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Ascended Master Kuthumi

              Kuthumi               ascended master
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Service to God in Life

  • Also known as:
    • Koot Hoomi
    • Kuthumi Lal Singh

  • Ascended:

  • First Public Dictation / Discourse:
    • December 19, 1937   Los Angeles, California U.S.A. (1)   (5)

  • Embodied as:
    • Thutmose III, pharaoh, prophet, and high priest in the period of the New Kingdom. Thutmose expanded the Egyptian kingdom to include most of the Middle East.
    • Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher whose quest for the great synthesis of Truth led him to Palestine, Arabia, India, and finally to the temples of Egypt, where he won the confidence of the priests of Memphis and was gradually accepted into the mysteries of Isis at Thebes. (582-c. - 507 B.C) (7)
    • Balthazar, one of the Three Wise Men who paid homage to the Christ Child (First Century B.C.)
    • Parsifal (Sir Perceval) of King Arthur's Camelot (Fifth or Sixth Century A.D.)
    • Saint Bernard of Clairvaux (1090 - 1153) In the year 1128, Bernard assisted at the Council of Troyes, which had been convoked by Pope Honorius II. The purpose of this council was to settle certain disputes of the bishops of Paris, and regulate other matters of the Church of France. The bishops made Bernard secretary of the council, and charged him with drawing up the synodal statutes. It was at this council that Bernard traced the outlines of the Rule of the Knights Templars who soon became the ideal of the French nobility.
    • Bernard de Clairvaux (1090 - 1153) was a French Catholic abbot and the primary builder of the reforming Cistercian monastic order. It was Bernard de Clairvaux and founder Hugues de Payens who devised the specific code of behavior, known as the Latin Rule, for the Order of the Knights Templar.
    • Saint Francis of Assisi (1181 or 1182 - 1226 A.D.) In the year 1209, he founded the Order of the Friars Minor. In 1212 he founded with Clare of Assisi (c.1194-1253) the Order of the Poor Ladies (or Poor Clares, as it came to be called), and the Order of the Brothers and Sisters of Penance in 1221.
    • Erasmus (Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus / Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam) (1466/1469 1536) was a Dutch humanist and theologian. Erasmus was a classical scholar who wrote in a "pure" Latin style and enjoyed the sobriquet "Prince of the Humanists". He has been called "the crowning glory of the Christian humanists".
    • Shah Jahan, Mogul emperor of India, who built the famous Taj Mahal, "the miracle of miracles, the final wonder of the world," was built as a tomb for his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal. (1592-1666 A.D.)
    • Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 1750) was a German composer, organist, harpsichordist, violist, and violinist who composed ecclesiastical and secular works for choir, orchestra, and solo instruments.
    • Koot Hoomi Lal Singh, nineteenth-century Kashmiri Brahman, Shigatse, Tibet; also called K.H. In 1875 he founded with El Morya the Theosophical Society to reacquaint mankind with the ancient wisdom that underlies all the world's religions. (7)

  • Divine Quality

  • Divine Ray & Sacred Fire
    • Flame of God's Wisdom
    • Yellow Ray
    • Golden Yellow Flame (6)

  • Office in Hierarchy
    • World Teacher as of January 1, 1956 (formerly Chohan of the Second Ray of Divine Illumination) (7)
    • Education, giving Understanding and Wisdom through Love (7)

  • Retreats
    • Hierarch of the Temple of Wisdom, Kashmir, India - It is also called the Temple of Illumination (an action of the Second Ray) and the Cathedral of Nature, and is located in the etheric realm over the hills of Kashmir. There is no building, just a Focus with the natural beauty of Nature surrounding it. This is a Focus of the Brothers and Sisters of the Golden Robe, who are an order of Ascended and unascended beings dedicated to the Illumination of mankind through the Flame of Wisdom, headed by the Ascended Master Kuthumi, with Retreats on the etheric plane in Shigatse and Kashmir. (6)
    • Kuthumi maintains His Retreat at Shigatse, Tibet, where He plays His Grand Organ drawing the Harmony of Cosmos by the Sacred Fires of His Heart. With this Celestial Music, He sends Healing and Peace throughout the planetary body to individuals in transition (especially at the hour of death) and guides them to the Retreats of the Great White Brotherhood for tutoring in preparation for their next earthly life. He inspires architects, poets, and scientists. (7)

  • Music Keynote
    • Kashmiri Song by Finden (1)

Koot Hoomi
Based upon original portrait of Kuthumi by Hermann Schmiechen in 1884

"Joy will make your heart desire to engage
in the Light and the Work of God"

" . . . By giving the Calls you can accelerate the Action of God at the level of the cell structure in the physical. During meditation, as the thought goes forward into the very inner structure of the being and impresses its wavelengths on all aspects of the inner world of the student, this likewise will affect change. But, that change, beloved ones, first and foremost, will affect only the surroundings in which you are present, until there is manifest enough Light (meaning 'enough energy') behind that meditation, to propel it forward into the outer ethers, where those thoughtforms move to their destination. This is why the more energized the thought with the emotion ('energy-in-motion'), the more it is likely to become a reality, whether it be for good or for ill.

