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The Violet Transmuting Flame

Violet Flame

by Tellis Papastavro

The conscious Ascension into the Light is the ultimate goal of every human being, and that, for this achievement, mastery and sublimation of all the energies that have been drawn forth by the individual, in both the past and the present, is an indispensable requirement. To accomplish this in the past, for the average individual, was so beset with difficulties that scarcely one member of the entire human race, in each year could possibly have achieved it.

The advent of the Seventh Ray, with its many dispensations granted to its Chohan, Saint Germain, by the Cosmic Law, has quite changed this condition and today, through the use of the merciful activities of the Violet Transmuting Flame, literally thousands of Ascensions are taking place each year. It is true that many of them are consummated in the inner Spheres, after the individual's demise but this does not alter the fact that the errors that held the individual in thralldom and in constant re-embodiment, have been transmuted into the Light. (1)

Until a short time ago, the knowledge of the Sacred Fire was known and taught only in the Retreats of the Ascended Masters throughout the world, but because of the shortness of time in which certain things must be accomplished, it has been brought into the outer world where anyone can know of it, use it, and experience the Freedom which it brings.

The year 1954 was the beginning of the Era of Freedom for the Earth! It was a time in the history of the Planet in which Freedom is to take the eternal Dominion here. This means that the energy enfolding mankind and in the atmosphere, which has been charged with impurity, discord and viciousness, will be transmuted by this Violet Fire and when this is done, man will be free again to receive directions from his God Presence and the Ascended Host of Light and start going faster to his ultimate Goal - the Ascension.

Primarily, the Violet Transmuting Flame, though as a unit, may and does act independently, yet it is a part and parcel of the Cosmic Sacred Fire which is God's Pure Energy. (2) To manifest itself, should be invoked through a "Decree", from one's own Christ Self or through any Member of the Spiritual Hierarchy or Cosmic Being that has particularly dedicated Himself or Herself to this special service. Usually These Beings belong to the Seventh Ray.

Being of Divine Origin, this Flame is a Fourth Dimension Activity; it is omnipresent and is found everywhere in the Universe.

When it is called into action by Invocation (3) and starts manifesting itself, it accelerates the vibratory action of the electrons which make up the atoms which compose the four lower vehicles of the individual. As this acceleration takes place, the cells and atoms automatically throw off the effluvia consciously or unconsciously gathered through the ages. As they dislodge themselves, fall into the Sacred Fire, where, purified, are returned to the individual with the required specific God quality. The time required for the transmutation depends upon the amount of the effluvia, the faith with which the effort is done and the perseverance of the individual.

But for the accomplishment of this, it is more than necessary that the feeling and mental world of the individual should fully cooperate in the performance. This performance is one of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness, and the Violet Fire dissolves imperfect energy, when it is accompanied with the actual feeling of Forgiveness for your own mistakes and those of others. When we do not forgive, we should not ask or expect to be forgiven. Forgiveness is the great alchemy through which we can draw the Blessing, of the Sacred Fire, not only on us but on all mankind. The "I AM" Presence of every individual, even the most depraved, desires Perfection for that individual and when you call to the "I AM" Presence "of all mankind" and ask the Violet Flame to blaze through them and forgive their mistakes, it enables that "I AM" Presence to go into action, when perhaps it has been many centuries since it has been called upon and thus given permission to assist that lifestream.

Thus we can see that for the service and benefits of the Sacred Fire, we must give and forgive; we must harmonize our world and our acts to conform to the Laws of God.

The activity, use and substance of the Sacred Fire was brought to this world of form by Beloved Elohim Arcturus and His Twin Ray Diana, Who drew it from the Sun of this System, in the very beginning of the Creation of the Earth, making it available for use by Beings serving this Planet and its evolution. This is done through a process of "stepping down" Its vibratory action and power, so it can be available where it would be consciously called forth.

The Cosmic Beings, under Whose immediate direction the Violet Ray and Flame come, in order of importance are: The Elohim of the Seventh Ray Arcturus with His Divine Complement Diana; the Archangel of the Seventh Ray Zadkiel with His Divine Complement Amethyst, and Saint Germain, Chohan of the Seventh Ray, with His Twin Ray Portia, Goddess of Justice, Opportunity and Service. Each One of them represent one of the three evolutions of Earth: Arcturus, the Elementals; Zadkiel the Angelic; Saint Germain, the Human. They are assisted by others who belong to the Seventh Ray and who, having dedicated their energies to the assisting of evolving humanity, have forsaken "Nirvana". One of Those Glorious Beings is the Goddess of Mercy and Forgiveness, Kuan Yin, Whose evolution, long, long ago has transcended Her service of this Planet, but refused the Higher Spheres so that She may help struggling humanity.

The best means to attract the beneficent activity of the Sacred Fire is through the use of "Decrees" and "Invocations". (4)

Through their constant use and their power, the individual is enabled to magnetize more Light and thus expand his influence and his usefulness. When this is done collectively, it creates a "pull" of God Beings who, for the lack of this "pull" have not been able to serve humanity. "Even Alpha and Omega", said Saint Germain,("Bridge", July, 1955, p. 11), "Themselves - will not deny the magnetic pull of your Heart. Remember, the Sun Itself - Helios and Vesta - any Cosmic Being, any Angel, Deva or Power of Light, must respond to the magnetic pull of your Heart in Invocation.

The immediate effect of Invocation, when directed to an Ascended or Cosmic Being, comes through Radiation. The Power of Radiation is the thing that does the mighty work in the decrees that go forth; it is the power of Radiation in the mental and feeling world of mankind which touches the Light within the Heart. Through that mighty vibratory action, the whole attunement of the individual is set anew and enables the perfect work to go on. This activity is an activity of the Fourth Dimension (Higher Octaves - ARC editor) and, by necessity, difficult to set it in words and more difficult to understand it, unless one has personal experience of it.

In the following, the Cosmic Being, Lady Master Mercedes, Sister of Goddess Kuan Yin, Who long ago had evolved beyond the confines of this Planet and ascended to "The Heart of the Silence", coming back to the Earth, to assist in the present Planetary crisis, gives us the following detailed teaching in regard to the Violet Transmuting Flame.

1. "Beloved Mercedes, what is the Violet Transmuting Flame?"

"It is the Sacred Fire which is God's Pure Energy qualified by Divine Beings to purify all discordant energy."

2. "How can unascended beings avail themselves of this merciful blessing?"

"By the Invocation of the Divine Beings Who have dedicated Themselves to this Service."

