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     Aloha, the Elohim of Peace     

Elohim of Peace

Service to God in Life

  • Also known as:
    • Elohim of the Sixth Ray (Although there are many Elohim, Aloha is One of the Elohim of the Seven Rays serving our system of worlds at this time.) (3)

  • Twin Flame / Divine Complement / Twin Ray:

  • Divine Quality
    • Peace
    • Tranquility

  • Divine Ray & Sacred Fire
    • Purple and Gold
    • Gold
    • Ruby

  • Office in Hierarchy
    • Aloha is an Elohim of the Sixth Ray - One of the Elohim of the Seven Rays and the Five Secret Rays serving this system of worlds (5)

  • Angels
    • Elohim Angels (1)
    • Legions of Peace
    • Angels of Peace

  • Retreat
    • The Retreat of Peace and Aloha, the Pavilion of Peace, is on the etheric plane over the Hawaiian Islands.(4)

Aloha Oe

A Golden Age of Peace, Illumination, and the Abundance of the Love of God

"I the Elohim of Peace have come to inaugurate a cycle which you are invited, to allow your consciousness to be caught up in the swirling action of the cleansing of each of your vehicles of consciousness to prepare the way for greater Illumination, more Abundance of the Love of God, and the instilling of the Divine Aspect of your own God Presence into the fabric of your day-to-day life.

"Far too many continue on, lifetime after lifetime, rehearsing the same worn out attributes of the human ego, the emotional body in all of its torrent, and entertaining ills against their own physical body by allowing impurities into the world of their conscious awareness. For there to be Peace coursing through every level of your being in this world of form, you must adopt a discipline for each of your vehicles of consciousness that you will uphold, that you can rely upon as a foundation of the Virtues that will keep you in the dead of night, the cold of winter, the absence of any assistance outside of your own conscious awareness. For it is in that single-eyed vision that you hold for yourself that you know the Inner Strength of the Light of your God Presence, that you become filled to overflowing with the right use of every erg of energy that is given to you. And as you move through each day that builds upon your life, you are allowing clarity of consciousness, righteousness of motive and action, and the enduring Quality of a steadfast Heart that is accountable and is not swayed by outer circumstances.

"Oh, blessed ones, were the Elohim to be so easily swayed, can you not begin to imagine the miscreation that could ensue. Your own life is not foreign to that malady when you allow in your consciousness impure thoughts, agitation in the feeling body, and the continual rehearsal of those things that have become such a fabric of your life that you have even forgotten how you were exposed to those misdeeds and miscreations. You have been given the Violet Flame with which to bathe your consciousness, to excite and fire the very cells of your physical body, so that you can allow to go into the Flame those areas of your life that hold no good purpose in the Kingdom of your God Presence, that do not benefit you or any other part of God Life; and thus they are erased from the screen of life through your invocations and your willingness to allow them to go into the Flame.

"What remains following the washing of your consciousness with the Violet Flame? It is the Consciousness that is your Holy Christ Presence. For within the recesses of your own physical mind, there is enough of the firing of the cells that are receptive to the Fire of the Consciousness of the Mind of the Holy Christ Presence, patiently waiting to ignite high ideals for you, Direction for your lifestream, so that you might have a greater sense of purpose, so that you might instill each of your vehicles through the willingness of your own consciousness to be still, to be attentive, to practice the disciplines of the Law, and to look to the Mighty I AM Presence for the infusion of sufficient Light to keep you through the day and in the stillness of the night.  

"But oh, how many ignore what is right before them, even those who have heard Our Instruction. And they continue to wander with their consciousness, thinking that surely there is an easier Path than disciplining their vehicles. But I tell you, blessed Hearts, the Responsibility begins with you. It springs forth from your own Heart Flame. When there is enough of the desire for God, you are “en-souled” by the very Consciousness that is Illumination. When there is enough of the desire to love God in all of life, you are infused with enough of God Love from your Presence to be that Love in action. And when you have enough of the discipline of your own vehicles of consciousness, you are given the Scepter of Authority as the Power to rule these vehicles of consciousness that you are, under the canopy of the Will of God, carrying out that Will and establishing for yourself an action, a dimension of consciousness, an infusion of Light that builds a fabric of the Christic Fire of your own Holy Christ Presence that allows for you, yes you blessed one, to stand in the fullness of Peace; all the while there is a torrent about you of chaos and confusion, of riptides of human consciousness. You understand where the Peace of God lives. . . . "

" . . . The action of bringing forth a Golden Age is dependent upon those who will call forth the Light of God, for that is the holy purpose for many who have embodied in this lifetime. You may not be in a position of great financial wealth; but you can always call forth the Abundance of the Light of God. You may not be in positions of authority of a worldly nature; but you can always take Authority through your calls to your Mighty I AM Presence over the lesser states of consciousness of the misuse of God’s Light by calling forth the Violet Flame to transmute that unreality. You may not feel that you have enough emotional stability in your life to maintain Peace throughout every moment of every day; but you can begin to infuse Peace moment to moment, hour to hour, exercising and training your emotional body to receive enough Light from your calls to the Mighty I AM Presence, to allow the strengthening of the fabric of your emotional body to hold the charge of Light and to know Peace.