"As the student places their attention on God, the energy going forth from the Heart to God creates a figure eight flow. This has been known for some time, that where the attention is placed, not only does your energy flow, but the return current comes back to its source. And so you connect with the figure eight flow wherever your attention is placed. When you are giving the Calls, the Affirmations and Decrees with a figure eight flow of your attention to the Being of God within you, and there is also a corresponding figure eight flow that occurs where the energy and Light is propelled, this creates a squaring or a fourfold action. So, not only is there one figure eight flow between you and your God Presence, there is another between you and the object of your Decrees. When you consider that the focal point of your Heart is the nexus between both figure eight patterns, the Heart - where the Threefold Flame of your God Presence resides - then also becomes part of a triangle or trinity. This is the Divine Trinity that is invoked when manifesting the fullness of God in Action through your Decrees, Affirmations, Prayers, Chants and Songs of the Heart.

"There are many students in the West who do not understand the necessity for Decrees. Yes, it has long been established that many of the civilizations that have lived before, have used Prayers, Chants and Invocations allowed in their time as a course of religious devotion. But why, in this day and age with so much study of the metaphysical, is there a great attention placed by the Ascended Masters on the imperative need for Decrees, given in unison, in large groups or small, or individually; given in a certain rhythm and certain pitch?

"You may already be familiar with the Instruction relative to the connection with the Music of the Spheres and toning within your own being to resonate with the Causal Body of your I AM Presence, hence establishing a resonant tone with the Causal Body of the Great Central Sun. But this, sometimes, is too vast, too lofty a thought, and understanding, for some to realize or accept for themselves. And, we continue to hear from the students at inner levels, 'Give us the practical understanding. How do we implement it, here and now? What is the direct cause and effect?'

"There are some who are under the misconception that if they decree for long periods of time once a year, once a month or once a week, that this is sufficient unto itself to balance karma, to fulfill the design, the blueprint of the inner being and bring the Light into their manifestations in the physical. I tell you this is not so. There are times that must be called upon by the Brotherhood for a more than ordinary release of Fire to go forward for specific actions through Decrees and Affirmations. But, I would like to inform you that it is important for Calls to be given daily, for the very outcome of your Victory on the Path requires it, most especially in the Western Hemisphere. And now as communication is so widespread and there is such an homogenizing of the entire planet, I extend that requirement as well to the Eastern Hemisphere. For, the old techniques of long ago, that were once viable to bring a student into adeptship and carry them through to their Ascension, are found wanting in this new day and age with such an exaggeration of the human consciousness and agitation into all matters of existence on the planet.

"Why are the daily applications necessary? Think, for a moment of all of the thoughts, all of the human desire momentum within the world - perhaps right where you sit, right where you are interacting at this very moment. Contemplate, if you will, yesterday's actions and thoughts. Were they all pure in nature? Or were they filled with a tendency toward human equations of desire - of egotism, self conceit or self concern? Was there any measure of vanity or pride existing within your nature? Were there any prejudices inherent within the thoughts and the feeling world? Some of these can be very subtle - most are. I spoke over a hundred years ago on these very issues. Saint Germain has addressed the necessity for those aspects of human consciousness to go into the Flame in order for there to be an enlightened Community. If any of the appearances of human creation were present in your world yesterday or even today, would it not stand to reason there was a necessity for a release of Sacred Fire into that substance - into your world? If you wait a week, a month, or longer to invoke that Flame, how long do you think it will be before those momentums have an overriding effect on every aspect of your life, your attention, your figure eight flow with your I AM Presence?

"Subtleties can creep in, so unaware to the outer consciousness - for you must understand that the mind has learned how to survive many, many embodiments. It has learned how to hold on to those human conditions and creations. It has learned the art of self preservation. Very small aspects of momentums that you think have long ago gone into the Flame, can still reside as old records hidden from the outer awareness. You may consider that you have transmuted certain energies in your world, but what of the record and old momentum of that lifetime some 200 years ago that suddenly surges into manifestation into your world for redemption.