3. "Who are these Divine Beings?"

"Those Who serve on the Seventh Ray - Arcturus and Victoria, Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst, Ascended Master Saint Germain and Portia, Kuan Yin and Myself, and the Ascended, Seraphic, Cherubic and Angelic Legions Who serve with Us. My Beloved Sister, Kwan Yin, and All of Us have taken a voluntary vow to Helios and Vesta that We would never enter Nirvana until the Earth and all her evolutions are completely free of distress."

4. "How can These Divine Beings be invoked?"

"By thinking about Us and being able to accept Our Reality and Capacity to render this service; by requesting Us to give the required Assistance. This will be easier of accomplishment for those who have served with Us through the ages as this strikes a respondent chord in their feelings."

5. "Where is this Violet Transmuting Flame?"

"It is a Fourth Dimensional Activity which is Omnipresent, Actively Directed by the Divine Being when invoked by the individual requiring Assistance for himself or others."

6. "What happens when this Violet Transmuting Flame is called into Action?"

7. "Where does this imperfection go?"

"Into the Sacred Fire which purifies it and returns it to the individual with the required specific God Quality."

8. "How long does it take for this Transmutation?"

"It is dependent entirely upon the amount of the effluvia, the acceptance of faith, and the perseverance of the individual."

9. "What is required to sustain this state of purification?"

"Rhythmic use of this Blessed Purifying Agent until Perfection is manifested and sustained."

10. "Can this be used for those not in embodiment?"

"Yes, until an individual has made the Ascension. Through the use of free will, more imperfection can be created. Eternal vigilance over the creative faculties (of thought and feeling) will result in God Victorious Achievement!"

11. "Why do the Divine Beings serve on the Seventh Ray?"

"The Seventh Ray is particularly active under the two thousand year cycle of the Ascended Master Saint Germain begun in 1954. Will you My chelas, join with Us in this glorious redemptive process? Many of Us have come out of The Great Silence for this specific purpose. . . . " (7)

During the Atlantean days, the Violet Flame of Transmutation had been much magnetized and used, and there had been built magnificent Temples for Its Invocation and Radiation. But it was in Lemuria where the Flames of the Sacred Fire had reached their zenith and power and this because human deterioration had not yet started. In the following, we give excerpts of an address given by the Maha Chohan to the students at His Retreat at Ceylon.

" . . . You have heard something about the beautiful Temples of Light which have been active on this Planet in the past. Of course, there were Foci of the Flames of the Sacred Fire upon the continent of Lemuria where the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Hosts walked and talked freely with the priesthood there. This priesthood was made up of men and women who were highly spiritually evolved and who were able, through their developed powers of the Sacred Fire which was anchored within their own hearts, to magnetize from the Ascended Masters' Realm certain God Gifts for the Blessing of the entire race. This magnetized Radiation of perfection kept the Earth's atmosphere filled with the Faith of the First Ray, the Illumination of the Second, the Love of the Third, the Purity of the Fourth, the Consecration to service and the power to Concentrate of the Fifth, the Peace and the desire to Minister to Mankind of the Sixth, and the conscious realization of the Power of Invocation and Radiation of the. Seventh Ray.

"All these God-Qualities were constantly charged into the atmosphere of our Planet and were naturally breathed in by the people. If you could have seen with the Inner Eye; each of these Temple Centers was like a beautiful Sun of Light, Its Radiation constantly releasing from It, creating a charged atmosphere about It, just as the Retreats active on the Earth today, create an atmosphere of God Perfection about them by the Radiation of their own specific God virtue. . . ." (8)

Violet Transmuting Flame

In the following, we present excerpts of two Discourses on the Violet Transmuting Flame, one given by Neptune and the other by Archangel Zadkiel. In both these discourses, practically every aspect of the Sacred Fire received due attention, plus other vital information cogent for a full understanding of this much-important subject.


" . . . Now, again I ask you to follow with Me the picture and pattern of the electrons as they exist within your emotional bodies. This picture will help you much in your visualization and in your use of the powers of the Sacred Fire to dislodge from around the electrons the discordant substance which you have drawn into your emotional vehicles by suction from the world without through indulgence in thoughts and feelings of an inharmonious nature.

"Every feeling you entertain draws unto itself through the centripetal force of sympathy the feelings of a like nature that float in the atmosphere and these, coupled with the discordant feelings that you generate yourselves in secret during your entire waking state, are drawn into the forcefields around the electrons that make up your bodies, resulting in the feelings of heaviness, depression and discouragement in the emotional body and your outer body as well.

"As the individual uses the Powers of the Sacred Fire, such as the Violet Transmuting Flame, or the Flame of Cosmic Christ Purity, what takes place? The 'wedges' of dark, heavy substance around the electrons are loosened and gradually thrown off. The vibratory action of the electron increases and it vibrates more rapidly in its orbit around the central core of each atom. Then, as you consciously call to the Beings Who represent the Virtues of a Perfect Ascended Master nature, asking Them to charge into the forcefields around the electrons, those Virtues - They will do it! Thus you build into your emotional body a storehouse of constructive energy which will act in the future as automatically as the destructive vibrations have acted in the past.

"Now, let us look at this from a scientific standpoint! Early in your instruction, the Beloved Saint Germain gave you a set of daily exercises which would be of tremendous assistance to you if you were to use them. Under the present pressure of daily living, this instruction seems to have receded into the background of your minds, but We present it to you here again. . . . "

" . . . The Beloved Saint Germain suggested that before retiring at night, you stand in your room and, calling the Violet Transmuting Flame into action, up, through, and around you, for at least nine feet in every direction. You raise your hands to your I AM Presence, asking It and Saint Germain to qualify those hands with the Purifying Power of the Violet Transmuting Flame. . . . "

"Then, starting at the head, pass your hands down over your body to the feet, taking in as much of the body surface as you can reach with your hands. Now, with the left hand, sweep down over the right shoulder, arm and hand, and with the right hand give the left shoulder, arm and hand the same treatment.

"Repeat this activity in its entirety about three times, shaking the hand from the wrist once in a while, by which action the substance is thrown into the surrounding Violet Fire.

"What is the purpose of this exercise and what happens when it is performed?

"Saint Germain has said that if you could see with the inner sight what takes place in the first part of the exercise, it is as though a close fitting garment of black substance were being removed from the body with the hands. The second time you go over the body, the "garment removed is of a dark gray substance; the third time, it is of a lighter gray color and so on, night after night, as you proceed with the exercise, this astral substance gets lighter and lighter in color and texture until it is entirely removed from the body and actual purification takes place.

