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       Immaculata        silent watcher

Silent Watcher for the Earth

Service to God in Life

  • Also known as:
    • Planetary Silent Watcher
    • Silent Watcher

  • Divine Quality
    • Truth
    • Science
    • Precipitation
    • Constancy
    • Concentration

  • Divine Ray & Sacred Fire
    • Emerald Green
    • Crystal

  • Office in Hierarchy
    • Holds the Immaculate Concept of the Divine Plan of Perfection for humanity's progress on this Earth

"I AM Immaculata, Silent Watcher for the Earth!

"I hold within My Gaze the Perfect Plan for the Earth and all her evolutions. know well the meaning of the Eyes of Eternity! My Single Eyed Vision upon this Divine Plan allows each one of you to draw forth Currents of Liquid Light and use them to create with the Emerald Ray! Tonight I AM transferring My Vision to your mindís eye! It is for you to translate this Vision and fashion it into a practical Blueprint and Plan of Action which you are then to accomplish in this world of form!

"This Perfect Plan for Earth is filled with great detail. It is not merely a thoughtform of a single moment in time, but contains movement and carries the full momentum of that Divine Intent born of the Heart of Alpha and Omega. It is charged with a sufficiency of their Grace, such that each lifestream on Earth who will connect with it shall receive ample impetus to fulfill this Perfect Pattern as it is reinforced through My Heart in this hour.

"Every lifestream in the Earth occupies a certain point of Light within the worldwide scope of My Vision. Whenever you elect to expand the Light of your Heart, your Light registers upon the screen of life and is instantly reflected in My Consciousness. Likewise, I know when there is movement in the Earth that is out of alignment and that takes the Earth further into spirals of negativity or into conflict with this Divine Plan as decreed by the Cosmic Councils, by Helios and Vesta and, most especially, by Alpha and Omega.

"For you see, beloved, the Earth as a whole also has a Plan. It has a destined future, not unlike your own Individuality. And the Plan for this Earth is to come into the Golden Age. The timetables are set, and already We are releasing the Cosmic Currents in rhythmic order in accordance with the amount of Light that the Earth can hold.

"The Hierarchy understands the necessity of preparing the Earth to receive such an intensity of Light. Thus, the Earth has been bathed many hundreds of thousands of years with Our Tempering Fire, allowing for Our Currents to gently reestablish the strength and resilience needed to produce change without producing more harm than good.

"The cycle for righting the Earthís axis will occur when and as the Earth can harmoniously respond. Accelerate too quickly, and the crust will give way, disrupting all manner of Life. It is important for you to understand that there is a Greater Hand at work in the affairs of the Earth and her inhabitants than merely the governance of your elected officials or even your own free will. The Currents of Divine Light that flow to all lifestreams on the Earth are intended by God to produce all of the support mechanisms required for your well being, for your sustenance, and for the ongoing acceleration of your Life while yet abiding in the Earth.

"Within your own life cycles, you are afforded the Grace of God and the Opportunity to exercise your own decision making process, following the dictates of your own free will. Likewise, the Earth herself responds, swaying to and fro with the fluctuations of the mass consciousness. For when the vast majority of lifestreams of Earth insist on holding to negativ-ity and images not in keeping with levels of Perfection, there is a perpetual disturbance to the delicate balance which We strive to maintain in favor of Light over darkness. . . . "

Beloved Immaculata
through the Anointed Representative®, Carolyn Louise Shearer,   December 30, 2001,   Tucson, Arizona U.S.A. (3)

" . . . You see, all energy comes from God and only a Lifestream can draw it forth qualified with God's own Mind. Natural forces operate in group souls through animals and the plant kingdom, and through the power of the elements ó earth, air, fire and water. These are a part of the elemental kingdom of the feeling body of God caring for and governing the outer realms as originally envisioned by Him and sustained by the mighty Planetary Silent Watcher Immaculata. These cosmic gardeners use and direct energy, but it is a special form of natural intelligence and not to be compared with the Radiance of the Soul of God as poured through an Ascended or unascended being manifest as a Lifestream!. . . . "

