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God of Gold

                              God of Gold                              
Illustration from Geoffrey Hodson's The Kingdom of the Gods

Service to God in Life

  • Also known as:
    • Lord of Gold

  • Twin Flame / Divine Complement / Twin Ray:

  • First Public Dictation / Discourse:
    • April 7, 1939   Chicago, Illinois U.S.A. (2)

  • Divine Quality
    • Peace
    • Supply

  • Divine Ray & Sacred Fire
    • Golden Flame
    • Gold

  • Office in Hierarchy
    • The God of Gold draws, manipulates, and directs the Electronic Currents from our physical Sun. These Currents are drawn within the Earth's crust to a certain depth, as ribbons are sometimes drawn through lace. This tremendously concentrated electronic energy, by being combined with the magnetic force from within the crust of the Earth, reacts upon it in such a way, as to slow down the rate of vibration. The radiation from Gold is absorbed by both plants and human beings, and utilized for many purposes. The emanation from Gold has a powerful purifying and energizing action, within the human body and in Nature. (4)
    • The God of Gold was commissioned by Alpha and Omega aeons and aeons ago to establish focuses of Gold in the matter planes among the galaxies; and thus — to teach elemental life how the balance of forces in the four planes of matter would be anchored through the magnetic quality of this precipitated sunlight. (6)

  • Angels
    • Angels of the Golden Flame
    • Angels of Gold

  • Retreat
    • Great Cosmic Temple of Gold in the Electronic Belt around our physical Sun

  • Appearance:
    • Godfre: "The Being, whom Saint Germain called the God of Gold, was enveloped by such a Dazzling Golden Light, that it took several seconds, before I could look at It steadily enough, to see further detail. His garments, too, were of Light-substance, but the Rays that extended from the Head and Hands were of fiery gold; the Rays from the Heart blazing white, and the aura, which extended fully a foot around the head, looked as if made of single Rays of white lightning." (4)

gold coins

Gold Shall Always Remain the Standard of the World

" . . . Since I govern the Standard of the world - and remember that Gold SHALL ALWAYS REMAIN THE STANDARD OF THE WORLD, whether It is the exchange of mankind or not - then I AM the Standard and Balance of this Earth, and Gold is My Scepter! . . ."

" . . . We come to your assistance! Will you allow Us to assist you or cast Us aside by disobedience in the simple things We have asked? We leave it to you!

"We thank you beloved students everywhere throughout America for the glory of your courage and strength to stand in the Light and spread Its Radiance everywhere, but remember your spoken word is but a small part. The Power of the Radiance poured forth from you at your call to the Presence of Life, becomes the Almighty Active Presence and Power of Light which knows no opposite. Then, as It pours forth sufficiently, will you find all discord and limitations dissolve by the Power and Outpouring of that Light. You must determine which you will have.

"We love and bless you and all mankind. How We long for that day when We shall release through Nature, when We shall, through the substance of the Earth, release the Glory of its abundance to mankind. Remember, We are the Guardians of Nature! We are the Guardians of Gold, which shall be the standard for your supply, no matter what the collateral may be that is used in its place! . . ."

". . . Why do you think We have gathered wealth throughout the mountain ranges of the world? That is for the blessing of mankind, but since they have become so discordant, it was impossible and dangerous to place in their hands more wealth. The equalization of the wealth of the Earth by the Power of Light shall come forth; and the people of Earth shall walk in Peace and Harmony, in the Limitless Supply which is provided by Life, of which We are Its Representatives. . . ."

Beloved God of Gold
through the Messenger, Guy Warren Ballard,   April 7, 1939,   Chicago, Illinois U.S.A. (5)



The Heart Flame of Love

" . . . . Your Mastery means the control of all energy and all manifestation by the Sacred Fire of Eternal Love - which means the Eternal Purity, Eternal Balance of all things, and the harmonious Control and Use of those things to produce greater Perfection in the universe around you. Since only that which manifests Eternal Love can be allowed to express and be made Immortal here or anywhere, then when the awakening comes to the individuals, the Cosmic Law will demand Obedience.

"Mankind can go on in their human desire and defiance and try everything on this Earth to solve their problems, but they will not be solved except by the Sacred Fire of the Great Central Sun's Love, which is the Life of Perfection and the Immortality of the Great Command to Life.

