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Who Are the True Messengers
of the Great White Brotherhood?

by a Student on the Path

Athena, Patroness of Messengers
Athena, "Patroness of Messengers"
Detail from the cover of Athena: A Biography

"No Other Messengers But 'These Messengers'"

You may be aware of the various statements by the Ascended Masters in the past that there would be no other Messengers for the Spiritual Hierarchy other than "these Messengers". This has been understood by "I AM" Students as referring to the Messengers appointed by Beloved Saint Germain in The "I AM" Activity: Guy W. Ballard and Edna Ballard. Jesus in 1936, Rose of Light in 1950, and Mighty Victory in 1958 all made pronouncements through the Ballards on this issue.

Beloved Saint Germain [through the Messenger, Guy Ballard] said the following on September 21, 1938 in Seattle Washington:

" . . . . I have prepared these Messengers, not only in this embodiment, but embodiments before, for this Work today, and I will not choose anyone else through whom to give forth these Instructions. . . . " (25)

Saint Germain was speaking about spiritualism and about the situation at that time in which various mediums were claiming to also have messages from Saint Germain, and were telling people not to get involved with The "I AM" Activity. He was pointing out that He had obtained a Dispensation, through the assistance of beloved Mighty Victory and the beloved Goddess of Liberty, in which there would only be Two Messengers through whom public Dictations would be released to humanity in preparation for the incoming Permanent Golden Age - when Ascended Masters , Angels, and Cosmic Beings would be visible to humanity and teaching directly.

Lotus Warned About the Dangers of Psychic Forces

The faithful "I AM" Students, following the lead of Mrs. Ballard, fully expected that there would be no more Messengers. On February 1, 1953, beloved Lotus warned the "I AM" Students of the dangers of psychic forces:

"I am going to speak this afternoon on the things which people are seeing and hearing. You know, the Ascended Masters have for over twenty years said They will not dictate through anybody on this planet except ourselves (the Accredited Messengers) until They come forth in Their Visible, Tangible, Ascended Master Bodies. They have said this repeatedly, because in receiving Dictations from an Ascended or Cosmic Being, it is entirely different from just hearing a voice or having some suggestion come into the mind.

"When an Ascended Master takes a Life Stream and prepares it for many lifetimes with the Inner Attunement of the Inner Bodies, it is because They make that Life Stream One with Their own Heart's Flame, and keep out the intrusion of destructive forces until Their Work is accomplished. And that Work is not accomplished until the instrument through which They dictate attains the Ascension, as Beloved Daddy did.

"I cannot tell you how many people have, in the last two or three years, claimed they were getting Dictations from the Ascended Host. They are not! I will face any one of them, for they don't know anymore what an Ascended Master is or how these Dictations come than a cat does teaching Sunday School! I want you to be informed on this thing because you will find everything they have sent forth has the same phraseology or the same warped phraseology as spiritualism. I can show you the same thing in spiritualistic channels. These forces reveal themselves because they are not real, so I want you to know the Truth concerning this so nobody can fool you. If you want to find out, say to your 'Mighty I AM Presence,' the Ascended Masters, or the Cosmic Beings:


"Now if you will make this Call sincerely, you will set up a permanent Guard.

"I want to tell you why these people are not getting these so-called dictations. Your own desires can talk back to you with a voice inside of yourself, just the same as your mind argues within itself. You know how it has argued with you. Your mind will say something on this side; then you will wonder something else on that side. The human desires of the outer self have a voice, because they are your consciousness, and they can talk back to you the same as your mind argues within itself. And that is all that is coming through these people. They have wanted to do these things, and their desire to do it takes on the form of the fulfillment of their desire; and it is but an excuse to say their desires have the approval of the Cosmic Law which these Ascended Masters are to the Earth. It is nothing but self-justification of their own desires which feed the ego of the outer self, making it think it is in complete attunement with the 'Mighty I AM Presence' or the Ascended Host.

"Now let me show you how I know, and how you can know when you hear something from within, whether it is your own human desire talking back to you or it is the Voice and Consciousness of an Ascended Being or a Cosmic Being. When your own human desires talk back to you they cannot show you a Light, and when an Ascended Master or a Cosmic Being speaks, that Being sends that Word and Thought through in a Light, and will flash the Light. That's why I know that these people are lying when they say these things are Dictations from an Ascended Master. It is but to bring people under their control until they get them hypnotized to the point where they can control them and drive them to destruction.