"Let us say for argument's sake, you decide not to give the Violet Flame or your Calls and Affirmations for several days, and during that time that old momentum comes to the fore and says, 'I am here. I am ready to move into action again, to claim my rightful place.' If your world is not filled with enough Light of the Sacred Fire, who is to say that this is not the rightful place of that energy? Will there be enough God Reality in your world to say, 'Thus far and no further?' A prepared student of the Light would say, 'This is not God Reality this is unreality and you go into the Flame.' And, by the Invocation, by the attention with the figure eight flow on God, on that day, that record would be no more.

"I do not know how to teach the sincere student, any more emphatically of the necessity of giving the Calls daily. It remains to be seen if there are those who are ready to put their human creation into the Flame. But, I will have done my part and I will have given the Teaching. I will continue to give this Teaching as long as there is one individual who will hear and respond. But, we do tire, at inner levels, hearing that there are too many Decrees required, or there is too much demand that spoken dynamic Decrees be given. I would like for you to consider that perhaps those students who feel the burden and weight of giving Decrees, have not been connecting at all with their God Presence. Perhaps those Calls and those Decrees were not focusing the attention on the Light of God, so that the Light of God could, in fact, create a figure eight flow into the condition - cause, effect, record and memory, to transmute it, to move into action and to cause change in the world of form and of the student. Many do not realize how very specific is this science.

"There are those who are students on the Path who entertain much pride and vanity that is born from prejudices that set up a standard of egotism in their world and allows for the continuation of their human consciousness through the lower vehicles. As long as the subplanes of the mental body are in control, God is not in control and God is not active. For God to be active, there must be a submission of the mental body to the mind of God, and to those Higher Octaves. Those lower subplanes of mental miasma are not God Reality - not fit for the Alchemy in the heart of the student of the Ascended Masters. It is not Reality for a Lightbearer or for any son or daughter of God. The Light must first be invoked from the heart of the Lightbearer to the Heart of God, the Mighty I AM Presence. In return, the Light streams forth from the Heart of God back through the heart to the Lightbearer, and thence to the focal point of the extended Flame that affects the change that has been invoked.

"Beloved ones, those outer world extensions of your Calls bring about God Good in the world. The Light expands the very essence of God wherever it falls - upon all that it contacts. And you will know when you have connected with the objective of your efforts, for the return current will reach your heart, and if you will allow the Heart to register that current, you will know the good that has been accomplished. No one, from that point on, will have to tell you that it is necessary to Decree, for the joy of your Heart will propel you into action to give the Decrees and the Affirmations. Yes, Joy will make your heart desire to engage in the Light and the Work of God! The heart will want to quiet all of the sounds of the human conditions coming up for transformation that clamor to disturb The Great Silence. There is no such state of being as a continual momentum, that goes on and on and on, unsupported, without the engagement, consciously reinforced energetically, by the Lightbearer.

"Contemplate for a moment, what I have said. The Light of God, invoked for good or ill, is the cause. The qualification of that cause is determined by the Lightbearer, even those who have lost the ability to connect with their God Presence because of the vast abyss between the subplanes of the human consciousness and the Divine Consciousness, must also recognize that there is still the requirement of the Light of God to accomplish all things whether right or wrong, light or dark. Much that comes about by the Light is many times a Grace through the intercession of the Ascended Masters, the Angelic Kingdom or the Mighty I AM Presence of the unknowing, very sensitive yet giving heart of some Lightbearers.

"Invoking the Light into your world on a daily basis will protect you from having that Light squandered and taken against your free will - for your free will has resolved to be in action. It will already have determined the right use of that Light and the engagement of that Light. And, there will not be Light for ill use by any other. The benefits of engaging in the figure eight flow with God far outweigh all other modes of living. This is the practical application of the Law. This is scientific, metaphysical, if you will, but metaphysical in the Heart of God, not absent God; not so mechanical that it is not saturated by the Light of God and the very Consciousness that is behind the cause is God.

"Many decades ago, Saint Germain, through His Messenger, Godfre, gave the Instruction and the Teaching regarding giving Decrees and Affirmations. As you are aware, that instruction was simply given and the obedient students responded. Those who put the Calls into action with pure intent, saw the response not only in their own lives but in the Activity. Throughout the years, in other Activities, the Calls and the Decrees took on a different aspects, different momentums not intended by Us, and many of which have taken students away from their true Identity and the Light.

