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"Lakshmi I AM. Lakshmi I AM! Oh yes, beloved, I come to mediate. I come representing Vishnu, Lord Krishna. I AM the Representative of the Ones who are the Shining Sons of all of cosmos and the One who is the Son, Lord Vishnu, in so many manifestations.

"Right within you now is Vishnu in the person of your Holy Christ Self. You are familiar with the term Christ Self. How does it feel to say, 'My beloved Vishnu, descend into my temple now!'

"Blessed ones, it feels good, does it not? ['Yes!']

"So understand that We go before Our Consorts. As you receive us, so you receive them. They enter because We have first entered. Thus, the Divine Mother is always the [one] closest to her children.

"And so in this hour, let the egos fall! And let the fallen ones who have fallen by the ego fall! Let them fall under the line of Helios and Vesta and the great Cosmic Hierarchy of Aries. This is the hour of the judgment. So let them be judged!

"So let there come the dawn of a new day of a people who have the inner strength because they have self-emptied themselves of that ego and the Divine is indwelling. No need to prance about and strut the ego when the whole of the Divine Ego lives within you!

"It is such an awesome experience that it makes you be quiet and sense a hush all about you that God walks where you walk, that God is in your temple, that Vishnu is firmly centered on the throne in the secret chamber of your heart. Understand, beloved, that when you know that God is in you, when you know that you are that God-manifestation and that he who is one with God is God, you have no need to sing your praises or to make certain that someone is aware of your talents and abilities.

"Beloved ones, be in awe of the indwelling Presence of God. Go often to the altar of the inner Light and thank your God and your Great Guru, Sanat Kumara, who has saved you for this hour.

"Yes, I plead with you to also be the Saviouress and the consort of the Saviouress. I plead with you, beloved, for there will be no new day and no golden age if there is not a passing of the mighty torch of the ancient ones of thousands of years and tens of thousands of years and of past golden ages and histories of a planet unchronicled [in this era].

"The torch must be passed and it is not being passed. Look at the true gap between generations - [the gap between] the knowledge that you have had and the knowledge that your children and children's children do not have, [the gap between] what you were taught and what they have not been taught. It is frightening to you and it is frightening to us.

"You must close this gap. You must transfer to those generations coming after you what they have missed in the schools. You must turn off the television set, as Sarasvati has said. Throw it out the window! Get rid of it! And commune with the Child of your child - commune with the inner person! Otherwise you will find your children growing up as lonely ones, as ones who seek the company not of Lightbearers but of the role models they have seen on the television, yes, beloved, the antiheroes and heroines.

"Blessed hearts, there is no place for you to be except with the little children for a portion of your life. And extend that! Be not content just to be near those in the circle of your family. Extend your love! Open your home! Teach the children! Welcome them in! Feed them what their souls need and what their bodies need. Give them love, not a mechanical TV set and mechanical people and mechanical gods and scripts written for their minds and advertising for their [desire bodies].

"Yes, you have heard it before, but you have not heard it from Lakshmi! And I tell you, beloved, this is an hour to make the difference, to turn the world around or to lose the children of the Light and all children of planet earth. I say this as a most urgent message of this Fourth of July conference here in the [dwelling] place of the beloved Gautama Buddha.

"Yes, beloved, We are Mothers and Fathers all. Now let us not go back to the former level of neglect and of not tuning in to what is the need of the hour.

"I AM Lakshmi. Remember Me in the morning and remember Me in the night. Remember Me when you take your soul journeys, and invoke us, [Vishnu and Me,] as you take your leave of your body at night to go and serve those individuals who need your care. . . . "

Beloved Lakshmi
through the Messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet,   July 2, 1992,   Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana, U.S.A.   (2)

ascended master


Lakshmi is also known as Laxmi, Laksmi, Goddess of Wealth, Goddess of Good Fortune, Goddess of Abundance


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