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Ascended Master Jesus Christ

               Jesus Christ                Ascended Master
Charles Sindelar's 1929 portrait of the Ascended Master Jesus Christ
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Service to God in Life

  • Ascended:
    • Forty days after His Resurrection. The etheric record of Jesus's Ascension has been sustained over Bethany's Hill in the Holy Land for almost two thousand years, with the command to be an action of the Great Central Sun Magnet to draw the attention of all humanity towards the Ascension (1)

  • First Public Dictation / Discourse:
    • December 05, 1932   Chicago, Illinois U.S.A. (2)

  • Twin Flame / Divine Complement / Twin Ray:

  • Embodied as:
    • Jesus of Nazareth — Jeshua Ben Joseph — member of the Essenes
    • Joshua
    • Elisha
    • Joseph, son of Jacob, who was sold by his brothers (who later embodied as his apostles) into slavery in Egypt. [Book of Genesis, Chapters 37 - 50]
    • David - eighth son of Jesse, who was the author of the Psalms, and King of Israel after being anointed by the Prophet Samuel. [I Samuel - also known as I Kings Chapter 16]

  • Also known as
    • Ascended Master Jesus
    • Jesus Christ
    • Jesus the Christ - because of the fullness of manifesting the Christ Self
    • "Only Begotten Son of God" (15)
    • Jeshua Ben Joseph
    • Lord and Savior (Saviour)
    • Incarnation of the Word, the Universal Christ (the Word Incarnate)
    • Cosmic Christ (15) (16)
    • World Savior (Saviour)
    • World Teacher
    • Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel
    • Avatar of the Piscean Age - the example of the Christ Consciousness that was to have been outpictured in that two-thousand year Dispensation (10)

  • Divine Quality
    • Love
    • Healing
    • Illumination

  • Divine Ray & Sacred Fire
    • Ruby Ray
    • Purple and Gold Ray
    • Resurrection Flame

  • Office in Hierarchy
    • World Teacher (since January 1, 1956) - revealing the individual Christ Self to all mankind and to show the works of the Father (the I AM Presence) that can be performed by His sons and daughters through the Flame of the individualized Christ Presence (Higher Mental Body) of each one. (11) (6)
    • Formerly - Chohan of the Sixth Ray until December 31, 1959, when beloved Lady Master Nada fully took on the Office of Chohan of the Sixth Ray (9)
    • Holds the Office for this evolution of the "Only Begotten Son" - and therefore the Representative not only of that Universal Christ but also of the individual Holy Christ Self. (15)
    • Cosmic Christ - "Director of the Immortal Power of the Cosmic Christ" (15) (16)

  • Retreats

  • Angels:
    • Twelve Legions of Angels from the Heart of the Father/Mother God
    • Angels of Peace
    • Angels of Love
    • Angels of the Ruby Ray
    • Angels of the Purple and Gold Ray
    • Angels of the Resurrection Flame

  • Music Keynote
    • Joy to the World

Jesus the Christ

"A new Earth this day I proclaim. For I the Christ, the Son of God, born of Mary and Joseph, ascended into the Heart of my God Presence, now hold the Office of World Teacher. I stand before you — Sons and Daughters of God, Brothers and Sisters alike — and I proclaim this day: THE EARTH SHALL HAVE ITS GOLDEN AGE! THERE WILL BE THE NEW DAY, BEGINNING NOW! THE LIGHT OF GOD HAS DECREED IT SO THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE COSMOS! The Entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood stands ready to assist you to bring it forth. The Peace of the land will be maintained by Hearts filled with Love and Gratitude for God, and for the opportunity to incarnate into the Earth.

"There will be those Ascensions come forth that stand as a sign for all time to follow. Yes, Beloved, you, the lightbearers of the Earth, you who hold your torches high, know well what it means to invoke the Light of God. The slightest tinge and you feel it. It reverberates through your physical body. You are now called upon to receive more Light, to have your Chalices prepared so that as this Light comes forth it may be anchored in the Earth, not merely shining for a day and moving on, or passing through the Earth without the anchor point of a conscious awareness ready to enact the Office of Christhood.

"The Earth has been dry for a very long time, desirous of the flow of the Waters of Life. You, Beloved, are the one to tap the source. You are to bring it forth and allow for the Light, Life and Love of God to stream through the Earth. It requires attention. It requires supreme confidence. And it requires a virtuous life.

