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          Amaryllis           Ascended Master

Goddess of Spring

Service to God in Life

  • Also known as:
    • Goddess of Spring (4)
    • Spirit of Springtime (1)
    • Persephone (Greek)
    • Proserpine (Roman)
    • Kore (the Maiden)
    • Daughter of Demeter (Demeter is now known as the Goddess of Liberty.)


"Often people have referred to Me, the Spirit of Spring, as dancing over the flowers and the grass with a wreath of flowers in My hair, touching here and there a bush, a flower, a shrub, a tree and sort of flitting about in an ineffectual but perhaps graceful manner.

"Beloved ones, as the Spirit of Springtime, let Me remind you that for nine hundred years before the first Great Root Manu brought the 'Holy Innocents' to the Earth, I experimented with the development of the most beautiful possible foliage, flower, bird-life, grass, sea, air - until when the Earth was ready to be inhabited - She had a magnificent garment and was so like unto Heaven's Kingdom that the first individuals who came forth from the Heart of God hardly knew the difference between the Heavenly Realms and the Earth. That was many millions of years ago, so there is a little bit of constancy and positive energy in that Service which I render.

"I thank you for your thoughts of the Springtime. I shall create again with the help of the elementals and Our Lord Maha Chohan such a magnificent perfection on this Earth for Our Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain as the crowning gift to His Golden Age before I take My departure to another Star. . . . "

Beloved Amaryllis
through the Messenger, Geraldine Innocente,   March 21, 1959,   Flourtown, Pennsylvania U.S.A.   (1)

Goddess of Spring

"Entering into the Spirit of Eternal Springtime mankind enters a state of the Ascended Masters. All is Love here. All is Beauty, and all is Divine Ritual. Magnify the Lord, O tender ones of Earth, for though your days, at present, are numbered, sometimes less than three-score and ten, you have Eternity within your Being. You are Immortal, Eternal! Your life goes on and on, endlessly pursuing a glorious Destiny.

"The Elemental Life that serve you, such as the Beings of the air, the earth, the fire and the water are different. They are created with a certain longevity; but it has termination, and it ends and is no more. From the Plan of the Father, an endless procession of Elemental Life pours forth and then returns to the Sun for repolarization.

"These Elemental Beings do live for prolonged periods of time. They do have families, and they troop happily through the natural world of outdoor expression. But they know from the beginning that their time is short. And so there is no immortality to those precious laborers. When their form, like a flower disconnected from the stalk, lies lifeless before them, they hang their unhappy little heads for a moment. Mankind, in their fear of death, have assumed the Elemental's concept of finiteness. But mankind has amplified his concept far beyond the Elemental's thoughts of their own end; for the Elementals know from the beginning that they do not have immortality.

"Beloved Fun Wey, through the Grace of the Ascended Master Eriel, was able to transcend Elemental Life and enter the human - thus, (eventually) winning His Ascension.

Beloved Amaryllis
through the Messenger, Mark Prophet,   April 21, 1962,   Washington, D.C. U.S.A. (4)

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Great Central Sun Angels

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