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John the Beloved

             John the Beloved             

Service to God in Life

  • Also known as:
    • John the Apostle
    • John the Revelator
    • Ascended Master John the Beloved

  • Ascended:
    • John the Beloved is now an Ascended Master. From among those involved in the foundation of the Christian Dispensation, He was the only one besides John the Baptist, Jesus and His Mother Mary to attain the Ascension at the close of those embodiments.

  • First Public Dictation / Discourse:
    • December 21, 1937   Los Angeles, California U.S.A. (4)

  • Embodied as:
    • John, one of the 12 Apostles of Jesus (closest to Jesus)
    • Johnathan, one of the dearest friends of King David (which was a past embodiment of Jesus)
    • Benjamin, one of the brothers of Joseph of the "coat of many colors" (His father Jacob had twelve sons and one daughter by his two wives, Leah and Rachel, and their maidservants, Bilhah and Zilpah. The children were Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Issachar, Zebulun, daughter Dinah, Joseph, and Benjamin.)

  • Divine Quality
    • Divine Love (9)

  • Divine Ray & Sacred Fire
    • Pink
    • Ruby

  • Angels
    • Angels of Love
    • Angels of the Holy City (8)

  • Electronic Pattern:
    • Maltese cross (9)

  • Retreat
    • Retreat of the Holy City, in the etheric realm over Tucson, Arizona (9) (17)   "Within the Etheric City, where my home and Retreat reside, is a great and glorious fountain of Light, of tribute and devotion to God. The Pink Flame that is upon the Altar is one that, through and through, you will see scintillating every dimension of God Love from the very delicate, most sense pervading Love of devotion to that which is the intensity of Ruby Action. It, likewise, is a great focus for all to be able to galvanize, to refresh and to reinforce their own Heart’s Love to see the Flame of Love expand as they place their attention upon that Glorious Altar and Flame — to have the sensation once more return of the flood of the return of their own God Love from the I AM, soothing the emotional body, refreshing the physical body, and allowing the mind to rest while it centers in the Heart of the Mind of God." (16)

  • Music Keynote

You Do Not Walk Alone

"Blessed Hearts of the Most High, I AM John, the Beloved of God, and the Lover of God. I would bring you comfort and the understanding that you do not walk alone, that you have beside you the Holy Presence of your own true God Identity, that you have forging through the Heart the office of your Christhood, and round about, standing as the guardians of Light, the Ascended Masters, the Holy Angels and the Elohim, who would send forth to your life all the increments of Life, Light and Love that you require.

"This is so that your sojourn may be filled with Light, allowing you to taste the octaves of the physical plane to bring them into the proximity of your control and, yes, Beloved, to understand that it is not for your own gratification that you are here in incarnation, but it is so that you might further expand the Creation of God. The Love of your God Presence — for the Heart of God desired to do more than could be accomplished from the Inner Realms of Light — and it was this that propelled the Will of your own God Presence to come to this vast way station that would allow you the opportunity to embrace a new way, to create a new way to thrust the Heart of God into all areas of life, and have that Heart resonate, expounding upon the vibration of the Higher Plane of the Ascended Octaves of Light.  

"Many have been on this Earth plane for so very long that they have forgotten what it was like to stand in the transcendency of the Light of their God Presence — to see all about them the scintillating Fire dancing upon the screen of their mind and their eye, the joyous patterns, reverberations, and vibrations rhythmically impressed upon life.

"In the course of your incarnations, having moved away increment by increment from this way of life, you began to adopt the areas of life that were foreign in nature, but oh so different, and you desired to enter into those different ways to touch, taste, smell, to have the sensation of the Earth. Rightly, this is a part of the process of your integration into these planes, the sub-planes, the areas of the Christ Virtues so that you might wield the discipline over the lesser vehicles and know how to move within each of the great Pranas of Life. But having once touched, tasted, smelled, and moved within these currents, it was necessary for you to stay tethered to the pole of the Godstar of your own Being, that Reality of your own God Presence, and then exercise the Virtues of the Christ.

"Begin the process of learning how to work with this great and glorious new adventure. You obviously already know the outcome of many of your experiments. Having delved so into the Earth plane and letting go of the hand of your own God Presence, moving further and further away from that vibration, you were lost, wandering, moving through those valleys that were not within the purview of the vision of your own Christhood.

"Time and time again, the Ascended Masters have sent forth their Messengers, the prophets of old, those Enlightened, who would carry to you this vibration to bring about the delineation between the lesser vibration and lower vehicles, and to raise you into that Higher Realm of your own God Presence, if only for a time, so that you might have the experience and then develop once more the hunger and the thirst for that glorious existence within the Heart of God.  This by no means has been or ever will be designed to take you from the Course of your Mastery in incarnation. Nor are you expected to escape from that which is the destiny of your own God Presence. But, on the contrary, it is designed to once more tether you in the safekeeping in the Realm of your own God Presence so that you might forever hold fast, walking through those valleys of the shadow of death, yet holding fast to the Purity of your own Identity.

"Then, as you begin to understand more and more of who you truly are in this physical body, wearing the garments of the consciousness of Light, holding fast to the hand of your God Presence, you will, in the course of the timetable of your God Presence, return home once more — never to roam, never to wander from the Heart of your God Presence — no longer having by necessity to enter into these realms of the sub-planes to wear bodies of emotion, of sound, or air, of the physical octave, not having to traverse through Akasha, but to go wherever your God Presence desires within the Cosmos in the Fullness of Mastery of these Octaves of Light. And allowing this Life Force of which you then are Master, taking full Dominion over, are able to create new worlds, new realms where there can be the fostering and expansion of the Heart of God. . . . "

John the Beloved
through the Anointed Representative®, Carolyn Louise Shearer,   January 19, 2003,   Tucson, Arizona U.S.A.   (16)

"And I, John, beheld a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away. (14) I stand upon the Mount of Attainment and I behold there the Glory of the Transfiguration, the Glory of the Law of Love fulfilled in the Master Presence. I stand upon the Mount of your own Being. I stand level with your own I AM Presence and I behold the Glory of the New Day. I see how God will cycle, line by line, the Geometry of the City Foursquare (15) from your own I AM Presence into Manifestation as the base of the Pyramid of Life.

