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Elohim of Power

Service to God in Life

  • Also known as:
    • Amazon (1) (4)
    • Elohim of the First Ray (Although there are many Elohim, Amazonia is One of the Seven Pairs of Elohim of the Seven Rays serving our system of worlds at this time.)

  • Twin Flame / Divine Complement / Twin Ray:

  • Appearance:
    • "Fourteen, fifteen feet high" (2)

  • Divine Quality
    • Power
    • Protection
    • Faith
    • Power of the Father
    • Perfection
    • Omnipotence

  • Divine Ray & Sacred Fire
    • Blue
    • Sapphire

  • Office in Hierarchy
    • Amazonia is One of the Elohim of the Seven Rays serving this system of world

  • Retreat
    • Half Dome, Sierra Nevada, California, U.S.A. (5) (read more)

  • Angels:
    • Elohim Angels (3)
    • Legions of the Blue Flame From Out the Great Central Sun
    • Legions of the First Ray
    • Legions of Amazonia

The Power of God Will Never Fail You

". . . How glorious it is to understand all of these Inner Workings of God so that you might recognize when there is a Blessing that comes to you, when you are transformed, resurrected from what was the human creation into more of your Divine Attributes of God. These things, blessed hearts, We desire for you. And as you begin to expand the Will of God, the Love of God, Illumination of God, you will know how close is the Power of God preparing you for even greater work. For as you stand before your altar receiving the figure eight flow of Light to and fro, encompassing all of your energy centers, lifting you higher and higher, you will know that it is for holy purpose. And that holy purpose is to stand as a Pillar of Light so that others might in time know of Elohim, of Ascended Masters, of Archangels and Archeiai, of their own Mighty I AM Presence.

"And when that day arrives, they may not know your name but they will know that there is gratitude that should be forthcoming from their Heart. For in and of themselves in their outer human conditions, they could not have imagined such a Glory. But you are holding the balance — you the Sons and Daughters of God who have learned how to invoke the Flame of God by your Decrees, affirmations and prayers. You have understood the Holy Word, and how each Word is a Cup of Light and how those Cups of Light drawn together as one unified action can release the Power of God to make what is out of alignment straight, what is negative into the positive Nature of God, what is failing and flailing about confounded and confused, clear, steadfast and strong. To stand in the fullness of the directive of the Mighty I AM even though they might not know of the Presence, they know that something has changed in their life.  

"The sincere students of the Light know exactly where that gratitude is to go. For their Mighty I AM Presence has been patient for many many embodiments, more than you would care to know — as have the Ascended Masters, the Elohim, even the Great I AM. For do you think for one moment that the One God is so far removed from the Flame upon the Altar of your Heart that He does not know — that She does not know — what is going on?

"O blessed ones, the Body of God is Pervasive, All-Knowing, All-Consuming. The Aspects of God that you have learned to appropriate as God Qualities, as the Great Pranic Breaths, as the Fire of God, all these, blessed ones, are a part of the Body Consciousness of The One. And when that Father-Mother God holds you to the Bosom, the Love of God can be overwhelming, and all of God’s Nature comes to witness this Glorious Love, Comfort and Caring. Regardless of how Fiery, how Dynamic, how Powerful the Hand of God at work in the land or in your life is, there is always the awareness of The One at some level interacting with your life. This you should not forget.

"For there are those initiations of the Flames of God that temporarily may seem to leave you in a state of aloneness, cut-off or separated from the whole of the fabric of God. But if you can remember in those hours of the Initiation to connect with the Flame upon the Altar of your Heart — and hold fast to that Flame — you will know you are not alone, even should the outer circumstances seem to present otherwise. This is the Power of God that can carry you over all travails, all initiations, all that is required for you to come into the Fullness of your Adeptship and ultimately the Ascension in the Light.

"Let your countenance be one of Fearlessness, adopting the knowing that the Presence of God is always there, that you are held in the Hand of God, embraced by the Chohans, the Elohim, the Archangels, the Archeiai and their Angels, and the One God. And when you are called to make that final surge of Power to step into the Ascension Current, you will have what it takes. You will be ready — and the Power of God will never fail you, for you have entered into the Flame of the Will of God; Purity’s Ray is at your Core and the Love of God is greater than any other love. And like the Great Magnet of the Heart of God, you are drawn into that Ascension Flame — returning Home again in the Light, knowing that your sojourn has been God Victorious and you have achieved what your Presence desired. You are ready for all of the Blessing, all of the Newness of Life, and all that your Presence has held within the Mind awaiting your Ascension in the Light to begin. It is a New Beginning, a New Day and a New Momentum.