"This is real substance, with actual color, vibration and feeling.

"Now, for a lack of a 'Cosmic Screen', let us use the upper figure of the chart (the I AM Presence Portrait - ARC editor) as a visual aid.

Larger Size

"Will you please consider this figure as a magnified electron, the beams of light pouring from it forming the forcefield of the electron. That electron may be part of any one of the four lower bodies emotional, mental, etheric or physical - each electron, of course, being composed of the natural element to which the body belongs, that is, air, earth, fire or water.

"These electronic particles have, within their center, an intelligence which is a replica of your own individualized "I AM" Presence. Countless electrons form the atmosphere of the Seven Spheres - in each one of which, these electrons ensoul the color, the quality and the nature of the Chohan, the Archangel, the Elohim and the Sphere in which They abide - so on, upward from the Seventh to the First.

"Now, the electrons which make up the atmosphere of the Seven Higher Spheres are intelligent, minute beings. They are the substance of which primal life itself is composed and actually make up the Body of the Godhead Himself. They, also, compose the substance which has been sent forth by HIM into the physical appearance world and it is from them that every manifest expression is formed.

"In each Sphere, these electrons are utilized by the Immortal Flame of God through any self-conscious being Master, Angel, or Man. When you chose individualization and your Immortal Flame descended into the Fourth Sphere where the Holy Christ Self was fashioned - elemental light (which is composed of countless of these tiny electrons) was magnetized by your own God Identity and drawn around the Flame, within your heart, by the Builders of Form.

"Because elemental life is obedient and always mirrors that which it sees, the intelligence within the electron immediately took on the pattern of your individualized thought-form (i.e., Maltese Cross, rose, star, dove, etc.) These electrons then joined together and began to move around a central core of love, forming the atoms of your physical and inner bodies. The number of electrons making up each atom was determined by the God Intelligence which created your vehicles for a specific purpose. The speed with which the electrons move in their orbits is determined by the feeling of the evolving being whose instruments these various vehicles were intended to be. Permit Me to illustrate as follows:

"The Ascended Master Body is made up of these beautiful, electronic particles - all in constant motion, moving so rapidly that they cannot be seen by the human sight. . . . "

"The feelings of perfection within the Ascended Being make and keep the vibratory action of His atoms so rapid that they only emit light, which the outer consciousness of the majority of unascended mankind can neither see nor hear because of the speed with which they move, as well as the transcendent quality of their Radiation.

"However, the Master, being in full conscious control of the rapidity of His own electrons, can slow them down at will to a point where the Master Presence may be visible and tangible to physical sight, if at any time, the necessity should arise for the investment of such a concentration of energy.

"In every sphere, these electrons have cooperated with your individualized I AM Presence in the building of your various bodies. From the Electronic Body down to your physical vehicle, pure electronic light responded to the pull of the Immortal Three-fold Flame in your heart and fashioned for you each one of the various vehicles through which you find expression: viz., the Electronic Body; the Causal Body; the Holy Christ Self; the emotional body; the mental' the etheric and the physical form. Electronic Light circling around the central core of millions of atoms make up your flesh body. Now, what has happened to these perfect vehicles which were created to allow the lifestream the privilege of cooperation with God?

"In the upper part of the chart (which we are using for illustration of a much-magnified electron) the substance of imperfection or effluvia has been wedged in between the light rays that pour forth from central core. This dark substance looks like pie-shaped "wedges" as it has been forced into those spaces through the centuries. These spaces should be filled only with Light Substance, so that the tiny electrons might be able to spin freely around their central core. When this dark substance is present, however, it slows down the vibrations of the electrons which make up the atoms of your inner bodies as well as your flesh body. "How is that done?" you ask. By the absorption of the discordant effluvia of the outside world through individuals attention upon and the acceptance of the discordant feelings released by the mass of the people whether those feelings be fear, depression, impurity, rebellion, hate; whatever they might be!

"Into these 'wedges' is drawn the dark substance (energy qualified with too low a vibration to emit light). What effect has this on the electrons as they spin around the central core of the atoms? It bogs them down. In other words, it slows down the motion of the electrons and even as the Earth groans because of the heavy weight of man's discord which It carries as It turns on Its axis, so do the electrons in their endeavor to keep circling around the central core of each atom at their natural speed carry the weight which has been absorbed by contagion - in your feelings, your mind, your etheric body and your flesh form. . . . "

"When you call to the Powers of the Sacred Fire, (or to any of the Ascended Beings connected with that activity) you would, if you had inner sight, see that Violet Fire passing through your flesh body and the etheric garment which interpenetrates it, as well as through your mental and emotional bodies. There it loosens and throws off into Itself for purification the dark substance that is responsible for the slowing down of the vibrations of these bodies. This is the action which took place in the bodies of those who were privileged to sit within the Atomic Accelerator in Saint Germain's Retreat.

"The Sacred Fire of Purification renders the same service and makes each one of your four lower bodies lighter - Why? Because as you consciously invoke that Violet Fire and see it sweep up, in, through and around that dark, heavy substance, It instantly obeys your command and that effluvia is removed from the forcefield around each electron and transmuted into Pure Light again through the action of the Sacred Fire.

"This removal of the discordant substance allows the electrons in your flesh and inner bodies to spin more rapidly, thus making these bodies more sensitive to the Presence of the Holy Christ Self within the heart.

"Buoyancy, Joy, Love, Happiness and Light are the practical, natural, and scientific results of the use of the Sacred Fire when you invoke It with Faith. If you do not feel these results, it is because you have not consciously accepted the reality of that purifying Fire or Its ability to restore the natural rhythm of your four lower bodies.

"Now - those of you who are following My words with understanding should feel a tingling sensation in the extremities of your outer bodies - in your fingers and even in your toes - because while I AM speaking to you, We are dislodging tremendous concentrates of that dark, heavy substance from each one of your lower bodies.

"The substance that I speak of looks something like the sooty deposits inside a chimney that has not been cleaned for a long time, and We are extracting that heavy substance, almost by hand, you might say; it is wedged in so tightly around the electrons. As it is removed, you will feel a great sense of relief and release, especially in your emotional bodies (the one with which I AM most concerned). However, I must warn you not to draw that substance back into your various bodies again through the affinity you have for it in your feelings, having lived with it so long. . . ."