"That psychic force is no different today than it has ever been. It is just as treacherous, just as deceitful, just as big a liar as it ever was. I told you long ago from the Shrine platform, when anything came to you of this sort you were to challenge it with:

'In the Name of the 'Mighty I AM Presence,' in the Name of the Ascended Masters, in the Name of the Ascended Jesus Christ, SHOW ME YOUR LIGHT!'

Your 'Presence' can flash you a Light, and It is glad to do it! The Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings can flash you a Light, and They are glad to do it! Perfection doesn't come from anywhere except from within the Light. . . ." (2)

On September 12, 1965 beloved Lotus continued to proclaim Her conviction that no more Messengers would be authorized until the Ascended Masters step forth in Their Visible Tangible Bodies in the Permanent Golden Age:

" . . . People on the Earth who are claiming to receive Dictations from the Ascended Masters are just lying. All they say is their own mental concepts of the things they have read in books or somewhere else and they pretend to be the Ascended Masters' Consciousness. . . . " (3)

Elizabeth Clare Prophet once gave an explanation that beloved Lotus had developed a "mind-set" that refused to consider that the Office of Messenger could be filled by anyone other than Herself or Her Twin Ray (Mr. Ballard). Many who are not "I AM" Students, but are students of the Ascended Masters' Teachings in other organizations, believe that the phenomenon of psychic channeling [that is rampant in the so-called "New Age" groups today] is an activity of the very psychic forces that Lotus had warned about. However they do believe that other Messengers were in fact authorized and accredited by beloved Saint Germain and the Spiritual Hierarchy: Geraldine Innocente, Mark Lyle Prophet, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Monroe Julius Shearer, Carolyn Louise Shearer.

The Bridge To Freedom

Beloved Ascended Master El Morya in 1944 contacted Geraldine Innocente, asking her to make a certain application on a daily basis. One year later, He returned asking if she would consent to receive a series of Discourses from the beloved Maha Chohan. She agreed, and underwent years of training in preparation for her role in the 1950's. She served officially in the capacity of Messenger in The Bridge to Freedom from the inaugural Vesta Dictation on July 17, 1951 until her transition from her physical body on June 21, 1961.(27)

Beloved Master Morya [through the Messenger, Geraldine Innocente] explained in 1953 the reason that The Bridge to Freedom was established:

" . . . Now, I have received from the Lords of Karma a limited Grant by which I shall endeavor to give to the people the benefit of such of the Inner Activities of the Brotherhood as are currently taking place throughout the Universe. This will in no way conflict with the release of Our Instruction that previously has been sent forth, except that in certain specific instances, where some personality has colored Truth, I shall endeavor to give a correct description of the Law. This is My sole purpose in securing the Dispensation whereby more people can have the benefit of understanding how to cooperate with the Law by which they, individually, can begin to generate and expand the Light of their own hearts and so contribute to the Light of the world. . . . " (5)

A number of key individuals in The Bridge to Freedom left that organization during the July 1958 Summer Conference. Among those who left were Clara Louise Kieninger (secretary of The Bridge to Freedom), Frances Ekey (editor of The Bridge to Freedom Journal), Mary Myneta Boos (leader of the New York sanctuary), and possibly Mark Prophet also. (10)   (27)

The Summit Lighthouse

On August 7, 1958, the Ascended Master El Morya founded The Summit Lighthouse through the Messenger, Mark L. Prophet. On that day the Messenger Mark L. Prophet, Frances K. Ekey and Chrystel F. Anderson gathered in Philadelphia for the first board meeting. Seven Ascended Masters – Archangel Michael, Elohim Peace, Saint Germain, the Maha Chohan, El Morya, Gautama Buddha and Godfre – delivered Dictations at that meeting and announced the Dispensation for The Summit Lighthouse. (21)

On June 21, 1961, the day that Geraldine Innocente made her transition from physical embodiment, Master Morya contacted Elizabeth Clare Prophet and told her that He now had need of a feminine Messenger. She was told to go to begin training under Mark Prophet, whom she had just met for the first time when she attended a live Dictation by Archangel Michael on April 22, 1961 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Concerning the question as to why there should be any further Messengers, Ascended Master Morya [through the Messenger, Mark Prophet] explained in 1972:

" . . . Some, because they have been led to believe that there would be no other Messengers save Those Who went forth carrying Our Banner in the 1930's, have been disturbed by Our most recent Endeavor sponsored by The Darjeeling Council. By way of clarification, may I say that had the Golden Age come into manifestation speedily following the release of the knowledge of the I AM Presence and the Violet Flame, and had mankind responded en masse to the intercession of Great Cosmic Beings who came forth to assist Saint Germain in His Magnificent Service, there would have been no further need for Messengers to carry Our Words to a darkened world. The great tragedy of the age has not been the failure of Hierarchy or of Our Former Efforts, but of humanity to accept the proffered Gift of the Emissaries of Light who came to elevate the race into the Christ Consciousness and the planet into an Era of Freedom, Enlightenment, and Peace. Time and again, due to the unpredictable nature of the human consciousness, Heaven has been forced to remold Its thinking and Its Plans according to mankind's current needs as well as their current abuses of the Law. . . . " (6)

Although I knew it was based upon the foundation of the Teachings released by Saint Germain in The I AM Activity, during the years 1968 to 1973 I held off fully accepting The Summit Lighthouse as an authentic Ascended Master Activity until I received definite outer confirmation. During that time I received weekly mailings of the Pearls of Wisdom® - without ever even contributing one penny for the postage! I had not wanted to take a chance of contributing to something that was a fraudulent attempt to make money at the expense of my gullibility. I had begun attending Fundamentals Classes and other events at The "I AM" Temple in Chicago, Illinois beginning a few months after the Ascension of beloved Lotus on February 12, 1971. I decided that there were certain criteria that would have to be met before I ever accepted The Summit Lighthouse as anything other than an attempt to imitate the Truth of The I AM Activity. Two extraordinary occurrences that happened to me at the Kathryn Kuhlman Miracle Services in October 1972 and April 1973, as a result of my fervent prayers to God for absolute proof, indicated to me that The Summit Lighthouse was an authentic Ascended Master Activity.

I finally decided to go to the Freedom Conference near Colorado Springs at the 240 acre "Land of Lanello" at the end of June and beginning of July 1973. I told the Ascended Masters that there were a number of specific things that I needed to have happen before I would really be convinced of the authenticity of what I would encounter at that Conclave. (They all occurred as I had asked!)

"Freedom 1973" was a ten day Summer Conference in which 21 Dictations were released from Godfre, Lotus, Saint Germain, and Various Other Ascended Masters, Elohim, and Archangels. Beloved Ascended Lady Master Lotus [through the Messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet] said the following on July 2, 1973 near Colorado Springs, Colorado:

". . . Some of you here knew Me in My last embodiment and you called Me 'Mama'. . . . I AM Lotus, and I enfold you in the Fragrance of My Love for Freedom and for the Will of God. We stand together Ascended, Immortal, and Free; and We espouse the cause of your Victory and your Ascension.

"I speak now directly to those students who were with Me in The 'I AM' Activity . . . . For I understand from Ascended Levels of Consciousness the nature of the ongoingness of Hierarchy. And although there are only Two Messengers of the Brotherhood, the Two Messengers constitute the Office of the Two Witnesses spoken of in the Book of Revelation. This, then, is a high and holy calling to which Twin Flames are ordained in every age. Thus as there is only One Christ, so there are many Manifestations of the Office of the Christ; and as there are Offices in Hierarchy, so the Opportunity to Serve in those Offices is given to Ascended and unascended Sons and Daughters of God as they evolve in the Hierarchical scheme of the Great White Brotherhood.

"Thus today We stand and espouse the Cause of Freedom as it unfolds to a new generation of Lightbearers who shall carry the Torch of the Knowledge of the I AM Law that is made clear through the Wisdom of the Mother Flame - that is expanded by the Power of the Love of the Holy Spirit. Thus each successive Endeavor of Hierarchy embellishes the previous Endeavor, and all move forward in the Light as Jewels in the Consciousness of the Lord of the World. . . . " (13)

Elizabeth Clare Prophet Retires

When I attended Summit University Levels I and II in 1974 in Santa Barbara, California, Elizabeth Clare Prophet made a point of emphasizing that the Ascended Masters were determined that there would always be a Messenger in physical embodiment until such time as They come forth in Their Visible, Tangible, Ascended Master Bodies. Some students in The Summit Lighthouse expected that Tatiana Marie Prophet (allegedly the reembodiment of Helena Roerich of the Agni Yoga Society) would be the next Messenger in that organization. However she has apparently withdrawn from all interaction with The Summit Lighthouse and Church Universal and Triumphant.

