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Mary, The Spirit of Christmas

          Spirit of Christmas          

Service to God in Life

The Spirit of Christmas is a real Being. This Feminine Polarity is an Angel Deva called Mary. She has been the Guardian of the Christian Dispensation, just as Micah, the Angel of Unity, has been the Guardian of the Jewish Dispensation. When someone says "Merry Christmas" the Blessing of this beloved Being of Light is released! (2)



Spirit of Christmas, Magnificent One!
Born with the coming of Heaven's dear Son;
Named for Our Mary, God-Mother of men,
Welcome! Oh welcome to Earth once again!

Spirit of Christmas, from Raphael's Heart,
By Consecration, make all a part
Of Your great Service, melting away
Shadows of discord by Love's Pink Ray.

Spirit of Christmas, charge through the throngs
Of men at Christmas, Charity's songs -
Songs of Forgiveness, Thanksgiving and Cheer;
For our dear Earth hold Your Peace all the year.

Spirit of Christmas, upon You we call
Gratitude's Blessing from the God-Self in all;
Make Earth the fullness of all that You are -
Hasten the Victory of dear Freedom's Star.

Spirit of Christmas, with Love aglow -
Spirit of Christmas, we love You so!
Seal now our Planet in Your Christ-Flame,
Stay with us always, in Jesus' dear Name.

christmas angels

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Meditation music: " It Came Upon A Midnight Clear"

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