"The habit of the ages has got to be broken; and therefore, the shattering of the human concepts, the shattering of human desire, the shattering of human habit and human selfishness must be accomplished by Conscious Command. So, those of you who understand this Law and will use that Conscious Command, will have your Freedom from everything that has opposed you in the past. Freedom, My dear ones, does not exist anywhere except within the Sacred Fire of Immortal Love; and it is nonsense to look for It anywhere else.

"The Cosmic Law throughout the cycles of time that are infinite, has forever reminded mankind of the Law of Love; and that Law is the Flame of Love, the Feeling of Love from within the Heart of the individual expanding to That which is above this World. Therefore, until individuals are trained from babyhood to understand the necessity of pouring the Love and the Gratitude of the Heart Flame within the physical body to the Mighty I AM Presence and the Ascended Host, the Activities of Life are almost useless.

"That which will not let the Great Central Sun's Flame of Eternal Love give Its Perfection and Happiness to the universe around it, is of no use to the Mighty I AM Presence or the Ascended Host. Unless the outer self is made to understand that its very first duty to Life is to send the Love of the Heart to the Source that gives it existence, unless that is done first, everything else is in wrong relationship for the individual.

"So, beloved ones, if you at least will believe Me, if you at least will try what I offer today — to train the outer self many times a day, in just one flash of Flame, to send your love to your 'Presence'; and then ask that 'Presence' on Its own Flame of Love back to you, to show you what Its Heart wants you to do. If you will send your love to your Mighty I AM Presence and ask It to make you understand in the outer what It's Heart wants you to do, you will be through with your limitations and your experiments of the misery of this World. Mankind have so long ignored and refused the Love from the Heart of the 'Presence', and I shall plead and plead and plead with all the Love there is in the Golden Ray until you hear and obey. (applause — audience rising) Thank you, precious ones. Won't you be seated please, and just remain so.

"My dear ones, you cannot live without that Love! The Universe could not be sustained without It! It is all the Happiness you could ever desire! It is the Satisfaction that everyone seeks! It is the Life of Perfection that fills the Universe, and Its Law is absolute.

"When you understand what just that one Habit alone will do for you, you will not waste one instant until you train the outer self to obey it. If you will just learn to say:

'I give You my love, my Beloved Mighty I AM Presence! Make me understand what Your Heart's Flame wants me to do here'

and be at Peace. Almost before you know it, you will find the Heart Flame of Love from the Higher Mental Body has flashed Its Light into outer conditions and is moving towards you That which fulfills the Divine Plan and brings you only Happiness. You could not have anything but Eternal Happiness in fulfilling the Heart's Desire for you from your Mighty I AM Presence. . . . . "

Beloved God of Gold
through the Messenger, Edna Ballard,   May 16, 1954   Santa Fe, New Mexico U.S.A. (1)

God of Gold

Gold Standard

The Power of God of Gold in Spirit
and the Gold of God in Matter

" . . . We have come to teach to you a lesson on the economy of the nations—an understanding, which is held by some among the students of Light, that the majority among earth's evolutions do not stop long enough in the day to take the trouble to appreciate the meaning of supply and the fact that all of life—as a flow of energy, of commerce, of interchange and of consciousness—depends upon the proper working of that supply and the medium of exchange in the economies of the nations.

"The term Golden Age did not derive from nothing. Golden Age means an age based upon the Gold Standard — the standard of the Gold of the Christ consciousness, of the Golden Rule, of gold as precipitated sunlight for the balance of the mind and the emotions and the flow of life, even in the physical temple. Gold, beloved ones, is necessary for the stability of consciousness, as well as for the stability of the economies of the nations. Unless there be a certain portion of gold even in the temple — the balance of the elements is not held. 

"When the people no longer hold gold in their possession or wear gold, there is far greater mental and emotional disturbance. Gold is the lodestone of Alpha and Omega. It is a reminder to every child of God at the soul level of the Great Throne of Grace, of the Great Throne Room that is white and gold in the Great Central Sun. It is from this room that Souls of Light took leave of the Octaves of Spirit descending in the planes of matter.