"The feeling bodies of mankind are active twenty-four hours of the day - and being literally catapulted into the atmosphere form blankets of misqualified energy which is looking for a home and for some life to sustain it. It is a vampire activity because it can live only on the thought and feeling vibrations of some lifestream who is willing to give it a home and entertain it. . . ."

"Your feeling body was provided for you for one purpose alone: to radiate, magnify, and expand some particular virtue of the God-head, and for no other reason. . . . "

"You, who with such pride have held to the purity of your physical bodies, might well think of how loosely you have governed your inner vehicles through the ages. Those inner vehicles are as much a part of the Temple of the Most High Living God as is the flesh body, and more so, because at so-called death the substance that composes your physical body goes back to the various elements to which it belongs, while your mental, emotional and etheric bodies are the garments that your soul wears when you stand before the Karmic Board, and the records written therein will comprise your Book of Life - not the flesh. . . . " (9)

Violet Transmuting Flame

Archangel Zadkiel's Address

On the following, we give excerpts of an address given to the students by Archangel Zadkiel, on the Sacred Fire, September 28, 1957. It was presented at the Retreat of Archangel Michael, at Banff, in the Canadian Rockies.

The Activities of Violet Fire Vary in Different Spheres

". . . Now, as We have told you, all the activities of the Violet Fire are not identical in every Sphere. This has aroused a little curiosity in the minds of the 'research' members of Our Activity, so I shall endeavor to explain.

"In any Realm where no imperfection exists, the Violet Fire is utilized by Cosmic Beings, Ascended Masters and the Angelic Host, to etherealize a form which has served its purpose for being. For instance, let us take the First Sphere which is the natural habitat of the Archangel Michael, Beloved Morya and Hercules - into which ideas of the Godhead first flow. The Beings of the Blue Ray are in constant busy service there, endeavoring to utilize those ideas for the ever-expanding blessings of God to man.

"Each of these ideas has a heart-centre, which represents the magnetic power of the Immortal Three-fold Flame of Eternal Truth which abides within your physical heart and renders that service of cohesion to you.

"Later, around those ideas the Beings of the Second Ray coalesce the form thereof. These ideas are tremendous in their scope and there is no human mind which can describe them. However, if the Great Beings in the First sphere, by looking at the Cosmic Screen (not only for this Planet Earth, but for all this entire Solar System), see that those particular ideas cannot be efficaciously used at that time, what do They do? These great Beings then invoke and project the Violet Ray into that idea and, by the activity of Etherealization, They release the substance within and around that form, letting it return to the Universal from whence it came, to be used again in the future for some other purpose and form. The conservation of energy in Heaven's Realm is most magnificent indeed! Even in the Realms of Light - no Perfected Being would ever hold in form any substance--after it has served its purpose and has completed its course of manifestation.

"Etherealization through the conscious use of the Violet Fire is well known on all the Planets of this System and was used here on Earth by your own dear selves before you forgot the way back "Home". At the completion of a designated life-span, Etherealization is the way and means by which the people of Venus, through conscious endeavor, transmute into light (leaving no residue behind) the physical vehicles in which lifestreams have functioned. Conscious Etherealization can be used by any man, woman or child on this Planet Earth who will consciously, lovingly and gratefully call forth the Violet Flame, because Etherealization is one of the gifts of that beneficent Friend to life. . . .

"The Source of every Ray, Flame or Virtue is the Heart of God! The Ray strikes downward to the point where the call has gone up - where the magnetic pull of energy consciously invoked It; then beginning the return to Its Source that Ray becomes a Flame which rises upward because as has been said so often, it is the nature of the Flame always to ascend! Inasmuch as Light is Life - God's Own Life - the substance of the Ray and Flame which have come forth as the result of someone's conscious Invocation - that Light is the very Life-essence animating any Project or Activity. That is why so many good 'Movements' of a spiritual as well as of a secular nature cease to have life when the magnetizing lifestream in physical form takes his or her departure to Inner Levels in so-called 'death'. As a rule, the followers of the doctrine which that one has magnetized do not understand that the Flame must be rhythmically called forth and nourished by daily application. Otherwise, the Flame will ascend right back to the Father from Whom It came and the sustaining power of the Activity, therefore, ceases to be in this octave.

"When you want the Violet Fire of Freedom's Love, Mercy and Compassion to act in the physical appearance world, you invoke It in the Name and Authority of your own God-self - your own individualized I AM Presence. The Violet Ray and Flame have become more and more powerful as They have been called forth all through the ages - in every Sphere, by every Divine Being, as well as by the nourishment of Those Great Beings Who have served and drawn forth this Ray and Flame right here on Earth (including the Great Sanat Kumara Himself). At your call, that Ray and Flame will answer you instantly because the Immortal Three-fold Flame of Eternal Truth which lives right within your own beating heart is the Divine Magnet which the violet Flame lovingly desires to obey! Then that Ray immediately becomes a living Flame and begins the process of ascending. This again represents the dual activity of centripetal and centrifugal forces. (5)

"Now to sustain the Violet Flame in this physical appearance world, there must be self-conscious lifestreams to act as magnets for this Flame, with willing minds and hearts and an understanding of the efficacy of this application. These lifestreams should continue joyously to draw the Flame and rhythmically bathe the physical, etheric, mental and emotional vehicles of themselves and the entire race in that Violet Fire. Thus they sustain Its action here in Earth's atmosphere.

"In these days when the activities of the Seventh Ray are so much in evidence and the reign of our Beloved Saint Germain as Chohan of the Seventh Ray has already begun, you have great opportunity to call forth this Violet Fire into this physical world around persons, places, conditions and things where it is most surely needed! To have the most efficacious use of this purifying activity of the Violet Fire, I am going to try to bring to you today a realization of the importance of Rhythm in your use of it. It is better to use the Flame for shorter periods at a time and not to stay at it too long. It is much better to call it forth more often, for shorter periods at a time, in a rhythmic activity as we have suggested to you time after time. Set aside some uninterrupted time each day - if only five full minutes at a time (say three times a day - morning, noon and night) to invoke that Violet Flame - calling for It to blaze up, in, through and around you; at that time giving conscious recognition to the Great Beings Who serve it and Who have sustained It all through the ages by the gift of Their Own life. Feel Its activity in, through, and around you then expanding out into the world about you which requires it so much. If you will do this, not tiring of the exercise or considering it a chore, but with a consciousness of joyous gratitude for the use of this merciful transmuting power which is yours as a glad, free Gift of Love from "your Heavenly Father" (your own Individualized "I AM" Presence) there is no reason why this Violet Flame cannot be externalized in this physical appearance world visible and tangible to the physical sight of all that sees.

