be accomplished? It can be accomplished, blessed ones, first by defining the principle the understanding that present awareness can flow and can be the Light of transmutation through the mind, the feelings, and the physical body. But it must also take into account the mathematics of the Spirit and the fact that all of Life and all of Energy flows over coils of consciousness, coils of being, that energy transfers from Light into the darkness over these coils. These coils are the measuring of the flow of the Infinite and the stepping down of the energies of the Infinite. Yet these very coils, when translated to the mind of man, become the coordinates of time and space. And therefore, from the moment of knowing to the moment of the fulfillment of Healing, there may be an interim of the winding of the coils and the unwinding of the coils of Cosmic Consciousness.

"At other times, the manifestation of the Spirit is so intense and the individual soul, having passed through a period of purging and transmutation and the balancing of karma being ready for the transfer, being prepared may receive instantaneously a current of God's Healing Joy and therefore experience the leaping from the bed and the walking when one has been lame. Understand, then, that all are healed in God's own time and space. And none should seek healing for the sake of healing, but for the sake of the desire to be Whole in God, the desire to be one with Him, and the desire to give unto Him the Glory.

"As you know, Jesus had in His Heart the Fire of Healing and the ability to make Whole. And yet the Spirit within Him was selective and healed only certain cases, and in His entire ministry, only certain were made whole. Understand that this is because the Lord Christ respected the law of the individual Christ Self and the Lords of Karma. The reading of the Book of Life was given to Him; and therefore in His meditation, He understood all who came to Him in the Light of levels of consciousness and their ability to assimilate the Light of Healing and to sustain the Matrix of Healing. . . . "

Beloved Theosophia
through the Messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet,   January 16, 1977,   Pasadena, California U.S.A. (1)

Ascended Masters

" . . . 'He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.' (John 8: 7) IMMORTAL WORDS, rendering complex karmic matters wholly simple and stopping the attitude of human viciousness and condemnation. How unfortunate it is that the balance of human reason is not endowed with more understanding! To the present hour, in the name of religion and Faith, men retain hatreds of those who are as Just or even purer than themselves. Like carrion crows they hover to devour those they ought to love and, making merchandise of one another's woes, they flood the courts of the world with the most unholy forms of spiritual treason.

"Of what value is Wisdom unless It pierce the gloom of error and blaze forth through the limiting density of human consciousness that Holy Compassion which heals the crooked limbs of men's vanity and enables them to walk the Path of Virtue? Wisdom is not intended to exalt the ego or set brother over brother; Wisdom is not intended to make men masters over other men. Wisdom is, pure and simple, a Beacon pointing the way to the fruits of fulfillment.

"Men pursue Wisdom in order to attain advantage, to be thought wise and out of avid curiosity about Life, but the 'Pure in Heart' see Wisdom as a means to find their Great Divine Source. All pursuit of knowledge ought to swallow up lesser aims, else knowledge becomes a canker, eating away the fabric of Selfhood and destroying that which loving Wisdom exists to preserve. In no ivory-towered citadel of self-glorification, but upon bowed knees of humility, the Initiate worships at the mighty Fountain of Theo-Sophia, striving to wash away the dust of the road and experience a baptism of Divine Grace. . . . "

Beloved Theosophia
through the Messenger, Mark Prophet,   1963,   U.S.A.   (2)

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  2. Theosophia, the Goddess of Wisdom;, 1963, Pearls of Wisdom ®, Volume 6 Number 34 (The Summit Lighthouse, 1963) Copyright © 1998 Church Universal and Triumphant, Inc.

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