"It was my commission from Alpha and Omega aeons and aeons ago to establish the focuses of Gold in the matter planes among the galaxies; and thus — to teach elemental life under the four hierarchies and through the Elohim, how the balance of forces in the four planes of matter would be anchored through the magnetic quality of this precipitated sunlight.

"Thus the elementals learned to precipitate gold and thus gold does grow in the earth — veins expand and this balancing of energy corresponds directly to, first of all, the blueprint of the Christ Consciousness of the evolutions of Earth — or of a system of worlds — and then to that which has been outpictured through the Threefold Flame.

"That which is the gold in circulation represents attainment in the outer; gold that remains undiscovered represents that portion of potential of the Christ Mind which remains to be brought forth. You cannot have a demonstration of Light and of the consciousness of the Christ without a corresponding manifestation of gold in your world. . . . "

" . . . Beloved ones, when you accept paper as a substitute for the promise from Alpha and Omega, as a substitute for that necessary focal point of the Cosmic Christ, you cut yourself off from a very necessary flow of energy. The absence of gold, pure gold, and its formation into coins is one of the key reasons why there is such a serious condition in the psychology of men and women and children on Earth today. 

"Beloved ones, there are many children, who have never in their entire embodiment touched a piece of gold, that is pure gold. And there are many individuals who are lured by the fallen ones to spend their paper money on all manner of objects and luxuries and at personal adornments, and yet they have very little gold in their possession. Better to exchange all of these for a single piece of gold that you wear upon your person, for it is a necessary part of the alchemy of holding the balance for the flow of Light in Spirit and in matter. . . . "

Beloved God of Gold
through the Messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet,   October 10, 1977,   Pasadena, California, U.S.A. (6)


God of Gold

" . . . Now to begin with, the actual substance of Gold is a condensation of the Love from the Great Cosmic Being Helios, or Lord of the Physical Sun. His Actual Substance from the Physical Sun is conveyed through the Golden Flame and the Golden Ray, into the structure of Earth; and there It expands the Beauty and Perfection of His Love to bring into the physical structure of Earth itself, the Great Purity of His Love.

"I want to show you, My Dear Ones, how great has been mankind's distortion of the Original Divine Plan's Beauty and Happiness. Since the Actual Physical Gold growing within the structure of Earth, ever expands the Purifying Activity and Love from My Great Superior, the Great Cosmic Being, Helios, mankind has sought the possession of Physical Gold and it has been used as a standard of comparison through many, many centuries.

"My Dear Ones, if you get the analogy tonight, of that which "I AM" going to explain, you will see clearly the Great Inner Action of the Law; and "I AM" quite sure it will bring you Its Blessings which are Boundless. Just as in mankind's association with each other, considering Gold as a means of exchange, individuals have sought to use it as a Balancing Power. Just so from the Inner Standpoint, does the Mighty Helios use His Love and Purity, as the Balancing Power through mankind's feeling world, to offset the hatred and impurity of human discord!

"The actual structural use of Physical Gold growing within the mountain ranges of the Earth itself pours forth Its Purifying Flame. It pours forth an actual Radiance; and could you see It as We do, you would see a soft golden mist arising in those portions of the Earth where Its grows through the activities of Nature.

"Those of you who are familiar with Its growth in the Powers of Nature, will bear Me out in realizing that formation, when perfectly natural and undisturbed by mankind's discord, Its formation is very beautiful. Therefore, the Love and the actual Substance which Mighty Helios places within the atmosphere of Earth of His Love to grow and carry His Purifying Power into the Earth itself is a process of great Beauty and Perfection.

"Mankind, did they understand the connection between pure Physical Gold and the Master Helios, the Great Cosmic Being Who is known as the Lord of the Physical Sun, could through onscious Understanding and their attention draw forth much more of the great Cosmic Blessings through the Physical Gold than is on this Planet.

"Its ordinary Radiation is that of Absolute Purity and since It will not accept mankind's impurity, then you should realize It not only has a very powerful Divine Origin, but a very powerful way of sustaining Its own quality. Therefore, Gold is far more important in the structure of Earth than in the use of mankind as a medium of exchange.

"That Radiation which I said a moment ago was like a soft mist of gold, which is really fine particles of Electronic Force, which goes through, My Dear Ones, the waters of the Planet, which goes through your Plant Life, which goes through the actual substance of the Earth itself and is drawn in, to a large degree, to the atmosphere that you breathe.