"What is meant by leading a virtuous life? Upholding the right use of the Law. You have known, in this and many previous embodiments, the Ten Commandments as given to Moses. All persuasions of religious study have provided you with certain attributes to follow and adhere to in order to maintain a pure and chaste life. But have you considered in this life that the decisions you make, the choices you determine to follow, and the actions you perform must carry the Purity of the Light of God?

"Flowing through your chakras are the Electrons of Light that come forth from your own God Presence. These Electrons are fashioned, Beloved, according to your co-creation. The creation you send forth into Life not only peoples the Earth with your progeny, but also brings about what is beautiful, helpful, healing — the results of the mastery of your lifestream. When this mastery goes awry, there is no longer any need or opportunity for extending a given incarnation. Life is prolonged only when there is the right use of that Life.

"Many times you find yourself involved in circumstances beyond what you consider to be under your control. But there is no circumstance in the Earth you cannot change or right. For you have within your Heart the open door to the Christ, your own Christhood. This Christhood, Beloved, affords you the privilege, the opportunity, to stand in the Light of your own God Presence and proclaim change when it must occur. It also gives you the opportunity to know what is the right change to enact. When you do not know, simply call upon your God Presence to exact the Perfection of God to come forth.

"Do you see how it works? Going through life does not have to be complicated. You can be as a little child and understand this instruction – holding fast to the Light of your own God Presence, looking first and foremost to the God Presence as your Source of all Life, and then allowing your God Presence to send forth all you should have, all you should accomplish, all you should endeavor.

"You are not merely to live on the Earth, tossed about by the winds of an untamed, undisciplined consciousness and by the anxiety of an emotional body out of control. You have the opportunity to take command, to exercise discipline over your thoughts, feelings, actions and, yes, your physical body, to manifest the Chalice to hold the Light required in the Earth.

"You have not come merely for your own salvation through the Ascension in the Light. You have come to raise the vibration of the entire Earth! Mastery, yes — attainment, yes — but in so doing, you will have exacted the conscious awareness of your own God Presence, changing all about you into the highest vibration which can be brought forth.

"As you do this, all of Life responds. You see the purification of the waters of the Earth, and the beautification of the skies as you look through the clear air and breathe in the prana. You see the great and glorious mountain ranges standing tall for all time to show you that the Earth has been and will continue to remain as long as God is in the Universe.

"Do you understand what my statement means? There is no time when God would ever be absent this place, for as long as there is one erg of Light where God resides, there is a conscious awareness behind that erg of energy holding fast to the Perfection of the Heart of God in his Allness and allowing God to be present. Each one of you exacts that Presence. Multiply that exacting by those who do not know of their God Presence, and this Earth is already filled with Light and will continue to manifest even greater Light.

"But, as you are most aware, at present, there is not sufficient Light to claim the Golden Age is nigh at hand. It most certainly exists in many individual lives and is exacted in this small community where I stand to speak and address the Earth this day. But to have the Golden Age manifesting on the hillsides throughout the Earth, setting forth communities in the valleys, and shining as the star that it is to become, I promise you that it requires many to hold fast to the Light, to have their Chalices prepared.

"The Light of God can be all-consuming to every aspect of negativity, of any human creation. This Light, Beloved, is the Light of your God Presence. You have access to this Light. Draw upon this Light. Invoke it! Become it! For this Light is your Life. You cannot forever put off to another day, saying, “Perhaps when I have finished school, perhaps when I have raised my family, perhaps when I have retired, I will have the time to give my undivided attention to the Path.” Absolutely, this would be a wrong decision in each case, for every day is your Path. Every decision requires the exacting of the Mind of God. Every attitude must be imbued with God Good, and every discernment must be made with the razor sharp Wisdom that can only come forth when you have exercised the Will of God, your God Presence, in your life.

"Many will find, sadly, that continuing to put off until their golden years facing the Light of God may require they return, not just once, but many embodiments. Oh, Blessed Children of God, while you have youth, vitality, health and the fortitude of the Will of the undaunted within your being, exercise that Will to pursue your Path of Christhood. Prepare your way. Then, when you are in your golden years and have sufficiently invoked and anchored the Light of God, your own God Presence, in your Chalice and form, you may put your full undivided attention upon the Heart of God as you prepare for the reunion with your God Presence in the Ascension.

