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Service to God in Life

  • Also known as:
    • Goddess of the Sun (7)
    • Feminine Aspect of Our Sun (2)
    • Solar Logos
    • Guardian of the Flame (2)
    • Guardian of the Home (2)
    • Guardian of God's Eternal Purity of Life (7)

  • First Public Dictation / Discourse:
    • July 1, 1951   Santa Fe, New Mexico U.S.A. (3)   (7)

  • Twin Flame / Divine Complement / Twin Ray:

  • Angels:
    • Angels of Golden Flame (7)
    • Angels of the Sun (7)

  • Divine Ray & Sacred Fire
    • Flame of Truth
    • Cosmic Honor Flame
    • Purity - the Immortal Purity of Cosmic Christ Love (2)   (7)
    • Golden-Pink Glow Ray

  • Office in Hierarchy
    • Sustains the Physical Sun of our System of Worlds (7)
    • Represents God as Mother for our System of Worlds - keeps the Flame of Mother in this System of Worlds (9)
    • Governs the Fire-Substance from the Physical Sun - the Substance of Cosmic Fire (2)
    • Assists in the guarding of the Purity in the Life of mankind (2)
    • Guards the Substance which surrounds the Sacred Fire, to produce Manifestations which bring Perfection (2)
    • Blesses by the Power of Her Love of the Sacred Fire, which She bestows through Its recognition by those upon the Earth. (2)
    • Guards the Immortal Purity of Cosmic Christ Love (7)

  • Retreat
    • The Temple of the Sun, in the Physical Sun of our System of Worlds (9)

  • Historical and Literary References
    • Vesta, the Roman "Goddess of the Hearth", was worshipped at home as the Deity of the family hearth (the family fireplace). In the houses of ancient Romans, the family hearth was the central part, and the residents met daily at mealtimes and honored Vesta. Her public religious rituals were conducted in a circular shrine, the "hearth" of the community. Here, under a dome-shaped roof, a perpetual fire burned, tended by the Vestal Virgins. (1)   (5)   (11)
    • Vesta was considered to be the protector of the state as well as the home. Her temple was lit by a Sacred Fire, brought by Aeneas from Troy, and tended by six virgin priestesses known as the Vestal Virgins. The Vestal Virgins typified chasity and purity. They were chosen from the noblest families and vowed to a service of 30 years: 10 in learning, 10 in performing, 10 in teaching. They exemplified the home's inviolability and the state's integrity by their virginity. (11)
    • The memory of the Goddess known to the Romans as Vesta (Greek: Hestia) was possibly the result ancient encounters with the Spiritual Hierarchy of Ascended and Cosmic Beings. Their mythology had descended from the elder days and dim memories of Earth's first three Golden Ages. After thousands of years, however, the Gods and Goddesses assumed human characteristics in the minds of the people because of the degeneration of their soul faculties of inner sight and their tendency toward idolatry. Therefore, what is presently ascribed to the mythological Vesta may or may not reflect the actuality of the true Hierarch of the Sun. (5)
    • Godfre: " . . . Those, who guarded the Cosmic Fire which She drew into each home, to sustain the Purity necessary, to bring Boundless Blessings into the Home-Life of mankind - were fortunate indeed, to be held within Her Love and protected by Her Power, to maintain their Purity down through the ages! . . . Those who served Her in the past and guarded the Sacred Fire She gave, were called the Vestal Virgins; and Their Purity was demanded as the First Guard around the Flame! The Sacred Fire She gave in those ages past, was visible and tangible to the physical senses of mankind. In most places throughout the World, It has been withdrawn, because of mankind's unfortunate increasing impurity and discord; but as the Earth passes the Meridian of the Cosmic Cycle into which you have entered, the Cosmic Law demands mankind's recognition of Her once again. . . . The Mighty Being - the Great Cosmic Being, beloved Vesta - pours forth the Cosmic Light Substance out of which the Planets of the System are composed, and which ever abides around each Lifestream to guard It; and definitely govern Its Expansion and use in Cosmic Activities of Creation. . . . " (2)

"There will be the ongoing Instruction of the Law and
the Teaching that embodies the Fullness of Truth."

"Yes, My beloved Helios and My Flame of Brilliance for the planet, come to initiate a New Dispensation and Release of Light, that will bring forth the Priests and Priestesses come again in the full anointed offices in accordance with the Law and the Scepter of their Being. Each of these who will qualify for those offices will be under the direct tutelage of Myself, Vesta, beloved Pallas Athena, Lord Maitreya, and beloved Hilarion.

"There will be the ongoing Instruction of the Law and the Teaching that embodies the Fullness of Truth. This, beloved hearts, will ensure that the coming Golden Age will have all that is necessary to manifest the Fullness of the God-Reality of Life.

