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human aura

by Edna Ballard

The word "aura" is but another name for "forcefield" or "radiation". Every substance in the universe has a radiation or aura - and the auras of minerals, plants and animals as well as human bodies have special characteristics.

The currents of force passing through any form throw off infinitesimal particles charged with that force. Everything in the universe is constantly throwing off infinitesimal particles of itself and just as surely drawing into itself other particles of both substance and energy. Everything is interdependent on everything else.

This means again that everything is one rather than many and that there is no such thing as getting away from the One Self everywhere present. The universal substance is One. The Energy is One. The mind is One. The sense of differentiation comes from the differing degrees of that One manifesting at any given point.

The Diamond Self is that Intelligence which controls the degree of substance and energy focused at any particular point. Let us apply this understanding of force fields to the human being and his environment and see what happens. When we change the generation of force radiation within us, It automatically changes the conditions surrounding us.

Each of us every day experiences, many times, the feeling of either harmony or discord towards other human beings with whom we come into contact. We are continually attracting that same quality we already have within, for like attracts like. As the steel magnet attracts fillings to itself so do we draw to us whatever quality we are sending out along the lines of force we are pouring forth. This makes a circuit or circle and whatever is thrown off gathers more of its kind and returns again to its source.

Here we have the secret of control of ourselves, our surroundings and our future. Our feelings radiate forth from us in circles or waves and our thought radiates forth in straight lines. Wherever these two meet, a vortex is formed around which atomic substance of the various planes gathers. This makes a nucleus or the heart center of a form on some one of the planes of manifestation.

Now comes the vitally important thing to know and remember. Wherever a nucleus of a form is generated it manifests a definite quality determined by the rate of vibration and the density of the substance attracted to it. The power to change the quality of any form abides only in the Diamond Self not in the human mind, but which passes through the human mind in its activity of radiation. The human mind or senses report only the impact of other rates of vibration from without, while the Diamond Self is the radiating power pushing forth from within.

Therefore, radiation or expansion is the nature of the Diamond Self. Accretion or attraction is the nature of the human self or the law under which form is made manifest. When the human self uses the law of attraction to gather substance and energy and offers it to the Diamond Self to be raised in rate of vibration or blessed and sent out again under the law of expansion, the human and Divine side of us have united and perfection or perfect manifestation in form is the result. This is the surrender which the human has to make to the Divine. The complete surrender, then, of every thought, feeling, word and act unto the direction of the Diamond Self for expansion is complete freedom from every imperfection in manifestation. The control of the energy, sent forth by the feelings, or emotions, depends upon the control of the thought and the human side of us has free will to think as it pleases.

Hence, we are not slaves of conditions but co-creators with the ABSOLUTE - for our Diamond Self is the active manifestation of It. To the student along the pathway to Light, it is equally as vital to control the emotions, or currents of energy, which we call feeling, as it is to control the thought which releases that energy. When you allow yourself to feel irritated, angry, resentful, jealous or inharmonious in any way, immediately is a vortex of energy generated in the aura and in the substance composing the astral body.

The feeling may be just a sudden flash and then gone to outer sense, but the whirl of force sent into the astral body goes on for forty-eight hours - long after the incident, which caused it, is forgotten by the human mind. When the outbursts become habitual, definite and more permanent forms are built which stay in the aura of the individual and remain to distress it until they are consumed by the Diamond Self. It is these forms which absorb our physical and mental energy; and the whirls in the astral body, which do not synchronize, interrupt the natural flow of the life currents to the various centers of the body.

Where a highly controlled and illumined person has seven large whirls of definite, clear colors synchronizing in their aura, the average person has from a hundred to a hundred and fifty constantly in conflict. Is it any wonder then, that human forms disintegrate and the mass of the race experience death?

Control of the feelings must begin in the thought and not until quiet and peace, in the mind and body, are established and maintained can the conscious cooperation between the human and Divine side of us begin to take place. If our auras are constantly disturbed by violent sensations, the circuit from the Divine Self is broken and no manifestation of the Divine Plan can possibly take place. The manifestation into the world of form of the perfect Divine Plan absolutely demands that the circuit be maintained complete. We must not expect the Diamond Self to do for us what It can only do through us, and we cannot receive, into the human mind, even the picture of the Divine Plan until the aura is comparatively quiet and clear from discordant records.

Therefore, the more we can maintain harmony of thought and feeling, the easier will it be for the Diamond Self to manifest the "Glories of the Kingdom" which IT, THE FATHER, hath prepared for them that love Him." Your Diamond Self is your particular share of the ABSOLUTE and is the God of you. You owe allegiance to IT first, and all else in the world of manifestation second. If you will give It all, It will give ALL to you.

This article by Edna Ballard is presented here as it was originally published in her privately printed newsletter from Chicago, The American Occultist, Volume 1, Number 9, July 28, 1930. She gained Immortal Freedom in the Victory of the Ascension, reuniting with God's "I AM Presence" - the "Diamond Self", on February 12, 1971 - becoming the Ascended Lady Master Lotus.

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