"In the Golden Age, those who reach their golden years are revered for their steadfast determination and adherence to the Path of the Ascension. Oh, Beloved, many Ascensions are to come. Let yours be one. Let yours be counted among the thousands that will follow shortly thereafter. Let all understand this was not merely the Path of one Son of God, but is the Path of every Son and Daughter of God. There are not merely a chosen few, but every incarnate I AM Presence in the Earth is the Elect.

"It is not merely one community, but is to be many communities springing up throughout the land, carrying torches of the Light of God, of the Ascended Masters, and exhibiting before the world the Light of God in every action, thought and word. Proclaiming the true Purity of the Light of God, these communities will set the example for those yet wandering in the wilderness — lost, afraid, separated from the knowledge of their own God Presence — unaware of what is so near at hand.

"It is up to you, each one, to accomplish the work. Allow this great release of Light, which the Ascended Masters and your own God Presence would have released into the Earth this day. Understand that, for the Light to be in the Earth, one or more lifestreams, incarnating the Word in the physical are required to anchor that Light. We, the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Councils, as well as the Karmic Board, understand that there must be a multiplication of those with a prepared Chalice to receive this Light, for what has come heretofore has not been sufficient to turn the tide of all of the negativity in the land.

"Yes, there will be times to come when you will call upon the Lord and you will need that answer immediately. Therefore, hone well the talents and skills of invocation. Make straight the pathway of the Light and allow that Light to flourish in the land. The Light of God is all about you. The Light of God is who you are. Begin to act responsibly by exhibiting that Light throughout all of your affairs.

"I look throughout the land and see many Etheric Cities lowering. These Etheric Cities, fourteen in number, are exhibiting a greater release of Light by the Ascended and Cosmic Beings for the benefit of the Earth. Throughout this coming year, you will hear more specifics regarding the anchoring of that Light in the Earth of which I speak.

"Hold fast as this blessed community and all of the Earth receive Light, Light, Light from the Etheric Cities over Tucson, from over Glastonbury, and, yes, over Jerusalem as well. Know the Light is coming forth. Be prepared to receive that Light.

"I, Jesus, stand before you to proclaim that the EARTH IS LIGHT!

Beloved Jesus
through the Anointed Representative®, Carolyn Louise Shearer,   December 25, 2002,   Tucson, Arizona U.S.A. (32)

Sacred Heart of Jesus

"I Love you, each one, with a Love that is Deep and Sincere"

" . . . There is no deeper feeling, blessed children of Light, than that between the Master and the pupil. It grows through association, through the wonderful knowledge of the Master of the very weaknesses of His chosen chela, and as the chela comes up over those weaknesses and, for the first time surmounts a particular temptation, the Joy in the Heart of the Master is Beautiful to behold. When the chela calls the Master 'Father' and the Master the chela 'son,' it is as close a tie as that between the Father of all Life Himself and every Christ who has attained Immortality.

"This is the feeling in the Heart of the Guru when His disciple and student is going forth, depending upon the strength and the light which he has achieved through the Guru's training, and endeavors to render a Cosmic Service in which millions of souls will be affected adversely or otherwise. If there could be agony in Heaven, I would say it is in that hour, and all the Love and the Strength and the Light of the Guru enfolds the incarnating soul, and all the hope of the student ties into the Heart of the Master, until even after the memory is gone, that FEELING remains of union with 'something' beyond and above the consciousness of the senses.

"I was privileged, of course, in being welcomed by beloved Mary, and She provided for Me, through Her Aura, that Love and that Protection and that Spiritual Sanctity, without which I think I could not have endured those early years, when My Consciousness was not yet developed enough to remember My Father's Home, and I shall be eternally grateful for the strength of the beloved Saint Germain, who stood by us. I can see as clearly today as in that long ago, the strong hands working upon the yoke of an oxen, gently and smoothly preparing the wood, that it might not give pain to the creature for whom it is carved.

"Then the first glimmer of My Memory began to return. Oh, happy, happy day - when out in the fields I lay looking at the sun and, for an instant, there flashed into My Consciousness Remembrance of My Teacher and My Connection with the Father God. I remember walking home slowly, and how My Mother, looking at Me, realized that the Christ Self was beginning to take hold of My Small Form. So I can feel for you, My children, who are yearning for that connection with your Presence. You know how Precious It was. You know how Sweet the Association, for you feel It, and it is My Joy, and that of My Great Master, to offer to all of you, Our FEELING of ONENESS with your Presence. Let that be Our Christmas Gift to you.