"On Atlantis, long ago, we did externalize a gigantic focus of this Violet Fire and Its radiating Flame was seen by the physical sight of all for a distance of a thousand miles in all directions! . . . But it had to be consciously called forth once every hour, during each twenty-four hour period. . . . "

"The use of the Violet Ray and Flame is so practical - but in its Invocation never allow feeling of fear, doubt and discouragement to remain in your world and to register within your etheric bodies. The moment you become tense in your application or the moment you sense within yourself a feeling of strain in applying the Law, that moment your feeling world has questioned the absolute science of the magnetization and Radiation of this Flame. If this occurs just let your application alone for a while - turn your attention to something else. Later, when you have quieted your feelings again, call upon your Ascended Master Friend of Light (whichever One or more of Us you desire) and ask that One to give you His feeling of the exact science and absolutely unfailing Law which is within the magnetizing and radiating of this Virtue of Freedom! Believe Me - you will receive that for which you ask! Be still for a moment, however, and wait for the Master's feelings to flood your emotional body. You see, it is the trying too hard - the striving - through over-consciousness, which delays so much of your manifestation. . . . "

"The Violet Ray and Flame are tremendous momentums of God Power! Perhaps you will remember that the Beloved Sanat Kumara was the very first Chohan of the Violet Ray to this Earth and our Beloved Kuan Yin (Goddess of Mercy) was One of Its Chohans also. (6)

"At Inner Levels of consciousness, below the Perfected Realms, just what does the Violet Fire do - and what is the service of Its Ministering Angels? As you have been told, there are limitless Legions of Angels of Mercy and Compassion (qualities of Violet Fire) Who give as much service as They can in the Astral Realm. This is the Realm which constitutes most of the Earth's atmosphere - in the past and up to this time, for that Realm extends out from the Earth about ten thousand feet. In this Realm abide the destructively qualified thought and feeling forms, created and released by mankind during embodiment here and, until a year or so ago (1956) souls who had passed from physical embodiment but, because of certain magnetic attraction to the discord of Earth through habits of thought, feeling, spoken word and deed of a like nature, were often bound in this Realm for long periods of time. This condition, as you know, has now been remedied and no soul is allowed to remain in Earth's atmosphere after leaving the body. They are taken directly through to Inner Levels where they are assisted in gaining their freedom more quickly. This is one of the tremendous mercies of the Cosmic Law which has been recently made possible, during the last few years in particular, by the calls from unascended mankind for the use of the Violet Transmuting Flame and other Activities of the Sacred Fire.

"Today there are no discarnate souls allowed to remain in the atmosphere of Earth. Now, as a soul leaves its garment of flesh, in what the world terms 'death', that one is met by certain Angels who render that service. These souls are then taken (I am speaking of the masses of mankind now, who know nothing of the use of the Violet Fire as you do) to the River of the Violet Flame (spoken of in mythology as "The River Styx"). This "river" had been provided at Inner Levels for the purification of those lifestreams from as much discordantly qualified energy as possible, before either going to the 'Sleepers' Realm' (if they need that rest) or before appearing before the Karmic Board to receive their assignments of study and service at Inner Levels between embodiments. . . . "

"This River of Violet Fire of which we spoke, has been drawn forth by Those Who serve the Seventh Ray according to the same principles which We described to you earlier in this Address - the drawing first of the Ray through Invocation to the Godhead in the Name and Authority of the Creative Word 'I AM', then as the Ray reaches the destination into which It was called forth, It immediately turn upward in the living Flame activity, as It returns to Its Source, completing the circle of Its existence. As this Invocation is rhythmically continued day after day, year after year, and century after century (in the case of the Angels Who have drawn this River of Violet Fire), this Ray and Flame become very, very powerful and expand in size until they become a veritable 'river' of this merciful, purifying, freeing Essence, into which the evolutions of Earth may be taken between embodiments for as much purification as possible. This "river" has been sustained by the constant, never-ending, rhythmic calls of these Angels at definite periods during the twenty-four hours.

"The beauty of this Violet Fire River is indescribable; therefore, its appearance does not frighten these souls who have passed through the change called 'death' when they are invited to step into It and bathe in Its substance. This Violet Fire then dissolves much of the causes and cores of the physical distresses of the individual's past Earth-life, especially those which caused their demise.

"Legions of Violet Fire Angels surround the Halls of Karma as the soul who has just been released from an Earth life is called to appear before the Karmic Board. These Angels provide an atmosphere of purifying Violet Fire there so that every soul who, as he appears before the Karmic Board, must pass through Their Radiation as They enter these Halls. Then, when the souls are given their individual assignments for instruction and assistance between embodiments, some of these Violet Fire Angels go with them to their places of abode at Inner Levels. While in these Inner Spheres, the Violet Fire Angels often use a very delicate shade of violet so that, as easily as possible, They are able to minister to these individuals without arousing the rebellions and resentments of their inner bodies by too quick or powerful and activity - even of the Mercy Flame!

"Again, before entering the Gates of Birth, when the soul who desires to re-embody stands before the Karmic Board to ask permission to do so, these lovely Angels of Violet Fire stand around the Karmic Halls - circle after circle - tier upon tier - as far as the eye can see! The love and beauty of these Violet Fire Angels is simply beyond description! Here again They provide an atmosphere of Mercy and Purification to assist the soul who needs Their help.

"Especially since the advent of the Seventh Ray to this Planet, whenever and wherever possible, the Angels of Mercy and Compassion go with an incoming soul, going into places, sometimes, which are not too pure. They endeavor to prepare the home and its atmosphere (as well as the parents - as much as they can) for the coming of the infant. At times, such an Angel is permitted to remain with that infant for a while - at least until the time comes when the little mind is disabused (shall we say) of the reality of the Angels. When this 'shell' of rejection in thought and feeling is thus set up around the child, this beautiful Angel must leave that one and return to the Inner Spheres again!

"Angels of Mercy and Compassion are always serving as much as possible in hospitals, mental institutions, and foci of mankind's need and discord. Today, some of these are actually living in aura of the conscious chelas (those of you who are daily consciously calling forth the Violet Fire - at least six of these glorious Beings stand around every conscious chela who daily calls forth the Violet Fire for purification). Such Angels await your daily conscious recognition and calls for Their greater assistance to your use of this merciful Flame of Freedom. . . . "

"Today we are entering into a New Age. The Priests and Priestesses of the Order of Zadkiel are now not only given opportunity so to do, but they are commanded and expected to bring into outer manifestation, visible and tangible to the physical sight, acceptance and use of all this Violet Flame in Action - right here in this physical appearance world. That is a Fiat which came - not from Me - but from the Godhead Itself - your Creator - Whose humble and grateful Servant I AM. . . . " (10)

In the following, we receive additional information on this most important subject of the Violet Flame, from The Maha Chohan.