"This is why, when you give the Calls, there must be the Invocation to the I AM. There must be the constant reminder to the consciousness that it is the I AM that is working. For, in reality, you are working on your own psychology through the giving of the Decrees and the Affirmations. It is a retraining of outworn momentums by the chemicalization of the Light that is necessary, most especially for those who live in the Western Hemisphere who are very intellectually inclined and process everything in their world through the mental body. For those retraining sessions, the constancy of the attention on the I AM, on the God Presence in Action, is literally changing the very cell structure of the conscious memory into patterns and blueprints that correspond with the Christ Mind and the Divine Plan for your Lifestream. If the Calls are not given daily, the activity of the conscious mind in the lower subplanes, far outweighs the momentum and the frequency with which those releases of Fire are able to work on the memory body. It is important, for the student who wishes to excel on the path, to understand that even a few Calls daily are better than no Calls at all, and Calls should be given even more frequently during the day, if there is not a longer period of time available to engage in the Fiery Work for Christ Attunement.

"You will also discover, that the Joy that is released from the Heart of God by the Love that is extended to the student and the love that the student is able to extend out to others, far outweighs any self-gratification from any mortal means known to mankind. The bliss of this union and being present in the central point of the figure eight flow of the Trinity that I have spoken of, will allow for the acceleration to the Heart of God in the greatest joy.

"Approach your Decrees as a scientific experiment, if you must, and see how they work; see how they become the very fabric of the God Reality of your world and no amount of clamoring from any negativity or any outer source that is foreign to the Peace and serenity of your God Presence will be able to take you away from your point of center and true desiring of God Reality.

"You will have the fulfillment of the building of the Antahkarana of Light to fulfill your Divine Plan, to have the associations that you require and to enter into the Sacred Labor that you as a son and daughter of God were destined to be participating in on a daily basis. . . . "

Beloved Ascended Master Kuthumi
through the Messenger, Carolyn Louise Shearer,   January 17, 1999,   Chelsea, Vermont U.S.A. (5)

Kuthumi portrait by David Anries in 1932

"Every lifestream on the Path, sooner or later, comes to a certain point where he begins to turn to the 'still small voice' within the heart. At first, the individual begins to rely on intuition, then on inspiration, and, later still, upon that conscious contact which precedes self-conscious mastery, the attainment of which constitutes his Divine Freedom from all human concepts and all human form.

"This is the most difficult point upon the spiritual path and I ask that when you come to the place where you enter into the Heart of the Silence - where you commune with your own God Self - that you be extremely wise, alert and careful of the response that you will receive first of all from your own bodies because you are a complex mechanism, a sevenfold being. Now, whereas the Glory of your Electronic Body, your Causal Body and your Holy Christ Self can never lead you astray - your lower bodies have voices, this consciousness and this intelligence of their own, and these voices, this consciousness and this intelligence within them, endeavors often to serve its own selfish ends, through you.

"One of the chief requirements for Spiritual Mastery is Discrimination. Call to Me, if you wish, to My beloved Lord Maitreya, or to the great Lord Buddha for that Discrimination wherein you may recognize the Voice of the Silence. Know, always, that the prompting which builds up the personality, that which gives aggrandizement to the human ego, is not the 'still small Voice' of the Presence, but rather the etheric rumblings of your own past experiences, the emotional desires of your feeling word, or mental concepts and precepts from your past lives.

"Remember, you have sat in the past before many teachers, who have given forth both Truth and fallacy, and into your mental and emotional bodies and your etheric consciousness are builded those concepts, some of them solidified and petrified and lying dormant within them for centuries. As the Flame begins to surge through you, these concepts are revivified and come forth, and you must recognize them for what they are - not necessarily the Voice of Truth!

Beloved Ascended Master Kuthumi
through the Messenger, Geraldine Innocente,   1953,   U.S.A. (3)

Original portrait of Kuthumi by Hermann Schmiechen in London in July 1884

" . . . From time immemorial have the harrassed (and often bewildered!) consciousnesses of unascended mankind thought of, longed and prayed for a 'Utopia' upon this dear Earth - an era of all-pervading Christ Peace as the Master Presence, Authority and Activity of all Life evolving here! Such an outpicturing of God Perfection was manifest on earth in the beginning of her creation and, during the first two Golden Ages, was sustained and expanded as you have been told - so perfectly that All of those embodied here at that time (known as the 'The Holy Innocents') completed Their earthly journey and gained the Victory of their Ascension.

