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Ascended Master Activities

Goddess of Liberty
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"Leave all the past to Us and think only of the future. Let us not take anything useless from the past; let us not burden our consciousness by anything. I, Myself, will put away and will remember all that is valuable! Events propel one into the future."

El Morya     (Hierarchy   Section 348, The Agni Yoga Society, 1931)

The Ascended Master Activities that have been sponsored by the Brotherhood of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy of Ascended Masters, Cosmic Beings, and Angelic Host serving the Earth are: The Theosophical Society, The Agni Yoga Society, The I AM Activity, The Bridge to Freedom, The Summit Lighthouse, and The Temple of The Presence.

Ascended Master Activities

ascended masters   A History of Ascended Master Activities   by Allen Buresz

Saint Germain: "The Sun cannot limit its shining to one beam, nor the Love of God to one human consciousness, no matter how well attuned it may have been to the Vibrations of the Masters. The souls of men are our concern, all men, of all colors, all countries, because from the Flame in their hearts will come the Illumination which will make this Dark Star a Flaming Sun of Freedom."

ascended masters   An Open Letter to the Lightbearers Worldwide   by Monroe and Carolyn Shearer

"For those who have experienced what it's like to stand in the Radiation of the Ascended Masters, surely you can recall the feeling of the Sacred Fire as Electronic Light, expanding through the cells of your flesh body and accelerating that body, step by step toward the Ascension Current. Can you conceive of going through the balance of this lifetime never again to bask in that Living Fire?"

ascended masters   Guy and Edna Ballard interviewed at Chicago Civic Opera House   by the Chicago Herald and Examiner, October 10, 1938

In speaking about his experiences detailed in UNVEILED MYSTERIES and THE MAGIC PRESENCE, Guy Ballard (Godfre) stated to the reporter: "They were real things which actually happened to me, to Mrs. Ballard and my son. . . . So real were these visits, that at times I even paid railroad and steamship fare."

ascended masters   Guy and Edna Ballard on Saint Germain's Solution to World Problems   by the Chicago Herald and Examiner, October 9, 1938

Guy Ballard (Godfre) stated: "There are in this world two kinds of beings, mortals who live their lives and a few hundred years later are re-embodied to live another life, and Ascended Masters, those who were mortals but have been purified by the Light and escaped from our mortal sphere."

ascended master activity   Donald Ballard Recounts his Father's Experiences   by Donald Ballard

"I have something for you tonight which, I feel, will be of more than passing interest. It is a series of stories really, that have never been told before from this or any other platform, as far as I know, that concerns my Beloved Father and some of the Experiences that He went through in the early part of His life, preceding the Great Ministry that really begun with the writing of Unveiled Mysteries and The Magic Presence."

ascended masters   Anointed Representatives of the Ascended Masters     by Allen Buresz

At the present time, the Ascended Masters have anointed Monroe Julius Shearer and Carolyn Louise Shearer as Their Anointed Representatives to the outside world. As with their predecessors in this Spiritual Office, Monroe and Carolyn have been preparing for this mission for several embodiments.

ascended masters   Frequently Asked Questions About Ascended Master Activities   by Allen Buresz

"One of the abilities we are intended to develop and refine while in embodiment is sensing and hearing the Voice of the Presence through our Heart Flame. This - and only this - can be our means to determine who are the true Messengers. I suggest shifting your sense of self away from the lower bodies and identifying with your Christ Self and I AM Presence. "

ascended masters   An Introduction to Ascended Master Teachings with Comparisons to Vedanta   by David Tame

"The Ascended Masters began Their more overt, public service among humanity in 1875, with the founding of the Theosophical Society. Theosophy was never Buddhist or Hindu per se, but drew upon both Buddhism and Vedanta for the sake of their rich lexicons of spiritual terminology, capable of describing Cosmic Law to a Western world that until then had been broadly ignorant of such matters of deeper spirituality. Theosophy was outwardly founded by Westerners, but was actually prompted and inspired from behind the scenes by Eastern Adepts, and soon came to be based near Madras, India."