How to Invoke and Use the Flame

A - Things to know and remember about the Flame:

"In this presentation of the Use of the Flame, I would go further than merely unrolling the Scroll and deeply urge your consideration and your concentrated interest, because it is the revolutionary activity which, when it enters Life, hastens the final awakening of the consciousness and greatly increases the powers and capacities of the soul to serve the race."

1. The "Bridge Activity" is designed primarily to acquaint the consciousness of mankind of Earth with the Flame.

2. The Flame is the Vibration of the Godhead and the cohesive power that holds the Sun and Stars in space and which - through the Light Rays from the Sun - fills the atmosphere of the Earth.

3. The Flame is the Animating Principle of Life. Wherever there is God Activity, Flame becomes Its expression. Flame is the first manifestation that is externalized.

4. The Flame is a Power, a Substance and Intelligent Force. The Flame of Cosmic Love, of Cosmic Healing, of Cosmic Peace is all Powerful; it is Master. The Flame is a Fourth Dimensional Activity. The Cosmic Flame is the Power, Intelligent Life.

5. The Flame's Radiation is Light, because the Electronic Substance which will become the created thing is woven right out of the Cause which is the Flame, complete within itself at the moment that God thinks and feels His Idea.

The Flame is the Power of Accomplishment, and the clothing of the Flame, which is Light, is the Substance from which the idea will finally secure its form. Within the egg is the substance of the body of the chicken; within the seed, the body of the tree. Within the Flame is the power of motivation and through its own Light emanation, the full substance is provided for the manifestation of the idea.

The size of the original Flame will be determined by the amount of substance required to externalize its complete manifestation, because from its own Light will that Flame mould the form.

6. The Flame is available like air and water and the beauties of Nature, to all who, consciously or unconsciously, are capable of Accepting It.

B - The Relation between Man and the Flame:

1. The only power in the Universe that can accept a Master's Flame into the heart, is the feeling of loving Gratitude.

2. The immediate assignment of an aspirant is to learn how to avail himself of the Electronic Substance, so that he may become a natural and conscious conductor of it. In order for individuals to intelligently use the Power of the Flame, there must be a certain illumination of the consciousness regarding both Its Essence and Its Nature.

3. The student should meditate upon the Powers within this Activity of the Flame, seeing and feeling Its independent, positive effects, proving beyond the question of doubt the Presence and the efficacy of the Flame.

4. By Invocation and direction of the Flame, man must become a channel for Its disbursement in the lower octave in which he functions at present. Invoke the Flame and then stand aside and let Its rushing substance continue unrecalled until the effect is manifest. The emotional body must be trained in the Power; the Power which is the Flame. Practice becoming the observer as well as the director of the Flame.

5. The Intelligent attention, the emotional devotion is all that is required to make that contact by which this substance might flow to enrich the lower atmosphere, and it truly makes a localized Sun in and around the very environment of the chela, which is more powerful, potent, of Cosmic import than the worshipping one shall ever know.

6. To become a conscious director of the Cosmic Flame of Love, Supply, Healing or Peace, one must be able to magnetize the Electronic Substance that surrounds him, through the generation of a vibration which is a supplement of the vibration of this Power and Essence of Flame. In other words, the lifestream must come into sympathy with the natural vibration of the electronic force held within whatever Flame is to be invoked and directed for a certain definite purpose.

C - How to Invoke and Direct the Flame:

"I cannot urge you deeply or too earnestly to experiment with the Invocation and direction of Flame, visualizing and feeling It an intelligent, capable, independent Element and allowing that Element as much Freedom as you allow the physical flame when you apply it for cooking or disposing of unwanted substance.".


1. Determine clearly your idea and your desire, if you want to manifest health, supply, freedom, etc., and be certain that your motive is to produce perfection in your need and universally.

2. Ask the Beings in charge of the Flames of Humility and Receptivity and Gratitude to flood your feelings with Their Flames.

3. To establish the right vibratory action, magnetize with your thoughts and feelings the electronic substance that surrounds you with the quality you wish to manifest. This will establish the bridge or conductor between Its Source and you. You can say "I AM" the Hand of God, Charging (3) the electrons around me with an infinite supply of money, health or whatever you want.

4. Meditate upon the Powers within the Flame and see and feel Its independent and positive effect and Its freedom of action. 

5. Select the Master Who is a Specialist in the quality desired, direct your attention and love to Him. Visualize Him rendering His Special Service to individuals, personally near them, or from His Temple of Light. By this time you and the Master are in spiritual rapport.


1. Now, invoke the Master you have selected and ask Him to send you a Flame of the quality you desire from His Own Heart or from His Temple of Light. See it! Feel it! Acting!

2. Then Accept the Flame with a feeling of joy and deep gratitude, love and blessing for the Master. Visualize yourself taking from the Master, as if with extended arms, a substance and a form.

3. Then, stand aside emotionally and allow the Flame invoked to act. Become an observer as well as a director of the Flame. Know that the Flame has rendered the service demanded, and act accordingly.

4. To help another: To help another, ask the Holy Christ Self of the individual to help you make the proper petition to the Master; then make your request to the Master and see the Flame acting.

5. It is necessary and a requisite for the student to have some knowledge of the Nature of the various Masters who dwell in the Unseen Hierarchy.

List of some of the Ascended Masters and Their Qualities:


Helios, Jesus, Mary, Leto, Diana, Cyclopea, Kwan Yin

Opulence: (Freedom from limitation)

The Maha Chohan, Surya, Jupiter (Zeus - ARC editor), Fortuna, Saint Germain


God Meru, Archangel Jophiel, Kuthumi, Minerva (Lumina - ARC editor), and the Elder Brothers and Sisters of the Second Ray


Lord Maitreya, Nada, John the Beloved, Charity, Chamuel, Paul the Venetian


Hercules, Archangel Michael, Morya


The Elohim of Peace, Jesus, Maha Chohan, Surya

Opening of Inner Sight or Hearing:

Cyclopea, Virginia, Kuthumi       (11)

In the following, we get another view of the "use" of the Sacred Fire - Violet Flame - and what a group of students wanted to do with it. In 1954, a group of earnest and ardent students, invoked the Karmic Board to be permitted to help, through the use of the Violet Flame, the souls of men, that have passed to the other side, so that they will not have to re-embody on Earth. These Invocations were so numerous and so persistent that the Karmic Board, realizing that these students didn't fully realize the responsibilities they would have assumed, should their request was granted, They asked Chohan Serapis Bey to give them the necessary information. In the following, we give excerpts of Serapis' address.

