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Goddess of Liberty

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Service to God in Life

  • Also known as:
    • Lady Liberty
    • Liberty
    • Mother Liberty
    • Demeter (9)
    • Ceres (9)

  • First Public Dictation / Discourse:
    • October 13, 1937   New York City, New York U.S.A. (4)

  • Divine Quality
    • Liberty
    • Freedom
    • Illumination - Represents the Second Ray on the Karmic Board. (6)

  • Divine Ray & Sacred Fire
    • Liberty Flame
    • Threefold Flame

  • Office in Hierarchy
    • Serves as One of the Lords of Karma - the Karmic Board for this planet (5)
    • Spokesman for the Karmic Board (6)
    • Holds the God Consciousness of Liberty for our world. (6)
    • The Goddess of Liberty is the Hierarch and Initiator with the Lords of Karma under the Solar Hierarchy of Leo, testing the lifestreams of Earth in the quality of God-Gratitude, and sensitivity to - and appreciation of - every part of Life. (6)
    • Interceded for the Earth and secured the Dispensation for the release of the Cosmic Light in the 1930's after the old occult laws had been set aside (5)

  • Angels
    • Angels of Liberty
    • Angels of the Lords of Karma
    • Legions of Liberation

  • Historical and Literary References
    • The Goddess of Liberty was known in antiquity to the Greeks as Demeter. (9)   She was named "The Goddess of Liberty" for Her complete and wholehearted identification with the Divine Quality and Flame of Liberty - Her "God Consciousness" of Liberty. Her statue on Liberty Island (formerly Bedloe's Island) in New York harbor portrays the figure of Longfellow's "Lady with a Lamp," whom he prophesied "shall stand in the great history of the land, a noble type of good, heroic womanhood." She is the archetype of the "Woman clothed with the Sun" and the new age woman - inspiring the nations to Illumined Action by the Torch of Illumination and the Book of the Law. (6)

  • Retreat
    • Temple of the Sun - While embodied on Atlantis, She erected the Temple of the Sun where Manhattan Island now is. With the sinking of Atlantis, the physical temple was destroyed, but the etheric counterpart remains on the etheric plane where she continues to focus the Flame of Liberty on the central altar surrounded by twelve shrines dedicated to the Twelve Hierarchies of the Sun. (6)

  • Electronic Pattern:
    • A Hand with a Torch (5)

  • Appearance:
    • Larger in stature than the people of Earth (5)
    • Usually wears white with blue (5)

Goddess of Liberty

" . . . Know, beloved, that We continue to stand vigilantly with all the Chohans of the Rays, with Mighty Hercules and with all of Elohim, to hold the balance against such terrorism whenever the Great Law will allow. We also understand that a certain purging does occur before great releases of Light into the Earth can take place. This is not by Our choice, beloved. It is an impersonal action of Cosmic Law. It is part of the immutable Laws of cause and effect governing all life everywhere. Nevertheless, Our greatest opportunity to mitigate such purging occurs when stalwart students of the Light with upraised Chalices and Hearts of Fire diligently invoke the Light. This affords the greatest and highest avenue of constructive change, through the God Mastery of the Science of the Spoken Word.

"Therefore, know well, beloved, that it is a momentous event indeed, whenever a Lightbearer elects to join the ranks of the Torch Bearers of The Temple. This order is not merely a social organization where students pop in and out of decree services whenever they wish to have their four lower bodies massaged by the Light. The Office of Torch Bearer signifies to the Hierarchy your willingness to take on the constancy and responsibility to uphold all that the Ascended Masters are standing for in the Earth today not just gazing fondly backwards at the glory days of the past. It means actively engaging in the Light day by day; becoming Our Light and then keeping a listening ear to your own God Presence and forging that ultimate Union with your Presence.

"We speak sternly when events of this cataclysmic nature transpire in the Earth. Know well that We would have it otherwise if there were other means open to us. I call your attention to this most critical, indispensable assistance that depends entirely on you, Our embodied students everywhere. Therefore, it is incumbent on all the Lightbearers who know about the Teachings of the Ascended Masters to galvanize themselves in a concerted and united effort. Joining forces as Torch Bearers in support of Our present instrument for directly reaching mankind - namely The Temple of The Presence - you will enable Our Great Light to flow in the greatest possible measure into the Earth.