"I come in the fullness of Love, a Love which he passed to Me as I kept the Flame of the Holy Spirit and of the Comforter that should come among the disciples. (6) And as We beheld Him make that final walk to Bethany's hill, our hearts throbbed with a great Cosmic Pulse, with a nearness of the I AM Presence ready to receive the Son of God as when the Dove of the Spirit descended in the hour of the Baptism and in the hour of the Transfiguration and the Voice of God was heard, 'This is My beloved Son, in whom I AM well pleased.' (11)

"So We who communed in Love also heard the call to Home, the eternal homing that echoes from the Heart of the I AM Presence as the soul prepares to enter the spiral of the New Birth even as it descended in the birth canal to be born again in the heart of Matter. So the New Birth at the hour of the Ascension is a moment of Glory for all who watch and wait for the reappearing of the Christ and His descent out of the fiery Core of Being. Therefore, the Lord God does preserve the coming and the going of the Manifestation of God.

"Those Two Men in White Apparel who announced the return of Jesus the Christ in the same manner as We had seen Him go, (1) were Ascended Masters who came also to tutor Us in the way of the Ascension, to tell Us of a future yet unborn, to tell Us of a Life to be lived triumphantly in another two-thousand-year cycle. And these Witnesses of Almighty God tarried with the disciples, extending the Comforter and the Flame; and They spoke of the Age of Pisces and the travail of mankind aborning in the womb of the Divine Mother and that period of preparation following the conceptualization of the Christ in Jesus.

"Conceived then He Him. Our God conceived the Christ as the Real Image of every child that should be born of the Divine Mother; and therefore as the two thousand years have rolled, so comes the Cosmic Virgin as the Woman crowned with the Sun and the moon under Her feet, clothed with that Sun in all of Righteousness and Splendor and crowned with the Crown of Twelve Stars. (13) So comes the Divine Mother welcomed by mankind, for mankind yearn for the touch of the Motherhood of God. And thus Christed Ones come forth in this the hour of the birth of all who have been receiving identity in the womb of time and space.

"Now is the hour for the Christ appearing! Now is the hour to acknowledge the Christ in mankind. And so they foretold the day when mankind would come into the fusion of the Mother and recognize the common source and the common divinity and feel that flow of Mother love that should reunite all here below in the energies of Father through the Conception of the Christ. We see then how the cycles roll; and We saw then through their Ascended Master Consciousness that the foundation which We laid as the foundation of the City Foursquare would one day be fulfilled by sons and daughters of God who would come of age, who would seize the Torch and be those lively stones in the city of our God. (3) This was the foundation and the promise of the millennium. This was that which was vouchsafed to Us as We stood there witnessing to the Immaculate Rebirth that is the Ascension in the Light for everyone.

"How our hearts rejoiced! And We remembered His Words 'Tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem.' (10) And so We tarried there, waiting upon the God Consciousness to infuse Us with the mission. And when it came as the Holy Spirit and each one received the calling to go forth to give testimony of the Word and the example of Jesus Christ in every land, so We felt that Flame. And as We were compelled to go forth throughout Asia Minor and the Far and Near East and eventually throughout the world in succeeding incarnations, so that same Flame of Fire, compelling Us to preach the Word and to witness to the Word, We knew as the Fire which We greeted in the heart of all who would listen to the message, the good news of the rebirth of the Christ. . . . .

" . . . . I open now your eyes that you might see how each task fulfilled, each sacrifice made for God and Flame and country and community and planetary body and all life everywhere, has an immediate reward as Fire springs forth in your own Causal Body. But as the testing of the ten is given, so this is shielded from your eyes that your reward might be in well doing and not in the promise of any other thing. Therefore 'by grace are ye saved; not of yourselves; it is the Gift of God.' (2) Therefore, continue ye in My Word and work the Works of God; (5) and see how effort made here below becomes a Magnet of Central Sun also here below magnetizing the Glory of the Ascension, magnetizing to you the akashic records of Bethany's hill so that you might stand in the footprints of the Master and feel the impetus as a springboard springing from beneath your feet.

"And in that moment of the return, you will feel the fiery momentum of the Son of God and all of those works worked in the Law of Being magnetizing Grace for fulfillment in the law of love. And you will see how Mother, as the Fiery Core of earth, releases energy from the Center of Being to propel you into the Arms of the Father. This is the push-pull action of the Holy Spirit. So then, receive the boost of the flame of the Cosmic Virgin! Receive the pull of the Father as all of Heaven stands this day to magnetize your hearts to fulfillment.

"I AM John. I loved Him as the Person of Christ. I loved His Being, His Consciousness, His Soul. I loved his Flame; I love Him still. And My Love for the Person of Jesus I transfer to all mankind. I love the Body of Christ. I love the Blood as Essence of Spirit coursing through the veins of humanity. I release that Love from My Retreat in the etheric plane over your state of Arizona. I release that Love to give Hope to America, Hope to the world, and to restore Peace with Honor, Integrity, Morality, and a Divine Economy."

John the Beloved
through the Messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet,   May 4, 1975, Westwood, California U.S.A. (7)


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