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Ascended Master Morya El

              Morya El              
Based upon original portrait of Morya by Hermann Schmiechen in 1884
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Service to God in Life

  • Ascended:

  • First Public Dictation / Discourse:
    • May 15, 1938   New York, New York U.S.A. (1)   (6)

  • Twin Flame / Divine Complement / Twin Ray:

  • Embodied as:
    • Abraham, the Hebrew patriarch
    • Melchior, one of the Three Wise Men who paid homage to the Christ Child (First Century B.C.)
    • King Arthur (503 - 579 A.D.), the King of the Britons and Leader of the Knights of the Round Table
    • Saint Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury (1118 - 1170)
    • Saint Thomas More (1478 - 1535)
    • King Akbar the Great [Abu-ul-Fath Jalal-ud-Din Muhammad Akbar] (1542 - 1605)
    • El Morya Khan - Adept / Unascended Master (3)

  • Divine Quality

  • Divine Ray & Sacred Fire
    • Flame of God's Will
    • Blue Ray
    • Blue Flame (8)

  • Office in Hierarchy
    • Chohan of the First Ray (9)

  • Retreat

  • Music Keynote
    • Land of Hope and Glory

Morya's Diamond Heart

Anchoring the Will of God in the Earth

" . . . For you to gain your Ascension there are certain requirements of the Law necessary for you to fulfill: balance more than half, fifty-one percent, of your own karma; grasp the understanding of each of the Seven Rays; put on the garment of the Christ; and, most assuredly, integrate into the fulfillment of your Divine Plan that Mission which your God Presence vowed you would accomplish. You together you and your Presence as One Being vowed before the Altar of the Almighty that you would perform the perfect work at the right time and in the place provided, for you too have within your consciousness the ability to attain to that which you are required by the Law to accomplish.

"There is likewise the necessity to reach higher. For you to accelerate to a higher state of awareness, the Messengers must hold high for you that attunement, that certain vibration of the Ascended Master Consciousness. This will set in motion a magnet of Ascended Master Fire so that you might continue to reach high, to reach for the Star of your own God Presence. The desire of the Brotherhood is to convey the understanding of what it means to stand in the Earth and yet know that absolute Perfection at inner levels is alive, is functioning to the highest degree of the Mind of God, sending forth Rays of God Consciousness to affect the world. The Core of your being must hold the elemental essence tethered for you to keep your physical body for the completion of your mission in this life. All these things are lavished upon you, Beloved, because there is Cosmic Law, because there is this immovable Foundation where you are upheld by the working of the Mind of God, the Heart of God, the Light and Love of God.

"As your attention to these highest planes of consciousness is held there by the Messengers, you are able to continue to soar, to soar to heights without limitation. This, Beloved, will take you beyond where you have ever thought or imagined possible once you have touched the Heart Flame of the Mighty I AM, once you have allowed for the Light of the God Presence to be in command of your lifestream, once you have proven that you can be tested with greater initiations, once your own God Presence can trust that having given its Light, that Light will be used wisely and will not be squandered, will not be misused, nor will there be any harm to other parts of life. Then you, Beloved, will be entrusted with greater increments of Light. You will have the Power necessary within your own Electronic Body of the I AM sufficient to change the world!

"Upon the day of your Ascension, given the attainment that you are able to garner while in incarnation, there is no limit to what can be accomplished by your lifestream as the Ascended Master, the Ascended Being magnified with the fullness of all that God has to give.

"What remains in the Ascended State are the positive momentum that you have already garnered while in the physical body. The momentums that you garner now and have garnered throughout your many incarnations will determine, upon your Ascension, the virtues and capabilities stored within your Causal Body ready to be activated, ready to be put into the fullness of the use that is determined by your God Presence or the collective Wisdom of the Ascended Masters.

"This is why some have far greater responsibility immediately upon ascending than do others. For, lifetime after lifetime, these stalwart ones have accumulated momentums of God-Good, momentums of stored, perfected Light and God Consciousness, enabling their own God Presence to accelerate them into greater opportunity. . . ."