"With the passing of Our former Messengers, many who call themselves Ascended Master students, as well as their leadership, have assumed a rather dogmatic air of superiority and short sightedness which has resulted in unlawful bickering and consequent weakness in the internal affairs of those Activities. Without exception, each former Activity has clung to the notion that their Messengers were the last We would ever sponsor. Each in turn has been grievously in error. It is time for those of you in previous Activities to put aside your human opinions about what We the Ascended Masters choose to do in Our greater Wisdom. Your presumption is completely wrong and therefore the more tragic. Surrender your frail human opinions unto your own God Presence, allow Us to decide and allow for Our Light to flow! For We, the Ascended Masters and most especially the Karmic Board, deem it is high time for all avowed Ascended Master Students to unite under this Our Banner and invoke the Light of God as One Body in The Temple!

"Mark well! We know whereof We speak! For the hardened lines of division and separation in the former Activities of the Ascended Masters are not healthy in the land. Those in The Temple have repeatedly extended the Olive Branch of reconciliation and it has been refused time and time again! The Karmic Board will not countenance this ungodly spirit of exclusivity and superiority any longer - not if you consider yourselves Our Disciples!

"If Our help is continually refused, there will be a dissolving of the ranks of those Activities and they will be no more. For We desire that all Our students be galvanized to Our Light when We release it for a Divine Purpose and for the Salvation of the little ones who know not the gravity of circumstance that surrounds them and who contently allow others to think and decide these matters for them.

"Know well, beloved, that should you continue to separate yourselves from Our Activity - where We are active today, not in the past - that it is only a matter of time until your own God Presence will choose to redirect the Light and the energy of your Lifestream to deflect you out of harm's way. For you would be better off forging a personal Path than reinforcing others who go out of their way to refute and deny Our Presence here. This road leads only to further negativity.

"We have long stood on the sidelines, not speaking a single word calculated to confuse anyone, but allowing for the inner action of the Law to come full circle and to bloom as the Christ Light of Illumination through the Heart chakras of the old guard students with the dawning awareness of the Ascended Masters Presence here. However, given the present planetary conditions, this awakening is too long in coming. Instead, an entrenched recalcitrance and a protracted drought of true Ascended Master Radiation prevents that awakening from occurring in a timely fashion.

"Therefore, I speak to those who are part of the I AM Activity - your own Beloved Godfre left you a Legacy of Light, as did Beloved Lanello, on behalf of the blessed students of The Summit Lighthouse. Now is the time for you to invoke that Light along with Our vanguard Ascended Master Activity where We are fully engaged today. It is time for you to awaken to the understanding of the indwelling Light that is to be released from this very Altar.

"With the coming of the Manu Yuga, understand that the Manus of the various Root Races intend to focus a great magnitude of Cosmic Light and Life to those Lifestreams who tie directly to Their Hearts. This is the reason for the great volume and intensity of Light when They approach the Earth. For the galvanizing Magnet of the Heart Flames tied to Their Cosmic Hearts strengthens and shifts the planetary Currents which are also tied directly to Them. When the Manus are present for the formal Quarterly Conference and in this Heart Center delivering Their Instruction, know that throughout the entire twelve day cycle, the release of Light will be great indeed, and will require all the Lightbearers of the Earth to hold a greater than ordinary balance.

"The Karmic Board is preparing the way. We have approved the Dispensation for this coming release to occur at this time knowing that this darkness, borne of the seed of terror, must be brought to the surface and annihilated, and be no more. Understand, beloved, that for Peace to truly reign in the land, We must have more conscious Disciples who will understand that there is a right and a wrong approach to preventing such destructivity from breaking through into the physical.

"It is important that the Lightbearers accept their responsibility to invoke the Blue Flame of Protection and to have that Light thrusting out constantly to protect the land. Do not expect that all will be mitigated if you do not invoke a sufficiency of Light necessary for each given hour.

"We do not say that you should give the calls because you are superstitious or fearful. Still, there must be the kindling of the Fires of your Hearts, igniting with the Hearts of the Ascended Masters, the Angelic Kingdom and the Cosmic Beings, and most especially reaching out to your own God Presence and triggering the release of the Light through your calls. As ever, there is a right and a wrong way to give the calls. There are those who were guided to give the calls with a strident, judgmental or fearful tension.

