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Snow King

          Snow Queen and Snow King          

Service to God in Life

  • Twin Flame / Divine Complement / Twin Ray:

  • First Public Dictation / Discourse:
    • December 20, 2009,   Tucson, Arizona U.S.A. (4)

  • Office in Hierarchy
    • When called upon by a Son or Daughter of God, Beloved Snow Queen and Snow King will cleanse the consciousness so that entree into the Higher Realms is possible (after your "garments" or lower bodies are cleansed) (1)
    • Magnifying the Magical Miracle Light and Consciousness of Purity to the people of our Earth. (1)

The Snow King is a Cosmic Being with a great Magical Miracle Light and Consciousness of Purity. Beloved Snow King and Snow Queen held the balance for a Golden Age Civilization on the Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago. They did this by focusing the Purity of the Light of the God Presence for the people embodied at that time. Along with His Divine Complement, the beloved Snow Queen, He has served the inhabitants of another System of Worlds for quite some time, and periodically came back to our Earth for short periods. He and beloved Snow Queen had tried to see whether sufficient appreciation for Divine Purity has been reached by enough of the people.

Beloved Snow Queen announced in Her Dictation on January 11, 2004 that Both of Them will be now be engaged in a greater Service to Earth, where it is time for Them to be more present. They have now offered to assist us in bringing in a new Golden Age! Hold fast to the Light of Purity in mind, Heart and body, and call upon these Beings of Purity to cleanse your consciousness so you may receive entree into Higher Realms! (1)


Snow King

" . . . Oh Blessed Ones, the God Quality most important for you to have in the forefront of your consciousness is the desire for God. �For when that is present all other qualities may come forth. �You will learn the patience required to wait upon the Lord. �You will have the desire to put away the childish things so that your Heart will sing in the rapture and bliss of your own Christhood. �And you, Oh Blessed One, will entreat your own God Presence to use your vehicles of consciousness so that you might be more of that Presence of God everyday. �And is this not what many have secretly desired in their heart for many ages? �But alas have not always understood with Wisdom what they must accomplish and what they must put away. �

"Oh Blessed Ones, to have the fullness of the Light of God streaming forth from your countenance is a wonder to behold. �We see this in the Realm of your own God Presence for it is always shining. �It is always raying forth the Fingers of Light being about the desire of the Heart of the Presence to fashion, form, protect, create. �But alas the Presence desiring to create more of the Nature of God elected to come into incarnation, elected to put on these bodies such as you wear even now. �To go through the trials and initiations of life--learning, being tested, galvanizing more of their own heart�s desire into momentums of Life. �Oh how glorious it is to see a Son and Daughter of God fulfilling the Divine Nature of their Christhood, even in the smallest of details of life, where Kindness, Love and Compassion, Generosity of Spirit and the Love of the Heart imbue every vestige of their life. �They are known far and wide for these kindnesses. �Many of which know not what is behind that example being set for them. �Perhaps they think, surely they were born into some privilege. �Surely it was bestowed upon them by the Heavenly Hosts. �But you know how it comes to be. �For you have understood intimately how this journey of the Godhead Charioteer takes place. �For you there is no longer wonder, for you understand how you must call forth the Light of God and in the process make room for that Light to establish a momentum that will set the Threefold Flame of the Heart spinning faster and faster until there is only the Radiance of the White Flame of Purity thrown into all directions about you under the design of the Mind of God establishing currents that will go far and wide to assist God in Life, to turn the tide of the desecrations that are practiced against God and the Holy and Children of the Light. . . . "

Beloved Ascended Master Snow King
through the Anointed Representative®, Carolyn Louise Shearer,   December 20, 2009,   Tucson, Arizona U.S.A. (4)

" . . . And may I introduce the Twin Flames, the mighty Snow King and the Snow Queen, whose Light has graced in ancient time the land known as Greenland, beloved ones. And thus they ruled there in an era when all was tropical and beautiful, and therefore the name remained.

Beloved hearts, dwelling in the White Fire Core of the holy purpose of this ancient civilization, these Twin Flames release in this hour the Light of a Cosmic Snow which comes upon earth as a Cloud of Infinite Energy such as you call forth according to the Alchemy and Ritual of Saint Germain.

"Therefore, beloved, know that this Light of Cosmic Snow has the same absorptive quality of the Cloud of Infinite Energy. It comes to earth, then, in a release of Light, clearing the debris for the descent further and further into the physical octave of the etheric body of Light, the swaddling garment given to Earth thirteen months ago.

"Blessed ones, this Cosmic Snow is to absorb ten thousand times the weight of each particle in human creation and substance of the astral plane. Such is the quality of this Light."

Beloved Sanat Kumara
through the Messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet,   January 26, 1986 Royal Teton Ranch, Montana U.S.A.   (2)

" . . . And thus, you see how the brothers of our band are very short on prophecy in either direction, but choose rather to warn of the possibility of consequences if individuals do persist in the path of unreality, in multiplying maya, or in whiling away the hours when they could be forging a new civilization and castles of Light for the descent, perhaps, of the Snow King and Queen.

"For these Twin Flames once ruled an ancient civilization, tropical in nature, that was where Greenland is today and covered a good part of the North Pole. Blessed ones, when the ages changed and the inversions took place, thus they were remembered for the end of Their period as the Snow King and the Snow Queen.

"Thus you understand how the White-Fire Light may also descend, and that which was once green and lush and beautiful as a Garden of Eden, even as a Lemurian Paradise, might be covered over with a White-Fire/blue-fire energy of the sun. And thus, the age of snow comes as a purification of the etheric plane, purifying even the physical body and preparing once again for a new order.

"Thus, all things in their cycles have a cosmic purpose. And that which was once snow may blossom again and become the pink and the gold and the violet hues and the azure blue and the light of many worlds twinkling, sparkling in tropical waters that show all manner of opportunity of life-forms moving toward the sun."

Beloved Gautama Buddha
through the Messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet,   April 4, 1983, Camelot, Malibu, California U.S.A.   (3)

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