"It acts as a Carrier of the Intense Love which is always Invincible Purity from the Physical Sun, and I mean by that, the Flame of Love from the Great Being Helios. That Flame, entering into the substance of Earth, the atmosphere, pours forth a continuous Purifying Radiation.

"When you understand that the Great Life from the Physical Sun sustains all the Planets in this System, then you must realize that there is a Conveyer, so to speak, a way and means of conveying the substance from the Physical Sun into the substance of Earth, and that substance goes into the waters, the Plant Life, the air and into mankind's bodies. If it were not for that Great Love, My Dear Ones, and the substance from the Physical Sun which is tempered to the atomic structure of this World, if that did not interpenetrate everything in the Earth, on the Earth and in the atmosphere of Earth, there would not be the cohesive power to hold mankind upon the surface of the Earth or to carry out the Great Divine Plan of Life's processes here.

"Now, as you enter with Me into a deep feeling that the actual Physical Gold is condensed substance from the Physical Sun, It will mean very much more to you in the future than Its intrinsic money value. Mankind was originally given in outer use, that where more Purity was required, the Gold was brought and the Purity continued - It was released to help hold the balance; but as mankind's selfishness has increased, they have sought to hold That which is Eternally Pure in the channel of selfishness or domination and that is one of the most absurd things before the Great Law of the Universe that the distorted minds and the distorted ideas of mankind concoct.

"Were the Gold of the world allowed Its own natural distribution and mankind's own natural use of It, It would purify everything by Its own innate Quality which will not accept impurity, and therefore, when mankind hordes It at certain times, the Purifying Power goes on - they do not change Its Quality because they are ignorant of either Its Purpose or Its Great Divine Blessings which are to ever expand. One of the most Wonderful Powers which It has is that of Healing. It has tremendous Purifying Action and why wouldn't it? Wouldn't the Love from the Great Being Helios have tremendous Purifying Action upon the mental and feeling world of mankind? Certainly it would. Then that Great Love has the same Power to purify the Plant Life, the substance of the ground, the atmosphere or even the physical structure of the bodies of mankind.

"Its fundamental Quality is Invincible Purity which the Love from the Mighty Being Helios is always in Its Gift to this System of Worlds. It is always intensifying; It is always expanding; It is always self-sustained. Mankind cannot change the innate Quality of a substance which is given by Divine Command to render certain Service to the Earth. Therefore, as you enter deeply into the Full Realization of all that the Pure metallic Gold means in the outer Life, then you will recognize It as the Gift of Love from Mighty Helios; and It is My Prerogative to govern certain Activities of Its Condensation in certain portions of the Earth. . . . "

" . . . Oh, the Powers of Nature are so wonderful, My Dear Ones, and I want to develop for you tonight, or rather remind you of the tremendous Love and Power which is the Momentum of a Cosmic Being like Mighty Helios Who governs, concentrates and controls for unlimited aeons of time the Electronic Force in the Physical Sun, which is His Concentration of His Own Life's Love and that pours forth His Substance which is directed into the Planets of this System which becomes - this Substance becomes - the Cohesive Power of the System. And that is what His Life and His Love mean to the Life - all Life in this System of Worlds.

""I AM" sure if you were to qualify Physical Gold as the Love from the Mighty Helios, as the Gift and Condensation of His Substance from the Physical Sun, you would find, I think, many more of Its Blessings flowing into your hands and use. I might say this, if you were to qualify that Gold as His Love, I think you would find Its Magnetic Power drawing much Purity into your world which will make you very happy.

"Mankind ordinarily love Gold because they think It gives them power through commercial channels to do certain things, and yet, the Power is the Power of Helios' Love; and simply because that Love is misused by the selfishness of individuals has mankind en masse created for themselves the frightful creations of limitations in the financial world. Now, do not be surprised when the Hand of Nature takes things in hand and re-establishes and restores the Divine Purpose for which many Powers of Nature were originally given to this Earth. . . . "

Beloved God of Gold
through the Messenger, Edna Ballard,   March 21, 1949   Cincinnati, Ohio U.S.A. (7)


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