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Sanat Kumara

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Service to God in Life

  • Also known as:
    • The Ancient of Days
    • Regent Lord of the World
    • Karttikeya
    • Skanda
    • Kumara
    • Hierarch of Venus
    • Ahura Mazda
    • One of the Seven Holy Kumaras, Who have over millions of years given much of Their Light, Love, and Life to assist in the forward evolution of Earth into Freedom's Star! Their Flames are intricately woven, at every level, into the very structure of our being.

  • Twin Flame / Divine Complement / Twin Ray:

  • First Public Dictation / Discourse:
    • July 1, 1937   Los Angeles, California U.S.A. (2)

  • Divine Quality
    • Love

  • Divine Ray & Sacred Fire
    • Pink
    • Ruby

  • Office in Hierarchy
    • Regent Lord of the World

  • Angels
    • Angels of Love
    • Angels of the Ruby Ray

  • Retreat
    • Shamballa, in the etheric realm over the Gobi Desert (formerly the Gobi Sea) (4)
    • Palace of Light, in one of the sub-planes of the "physical" octave of the planet Venus (4)

  • Music Keynote
    • Finlandia by Jean Sibelius

Sanat Kumara
Sanat Kumara portrait by Ruth Hawkins © 1985 Summit University Press (click here to order)

"The Way of Love"

" . . . Oh if you could but project in your consciousness to the day of your Ascension. Consider what that will be like for you to no longer have any struggle in the outer extremities, warring against the disciplines that you command. When all that you are is under the canopy of the Love of your God Presence, all that you will accomplish is by that Love and all that you desire to draw into you will be by that Love.

"Think what your life would be like even this very day if you had mastered the way of Love, if you had learned how that Love demands that it be the one to command your affairs, and how it is that Love that is commanded and draws forth all of the necessities of life that you desire and that you require for any purpose. Then the to and fro action of the igniting of each erg of energy of Love - moving, shaping, coalescing, fashioning, forming - allows for the build up in your world of the acceleration you require for your Ascension. And it is all swirling about the White Fire Core of your Being and you are in your right place and you have understood finally what We have taught.

"Establishing the Brotherhood of Light long ago for the Earth was an act whereby I called forth those who would respond to assist the Sons and Daughters of God in holding to these Patterns of God Identity so that they would know the difference between God and their own human foibles. That line of demarcation would be clear, no longer confusing or confounding. If you have found yourself at that place even in this lifetime, I tell you - call to the Brotherhood of Light, for their job is to assist you in parting those seas of unreality in your life to flow out and be no more, and to allow the Fountain of Light - that you are - to unfurl and take its rightful dominion, bringing about clarity of consciousness, the keen vision and the understanding of how, when you are within the Will of God, the Love of God is there, the Love of God is flowing, the Love of God is taking dominion in your life and the Love of God is blessing all mankind and moving out across the land. And you are a part of that activity and it is very good. And you can no longer deny the Presence of God in your life moving, shaping, forming every aspect and drawing you into a greater use.

"For yes Blessed Hearts, these outer vehicles were designed for your Presence to use, not to abuse like many have experienced their outer vehicles abused by their human creation, their human ego. No Blessed Hearts, but to be used, to be played upon, not unlike you have already heard from the Maha Chohan this very day. But let that playing be done by the fingers of God Love, exercising God Wisdom. And in that direction of the Will of God, let the White Fire of the Core of one’s own Divinity shine forth and be the Magnet for the Essence of God Love all about you. . . . "

Beloved Sanat Kumara
through the Anointed Representative®, Carolyn Louise Shearer,   October 10, 2010,   Tucson, Arizona U.S.A. (7)

Sanat Kumara and Venus at Shamballa
Sanat Kumara and Venus Address the Assembly
Copyright © Marius Michael-George / Contact:

"The Beauty of Life is in you, in your very Being, in your very Heart!"