"We say to all, �Put aside what you thought you knew and start over to learn the Teachings of the Ascended Masters afresh. Learn the right spirit and action when invoking the Light of God. Do not forever continue to drift along old pathways simply because they are all you know. There is so much more to discover." We shall continue to refine and teach and reveal to those of you who will listen a far greater understanding of Cosmic Law than has ever been presented throughout the land. . . . "

" . . . We continually stand guard over all the Lightbearers of Earth, seeking to provide for the immediate need of every hour for the greatest good and the expansion of Light in the Earth. We know what it is going to take to bring in a Golden Age. One could say that this, Our Effort with you, is the Great Experiment. Saint Germain has always been the Great Alchemist. When He presented His Plan - not only to the Karmic Board, but also to the Cosmic Councils - there were those Ascended Masters who did not think it possible at present. But after closer examination to the Causal Bodies of those Lightbearers already in embodiment, and those about to come into embodiment in succeeding decades, it was determined that Saint Germain's Dispensation should roll forward with the speed of Light. For it truly was possible. But possibilities and Opportunities require Constancy and relentless Determination to make them manifest!

"With the passing of time and the inevitable changing of the guard of Messengers, Our previous Activities in the Earth have not accomplished all that they could have. It is time to arrest the cycle necessitating new Activities simply because the old organizations cannot or will not acknowledge the next Messengers. Through the consciousness and avowed desire of these Our present Messengers, there has been woven into the very fabric of all the Torch Bearers the joyous realization that this time, the Ascended Masters� Participation and Leadership in Their own Activity shall be ongoing.

"The Messengers have engendered a confident, mature Faith in the Torch Bearers that Saint Germain will not fail to test, train and anoint Messengers to serve this Activity in the future as He and We see fit. We are determined that future generations of Lightbearers shall inherit this legacy of unbroken continuity and the ability to build squarely on your present labors and sacrifices! We have already established such a basis of understanding via the legal framework of The Temple.

"Know well, beloved, that Our plans for The Temple of The Presence stretch all the way to the Golden Age. This is how far Our present Dispensation goes. Do not be shortsighted. Do not limit yourself, passing out of embodiment, through the transition into the Higher Octaves of Light only to discover, 'Oh, I have made a mistake. I did not use wise discernment. What was wrong? Why didn't I sense the Vibration and Presence of the Masters?'

"There are many reasons why. First and foremost, wherever a rigid mindset persists, it becomes a crystallized recalcitrance of the carnal mind which stubbornly refuses to go into the Flame. In that circumstance no amount of Light or any Ascended Master standing directly within inches of your Lifestream will be able to witness to the Presence of the Light, because that recalcitrant substance blocks the very opening of the Heart Flame which would recognize that the Path one has adopted with such conviction is not Truth.

"It requires the still, small Voice, speaking within a Heart that is eager to open to the fullness of God's Truth; a Heart that not only allows for Light to flow forth, but also for Light to enter in; a Heart borne of God's own Heart with sensitivity to the Higher Octaves of Light, not merely to outer circumstances of the human condition. It is not enough to say, "I trusted previous releases of Light and sensed the Masters before, why not now?" That recalcitrant mindset overrides all else.

"If you choose to hold dogmatically to certain erroneous beliefs, they necessarily become the law of your being, tying into all manner of old karmic records and accumulated momentums of past incarnations which do not allow you to move past the same limited understanding. Many students of the Ascended Masters who have been in the outer Activities since the release of Saint Germain's work though Godfre know well the operation of this Law. But they still elect to allow their own intellect and ego to interpret for them according to what they desire to be true.

"THE ASCENDED MASTERS ARE ALIVE AND WELL IN THE EARTH! And I, the Goddess of Liberty, stand to proclaim it! Not only am I focused through My Statue in New York Harbor, but also I stand here tonight in the upper atmosphere to release the Light of Liberty around the World! You shall have the Liberty to make the right choices for your life, because ultimately what is right for your life is right for the planet and will help to bring about the Golden Age!

"The time and cycle for America to awaken and for all the Lightbearers of Earth to awaken to their own God Presence is now! I have spoken strongly this night, but I speak as the unanimous Voice of the entire Karmic Board, that the gravity of My message shall be mightily impressed upon the Earth and most especially on the consciousness of those Lightbearers whom We are challenging to respond to Our call. . . . "

Beloved Goddess of Liberty
through the Anointed Representative®, Carolyn Louise Shearer,   September 11, 2001,   Tucson, Arizona U.S.A. (8)

Goddess of Liberty

"No specific good would occur in the community of being by forcing the separated segments of the Universal into an unwilling alliance; for there the liberty of oneness would be ignored and the pull of the senses, like snorting wild steeds, would create its tides of restless energy to pull man away from the balance of true being. Only the pull of the sun center of universal reality, only the recognition by mankind en masse of the great laws governing cosmos and the spread of understanding about cosmos can develop within the unfolding identity of the individual a sense of the harmony of universal liberty.