During the 1997 - 1998 New Year's Conference in San Antonio, Texas, Elizabeth Clare Prophet revealed that she was taking medication for a neurological condition. Could this condition, or the medication for it, have affected her ability to accurately receive Dictations? In a letter released to the public on September 3, 1998, Elizabeth Clare Prophet wrote:

"Beloved Friends,

"As most of you know, during our New Years Conference, New Beginnings, I announced that I suffered from epilepsy and, of greater importance, from an undefined neurological disorder. Many of you heard my physician, Dr. Ilo Leppik, describe the nature of my condition which hinders my memory and my ability to process new information.

"Over the last eight months I have received many expressions of support and I wish to express my gratitude to each of you who were so kind as to think of me, send a card or letter, or keep me in your prayers. I send you my sincerest appreciation and keep you in my heart. . . . " (22)

In another letter released to the public on November 25, 1998, Elizabeth Clare Prophet wrote:

"My beloved hearts,

"Last January at the New Year’s conference, I told you that I had epilepsy and an undefined neurological disorder. Last Friday my physician, Dr. Ilo Leppik, told me that he has now diagnosed this condition as Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease affects an estimated 4 million people in the United States alone. The cause of the disease is unknown and there is no cure. The course the disease takes and how fast changes occur vary from person to person.

"Even though my illness now has a name, I have not wavered in my determination to continue in my mission to the utmost of my ability. By God’s grace, I have a strong body and a fiery determination. I can do a lot of prayer work for this community and endow these prayers with fire from the Masters. . . . " (23)

The Temple of The Presence

Since May 1995 The Temple of The Presence has had the Anointed Representatives™ Monroe Julius Shearer and Carolyn Louise Shearer deliver Dictations from the Ascended and Cosmic Beings of the Brotherhood of Light. (1) With the retirement of Elizabeth Clare Prophet announced in 1999, many have recognized that the Spiritual Hierarchy of our Earth has authorized ongoing current Releases by the Ascended Masters through The Temple of The Presence.

An example of a Dictation released by The Temple of The Presence is the following from beloved Pallas Athena [through the Messenger, Carolyn Shearer] on October 10, 1998 in Chelsea, Vermont:

" . . . This Earth will have a Golden Age. And it will contain the Truth and the Light of the Ascended Master Octave. And you will be able to look back at some future time yourself from the Ascended Master Octave and be able to say 'I remember the beginning of that Golden Age for I was there. Now my children's children are carrying on. I choose to help. I choose to stay with Earth's evolutions.'

"This is how the Ascended Masters have felt for many hundreds of thousands of years. They do not have a desiring for the planet to come into its own so they can be about other business. This is not why They strive with the Earth. It is because of the Love of the people, and of the planet, and of God that is embodied in the Earth and all thereon.

"The Ascended Masters are able to see the Light of God. They do not see all of the turmoil, albeit They are aware of the turmoil. For They do not so remove Themselves that They are out of touch with the need. This is why They have Ascended Master Activities. This is why They have Messengers.

"Embody the Truth. Join the ranks of the Ascended Master Activities of Light. Become a Star that will Light the planet, that will embody the Truth.

"We are looking forward to many lifestreams that will wear the Crown of the Christ in very short order. For there is need of more than one or two Christed Beings. And when those Christed Beings all work in a concerted effort toward the Light of God, then you will see a change like none before. For all of the Great White Brotherhood is waiting poised, and ready to move into action. . . . " (20)

Use Your Own God-Given Christ Discrimination

One way we can know if someone is authentic is by testing in humility while centered in our own Heart Flame. In my own evaluation of her, I had tested Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Although she had faults just as most of us do, she had often shown Herculean perseverance in the face of unbelievable opposition. I believe she had been given a Mantle - my personal proof goes way beyond any doubt concerning her authentic anointing on July 5, 1964 as a Messenger for the Great White Brotherhood. I pray we all invoke Cosmic Christ Illumination, the Ascended Masters' Flame of Fiery Christ Truth, and the Gift of Spiritual Discernment from the Holy Spirit when anyone claims to be a true Messenger for the Ascended Masters.