" . . . I was told by the Karmic Board that you are storming the very gates of Heaven in a magnificent desire to assist mankind (once they are released from embodiment) from the necessity of taking again an Earth body - giving them the tremendous freedom to complete their evolution at the Inner Level. It is desired by the Karmic Board that you might understand something of the intricacies of the act of Mercy which you called forth, in order that you may intelligently - in your application - prepare for the granting of such a great petition and the blessing of freeing these souls from the necessity of reembodiment. It is one thing to ask innocently for the release of mankind from re-embodiment and it is quite another to know the pressure that you will place upon the Beings at Inner Levels, Who must care for, guide, train, educate and redeem these ever-increasing millions and millions of lifestreams.

"Let Me now remind you that every individual has created a certain amount of what is referred to loosely, as 'destructive karma', in every Earth life, since the fall of man. This Karma acts on many planes, determined by which body is the chief offender in the case. The physical body performing acts of violence, acts of physical assault, murder and the like, releases tremendous vital energy into the elemental substance of the physical world. That substance remains part of the imprisoned elemental life of the physical plane until the individual soul who has created it, takes it back into his own physical body in some future life. Under the old Occult Law, this was done through suffering and disease. Now, through the action of the Sacred Fire, it can be done through the use of the Purifying Flame (Violet Fire) and the energy is thus redeemed and set free.

"Lifestreams perform great acts of discord on the mental plane, crimes of mental cruelty. The mental elements charged with the vibratory action and the stamp of the individual fill the mental atmosphere and must be redeemed through mental pressures returning into the mental vehicle of that same soul of some future time.

"Individuals that perform acts of emotional cruelty charge the substance of the emotional and feeling planes (the great mass, I mean) with certain vibratory' actions which will record primarily in the emotional body of that same lifestream in a later era. These various types of crimes, whether they are physical, mental or emotional - in their return circuit - are primarily the causes for the diseases of mind, feeling and flesh. Now, in order for a soul to receive its full freedom from any theatre of evolution, it must of necessity redeem the energies it has qualified imperfectly. For that reason, it is required of that soul that it have a body in each of these planes including a physical form through which it may redeem the physical elemental life. That was the Occult Law of the past, as you know. This was the reason why the Cosmic Law did not allow individuals to finish their progress at Inner Levels until they perfected and redeemed their physical energies on the physical plane.

"When the activity of the Sacred Fire came forth and the great group work under the Ascended Master Saint Germain began, there were what you might call 'Cosmic Incinerators', established which, at Inner Levels, took into themselves the unpaid debts of the physical energy that had been imperfectly qualified by certain lifestreams. These individuals who had rendered great service in other eras, even though they had yet some unconsumed karma, were not required to return to Earth. They were the first individuals to enjoy the New Dispensation and were allowed to go to Venus and to other Stars and Systems to complete their evolution. In the mass Decrees invoking the use of the Violet Fire of Freedom's Love, the student body consumed for these few individuals (who were among those who received that Dispensation) the necessity of returning again in an Earth body to complete their personal redemption.

"Now, We come to your request that some three hundred million lifestreams yearly, in all stages of obligation to life (absolutely without any knowledge of how to repay their debts to this Planet Earth, physically, mentally, and emotionally) be released from further obligation to use the Violet Fire of Freedom's Love in a future life, helping to bring this Earth back again to the Purity and Perfection which it had when mankind first came forth upon it. This will mean that the student body, the conscious active groups who are making this petition and sending this mighty Fiat forth in cooperation with the Archangel Michael, will have to assume that debt, at least so far as the physical world is concerned. I would like you to think and ponder upon this deeply, because it is a big task which you take upon yourselves and which the Karmic Board has asked be explained to you.

"I do not mention this in any way to discourage you. It is magnificent for you to be interested in the Freedom of mankind from the wheel of birth and death. It is magnificent for you to be interested in the progress of the evolution of the Earth. We are hoping that at least a partial grant may be given so that We can see what the group activities will do for even, say a hundred thousand souls in the course of a year. If even one hundred thousand lifestreams who are to pass from the Earth in this one year were to be free from the necessity of reembodiment and the student body were to take upon themselves the karma of that number, successfully dissolving it, this Cause would receive greater consideration from the Karmic Board by next July. It does not mean that you must take the karma into your flesh, but it means that in the application and the use of the knowledge of the Sacred Fire and the tremendous calls for purification of the souls concerned, that you render a consciously intelligent, illumined balance for the petition for which you asked in innocence.

"The petitions that are presented to the Karmic Board are always paid for by somebody's life. The Great Archangels, the Mighty Devas and the Masters of Wisdom Who petition the Karmic Board for dispensations, always guarantee service through the use of Their Own life for the grants that They receive. In Its great wisdom, the Karmic Board always measures the capacity of the earnest and zealous who see a great plan and yet have not the full understanding of what is contained within the releasing of that benefit and blessing. The Great Archangel Michael Himself, as you know, has offered to accept the full karma of all the lifestreams; but as His service already employs the far greater part of His life, it is neither justice nor mercy to allow Him to assume any further obligation in this regard. As for the mental and emotional crimes, these can be expiated on the 'other side', because you retain these records within the etheric (memory) body . . . " (12)


  1. Archangel Michael speaking to a class of students some time ago, and referring to the power and efficacy of the Violet Transmuting Flame, said that mankind cannot be free without its beneficent use, and the only one who could bring it forth was Saint Germain because it belongs to His Ray (the Seventh) and Authority. Neither Jesus nor I, he continued, could bring it forth because it does not belong to our element and sphere of influence.

  2. Adding to our knowledge, the Maha Chohan gives us the following: ("Bulletin", Vol. 11, #52)

    "The Godhead always appears clothed in Robes of Flame. The Sacred Fire is the whole activity of God. Flame is the highest manifestation of visible, tangible Substance. Light is an emanation of the Flame - the Cosmic Effect and The Fire of Creation is the Cosmic Cause.