Beloved El Morya
through the Anointed Representative®, Carolyn Louise Shearer,     May 21, 2003,   Tucson, Arizona U.S.A. (11)

El Morya
Reproduction of a precipitated picture of Master Morya from the late 1800s

"Little keys unlock the biggest doors, and man must be ready to
walk through and not stand hesitatingly upon the threshold."

" . . . Now I direct you into a Cause, a Direction for that Violet Flame. And that Violet Flame, beloved ones, must dissolve, must transmute all of the thoughtforms of cataclysm, all of the thoughtforms of negativity that are collecting in the atmosphere of Earth. This is not that you will put your attention on this. This is so that you will understand that the release of your Call is dissolving increment by increment and tearing away at that thoughtform till that thoughtform will no longer exist, and it will be dissolved, transmuted - cause, effect, record, and memory - from the consciousness of the planet.

"This is essential, for if there is not the Work of the Violet Flame going forward, and there is the continual adding to this thoughtform, it will create more and more havoc for the planet to deal with.

"I tell you, this is not a time to run underground. This is a time to stand in the sun, and to give the Calls and be the Masters of the Sacred Fire that you have been trained to become! This is the time for you to give the Instruction and the Teaching of the Violet Flame to all those whom you come in contact with. This is the time for you to dissuade all those with fear, and records of death that are hovering in their mental body, their emotional body, that would cause the fear to add to those thoughtforms in the astral plane.

"You can bring comfort to those who are tying into that mega-thoughtform. You can bring the understanding of the Law that it is no more than a 'paper tiger'. It is not real. It exists only in the imagination of those who have conjured it. It is easy to transmute. It is easy to dissolve. And once there are sufficient numbers of the students of the Ascended Masters who are aware of this, there will no longer be the grave concern by many on the planet who are reveling in the day of the so-called 'Armageddon' - which does not exist, beloved ones. It is only in the imagination - the 'eye-magic' misqualified with the absence of the Love of God.

"The Blue Flame, the Will of God, is for your ability to propel into Action the Love of God, guided by the Wisdom of Illumination's Ray, that you might have the Fullness of the Opportunity to be the Christ in Action. As these times and cycles move forward, there should not be one concern by any of the Lightbearers who are true students of the Ascended Masters as to the Reality of God in Action. For if God were not in Action, if the Ascended Masters were not sending forth the Balance of the Action of the Ray of God into the Earth, there would already have been such cataclysm as to have started a cycle of transferring Lightbearers to other parts and other galaxies to continue to balance their karma.

"But We, in the Ascended Octaves, see the Vision, see the Potential, see the Light that is manifesting in the Earth. And the Great Central Sun is sending forth Currents of Light and Cosmic Rays to hold that balance. The Sun of Even Pressure is meeting that Balance with a corresponding Action.

"There is the anchoring into the Earth of Cosmic Currents of Fire from certain Ascended Masters to help hold this Balance. The students who are the true devotees of God are holding a Balance. Do not always expect that when something occurs in your life, that it is a personal reaction to one another. You must understand that many times you as a Lightbearer, as one who has consciously vowed to hold the Balance for the Earth, are holding a Balance for a particular need from Cosmic Levels.

"Not always is the circumstance of your lifestream dealing with something on a personal level. But you tend to personalize every action. Wake up to the Reality that you have vowed at Inner Levels, you have said 'I will hold the Balance. I will be a Whirling Sun of Light.' Understand, beloved ones, that you are doing just that. And there is great merit. And the Ascended Masters do not forget Their Friends of Light.

"And where there is the Opportunity to intercede for and on behalf of those Friends of Light who have helped throughout the ages, believe Me, We stand for your Victory! We know who can be counted on. We know who We can depend upon. And We know the level of your commitment. We know the Fire that you can hold. We know just how much you can hold and no more.