Beloved Ascended Master El Morya [through the Messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet] gave us the following Guidance back in 1975:

". . . In every century the Messengers have proclaimed the Living Truth that should free mankind from age-worn doctrine and dogma. In this age they have come to prepare the world to receive their own Christ-identity and the I AM Presence 'coming in the clouds of Heaven with Power and great Glory.' (19)  

Their coming marks the hour when all who have realized the Oneness of the I AM Presence through the ritual of the Ascension should appear to mankind through the exalted vision of the Christ Consciousness. Not only Jesus, but Mary, Saint Germain, Gautama Buddha, Confucius, and all who have attained Oneness with the Eternal Flame of Life through the ritual of the Ascension - these shall appear to mankind in the Second Coming once mankind themselves have accepted the Law of the I AM Presence and their own identity as Christed Ones.

"The true Messengers of God receive only the Word of the Great White Brotherhood and of the Ascended Masters. Their communion is not with the dead, nor do they practice necromancy or spiritism or hypnotism or the mesmerism of the mass consciousness. They are forbidden by Cosmic Law to allow their chakras to be instruments for the fallen ones, to channel the energies of disembodied souls abiding in the astral realm, or to be the mouthpiece of discarnates or any of the rebellious spirits which comprise the false hierarchy.

"This is the age of the testing of the spirits. Therefore, as John said, 'Try the spirits whether they are of God.' (9)  

How does one try the spirits? Blessed ones, you challenge every voice within or without which comes to you in the Name of the Lord:

"In the Name of the Living God, my own I AM Presence, and by the Flame of Jesus the Christ, I challenge every voice that speaks from within or from without. And I say, I demand that you show forth your Light! I call forth the Flame of the Holy Spirit to consume in you all that is less than God's Perfection. I call forth the Elohim and the All-Seeing Eye of God to expose the Truth, to expose the lie, and to strip all mortal consciousness of its mortality. Let it be replaced here and now with the Immortal Flame of God-Reality.

"In the Name of the Christ, I call to the Elohim Astrea to encircle the cause and core of every spirit of deception, self-deceived and deceiving. I call to Archangel Michael to cut me free by the Action of the Sword of Blue Lightning from every entity inhabiting the astral plane, from all denizens of the deep.

"And I call to Mother Mary and Her Virgin Consciousness to intercede for me in the Name of Jesus the Christ, that my soul and my four lower bodies might be preserved as a chalice of Purity to receive only the Word of Almighty God and His True Emissaries. So let it be done in the Name of the 'I AM THAT I AM'! And let the Hosts of the Lord come forth to defend the Word Incarnate in the souls of all mankind.

"Precious ones moving toward the Center of the 'I AM THAT I AM', the Ascended Masters and representatives of the Great White Brotherhood, whether on this or any system of worlds, will never be offended by this invocation. Those who are offended, both giving and taking offense, are not of the Christ. Every Emissary of the Light is required by Law to show forth the credentials of His Light to all who demand those credentials.

"Therefore, speak with the voice of one who has the authority of the Christ and the commandment of God; and accept the covenant of Jesus given unto His disciples 'Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in My Name, He will give it you. Hitherto have ye asked nothing in My name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.' (12)

"It is lawful to question the purveyors of the false teachings and those whose lives do not bear the fruits of Living Truth. As it is written, 'By their fruits ye shall know them.' (16)  

And so without hesitation Jesus cursed the barren fig tree, saying, 'Let no fruit grow on thee henceforward for ever'; (17)  

for the elemental spirit thereof had failed to provide fruit for the souls of mankind. Thus is the judgment of the Four and Twenty Elders pronounced upon those false hierarchs of the age even as Jesus spoke unto those who proclaimed themselves authorities of the Law: 'Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the Key of Knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered.' (14)

"Let it be known, then, that sweet water and bitter do not come forth from the same fount. (11)  

Likewise, those who have failed to surrender the lesser self unto God, those who have failed to make this sacrifice, are not counted among Our Emissaries. They come teaching in their own name instead of in the Name of the Ascended Masters. Instead of giving God the glory, they pursue the vainglory of name and fame for their teaching or their system or their methodology.

