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               Fortuna, Goddess of Supply                Ascended Master
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Goddess of Supply

"A New Era of Radiant Hope and Blessings"

"The great struggle for mankind to amass wealth is so unnecessary. The beautiful intent of God is to release the fullness of Himself to all who will make the necessary preparation to receive Him. He who has God has all wealth and cannot really lack any good thing. It is most regrettable, but true, that the minds of men are so overly prone to receive negative ideas of lack, originating in the downward spirals of human misqualification, that they suffer thereby the reverse of the Perfect Supply which Universal Law would bestow upon all.

"Perceiving to what end the struggles of mankind lead them, I AM spurred with Infinite Compassion to release a formula for greater supply to all. The simple rules of metaphysics concerning supply and demand do not always seem to work, even when the blessed students, who are ever so sincere, struggle so hard to apply them. This is of course one of the reasons why manifestation does not occur, simply because there is too much sense of struggle and not enough faith and trust in the accuracy of Divine Law.

"Dear Hearts, un-fortune-ately people do not, as Beloved El Morya has often pointed out, apply the Science of Co-measurement to events. The idea of prosperity standing just around the corner does not appeal to individuals wondering where their next meal is coming from. They do not consider that God, Who feeds the proverbial sparrow, has taken great care of them through millenniums of embodiments and has the richest Blessings the Universe can hold, ready and waiting to lower into manifestation in their worlds. There is a tendency toward despondency or doubt whenever fervent cries are uttered and no immediate response is self-evident.

"Co-measurement is a doctrine of patience. It contains within its idea of Pure Righteousness the Law of Cause and Effect. This Law demonstrates that out of experience is born understanding and compassion for men in various roles. The prince of former times, embodied as the pauper of the present hour, is able to feel a personal empathy for this strata of life. The reverse situation also has its attendant blessings, for the prince of the present era may fare better in performing acts of grace through wisdom gained from the pauper of the past. While no hard and fast other than the Law of Karmic Justice functions herein, it is a fact that the soul often expands under duress in a manner that might not be possible were no test in evidence.

"Men would often be unwilling to change lots with those whom they may almost envy, if they knew the total dimensions the 'lucky' person who 'has everything' must absorb and cope with. So, Beloved Ones, the patience of Job is a great blessing and of greater value in cutting karmic cords than men may realize. At times there occurs the unfortunate feeling of resentment and blame which some people express in their hearts toward the Deity when all does not go just as they expect - and this rebellion does not help their cause. Cutting themselves Free from any feeling of resentment to any part of Life is one of the first steps of Faith which will open the door of understanding to the fullness of Co-measurement and a release of karmic restraint which The Great Law may have imposed upon them in order to assist the expansion of their souls' evolution.

"When the ballast of human creation is released, the healing 'helium' of Spiritual Buoyancy raises the feelings of men and women to new heights of hope and grandeur. The windows of Heaven are then opened that a Blessing they cannot contain may be poured out upon them, for, lo, 'the heaven and Heaven of heavens cannot contain Thee'.

"O, Blessed Ones, How very great is the LAW OF ABUNDANCE. 'I AM COME THAT THEY MIGHT HAVE LIFE AND THAT MORE ABUNDANTLY' is a wondrous affirmation, whose Power is indomitable. Affirming this statement in your heart, after shedding unwanted feelings of envy, doubt, and despair, will raise the mind to a state of receptivity where God, the Mighty 'I AM' Presence, can bestow the fullness of His Treasures of Light!

"I, too, AM anxious to bestow upon all the students and upon the dear world, with its sleeping hamlets full of little children, a New Era of Radiant Hope and Blessings, in which every tiny babe of Light may respond to the ministrations of Love from his Mother's Heart. I salute the Mothers of the world and all womankind to call to their attention the good Fortunes which are already theirs, and the blessed Opportunities which increase their dimensions each day. One day every Son of Heaven shall be able to hope for the treasures of a young prince, because the knowledge that he is born in his Heavenly Father's House is early conveyed to him, and that the world is a brighter place because Love has expanded so very much.

"O, Love that will not let men go, draw them back to the fullness of their Divine Consciousness which makes all men aware of the Treasures of Heaven and the Love that would shower upon them, as joyous Golden Sunbeams of Power, spinning thought into the wondrous Manifest Reality of Heavenly Bliss.

"I AM your Golden-Hearted, Mother of Supply,


Beloved Fortuna
through the Messenger, Mark Prophet,   1963,   U.S.A.


Meditation music: "Seek Ye First the Kingdom of Heaven"

Great Central Sun Angels

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