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Service to God in Life

  • Also known as:
    • Princess Diana
    • Goddess of Fire (12)
    • Lady Master Diana
    • Ascended Lady Master Diana
    • Princess of the Fire Element (7)
    • Hierarch of the Fire Element
    • Hierarch of the Elementals of Fire
    • Hierarch of the Beings of the Fire Element

  • Twin Flame / Divine Complement / Twin Ray:

  • First Public Dictation / Discourse:
    • June 25, 1944   Chicago, Illinois U.S.A. (5)

  • Divine Ray & Sacred Fire
    • Prana with a color similar to Ruby

  • Office in Hierarchy
    • Diana holds the Office of Hierarch of the Fire Element in our world's Spiritual Hierarchy. Diana embodies the God Consciousness of the Sacred Fire with Her Twin Flame, Prince Oromasis, on behalf of elemental life. (7)
    • Directs the Sacred Fire to the Earth
    • Governs the Electronic Force of the Fire Element
    • Assists in the governing of the mental body

  • Angels
    • Angels of Fire
    • Angels of the Sacred Fire

  • Elementals
    • Fire elementals, also known as "salamanders" (11)

  • Historical and Literary References
    • Diana's Name means "Bright One". (3)
    • The memory of the goddess known to the Romans as Diana (Greek: Artemis) was possibly the result ancient encounters with the Spiritual Hierarchy of Ascended and Cosmic Beings. Their mythology had descended from the elder days and dim memories of earth's first three Golden Ages. After thousands of years, however, the gods and goddesses assumed human characteristics in the minds of the people because of the degeneration of their soul faculties of inner sight and their tendency toward idolatry. Therefore, what is presently ascribed to the mythological Diana may or may not reflect the actuality of the true Hierarch of the Fire Element. (10)
    • Romans also called Diana "Queen of Heaven" and the "Triple Goddess" as (1) Lunar Virgin, (2) Mother of Creatures, and (3) the Huntress (Destroyer). Her major pilgrimage centers were Ephesus and Nemi, the Sacred Grove. She was Dione, Diana Nemorensis, or Nemetona, Goddess of the Moon-grove. (13)
    • As Diana Egeria, patroness of childbirth, nursing, and healing, the Goddess made Nemi's holy spring the "Lourdes" of ancient Rome. (13)
    • Devotion to Diana was so widespread in the ancient world that early Christians viewed her as their major rival. Roman towns all over Europe habitually called the local mother goddess Diana, as later Christian towns were to call her "Madonna". Fortunatus said Diana was the Goddess worshipped at Vernemeton, "which in the Gaulish language means the Great Shrine." In the 5th century A.D., the Gauls regarded her as their supreme deity. Christians spoke slightingly of their custom of adoring the spirit of Diana in a cut branch or a log of wood. (13)
    • At Ephesus, the Goddess was called "Mother of Animals", "Lady of Wild Creatures", and "Many-Breasted Artemis", shown with her entire torso covered with breasts to nourish the world's creatures. In the 4th century A.D., the church took over this shrine and re-dedicated it to the Virgin Mary. One of the earliest churches devoted to "Our Lady" existed at Ephesus in 431; but most of the people believed the Lady was Diana, not Mary. In 432 the Council of Ephesus tried to eliminate devotion to Diana, but the bishops were besieged by crowds demanding, "Give us our Diana of the Ephesians!" (13)
    • An excuse for converting Diana's temples into Mary's churches was provided by a made-to-order legend that Mary lived at Ephesus in her old age. Her tomb was located there, and some Christians even pointed out the house in which she had lived. (13)
    • Gnostic Christians called their Wisdom-Goddess Sophia, and frequently identified her with Diana of Ephesus. When Diana's temple was finally pulled down, its magnificent porphyry pillars were carried to Constantinople and built into the church of Holy Sophia. (13)
    • From available evidence, Diana had been a Latin and Sabine divinity from an older era. Once installed at Rome, her principal worshippers were the plebeians, who were mainly of Latin and Sabine stock. Servius Tullius built a sanctuary to her on the Aventine Hill, and every year thereafter slaves of both sexes celebrated Dies Servorum, the Day of Slaves, since Diana was the protector of slaves. (2)
    • At Rome the most important temple of Diana was on the Aventine. It housed the foundation charter of the Latin League and was said to date back to King Servius Tullius (6th century BC). In her center there, Diana was also considered the protector of the lower classes, especially slaves. The Ides (l3th) of August, her festival at Rome and Aricia, was a holiday for slaves. (3)

"I AM called Diana, yet My Name is taken from 'Dhyani'. For I AM the Mother meditating upon the Fire of the Buddhas on behalf of all of Our children and all elemental life. And so, as Mother Mary does hold the Immaculate Concept for the evolutions of God and also for elemental life, I raise up the Mother Flame. I raise up the Mother Flame with Virgo, with Luara, with the beloved Mother of the Sylphs. May you understand, blessed hearts, how needful this is. May you enter into Our calls in their behalf. . . .

". . . . For remember, our elementals range from those who are the least of the brethren in the earth and in the Nature kingdom all the way to those mighty elementals that serve with Us under the Elohim of God, the Builders of Creation and of the temple of man.

"You will find elementals who have earned a Threefold Flame, who are wise indeed and know all of the secrets of the science of health concerning the body and the earth body. They are chemists and alchemists. They are geologists and engineers. They even work under the Archangels as architects of planetary systems. Thus, when these who are higher up on the scale of the Hierarchy of Our Bands perceive your gentleness, yet your firmness, and your ability to marshal the forces of elementals for good works, they will begin to consider also becoming your obedient servants.

"By definition, the Christed One does have Angels and elementals in His command. Wherefore you remember the words of Jesus, 'Do you think that I cannot in this hour call to My Father and that He will send Twelve Legions of Angels?' (9) Thus you realize that an initiation passed may accord you new contingents of servers.

"Therefore, beloved, if you decide today after hearing all of Us speak to you that you are your own worst enemy, then I suggest that you remember that a house divided against itself cannot stand, (8) and that you understand that the reason it cannot stand is because that house and that individual has no support from any God-Manifestation until this problem [of the psyche] be solved.

"For [one who is] a divided house has not yet entered the path of chelaship. And the one who so allows his four lower bodies to divide him right and left, or his karma or his psychology, should know that this is true. And this may be the root cause of your not going forward on the Path as you can and as you should.

"Contemplate all of these things and know that, at this moment, God in you is the Healer [and He uses] many instruments to that end. You need not take years and years to come to a resolution with your God. It is a matter of your determined will. If you will summon it, you will know that God's Will will join you and you will reach a level of mastery, albeit not the highest level, but [it will be] a level of resolution and harmony whereby you can be assisted.

"I AM Diana, Dhyani. And I AM surely the repository of the Secret Rays of the Buddhas on behalf of elemental life. I come to offer you this help. Will you receive Me and Our Bands as your Helpers, beloved? . . . ."

Beloved Diana
through the Messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet,   July 8, 1990,   Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana, U.S.A. (4)

ascended master

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