    There is a nameless, unseen, indescribable Force within The Sacred Fire which is its Heart-Center, but for man, the highest that his consciousness can comprehend as the manifestation of God is the Sacred Fire. The Fire Element is the Supreme governing authority in the forces of the elements, the life of man, and the Solar System. The Fire of Creation is the individual, Eternal Identity of every human being. It is dual in its purpose for It constantly creates manifestation of itself, and may be called on to transmute imperfect expressions created by man. This two-fold action of the Sacred Fire is the Gift of God to His Creation.

    The most ancient of Spiritual Customs of the peoples of this Planet, and other Planets, was the worship of The Fire Element. The Flame within the heart is one of the manifold expressions of this Fire of God. In the physical world, the elements of water, air and earth are provided for man without self-conscious effort on his part and given to him as gifts for his use, but to enjoy the Fourth Element (which is by Its name an Element of the Fourth Dimension) one must exert conscious effort and through certain processes draw forth this Sacred Fire. This is true, not only in ordinary physical activity but also in Spiritual activity.

    Many, many centuries ago, Blessed Zarathustra brought the physical knowledge of the Fire Element to the outer minds of man that he may use it for heat, light, and in Its transmuting activity, to remove debris, and He, since Fire is His natural Element, is most active in kindling the Spiritual Fire in the hearts and minds of upward reaching man today."

  3. In the following, we give an example of an Invocation for that purpose:

    Mighty Presence of God, "I AM" in me, and in all mankind; Mighty Arcturus and Victoria, Beloved Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst, Beloved Saint Germain and Portia, Beloved Kuan Yin and all Great Beings and Powers and Legions of Light; the Angelic Host and all Activities of The Sacred Fire: In the Name and by the Power of The Sacred Fire vested in me, I Decree:

    Blaze the Victorious Violet Fire of Freedom's Love through all destructive karma, bearing my stamp in the Universe, before it presents itself on me for redemption. Close it on it all and transmute! transmute! transmute all cause, effect, record and memory, before it can act, approach or longer be sustained. Replace it by the Ascended Masters Self-Luminous Intelligent Substance of Light, eternally sustained and ever expanding to the complete fulfillment of God's Great Divine Plan.

  4. Mighty Zarathustra to the students July 8, 1954. ("Bridge", November, 1958, p. 10)

    "Invocation, to become Sacred Fire, must cross with Ministration, the carrying of that Power invoked into the world of form. Invocation must cross with Illumination, carrying the received thoughts into the world of form. Invocation must cross with the activity of Consecration that the Energies drawn from the Heart of God may be consecrated to Service. . . . "

  5. The Maha Chohan, ("Bulletin", November 5, 1957)

    " . . . In your efforts to expand your consciousness, you will find the Sacred Fire is a tangible substance that can be wielded and molded as can any material of the physical plane.

    "The Higher Consciousness cannot be achieved when you identify yourself with the physical form. The Flame, in Its Great Power, can be wielded best from the Higher Radiation of your Holy Christ Self. The physical consciousness, being so impregnated with the idea of form, finds it is out of its element in dealing with the Flame of God and cannot even control physical form with much success. Therefore, to treat the physical body and inner bodies by the drawing, focusing and expanding of the Sacred Fire from above, or from within your hearts will bring much greater results than by trying to expand it through the instruments in question from below. This, I think, will assist you in the powerful freeing of your vehicles from the impure substance of the third dimensional plane.

    "When the outer self and the "I AM" Presence are going to affect a movement for the expression of the God within, they must first of all become in harmony this is achieved in Silence, in Love, in Peace. It is done by the absolute transmutation of every critical and inharmonious thought and feeling. . . . "

  6. The Chohan Morya, ("Bridge", May, 1954, p. 9)

    "The first Chohan of the Seventh Ray was the Beloved Archangel Zadkiel. He was followed in successive order by Sanat Kumara, the Lord Gautama Buddha, the Goddess of Mercy, Kwan Yin, and now Saint Germain. Initiates are now in training and preparing for the opportunity of assuming this Office when Saint Germain is called to greater Service in the near future."

  7. The Bridge to Freedom Journal, June, 1961, page 12
  8. The Bridge to Freedom Journal, March, 1957, page 6
  9. Bridge, Series 5, Book 2, page 4
  10. The Bridge to Freedom Journal, January and March, 1958
  11. The Bridge to Freedom Journal, February, 1959, page 4
  12. The Bridge to Freedom Journal, September, 1955, page 5

Violet Flame

About the Author

Tellis Papastavro was born in Greece and spent his formative years in the radiance of Beloved Pallas Athena's Temple of Truth. When he was 17 years old, he came to America where he spent his life seeking the answers to the questions "Who am I? Where did I come from?" Tellis found his answers in the information and teachings that were being released to Humanity, in an accelerated fashion, in accordance with Cosmic Edict. This information and teachings came from several key sources and was preparing Humanity to work in cooperation with the Ascended Host for the purpose of transforming the Planet into Her Divine Heritage, which is Heaven on Earth.

Realizing the necessity of a publication that would make these teachings available to every seeker - neophyte and experienced alike - Tellis compiled this information into "a handy manual of ordered teachings" and ""The Gnosis and the Law" was created. The material is considered the "Jewel Teachings" of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Tellis was a selfless servant of the Light, and his sole purpose in publishing this sacred book of illumined Truth was to expand the wisdom and knowledge of God on Earth. Our Beloved Tellis returned to Greece in 1988 where he made his final preparation to leave the Earth. He was called home on February 3, 1989 at the age of ninety nine.

  1. Papastavro, Tellis "The Gnosis and The Law" Chapter 25   (Copyright for The Gnosis and The Law was given to Patricia Diane Cota-Robles by Tellis S. Papastavro on October 29, 1980. This information may be copied for the benefit of Humanity, however, please give credit as to the source.)
  2. Pearls of Wisdom ®, (The Summit Lighthouse, 1958 - 1972)
  3. Luk, A.D.K.   The Law of Life: Book II, (Pueblo, Colorado: A.D.K. Luk Publications, 1989)
  4. The Bridge to Freedom Journal, The Bridge to Freedom (1952 - 1961); reprinted by Ascended Master Teaching Foundation
  5. Voice of the I AM ®, (Saint Germain Foundation, 1936 - 2004)
  6. Blavatsky, Helena P.   The Secret Doctrine: The Synthesis of Science, Religion, and Philosophy (Wheaton, Illinois: Theosophical Publishing House, 1993);

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