ascended masters   Mystery Schools Through the Ages   by Grace F. Knoche

"A Mystery School is a university of the soul, a school for the study of the Mysteries of the Inner Nature of man and of surrounding nature. By understanding these Mysteries, the student perceives his intimate relationship with Divinity, and strives through self-discipline and devotion to become at one with his Inner God."

masters   Why Do We Need More Messengers?   by Dennis Davis

Master Morya: "The great tragedy of the age has not been the failure of Hierarchy or of Our Former Efforts, but of humanity to accept the proffered Gift of the Emissaries of Light who came to elevate the race into the Christ Consciousness and the planet into an Era of Freedom, Enlightenment, and Peace."

masters   Twenty-two Days at The Temple of The Presence   by David Tame

"I will not describe the effect last evening had on people except to say that even this morning nobody talks about it. What happened was too holy and precious for each one. Never, never have I known the Maha Chohan like this. So real, right there in front of me, speaking private words to me, so intimately, so very, very close to stepping through the veil which had become no veil at all."

masters   A Personal Letter to Keepers of the Flame   by Dennis Davis

The organization has provided a chalice of receptive hearts for the Masters to fill. It has been a vehicle through which Masters have worked for our liberation and the liberation of our planet. Our love and appreciation for these Divine Masters remains fervent and our deep appreciation for Mark and Elizabeth who served Them so long and represented Them to us deserves our gratitude.

masters   Memories of a Memorable Montana Weekend with the Ascended Masters   by Allen Buresz

The Masters are with us here and now, and through The Temple of The Presence, They desire to convey to us personally Their Love and the Love of our own God Presence. I am always in awe of the Light and Joy that enfolds us whenever our beloved Ascended Brothers and Sisters commune with us. What a stark cold universe this would be if Those who have gone on to Their Immortality in Heaven would choose to turn away from us — leaving us to our own struggles in finding our way back Home to the Heart of our Source!

ascended masters   To the Honorable Elders of Church Universal and Triumphant   by Donald Knittel

"I believe the Masters have not been silenced. As they have done in the past, they have found new Messengers and formed a new activity. I also believe the greatest service you can do for the Masters and the members is to find the new Messengers and reconnect our organization with the Masters. Unity was the plea of the Masters in letters to the I AM Activity upon forming the Bridge to Freedom."

great white brotherhood   Personal Experiences at The Temple of The Presence   by Gene O'Neil

There are habits to adopt to maintain the Sacredness of your Being - removing yourself from those things that disturb the harmony of your connection with the Presence. Guard against recreational involvement in inharmony but bring your connection with your perfection to bear on human conditions where needed. Handling human conditions should be done only enough to acquaint yourself with what the calls need to be for the transmutation of the conditions, not pouring your Light in to the conditions themselves - thereby strengthening them.

ascended master   Mighty Victory: "All Must Have the Opportunity"

"There are those in the land, beloved ones, who think that this is only a Message for the 'select few'. Well I stand to tell you that this is a Message for all. It remains to be seen whether all will grasp, but all must be given the Opportunity."

ascension   A Report on the 1999 of The Temple of The Presence   by Gene O'Neil

The New Dispensation is expanding, and it is composed of all whose first allegiance is to the Presence of God: "I AM". May we all be filled with the Light of Peace from His Heart . . . . which is our Heart!

great white brotherhood   What is the Great White Brotherhood?

The Great White Brotherhood is a Spiritual Organization composed of those Ascended Masters who have Arisen from our Earth into Immortality, and yet have said: "We are not going on into Cosmic Heights and leaving our brothers and sisters on Earth behind. We will stay and assist."

ascended master   Ascended Messengers of the Great White Brotherhood

God has always had Messengers. The following examples are just a few: Mark L. Prophet, Guy and Edna Ballard, Mary Baker Eddy, Paul the Apostle, John the Beloved, Saint Teresa of Avila, Melchizedek, Hermes Trismegistus, etc.

theosophy   Who Are the True Messengers of the Great White Brotherhood?  

You may be aware of the various statements by the Ascended Masters in the past that there would be no other Messengers for the Spiritual Hierarchy other than "these Messengers". This has been understood by "I AM" Students as referring to the Messengers appointed by Beloved Saint Germain in The "I AM" Activity: Guy and Edna Ballard.

ascended master   Investigating the Claims of The Temple of The Presence  



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