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Retreat of God's Will in Darjeeling, India

Taj Mahal

"The Master El Morya, Chief of the Darjeeling Council, is the great Being whose responsibility is the guardianship and evolution of the great Asiatic continent and its peoples, as well as the supervision of the governments of the world. His beautiful home, situated in the hills outside of the city of Darjeeling, is the meeting place of those individuals who have dedicated themselves to the promotion of the highest type of national and world government and international brotherhood, based on the raising of the standards of the individual and the nation to a Godly estate. His activity is the direct antithesis of the communistic doctrines, which promulgate the leveling of the consciousness and personal estate of every man to the subnormal status of the illiterate masses. The great leaders, who have been raised up in the constructive countries throughout the world, are under his protection and guidance, and many of them, at inner levels, attend the council meetings at Darjeeling and benefit by the instruction and teachings of this Master of Wisdom, whose policy is based on the actual Spiritual Government of the Father of all life, who, with his Spiritual Hierarchy, regulates the progress and evolution of all created beings.

"At this time in the history of mankind's evolution, sincere people are seeking, earnestly, to know "God's Will," and it is to the feet of the great Chohan of the First Ray, El Morya, Who represents the will of God to the Earth, that all must come, in order to understand, more fully, the Divine Plan and the voluntary part each one may play in fulfilling it. For this reason, the beloved Sanat Kumara has directed the consciousness of mankind toward the Presence of El Morya . . . so that all who are desirous of absorbing his Consciousness and becoming an active and actual part in expanding the Kingdom of Heaven, may have the opportunity of acquainting themselves, firsthand, with His Consciousness, His Flame and His Ray.

"As we drive out of the city of Darjeeling, the road winds slowly upward into the foothills of the ageless mountains that stretch, like unbroken waves of an endless sea, toward the far horizon. Turning off the main highway, we enter a gracious treelined drive, reminiscent of the spacious English countryside, and come, suddenly, upon the exquisite white palace, which is the home of El Morya in India. It is built on the oriental style of the Taj Mahal, and at either end are rounded minarets, that rise a full story above the main building. Through the glass walls of one of these minarets, we are privileged to see the instruments which denote the Master's keen interest in astronomy, the great telescope, and other machinery dedicated to the study of the stars and planets of the system.

"The other minaret seems to be an exquisite sanctuary, in which the furnishings are done in royal blue and pure, unrelieved white. As we stand at the foot of the long column of marble steps, leading to the massive golden doors, on each of which is a crest of a great MR, held within a chalice, unseen hands draw the white velvet curtains around the tower rooms and they seem to blend with the white stone of the building itself. Our guide pulls the long chain hanging beside the great doors, and a melodious bell sounds, reverberating through the stillness of the countryside. The doors open silently, and the splendor of the magnificent entrance hall is revealed.

"The gracefully-carved double stairway arches over a most exquisite life-size tapestry of King Arthur, sitting with his knights, at the Round Table. Into it have been woven the glorious colors that only the Kashmiri weavers could have drawn forth. Looking upward, a great prism in the vaulted ceiling has caught the natural rays of the sun and pours them in a veritable rainbow of color into the hall below. The door on the right is closed, and again we note the crest of the Master woven into its elaborate design. A golden plate signifies, in Sanskrit, that it is the council room of the Brotherhood.

"Raising our eyes to the balcony formed by the meeting staircases, we can see the full-length portraits of many of our Master friends and this gallery stretches beyond our line of vision in either direction, leading no doubt to the guest rooms and the sieeping quarters of the palace. In the exact center of the entrance hall is a beautiful replica of the Taj Mahal, its tallest minarets about five feet high, complete in every detail, and the lily pool in front of it is filled with sparkling, effervescent water and fragrant lotus blossoms of every size and color.

"The door on the left hand side of the hall is open, and we can see an exquisite drawing room, with a fire burning on the grate, and a large vase of roses on the carved rosewood piano, the music still open upon the rack, as if someone had just been playing there. A fine china tea service is set before the fire and, although the whole atmosphere is the personification of splendor and elegance, there is an atmosphere of homeliness and warmth that enters deeply into the heart.

"Suddenly, framed in the open door, stands the beautiful figure of our Host, smiling gently, his soft brown hair falling in waves on his shoulders. He is wearing the snow white, tapered trousers, and soft-soled, seamless shoes of the East, with the overtunic which reaches to the knees. Around his waist, is the royal blue girdle, tied on the right side, each end embroidered with the same unique design that we noted on the doors, the MR within the Grail.

"Coming forward with outstrethed hands to greet us, we enter the warm embrace of his loving Presence and are happily drawn into the room which we observed from the hall. We note the beautiful oil paintings, a lovely English Manor House hanging over the mantel piece, and woven tapestries containing phrases from those songs which our Master wrote, not so long ago, are grouped along the walls. 'The heart that has truly loved never forgets.'

"A hand-carved desk stands at the far end of the room, framed in a bay window leading out into formal gardens, the soft colors of the English garden flowers blending with the more flagrant shades of the eastern blooms. On the desk is a portrait of the Brother, Kuthumi.

"We are drawn, by our Host, to the fireside and a silent brother serves us refreshment, while our Host weaves for us the magic carpet on which we rise mentally and spiritually into the world of His stories and are completely caught up in His Consciousness and Feeling. While seemingly entertaining our outer consciousness, we find that the substance within our brain, which has blurred the vision of our divine plan and the world plan, is being drawn off, and we can see, clearly, the pattern of our own lives unfolding before us, as well as the clear design of the God-Plan for our earth and all its evolving life. The clouds of uncertainty and confusion drop away and we know our purpose and our reason for being, and our place in the eternal scheme of things. Thank you, oh beloved El Morya, Master of Love, for so kindly and gently revealing to us God's Will. May we embody Your Strength now and go forward to fulfill it, happily, joyously, and in full God-accomplishment, through the Light which is the Essence of our very heartbeat!" (4)

The Darjeeling Council:

  • The Darjeeling Council regularly meets at of El Morya's etheric Retreat.
  • The Temple of God's Will (Temple of Good Will) and the Palace of Light are both located at Darjeeling.

Those serving at the Retreat in Darjeeling:

  • Brothers of the Diamond Heart (1)
  • Brotherhood at Darjeeling (2)

Keynote of Ascended Master El Morya's Retreat in Darjeeling:

  • Pomp and Circumstance by Elgar (2)

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Great Central Sun Angels

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