"These are they who come preaching the Kingdom, saying, 'Lo here!' or 'Lo there!' who fail to acknowledge that the Kingdom of God is within you. (15)  

They make themselves gods before men. Being themselves idolaters of the lesser self, they receive the idolatry of the lesser selves of their followers while failing to exalt the Higher Self.

"And so as the Messenger of Jesus instructed John the Revelator who fell down to worship him, 'See thou do it not . . . worship God,' (24)  

and as the commandment was given, 'Thou shalt have no other gods before Me,' (8)  

so We say, worship God as the 'I AM THAT I AM'. With all thy heart, with all thy soul, with all thy mind, worship Him. (18)

"For the act of worship is an action of flow. It is a flow of energy from your soul that makes an arc with the object of your worship. It is the energy of devotion. And therefore if the object of your devotion be any aspect of the lesser self, God's energy in you flows to that self, forming the arc of idolatry. And one day the idol will come crashing down, broken before your feet; and it will be the arc of your own energy that destroys both the idol and the idolater.

"The testing of the Messengers is the testing of the decibels and of the cycling of the Energies of Infinity through form and consciousness. Where there is Light uncontaminated by the darkness of ego and ego manipulation, where there is a dazzling Sun of Glory and real contact with Hierarchy through the Power of the Spoken Word, where there is the conveyance of the Christ Mind, there stands the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood. . . . " (7)

Beloved Saint Germain [through the Messenger, Mark Prophet] said the following in 1960 regarding the true Messengers of the Great White Brotherhood:

". . . Now, no matter what some unascended beings may think or say, We who know the Truth from those Inner Levels of God-Purity tell you only Truth as We know It and live in It. Our Messenger would derive no satisfaction whatsoever from acting as an instrument of deceit, for absolute sincerity and purity of motive is in his heart. This we know and every bit of it applies equally with full power to beloved Godfre, and was likewise the sweet and innocent Gift of Our Lord the Maha Chohan to the beloved Lady Geraldine when she commenced her noble service to Life before human tampering and viciousness took their toll and hindered her blessed service. We love these Messengers of Light who, subject to human ridicule and scorn, dare to serve the Ascended Masters, and We will do all in Our Power to Protect them and Guard them from the destructive forces leveled at those still unascended. . . . " (26)

The key priority we all have is to follow the Ascended Masters' Instruction on the use of the Violet Flame to purify ourselves, assist in the final purification of our planet in preparation for the incoming Permanent Golden Age, and convey the Love of Christ to God in all of life!

Cyclopea's Call

In His Dictation of July 1970, Beloved Cyclopea [through the Messenger, Mark Prophet] said that the Matrix of the Cosmic Cube and the City Foursquare is the most powerful Thoughtform you can possibly invoke. This Matrix holds within it the entire Matrix for the World Mother and the entire physical Universe. When used, it will also draw forth millions of Cosmic Beings from the Pleiades to answer the call. Also, He said that the application of this matrix was the key to the Ascension of the planet. This invocation is extremely powerful -- use it for all problems, if you so choose.


In the Name of Almighty God! (3x)

By the Power and Authority of the Threefold Flame within my heart, I call for the full Power and full-gathered Momentum of beloved Cyclopea and Virginia and the Great Cosmic Beings from the Pleiades; the Matrix of the Cosmic Cube, the City Foursquare, the Star of Victory, the All-Seeing Eye of God and the Emerald Sword of Truth to project this Matrix through my third eye into:

[insert conditions - for example: all conditions of delusion, illusion, and confusion concerning who are the true Messengers of the Ascended Masters, the Great White Brotherhood, and the Cosmic Hierarchy - whether in the past, present, or future; and all causes and cores of conditions that interfere with the solidarity of Lightbearers throughout the Earth]

Expose the lie of the human consciousness. (3x)

Seal evil where it dwells (3x) and bring forth the Perfect Manifestation of the Divine Matrix according to the Will of God.

Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM!

Note:   The term "Great White Brotherhood" refers not to race but to the Aura of White Light that surrounds These Immortals, Who have risen from every race and walk of life. They are also known as the Great Brotherhood of Light.

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