"The Masters of Wisdom in their great outreach in every age and at the beginning of this century have not neglected to inform mankind about the reality of the Brotherhood. The cloak of religion, which has smothered rather than swaddled mankind's beginnings in truth, has masked the face of creative expansion, set brother against brother, absorbed mankind's energies in fruitless struggle, and weakened the plan of the Brotherhood for the unity of this age.

"As we inspired the leadership of Abraham, Noah, Moses, and other great patriarchs, as we spoke through Zarathustra, Apollonius of Tyana, and Jesus, as we released holy wisdom to Socrates, Plato, and Emerson, so did we come through Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky in Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine. We have also released our instruction through other adherents of divine truth, both metaphysical and occult, until the occult law was set aside and the pure passion of the flames of liberty and truth was unleashed in the early 1930s.

"Man�caught in the miasma of his separatist dream, deigning to be fooled�has created a thousand foolish splinters that have taken him from the truth center of his being. It is not that the germ of reality and truth is not active within the many spiritual organizations upon earth; it is simply that individuals do not grasp truth when they find it but prefer instead to form their own anthropomorphic God (a god made in their own image) and to embrace concepts that are foreign to reality

Beloved Goddess of Liberty
through the Messenger, Mark Prophet,   1968, U.S.A.   (2)

Goddess of Liberty

"I AM the Spirit of Liberty, the Guardian Presence of that Virtue from the Heart of the Great Sun of this System, endowed with the Responsibility, the Obligation and the Opportunity to cultivate and keep Liberty and Love of Liberty alive within the consciousness of the evolutions progressing upon the planets of this System.

"It has been My Service through the ages, since I first accepted the assignment of magnetizing, condensing, holding and radiating the Quality of Liberty from the Electronic Belt around the Sun, to nourish and develop the desire for Liberty within all Life, to keep alive within the minds and hearts of the people of the planets that Innate Cosmic Quality which is part of their own God Heritage.

"Many, many of the Virtues which represent the Twelve-fold Nature of the Deity would have been completely forgotten, were it not for the Temples in the Electronic Belt around the Sun and the Beings Who, within those Temples, concentrated the Positive Ray of that Virtue which They represent, as a Pressure into the atmosphere which is breathed into the outer consciousness with the breath. The Virtue of Liberty and Love for Liberty has been guarded and guided by My Lifestream into the hearts of those who have been chosen, by their own affinity to this Quality, to establish and sustain Foci of Liberty at various points on the Earth's surface and, at various times on the screen of Life, particularly when the Light of Liberty grew dim and tyrants and despots refused to allow the Flaming Presence within the heart to express through the masses. . . . "

" . . . Into many a heart have I anchored My Flame, by the side of many an earnest man and woman have I stood and, pouring the pressure of My Love of Liberty throughout that one, enabled them in the face of personal peril, to stand against despotism and tyranny. Then they built again a sanctuary of Liberty of conscience, Liberty of opportunity and Liberty to pursue that course which their hearts desired. . . . "

" . . . One day, when your service to this planet has been completed, when you have taken the stand within the Immortal Flame of Life within your heart that you will not take dishonest liberties with Life, when you allow the Christ-Spirit in mind and feelings, in word and action, to go free, one day you will have served enough! That shall be the happiest day in all My experience when I say to you: 'Beloved, you are at Liberty to be released from the wheel of birth and death forever, at Liberty to come home and go out no more.' For this moment I long, as every mother longs for the return of her children to their perfect estate, and for this I serve with you and by your side. Use not Liberty Lightly! USE IT WISELY, in the consciousness that what you do with Life today will build your tomorrow. . . . "

Beloved Goddess of Liberty
through the Messenger, Geraldine Innocente,   July 4, 1955, U.S.A.   (2)

Statue of Liberty

"God Consciousness"

Demeter, Persephone and Hermes
The Return of Perspephone by Frederic Leighton in 1891

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