"I shall not dwell on the well-known facts of My Ministry, but I shall bring to your remembrance, again, that at the close of this Earth life, you are going to experience the Joy of the Ascension. Oh, how can words describe to blessed hearts incarcerated in flesh, the FREEDOM that is to be yours, the Joy that when there enters within your Consciousness a thought or a design by which to benefit the race, time nor space nor anything can limit your instantaneous accomplishment!

"From One who has passed consciously, in the full waking outer consciousness of daily life under the brilliant sun at noon, and in the presence of those whom I loved more than life itself, into the Home of My Father - let Me, please, dear hearts, convey to you that all of the suffering, all of the discipline, all of the trials, all of the renunciation of this earth life, are worth that instant when the pull of earth can no longer bind your purified soul, and you know FREEDOM!

"Let Me warn you that, in your association one with another, you can prepare for this hour, and the most subtle of your tests will be LOVE! For instance, in My Own Case, there was Mary, who had taken Me as an Infant and in the Glory of that Aura raised My Small Form, and throughout all My Ministry welcomed and accepted every lifestream that I chose to bring home, upon My Word that they were of the Father's Kingdom, sweet John, who breathed not a breath for himself from the instant that I called him, and Peter and James and all the others whom I knew were not equipped without My Consciousness and My Presence to live in the Fullness of Life, and yet at that moment when the Call came, I had to decide between the pull of love and the Call of the Presence.

"Who among you, facing such a choice would know which was the greater service? There are some I know who would say, 'It is better that I stay with My own, lest they fall by the wayside,' and yet, if I had done that, the world would not have the public example of an Ascension, which has been the hope of the Christian world since that time. I tell you, dear friends, that is not an easy decision.

"Your Call will come, each one! Prepare you for that hour, for that which you love most will be closest to you, and the subtle feeling had best be handled long before that day. In the constant leaving of your every decision to your Presence - 'Not My will, but Thine be done,' you are building that momentum, you will not suffer such a tug of the heart, and you will save yourself much agony and much uncertainty.

"I Love you, each one, with a Love that is Deep and Sincere, and it is not based on what you are, or on what you have been, but it is based on what you shall become, for I have seen you in the Heart of the Father and knowing the Glory you had with Him before the world was, I but anticipate the hour of your full Manifestation of that Glory while you yet walk the earth. Let us no longer be backward-looking, through two thousand years of time, for the miracles that can be accomplished today! The world groans with pain and agony, with sickness and disease, and death, and corruption - and you, alone, are the hope of the world! Were I to have incarnated again and again every hundred years, up to the present hour, I would have denied YOU the OPPORTUNITY to become that which I AM, and there is no Christ Being who does not allow the development of His fellowmen into greater Glory.

"I IMPLORE YOU, in the Name of the Father of all Life, to set into action those calls by which every one of you may walk through those hospitals and asylums and restore man to his natural estate. If you love Me, DO THAT WHICH I HAVE DONE, and this will be your answer to My Words spoken this hour.

"In the Name of the Father, in the Name of My Own Lifestream, and in the Name of the Great Holy Spirit of Life, I give to you the Blessings of Love, and the Love of every Brother and Sister who has become the Freedom which I AM."

Beloved Ascended Master Jesus Christ
through the Messenger, Geraldine Innocente,   November, 1952, U.S.A.   (3)

Master Jesus
Copyright © Marius Michael-George / Contact:

I AM the Door

To Those Desiring to Know God in Manifestation as Man

"The statement 'What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?' (17) spoken of old from the supplicant's heart, still engenders in men the tendency toward self-depreciation. Just as pride goeth before a fall, (18) so false humility is an unbalanced expression which our students dare not manifest. A wider understanding of the human ego and of what man is and is to be will enable each child of the Father to enter more fully into the abundant Life.

"Gratitude for the many Blessings of Life would rise in wondrous Spirals of Attainment and God Consciousness if people were able to understand more concerning the Spiritual Realities of themselves and less concerning the mask of mortal imperfection with which they cloak one another through calumny, deceit, and gossip.