"There is so much that We have to convey to you from the Consciousness of Elohim that will allow you to put on more of the garment of your Holy Christ Presence and maintain the Fire, the foundation, and yes the Peace that is required for you to move through this lifetime with enough of the Consciousness of God flowing into the fabric of your being to make a difference. And is that not the desire of every Heart? to make a difference for all — most especially those who are close and nearby. Open your Heart to what is the discipline that you must practice for yourself so that you can make a difference for the world.

"These are not just words or platitudes; but every Word that has passed from my Consciousness is an action that is required by every lifestream, whether they know it or not; for eventually, every lifestream will come in touch with Cosmic Law and, like it or not, be required to bend the knee before their own God Presence, laying down the human ego, stilling the emotional body, and disciplining the physical body to allow room for their own God Presence. Then lifestream by lifestream will be experienced a Golden Age, a Golden Age of Peace, Illumination, and the Abundance of the Love of God.

"I AM the Elohim of Peace, and you are the action of your own God Presence in this world of form in which you reside. Make of it what you will, but it is our desire that you will it to be of God."

Beloved Elohim of Peace
through the Anointed Representative®, Carolyn Louise Shearer,   September 14, 2008,   Tucson, Arizona U.S.A. (8)

Photograph of the Hawaiian Islands

"I AM Peace. It has been decided that we would give you this day, by karmic grace, a spiritual experience of great depth. Will you take my hand in thought and come with me apart from ordinary experience realms into the world of cosmic dreams where we shall create an experience of Peace in what we term 'The Pavilion of Peace.'

"By His grace there is created by the devas and the builders of form and great Cosmic Beings a pavilion of white alabaster through which shines the Light never seen on land or sea, the Light of Ten Thousand Spiritual Suns, the Light of the Eternal One. Through the walls of our alabaster Pavilion of Peace there gleams now this Radiance. There are four sides to our pavilion and three magnificent domes on each side – two below and one above, forming a triad in memory of the threefold nature of man and of God. The gates of the Pavilion are open, and six mighty Seraphim stand at each gate to lead you upward to the Temple of Peace. The mighty organ which we call the organ of Peace is radiating out that Cosmic Sound which is soundless but which rises to crescendos of Peace. . . ."

"Will you enter with me now the gates of the Temple of Peace and hear the sweet bells of Heaven that ring out melodic Joy that Peace can prevail. Seven snow-white doves are carrying a banner in their bills and they flutter at the gateway as you enter; and the banner, in letters of gold, Old English gold, fluttering in a soft, gentle wind, reads 'Peace.' For there is no other vibratory action that can come into our temple save Peace. And yet the scene is not vacant, for there is a Light and a mystical Joy in the air of this Pavilion of Peace.

"Now we see the thirteenth dome – an inner spire rising and a beautiful brick mosaic formed within it. And there in gold, stamped within a Maltese Cross of perfect balance, is the word 'Peace.' It is as though the very physical heart wanted momentarily to pause and drink in the scene of Peace. For Seven Rays come down from the center of the dome; these are the Rays of the Holy Spirit. White at the point of blending, the gentlest of pastel hues are to be seen upon the floor where the reflected rays gently position themselves as though they were seven votive Flames from the Altar of God's Heart. . . ."

"I AM the Elohim of Peace. I radiate out into the world domain the vibratory action of infinite Peace – a Consuming Fire to those who radiate out the awful vibratory action of hatred, war, and destruction and the influences of the carnal mind, but a Fire of Hope, a shining Diadem of Our Love to all who see the Beauty of our Temple. We offer to each of you a gift this day: a miniature replica of the Temple of Peace, a symbol of your journey which we place in a golden acorn. Siva! It is done! To each soul let there be an encapsulated golden acorn. Within that acorn, reduced to microscopic size and placed within the ventricle of the heart so as not to interfere in any way with the flow of the Life-force, do we place the Gift – the Focus of the Elohim of Peace, My Focus, thy Focus, God's Focus, a Universal Focus. It belongs to the world, to the universe; it is a part of Creativity, of the Fiat of Creation. . . . "

"I tell you of a truth, the Gift I give you today is a point of contact with Universal Peace. If you will, it can summon within you at will the great Cosmic Genie, the Figure Form, the symbolic Angel of your own individualized Presence, who will on the instant bring you into the Realm of Peace. And so I shall tell you of the Power of this Talisman which I place within those of you who will accept it. I will never impose it upon any. If you have once accepted it, however, I should tell you now, it becomes anchored there forever. And all you have to do when all around you is turbulent and you are in distress and in confusion is to visualize in miniature the Pavilion of Peace, call unto Me and unto your individualized God Presence and say:

"'I need Thee every hour, O Elohim of Peace and Beloved Mighty I AM Presence! Show forth Thy Light!' And with the words 'Show forth Thy Light,' I will come again and create the Vibratory Action of My Peace.

"In the Name of the Prince of Peace I say, Peace be unto you."

Beloved Elohim of Peace
through the Messenger, Mark Prophet,   January 2, 1972,   U.S.A. (4)

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