"So do not always expect that it is a personal initiation. For many of you have entered into world service long before you knew there was a thing such as world service on the outer. . . . "

Beloved El Morya
through the Anointed Representative®, Carolyn Louise Shearer,     October 16, 1998,   Chelsea, Vermont U.S.A. (5)

King Arthur

" . . . I AM the Chohan (Lord) of the First Ray and my Activity concerns the bringing into visible, tangible, and practical manifestation right here the Will of Good for the planet Earth and all her evolutions. Believe me, dear hearts, when I say that most people who hear of me for the first time (and, alas, some who have heard of me many times!) regard me as some mystical being in a fairy tale who for fancy's sake alone they hope exists. However, in their hearts they secretly question my reality.

"Now, many of you know that I AM a Real, Living, Vibrant Being of Divine Love and Light who when in embodiment in similar situations to yours today, before My Ascension, once faced the same kinds of conditions and feelings of joy and sorrow which some of you are facing. When I finally made My Ascension into the Realm of the Ascended Host (in 1898), that victory was accomplished only after I had fully repaid all my karmic debts to life through service rendered by drawing forth the Full Purity and Power of My Own beloved I AM Presence.

"This I AM Presence is the only Light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world and it is the Beloved One who Lights everyone's way all the way 'Home' to the Realms of Eternal Life. This fulfillment of all my long-awaited hopes came about only after I had consciously united Myself with that Ever-Loving and Enfolding God Presence which I AM.

"When such a Union of My Inner and outer consciousness took place in the Victory of My Ascension, it did not mean that I ceased to be. Rather, My consciousness merged completely with My own God Self. Thus I attained my eternal liberation from all things human in its boundlessness of Divine Love, Wisdom, and Power. This Divine Being of Light and Love of which I have now become a part - and which I AM - radiates forth Constant Grace and much Silent Help to this entire planet and all its evolutions, of which you are presently a part.

"Although invisible to the physical sight of unascended mankind, I AM indeed a Divine Friend to all Life, one wholly free from all human limitations and distresses. These I learned victoriously to master while here in embodiment by the use of the selfsame Laws which you are being taught today. Now, if you will accept it, I constantly offer Loving Help to all, particularly to everyone who will consciously accept My Reality and call to Me.

"Would you like to have My Loving and Willing Help to enable you, too, to be free more quickly from everything human and to be able to abide in this realm with me, beloved Saint Germain, Jesus, and many, many more of your Divine Friends and loved ones of the past?

"Then make a simple daily call to Me in the Name of your own beloved I AM Presence - and be faithful in the daily giving thereof - asking Me to help you externalize right here in your daily living your own individual Divine Plan, which is the Will of God for you. Such calls, faithfully offered up, will open the doors of your world wider and wider each day to a bit o' Heaven manifesting in your world and thus increase the scope of your loving service to all. Thus will you be giving obedience to that part of the cosmic law which is so powerfully expressed in the Lord's Prayer as 'Thy Will be done on Earth.'

"Your decree could be something like this:

Beloved Mighty Victorious Presence of God I AM in me and beloved Ascended Master Morya, help me and all sons and daughters of God today and always to so live and bless Life that we easily, quickly, and perfectly fulfill the Divine Plan of our lifestreams, which is the doing of God's Holy Will. I consciously and gratefully accept Your Assistance to this end.

"If you will make this call for yourself and your own world, you can and will be freed from the disease of delay, the regretful procrastination of the human. Then, because all Life is one, as a few lifestreams begin to make the call and faithfully continue so to do, the Radiance of their Faith will expand and expand until more and more lifestreams will avail themselves of this tremendous Help now being offered.

"Mankind are living in times when unusual Opportunities for their Freedom are at hand. Wise is he who takes full advantage. . . ."