"Here and now you get to rehearse the New Day each morning, adopting the same perspective, having the clarity of consciousness, the Love of God, Illumination to continue, to receive the Instruction from the Mind of God, all the while they are orchestrated into the patterns of the Grand Design that your Presence desires for you by the Will of God. And at the appropriate hour, when it is nigh the time to manifest a greater momentum, you begin to feel the rising within you — filling your temple to overflowing with more of God than you have realized to that moment, and suddenly you are moved by the Power of God and you know that the Hand of your Mighty I AM is at work and you are prepared to accomplish all that is before you.

"Blessed ones, My Beloved and I await that day for each one who is in embodiment — for it is a glorious day that prepares one for the work that they are to accomplish. And it does not matter how seemingly, on the outer, insignificant is that work or how grand. It is all important for your Heart Flame, your Identity as the Presence of God is important. You are establishing the Presence of your Mighty I AM upon the Earth and that is always in Divine Order for every Son and Daughter of God. Let your Heart Flame soar as you continue the march of your sojourn toward that day when you will return home God Victorious, having embraced each day as a new opportunity until that final day of your Ascension.

"I, Amazonia, instill you with the Momentum of my Power that you might appropriate at the time when you may feel your own Power of God waning. But blessed hearts, there is no power for a lifestream more powerful than that of your own Mighty I AM Presence. Let your Heart be galvanized to the Presence of God to complete all that your Presence desires for you and you will know the right Power, the right use of that Power, the right engagement in life; and you will always have the full expression of the Love for God wherever that Power is exhibited. Then blessed ones, you will know the Hand of God is truly the Doer; your Mighty I AM Presence is the One. Go forward from this day proclaiming the Presence of God as the Will and the Power of your lifestream to get up each day, to engage in opportunity, and to strive for the Victory of the Ascension in the Light. I commend you to Seraphic Hosts and the Will of God. Go forward and stand in the Light of God all your days, fully knowing the Presence of God where you are.  

Beloved Amazonia
through the Anointed Representative®, Carolyn Louise Shearer,   May 6, 2012,   Tucson, Arizona U.S.A. (7)

The Apotheosis of Hercules
Detail from Francois Lemoine's 1736 ceiling painting The Apotheosis of Hercules
in one of the Palaces of Versailles; pages 136 - 137 of Versailles Gardens: Sculpture & Mythology by Jacques Girard

"Daughters of Light, I AM come this morning to tell you of a few wonderful things about yourselves, about the universe, and about your own God Self – the most important and the most vital part of your Being. Without it, life would cease to be. You have heard it said in the past – it is recorded that many of the old and familiar sayings are rooted in antiquity – you have heard it said, "It is really amazing!" Well let me tell you, beloved ones, this saying comes from my name, Amazon. For truly the works of God are amazing, and as the Complement of beloved Hercules I can say to you today that the I AM is amazing. It is truly wonderful to behold the works of God everywhere.

"As I speak to you this morning, I AM particularly imbued with the thoughts about the ancient civilizations of South America. I am thinking this morning of the magnificent attempts made by the Divine Ones at Inner Levels to bring Perfection to this planet. Many of you ladies at present wearing physical forms of far less stature than my own are not able perhaps in ordinary thought to conceive of yourselves in giant form; and yet, if you will look at the statue of the beloved Goddess of Liberty, you may develop a concept of a giant race. During the time when I manifested physically upon this planet, there was a race of magnificent women dwelling in South America that bore my name, Amazon. This is known to some of you, for the geography of South America has given to the River Amazon My Name.

Well, beloved ones, returning now to the thought of South America, I wish to weave in with that thought the greatness of motherhood – not motherhood in the ordinary sense, but Motherhood in the Divine sense; for the time has come when upon this planet there must manifest an understanding once again of the culture of the Mother race. It must be understood that this is not a conflict between sexes, between masculinity and femininity, but it is the upsurge of the Mother principle to take dominion as the principle of culture and virtue and loveliness which gives to a civilization an era of peace wherein the populace may once again master the arts of spinning and weaving from the substance of their dreams days of peace and nights of rest – as you give in your invocations. . . . "

Beloved Amazonia
through the Messenger, Mark Prophet,   September 2, 1961,   U.S.A. (1)

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Great Central Sun Angels

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