"In the interest of our continuing service and instruction to those who would teach men the Way, it is My pleasure, together with beloved Kuthumi, to unfold in the consciousness of each aspirant a greater knowledge concerning his coming forth into being from the Father's wonderful Heart of Universal Creativity. Will ye give ear, then, in His precious Name, I AM, to this mighty Message of Being, finding mirrored within It and within yourself a more abundant Grace that will assist you in doing as I did: to mount up with wings as eagles (19) into that trackless continent of the air where Virtue replaces error and Understanding replaces ignorance.

"Remember, beloved ones, it is not the Father's Will that one of these little ones should perish, (20) but that all should come to the marvelous Knowledge of their True Self - face to face - even as He knows each one to be in Truth.

"Paul said, 'Now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.' (21)

"John said, 'We know that when He shall appear, we shall be like Him; for we shall see Him as he is.' (22)

"The question may therefore be asked by every disciple, 'How can man know?' And this is a valid question for every serious student on the Path of Christhood. In directing ourselves to the question of Being, We must first of all ask each individual to voluntarily silence the carnal mind, with all of its stored-up error, pent-up pride, and resistance to the unfoldment of divine Truth. And here we speak of the human mentality devoid of Higher Consciousness that is always enmity against God and his Self-knowledge (23) precisely because it has no Christ Self-awareness.

"For when that Truth shall fully appear to the soul, the soul shall be set free from the domination of the carnal mind - and that mind, having no more reason for being, displaced by the Mind of God which was in Christ Jesus, (24) ceases to be! For it simply cannot be where Christ is - and is the Christ/Truth in you. God's Truth is the still small Voice of His Conscience (Voicing the Science of Being) within you. When you still the turmoil of the 'outer mind' in your world, that Voice, more powerful still, will be heard in all of Its Tones of Wondrous Clarity and its mighty Winged Messages of Love.

"It is this Love of your Holy Christ Self that will exalt you into the fullness of the Divine Understanding about yourself. It is this Love whose Pinions will carry you into the Rarefied Atmosphere of the Kingdom of Heaven, (25) and it is this Love which must express through you its tangible Messages of Hope to all God's children, remaining unqualified by human thought and feeling.

"So long as you allow the ups and downs of tyrannical human thoughts and feelings to take their toll, you will remain bound by the race thoughts (mortal laws) of disease, old age, decay, death - not to mention the fascination and gripping entrapment that will bind you to the maya of endless psychic thralldom. The tools employed in the building of faith are as essential as the tool of faith itself. Wise men, handling the building blocks of form, perceive the need for the rule, the compass, and the square. Are tools of mind and heart of less import or reality? I tell you nay.

"It is, therefore, essential that those who are agnostics or atheistically inclined be taught the facts concerning the True Self as one would teach these Truths to the little children. We recognize the difficulty in this approach. Nevertheless, we admonish you to press on. Do not prejudge your hearer's capacity to comprehend Truth, neither underestimate the Power of Truth to communicate Itself through you by the Holy Spirit.

"To men and women who have woven the strands of communion between worlds it is unthinkable to deny Our Presence. Thus, it is sometimes exceedingly difficult for a spiritual teacher who has contacted the Christ-Radiance to realize that there are men and women yet sitting in the shadow of unbelief.

"It is essential that a reasonable compassion for such as these be developed, lest in the ivory-towered state there remain no Christ-charity in the heart with which to reach these individuals who may desperately desire help to cross the abyss of their unbelief. Remember the cry of my own, 'Lord, I believe, help thou mine unbelief!' (26) and give all the benefit of your faith, as I did, to the temporarily doubtful state of consciousness of the disciple who will later accomplish great works by a faith in my True Self and his - a faith which he will make his own.

"We do not propose that you involve yourselves, simply on the basis of human sympathy, with unbelievers in the Reality of the Divine Self; but we do advocate a compassionate understanding of their plight and a willingness, for your own good as well as theirs, to supply a brother's need of faith, that he may take the leap of faith and be where I AM in thee - and thou in Me. (27) Beloved, you are wayshowers even as I AM; therefore, in drawing men unto the Father, you yourself must first draw very close to the Father. In approaching the Godhead, men must understand that they are not playing a losing game, but that they are winning their own Victory.