Beloved Rose of Light
through the Messenger, Mark Prophet,   1962,   U.S.A. (2)

" . . . While I AM speaking to you there is a Cosmic Action taking place throughout the Planetary Body whereby an intense Power of Love's Radiance is conveyed forth by the Angelic Hosts. It is rendering a very special assistance to the elementals, enabling them - and I say many of them - to cut themselves free from the weight of human oppression that has been lying heavily upon their heads for a long period. This action will enable them to conceive how they can better outpicture a multitude of blossom designs held within the Heart of the Lord The Maha Chohan and Beloved Immaculata, the Silent Watcher for the Earth. These designs of a floral nature, because of mankind's rudeness of heart, have been withheld from the Planetary Body.

"It is Our Hope, then, that We may be able to infuse certain seeds with essential Spiritual Elements drawn forth from these lovely patterns, whereby certain types of flowers will begin an action of mutation and will thereby change their characteristics in order to bring forth new types of flowers in preparation for the coming Golden Age. Now, it will be necessary for mankind to assist the Angelic Hosts and the Elemental Beings by a continuous action of Transmutation.

"While these ideas are very tender and young, and the implantation has scarcely been received, there is always the danger that it will be withdrawn and lost as the precious oil of Heavenly Fragrance is poured upon the Earth. This, in a sense, is the falling of the Word upon the rock, the stony ground where it cannot bring forth perfect fruit from Heaven, and fulfill the Edenic manifestation which the Great Law requires. . . . "

Beloved Lord Himalaya
through the Messenger, Mark Prophet, &  March 8, 1964,   U.S.A. (1)

" . . . Briefly, I would like to say that the evolution which ultimately results in opportunity to become a Silent Watcher starts with the tiny elemental who is trained in the nature Kingdom, under the Direction of the Beloved Mary, Holy Mother of Beloved Jesus. In these magnificent Kingdoms, tiny elementals are trained to embody a form under the supervision of Builders of form. They gather together and the Builder of Form creates out of His Own Light-Body a beautiful flower or some design which is the lesson of the day. All the little elementals, whose nature is (like your own etheric body) to mirror that which they look upon, immediately take the form of the flower. This is simple, but when the Builder of Form has transferred the form of a flower to the elementals, He relinquishes the form and assumes His Own form as Teacher.

Then the elemental is required to concentrate upon holding the pattern which is the lesson of the day. Many of them, as soon as the Builder of Form returns into His magnificent robes, immediately turn into little Builders of Form themselves and mirror, instantly, any change in the Teacher.

They are patiently trained and this goes on age after age, until they are able to retain the form which the Builder of Form gives them independently, and they stay an apple blossom or a lovely peach, or whatever it may be, for the duration of the class. When they become such masters, tiny little beings mind, they are ready to go forth and try to become part of Amaryllis' Great Court and bring forth beauty into the world of form. This is how the Silent Watcher's training begins.

Then they come and create in some beautiful garden, under a Nature Deva, a rose, pansy, a beautiful lily. They graduate up the ladder of evolution and become, perhaps, a Nature Deva, or a garden. Then they are assigned, perhaps, to a Silent Watcher of a great hospital, drawing healing currents into themselves and projecting them down in the radiation which is the blessing to the people.

They graduate into greater service and become Devas like the Beloved Columbia and these Beings Who watch over an entire nation. They may become great racial Devas, watching over the beautiful races, evolving, all holding the power of concentration, going up the ladder, holding the Divine Pattern of the Highest, for their nation, their race or country.

From among all of These, one is chosen to work with the Beloved Maha Chohan and learn to draw those magnificent currents which govern all nature and they come to a point where They may apply for positions as the Elohim, the Great Builders of Form, of Planets; and from the Elohim, the Silent Waters are chosen.

It is a long time since I embodied a flower and yet I remember it well. I remember those early days when it was such a temptation to flit from thought form to thought form, and I said: "Perhaps I may help!" And that is why I am here, for We are all servants; servants of the Law and servants of all your Life!. . . "

Beloved Immaculata
through the Messenger, Geraldine Innocente,   Bridge to Freedom Journal June 1961, U.S.A.   (4)

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