" . . . Some of you remember life on Venus, for you were there – the pastel hues, the frolicking with Angels and elemental life, the freeness, the buoyancy, the feeling of such close communion with the Holy Spirit, the great master artists who portray Cosmic Beings, Central Sun Messengers in sculpture, in works of art, in the coin of the realm. Do not be surprised if the probes of Venus do not discover life there, for Our lifewaves are evolving at a different wave length than your own. Yet nevertheless, they are real, they are tangible, and they are fulfilling the Divine Destiny of God in man.

"O Gautama Buddha standing now in the Heart of the Flame at Shamballa, send forth the Arc of Our Love and let It traverse the earth! Let It pass through the center of the earth; and let this Light coalesce as a Mighty Chain of Fiery Love that shall bind mankind not to hatred, not to fear, but to Divine Love in all. The Beauty of Life is in you, in your very being, in your very heart. The Beauty of Cosmos is the beatification of the Solar Radiance, showing in form the light hues, the differentials, the geometry of Our God that is a Consuming Fire (1) and yet makes Himself known to man in many forms, in many ways, yet all coming forth from the same Flame.

"Hierarchy does not predict cataclysm. Hierarchy is not filled with dire predictions. Hierarchy will not set forth the matrix of imperfection before you this night. On the contrary, Hierarchy will paint before you the image of the Golden Age civilization that is to be. And the panorama of what can manifest upon earth as it is on Venus is now being played before you and being impressed upon your etheric bodies afresh, and your souls rejoice to see that which they have known for aeons.

"Life on earth can be a paradise, and in a very short time. The task is only a struggle to mankind's consciousness. It is not a struggle to the Elohim, to the Archangels, to the Chohans. They but wait the word–the command from you to rectify all wrong, to set the earth aright, to sound forth the glorious song of the new day, the new Light, the new manifestation.

"There are comparatively few upon earth who deny in toto the Allness of God. And yet how vast are the numbers who believe in God but do nothing about it, but wait for Him to move, but wait for the Christ to appear. They have not learned the lessons of creating with God, of being ordained as co-creators.

"As you gaze at the panorama of Life as it was in previous Golden Ages and of life as it can be again, I would point out especially those institutions of learning that are for the tutoring of the soul in the Divine Matrix, in the Divine Education. In these institutions as they now exist on other planets, students enter chambers that are much like the soundproof recording rooms and listening rooms that you have on earth. In these chambers are sensitive instruments which measure the vibratory pattern, the aura, the frequency of the brain; and by these measurements the student tunes in to the exact wavelength of light that he is required to absorb and outpicture in order to master certain lessons of cosmic science, the art of language, angel tongues, the magnetism of the Central Sun, the mastery of energy forcefields in past lives.

"And so you would say that the student's consciousness is brought into attunement with the lesson of the day. He is shown whether or not he is ready to pursue; and if not, then he retires to make personal application, to perform certain meditations. And when he has the required forcefield, then the Cosmic Master, who may be on an entirely different system of worlds, focuses his consciousness as a beam in what you would say would be a mirrorlike frame, and the disciple sits face to face with the Cosmic Master who is his teacher for that lesson, for that hour.

"Thus there are students on many planets in many galaxies who are corresponding, you might say, with Masters, intelligences, that are at great distances from their own homes. And no one even gives a second thought that this perhaps is a great feat or a miracle of science; it is an everyday experience. For these students understand that in the Oneness of Life there is no time and space, no separation; and therefore by thought they can be One with the Master under whom they are studying to precipitate some great glory for the manifestation of the lifewaves of their planetary body.

"Knowing this and knowing that this opportunity is phenomenal and would be an outstanding revelation to your scientists and to you gathered here, I have often said to myself – and this has been repeated by members of Our Hierarchy of Venus – how tragic that for want of the last surrender of self, for want of the death of the ego, mankind must live in such a primitive society, in such a primitive civilization – all the while thinking that they are so highly advanced and highly learned, when actually they have not yet even mastered the art of drawing forth from their Causal Bodies that which they have achieved in previous lives. And therefore when they begin in school again in a new embodiment, they know nothing; they have nothing to show for centuries of having studied in earth's schoolrooms except that which, through kind teachers and wise Masters, they are able to bring forth from inner planes and inner levels as they study.