"There is a tendency on the part of the students to believe too much in the reality of the senses and all that they perceive without paying allegiance to the powers of spiritual sensing which belong to the eyes of the soul. To screen out the nebulous (mistlike, hence mystifying) and vicious thoughts of the serpent mind, to screen out the psychic (astral, mayic) accumulations, which like a kaleidoscopic cinema divert the consciousness from the Symmetry of the Kingdom of God - is a necessity. In approaching the Spiritual Mount, the Cosmic Olympus, men must not seek a God made in their image but rather conform themselves to God's Image.

"The qualities of mortals are all too frequently imputed to the Immortals. It seems difficult for men to perceive that the Ascended Masters are completely free of any imperfect thoughts and feelings, having Ascended into the Perfection of the Octaves of Universal Christ Consciousness.

"In teaching people the Realities of Heaven, let the waves of aspiration from your heart be tethered to the Stability of Cosmic Law. For your soul wed to Christ possesses the capability of rising through the mirage of human thought and emotion, through the psychic strata (the murky astral plane), up to the Plane of God consciousness where all are held in the Divine Image.

"My statements 'I AM the Door...' and 'I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life: no man cometh unto the Father but by Me' imply that man cannot expect to know or reach God through the senses but through attunement with the Christ Consciousness, the veritable Image of God, the Sun of the I AM in every man. By relinquishing sense consciousness and becoming as a little child, 'born again,' man begins to weave strands of Divine Sensing whereby the Infinite is brought down into the chalice of present reality. To attain a Knowledge of God requires the faith that He IS. The faith that right where you are He can declare I AM WHO I AM and unveil to you, as to Moses, the Mystery of Being.

"To attain a Knowledge of God demands a willingness to try to sense beyond appearances that Light which is 'the true Light which lighteth every man that cometh into the world,' though unfortunately to many it is the Light which 'shineth in darkness, and the darkness [of material sense] comprehendeth It not.' (28) Faith is the greatest Spiritual Catalyst to transport the soul into the Realities of the Octaves of God's Consciousness. Quite naturally men will pledge their faith to that with which their reasoning faculties concur; therefore, it is the Science of Being which must be communicated to the nonbeliever. Why not begin with the Chart of the Presence as a graphic presentation of the True Self and the True Knowledge thereof which is actually transmitted to the soul by eye contact, quickening the inner memory and scientific knowledge of the blessed tie to God.

"Grounding your hearers on the Rock of the I AM Law of Being, point out the shifting sands of sudden change present in matter. This will communicate to them the Truth that materiality lacks the stability and permanence of the Divine because its basis lies in imperfection and the limitations of the senses. Teach them that change, Alchemical Change, in its Spiritual Context, can be continuous and self-transforming through the Creative Processes of the Law of Love. This daily putting on of Our Garments of the LORD's Consciousness of your unfolding Divinity results in the Constancy of Newness of Life founded on the Rock of Universal Perfection.

"Your beloved Saint Germain in His teaching of the I AM Law has for years communicated the Divine Stability to you, charging into your worlds the Flame of Freedom from His own Heart. Cosmic Freedom is imbued with Cosmic Stability - with Power, with Graciousness, with Creativity, and with the Divine Expression. It is a tangible Flame all about you which can be contacted to elevate you to Our Standard of Perfection and Beauty.

"This do and teach, remembering always My Words, 'Lo, I AM with you alway,' even in the very Heart of your Being!

"In the Love of Light,
I remain with deepest Love,

Beloved Jesus
through the Messenger, Mark Lyle Prophet,   November 8, 1963, U.S.A.   (5)

" . . . I say to all people of America and the Earth: "You who have said you love Me so greatly, must remember that you cannot have Me without Saint Germain and all the other Ascended Masters. They are ONE in Life's Great Eternal Perfection. They have gained Their Victory, as you are now endeavoring to do. Through Self-conscious application in calling Their own God Power, the "Mighty I AM Presence," the Light of the World, into action They have won Their Victory. They have dissolved and consumed all discord which has been created in each one's mind, body and world, or generated through the lack of understanding. They have replaced it by the Power, the Purity, the Perfection of the Presence of Life'. . . . "

Beloved Jesus
through the Messenger, Guy Warren Ballard,   1939 U.S.A. (31)

Jesus by Heinrich Hofmann
by Heinrich Hofmann

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