"It is not sufficient to know of Life, to know of the Truth, to know of God. It must be incorporated into the fiber of the Being - to the very Core. There must be Truth that is at the Core of the aspects of any Instruction, Teaching, or Message that is given under the auspices of the Great White Brotherhood. . . . "

" . . . For as I placed the Scepter of Authority in the Hand of Pallas Athena, and so on from Pallas Athena to Hilarion, these Priests and Priestesses that go forward will carry the Thread of Contact with My Heart. For in Reality, there is no Truth that goes forward that does not connect with My Heart. There has been afforded this day the Release of the Ray of Light from the Great Central Sun to inaugurate this Dispensation. It is a more than ordinary Release of Light. Unlike other Dispensations, this is not finite. It will continue on as an ongoing Release of Light from the Heart of the Great Central Sun to bring forth the Truth and the Reality of God.

"Where there is error, where there is a misrepresentation, it will be dispelled by My Representatives. And My Representatives will go forward in the Fullness of the Light. And where that Light stands, no untruth, no unreality can stand. For they cannot inhabit the same space at the same time. You cannot co-mingle. You cannot have gray area. For there is Cosmic Law that is very definitely defined. The Vibration, the Rhythm, and the Momentum of that Truth will carry the Light to the heart. . . . "

" . . . There are those who are very aware of even the Physical Sun's new dimensions and activity. I tell you this is as a result of Our Dispensation being released from the Great Central Sun, for there must be a preparation for the holding of that Fire that would be released. Therefore there had to be an organization and a repolarizing of the axis of the Earth and of the Sun to inhabit that Fire. Therefore as We release this into the Center of the Earth, know that all is well, and know that it is not a sign of doom and gloom, but a sign of Victory. For Victory is here and there is a New Day and the Golden Age has come into manifestation as We stand. For you are the beginning. You are that Spark of Light that will light and ignite the world. And you will carry My Torch and My Fire from the Heart of Truth and the Heart of the Sun. . . . "

" . . . I salute you, and My Beloved salutes you, and the Cosmic Councils that have answered to Morya and Saint Germain in the Dispensation of The Temple of The Presence salute you for your Honor to the Flame of God. . . . "

Beloved Vesta
through the Anointed Representative®, Carolyn Louise Shearer,   October 11, 1998,   Chelsea, Vermont U.S.A. (10)

October 1998 solar activity

Great Central Sun Messenger solar activity Great Central Sun Messenger

solar flare

The above animations are composed of actual photographic images that have been transmitted back from the SOHO/LASCO space probes. As you can see, two interesting objects (Beings?) enter our Physical Sun, followed shortly after by a release of awesome Solar Fire.


"I AM the Embodiment of the Power of Invocation, by which Universal Life and Light begin an Active Expression of Usefulness. Life is the servant of Flame, as Light is the natural Radiation of Life. Without any Intelligent Director, Life would remain forever unformed and quiescent.

"Within Life, the Godhead has placed every Power, Attribute, Capacity and Virtue which is His. Man must learn of Its Presence and how to draw forth Its Fullness! He must become vested with the Power of Creation. Love of Life and a desire to understand Its Nature, precede My Service to the evolving soul. I then invest them with the Knowledge of Life's Potentialities and Their Capacity to unfold and draw forth from Life the Fullness that God has incorporated into this Ever-Present, Intelligent, Vital Substance. My Activity is to draw forth, mold and externalize this Potential Perfection through My pupils.

"The activity of the Vestal Virgins has been little understood. They were God Egos who volunteered at certain periods of Earth's development, to take incarnation and, through devotion to the Sacred Fire, vitalize definite Causes dedicated to further the evolution of the race. This concentrated Presence of the Sacred Fire, drawn Earthward and sustained by the Guarding Lifestreams of the Virgins, was the sustaining Power of these movements - civic, religious, artistic, educational, cultural, etc. The Vestal Virgins were vested with Power, and invested in a world Cause or a local Cause through My Lifestream.

"For instance, an advanced being desires to bring to the human race the Art which he has developed in the Octave of Light. Working at Inner Levels, under the Chohan of Art, he feels the race would benefit in soul growth by seeing, absorbing, and creating this Perfect Art (which up to this point may never have been expressed on Earth before.)

"The Lords of Karma hear his plan and weigh his worth and capacities. Then, looking at the World Plan, if his endeavor is auspicious at a given hour, acquiesce to his desire to incarnate and bring his gift to humanity. He must interest these contemporary spirits in his cause. They must not only love him, but be found capable of offering beneficial talents, capacities, etc., according to their soul growth and nature. They, too, must be passed by the Lords of Karma.