Beloved El Morya
through the Messenger, Mark Prophet,   1958,   U.S.A. (4)

Original portrait of Master Morya by Hermann Schmiechen in 1884

"Beloved chela, I have stood in more dingy lecture rooms in large cities, by the side of more sweet-minded men and women hopefully presenting a phase of Truth to a handful of pitiful seekers during the last fifty years than I could count in the measure of an hour's time. Ah! yes, I have been in many places, many hearts, and by many dear shepherds' sides . . . even on the pulpits of many an orthodox church, to the unconscious benefit of a presiding minister or priest who would probably exorcise My Person in horror if he knew of My Presence. I AM well acquainted with exorcism!

"Is it not pathetic, that the One Source from whence all Blessings flow must be in the cup of the worshipper's choosing, or he will dash the cup from the Visitant's Hand and vilify the Visitant. That is one reason We wear the gossamer veils of invisibility that separate Us from the physical sight of those We Love.

"The Principle of Life is that when an individual dedicates himself to becoming a Teacher of the Law, if his motive is to spread the Light, and not to make a living, We immediately enfold such an one in Our Protection and Guidance. We would like such sincere hearts to have an Opportunity to unfold in a place of Beauty . . . and someday this shall be.

"I AM your Friend of Light forever and My Presence shall never be dissolved by the immature fanaticism of the 'faithful'.

"Yours to command - Morya

Beloved Master Morya
through the Messenger, Geraldine Innocente,   September, 1952,   U.S.A. (2)

Copyright © Marius Michael-George / Contact:

" . . . Let Us clear the decks today concerning the Power of your own Freedom acting right here; and determine with all the Power and Activity of your Presence, to no longer accept discordant appearances in the outer world.

"Beloved ones, why do you still find it difficult to release yourselves from certain things? With one it is the health, with another it is the financial supply. Just because you are unknowingly allowing your attention to fasten to the appearance of the condition. Because your pocket seems to be empty you declare you have no money. From the appearance standpoint, you do not have it in manifestation; but here (pointing above) you do have it. Your Presence has all the money in creation - all you could ever use in the world; but because you are accepting the fact that your pocket or pocket-book is empty, it keeps your attention fixed upon the appearance. The repellent force or fear, or whatever is acting is depriving you; because you give it more power in your sphere of activity, your physical focus here, than you do your Mighty I AM Presence. You have not given the Presence the full Power which belongs to It. You do not give It the opportunity to act.

"Will you take the same stand that the Messengers did, when Saint Germain asked them to go forth? They did not have any money either. It was just enough to get to Philadelphia, but they put the whole activity up to the Presence. They said: 'Now Mighty I AM Presence, this is Your Work! You have all the supply, money and everything else that is required to supply us and send us forward, if You want to do it,' and the Presence did! The Mighty I AM Presence answered!

"In every problem, whether it be your health, finances or whatever it may be, please try to do the same thing; and see if it will not give you complete release. If it be your health say: 'Mighty I AM Presence this is your body! I call on the Law of Forgiveness for all the mistakes I have made and for getting into this condition. I want to fulfill the Law! This is Your body! You take command of it and make it perfect.' Dear hearts, do you think there is anything in the world that could stand between you and your health, if you do that? In doing this, you have given all power unto the Presence, which is all Health. Its Ray of Light and Energy is beating your heart! Then, how in the world could you fail to accept Its Health?

"The same way with your pocket-book: 'Mighty I AM Presence! here I AM for service!' Whether you want to give a particular service to the Light or in the business world; you are still serving the Light, if it be constructive and it is not harming anyone. This is one thing I hope I can get clear to you, dear ones: The outer world requires tremendous service yet in industry and business activities. You cannot all leave the business activity to go into the Service of the Light; because you still need material food as yet. So let the Power of Wisdom just raise you into the next step, the next, and on, and on. Do not humanly try to go ahead and do that. Just say: 'Mighty I AM Presence here I AM. I AM ready, I AM willing! send me forth and cause me to do the Perfect Thing that You wish me to do every moment.' Then, you will just step right on, and on, and on, into the Perfect Activity of the moment. That is what is needed today. . . . "

Beloved Ascended Master Morya El
through the Messenger, Godfre,   May 15, 1938,   New York, New York U.S.A. (1)

ascended master

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