"And so, precious hearts, it would be well for you to count the cost of your own self-deprivation by your own self-indulgence. When you consider the great Opportunities that are at hand for such a pittance of your energy, for the understanding of the Law and its practice, why – what do you think? – that by the application of Alchemy you can arrive at the close of this embodiment to be received as candidates for the Ascension! Think how a little bit of Light, a little bit of Fire, can work such Miracles as to advance an entire planetary body into the position of ascending in unison into the very Heart of the God Chakra! . . . "

Beloved Sanat Kumara
through the Messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet,   July 4, 1973   Land of Lanello, near Colorado Springs, Colorado U.S.A. (6)

Copyright © Marius Michael-George / Contact:

"After so many centuries, beloved Children of the Light, it is wonderful to find so many ready and willing to put forth every effort from within their own consciousness and feeling world, for their Freedom and Attainment.

"Mankind is at last awakening into its Eternal Dominion. You cannot yet comprehend what your efforts mean to yourselves, to mankind and to your beloved America! Why do you suppose the Understanding and Explanation of the Threefold Flame, the Unfed Flame, has been brought to your attention? Because of the Tremendous Activity required for the earth today. You, beloved ones, are not only calling for your own Freedom and that of America, but you are rendering a service to the earth, which I have required for more than two million years. It has always required the Assistance of the Cosmic Light, to produce a Definite Permanent Activity for the earth; and necessarily it must come through mankind, whose forms are the projection of the Mighty Presence of God Individualized, whom you have come to know as your Mighty I AM Presence! . . . "

" . . . You who have the Understanding of your Mighty I AM Presence and Its Application, are dauntless before the face of men. You are not at the mercy of any condition that exists upon earth, individually, through conditions or in appearance. Will you not remember that, and in everything that shows an appearance less than Perfection, remember that your call to the Presence is Master of that condition, so far as your individual world is concerned? This is your Authority! If you will not use It, then you must not blame any one, but yourself, if you continue in your limitations. Such conditions are not yours any longer! Even though you have been the creator of the conditions of limitations which you experience, still do I say to you tonight, you are no longer subject to them!

"Think of it! You today in physical form, are having the Authority to wield a Power that only a hundred years ago, required years of training under an Ascended Master. Today, you have had more than two and a half years training under One of the Ascended Masters, who knows perhaps more than any other Ascended Master, the requirements of the children of earth! He has, in His Infinite Patience, given forth This Understanding to those, who care to accept the Glory of an Understanding that is the Eternal Freedom, of every one of mankind who will apply It.

"I plead with you tonight, do not ever look for anything greater! There is no such thing in the entire Earth, that is greater than This Information and Instruction which Saint Germain has given you. Do not any one be foolish enough, to expect to find It anywhere else.

"If I were to stand you, tonight, before a Great Cosmic Mirror and show you the difference in your physical bodies today, than six months ago, you would never forget it through Eternity. I shall remind you, again tonight, that the Greatest Powers in the Universe are invisible. Because you do not yet see the outer manifestation of the Fullness of the Perfection which you have been calling forth, should be no reason in the world, for any one to question Its Manifestation.

"I assure you that there is not one person here, in America or in the world, who is sincere and who actually feels that the Presence is above and that It feeds Life into that one, who cannot quickly free himself or herself. . . . "

Beloved Sanat Kumara
through the Messenger, Guy Ballard,   July 1, 1937   Los Angeles, California U.S.A. (5)

The Legend of the Ancient of Days
by Therese Emmanuel Grey

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  8. The Ascended Masters in Their Addresses through The "I AM" Activity assigned the date that Sanat Kumara came from Venus as being 4,500,000 years ago, not 18,500,000 years ago like orthodox Theosophy and Alice A. Bailey, or 16,500,000 years ago like the Theosophist A.E. Powell.

Finlandia         "Finlandia" by Jean Sibelius

Great Central Sun Angels

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