"Now, a great deal of that which men call 'time' has elapsed since such Perfection was extant here but, today has the great Cosmic Wheel turned to the place where such Perfection must come to Earth again, this planet recently having entered 'The Seventh Age' (the new and permanent Golden Age). This 'Age of Peace' is now coming in, regardless of all chaotic appearances and conflicts manifesting today, individually and collectively, whose effects bring such suffering to life. The transcendent blessings of this Seventh Age are being made possible for the Earth and all her evolutions today mainly by the Gift of the Violet Transmuting Flame with Its infinite Power of merciful Forgiveness and Healing through Transmutation. The constant use of that glorious, beneficent Friend of unascended life here can bring only the most exquisite and soul-satisfying Peace.

"You see, the desire for Peace is naturally inherent within all Life, for Peace is one of the God Virtues and, while It seems to be such a gentle manifestation of Divine Love - yet is It one of the most powerful! When true Peace is felt by any individual or group, that Peace cannot be disturbed, for such true Peace is that which beloved Jesus embodied and spoke of as 'that which surpasses understanding of the (human) mind . . . '

"The Cosmic Fiat has been sent forth from Those Who govern the Spiritual Destinies of this planet and from the Sun Itself: 'The Earth must emit more Light!' and Peace is One of the Manifestations of Light. To that end, therefore, the Earth and all her evolutions are passing through a period of tremendous purification and the present conflicts which seem to abound everywhere between individuals as well as among nations are but the stirring up of old destructive etheric records of past enmities and shadowed substance, qualified with misunderstandings and violence from the past. These are brought forth for balancing and redemption and those among mankind who are so fortunate as to know how to transmute these into light again by the use of the Violet Transmuting Flame now have opportunity to do so.

"With no desire whatsoever on My part to impose upon our gracious readers a feeling over-responsibility, let Me say that once one knows of the Law of the I AM and Its tremendous Gifts which can be called forth to bless Life, the responsibility for such chelas to use Them constantly is very great! Said the beloved Jesus: 'If ye know these things - happy are ye if ye do them!' Remember?

"Now, this does not mean that anyone should become fanatical in any way in their use of the Law - just sitting down somewhere all day long, endeavoring to apply It. No! All the while one is taking care of the things of this world which require his attention, the alert chela will be ever mindful of opportunities to use this Violet Flame (which opportunities present themselves every hour of the day); living, moving and having his being with that Flame himself, as well as calling It into action in, through and around persons, places, conditions and things everywhere he is located or chooses to move. . . . "

Beloved Ascended Master Kuthumi
through the Messenger, Mark Prophet,   1959,   U.S.A. (4)

All Belongs to God!

" . . . I say these things to you so you may realize, beloved ones, that it is not just your immediate environment that is being blessed by your Call to the Presence; but your Call is releasing Its far-reaching Powers. You have been told a number of times, that It is reaching into the mental and feeling world of mankind, but do you realize how far? Do you realize it is the most natural magnificent thing in the world? All is the Presence and Activity of your Life. You are a part of the One Great Life. True you are individualized; but still you are a part of that One Great Life; and to the degree that you keep harmonious, do you bless and add to the Freedom of the world. To the degree that you are out of harmony, do you add to the downpull of mankind into greater chains.

"Beloved ones, to see unhappy individuals who try to spread discord among humanity is the most pitiful thing in all the whole world, that We are compelled to look upon. Those individuals do not understand that their viciousness is their own destruction. All reason is gone, because they have become so enmeshed in their viciousness. They think only of destruction and feel only that! The pity is that they must meet and reap it all, but it cannot affect blessed mankind! It does not! A few individuals, who might be temporarily disturbed, soon right themselves and go on in the Light.

"Dear people, it is not a matter of human personalities. It is not a matter of individualities; it is not a matter of the requirement of human conditions, but the Light has said: 'I shall take command of My own'! Look at your bodies! Look at this floor upon which you move! Look upon the earth upon which these buildings rest! All belongs to God! All belongs to that Light! Mankind are custodians of certain substance, certain activity, certain requirements. If they do not fulfill their trust and responsibility; no law in Heaven or Earth can prevent them reaping the consequences of the misuse of that Life and Energy which flows through them! You are not responsible for anything else, except what flows through you.

"Do you realize, beloved ones, what is in this Light which flows through your human form? I am speaking now without your Call. That Life contains all good things. Then, to think that the ignorance and unwilling obedience of mankind is permitted to go on, and on, and on, so long; imposing discord upon that Perfect Light; which would of Its own volition make them Perfect and hold in the body beauty of form and Its Perfection. Yet because of unwilling obedience, they do not have It. . . . "

Beloved Ascended Master Kuthumi
through the Messenger, Godfre, December 19, 1937   Los Angeles, California U.S.A. (2)

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Meditation music: "Song of India"

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