"If this being is fortunate enough to secure fellow beings willing to assist him, then the sponsor and his group come before Me (Vesta) and they are individually and collectively invested in this movement in the Name of God. I take the final responsibility for investing souls, Life, Time, Energy, Intelligence, in a Cause, and the resultant effect (the failures and successes) become My personal obligation to Life. The Cause is carefully studied, its possible beneficial results for the race, the nature and capacities of the Sponsor and volunteers are examined before such investment takes place. All those invested are then, in turn, vested with the Power and Authority of the Sacred Fire, to draw out of Life everything their Intelligence prompts them to call forth to perfect, protect, beautify and expand the Cause they serve. They carry more Power than the masses, for they have been Cosmically Ordained.

"During the entire course of incarnation, they work consciously or unconsciously for the Cause they vowed to serve at Inner Levels, and, naturally, I AM vitally interested in their progress. In times of crises, because of My personal responsibility, I AM privileged to enter into the Cause and Vitalize it with My Power and Light. . . ."

Beloved Vesta
through the Messenger, Geraldine Innocente,   July 17, 1951   U.S.A. (2)

Sunlight Radiating

"Beloved ones of God's Heart, treading the Pathway of Earth, know Thou art the Home of God's Heart's Flame, whose Life forever comes forth in Cosmic Action to bless, to love and to forever expand Its Glorifying Power and produce Purity everywhere.

"As We enter into the Release of that Great Purifying All-Christ Fire, which guards the Home of God's Life to the Earth, know that each of you from today, becomes the Ham and Flame of Love from My Heart. Will you consider yourselves as such, and guard carefully the Gift of God, for It is All-Powerful! It is ever the Great Onward Flow of All Perfection to this Earth, from the Great Beings Who have designed Its Cosmic Destiny of Beauty, Perfection and Ever-expanding Light to produce the Miracles of Creation and bring Joy that is Eternal.

"Try to know that the Flame of Love from My Heart, is the Guardian of your Life's Flame in this World, The Cosmic Fire of My Love is the Guardian of the Purity which Life in you must forever express. The Fire of My Love is the Guardian of the Home of the whole race of mankind. Therefore, America is Mine to guard" America's People are the Sacred Fire from the Heart of the Central Sun! It is My Great Privilege to hold Life's Trust, as Guardian of the Life of God's Heart here.

"The Immortal Purity of Cosmic Christ Love forever shall I guard, and those who are struggling God-ward on the Pathway of Purity, shall be held within the Flame of My Heart - which I assure you, is the Power of Immortal Protection throughout this Whole System of Worlds. . . . "

" . . . Just as surely, as the Light consumes the darkness, can the Flame of My Heart's Love, bring Purity and Peace and Protection to Life, to all that is constructive. Therefore, those who wish to guard with Me, the Cosmic Christ Freedom to the Earth of the beloved Mighty I AM Presence can become the Home of My Heart's Flame. You will know what it means to enter into the Cosmic Action of the Power of Our Life Streams, to assist you, to stand against that which otherwise will destroy you.

"Your beloved I AM Presence! Praise It for Eternity! Love It without limit! Adore It! Serve It! Dwell within It, and know It is the Home of your Everlasting Perfection! When the disturbing conditions of the outer world seek to again cast their suffering upon Life, retire within the Flame of Our Love - first of all the Love from your beloved I AM Presence, the Love Flame from Our Hearts, the Hearts of the Ascended Host and the Cosmic Beings, and dwell within the Great Fire-Substance from Our Great Temples of Life, which ever pours forth Power mankind as yet, cannot direct in the physical World.

"In order to overcome the conditions of destruction, that seek always to prevent the fulfillment of the Divine Plan in this World, there must come to your assistance, My dear ones, more of the All-Christ Fire of Our Love! You have got to have this Love, if you are going to have Protection; whether it be against war or the destruction that sometimes acts through the Powers of Nature, or mankind's own frightful creation.

"If you will one day place this All-Christ Love from the Heart of your beloved I AM Presence before everything in the physical World - you will know that It is your Home! Demand that the outer self live in It! Know that It is the Guard of all the Powers of your Life Flame, which you desire to use in this World. Then you will find My Words fulfilled, as I pour this Love to you today. You might seek throughout all Creation, for all Eternity, and you will find My Words True forever! You will find the Great Principle of all Creation is the Great Love Flame of Life - Whose Authority, as the Cosmic Christ, is forever in command and controlling all! . . . . "

Beloved Vesta
through the Messenger, Edna Wheeler Ballard,   July 1, 1951   Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.A. (7)

This small solar image is the latest SOHO EIT photograph, and it is updated daily.
The NASA Sun information page can be found by clicking the picture.

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Great Central Sun Angels

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