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Ascended Master Elijah


" . . . For the Christed Ones to come forth and bring in a Golden Age, you must do your Perfect Work.  For in this age, it requires a great diligence. There is so much afoot in the land that is out of alignment, negativity strewn hither and yon.  One need not go more than a few inches to see that which is out of alignment.

When there is a sleeping consciousness in the land that knows not negativity, know not the difference of good and evil, knows not the difference of what is right and what is wrong, knows not the difference of Purity and impurity, I tell you, Blessed Hearts, it is time to bend the knee before God, surrender to that Light, and allow for that Light to carry you into the Fullness of God Consciousness. This can occur with every Son and Daughter of God, if they will but surrender their all to the Hand of God. But you can not, for one instant, hold back in that surrender for there to be the Christ Consciousness and the Garment of the Lord and the Purity and the White Fire of your own Holy Christ Self descend around you.  There must be a disciplined consciousness, a disciplined emotional body, a disciplined desire body.  You can not feed into those human desires any longer.

"Time and time again throughout history, there have been those Prophets of old, Messengers who have come forth from out of the altars of the Most High and have petitioned mankind to repent, to bend the knee before the Lord, to call upon the Law of Forgiveness, and to change their ways.  I tell you, Blessed Hearts, there are those among you who are great advocates of the Ascended Masters, our Messengers, and our Word;, and yet there are still those areas in your own consciousness that must go into the Flame.

"Love you though We may, We cannot forever turn a blind eye to those transgressions.  Call forth the Law of Forgiveness. Call forth the Ruby Ray Action into your life and have all that is unlike your own Christ Self consumed by the Ruby Fire. Then, step forth and see what a whirling action the Light of your own countenance can take on.  See the ascent of your own vibration, carrying you into an elevated consciousness far more than you have ever dreamed possible for your lifestream. And yet, lo and behold, there it is. Suddenly you are thinking with a mind that you did not know exists. It is the Mind of God through your Holy Christ Self.  No longer are you cognizing thought in the same manner. No longer are you manipulating life. But you are living life and taking God Control with the Rays of your own God Consciousness, petitioning your Mighty I AM Presence to send forth the Light Rays to establish that perfect ground upon which you are to walk.

"Blessed Hearts, you are the Hope of the ages.  We send forth many to remind you, to protect you.  Our Legions of Angels and the Ascended Masters who come would surround you with their Radiance, with their Shield of Protection, with their Sword of Blue Lightning, and with the Ruby Fire of their Heart so that you would once and for all recognize what is Real and what is unreal.

"It first and foremost begins within your own consciousness. There must be enough of the Flame upon the altar of your Heart, leaping in Joy, to meet that Consciousness that is your Higher Self, your own God Presence.  There must be enough God Determination to allow for the Hand of God — the Rays of God Consciousness — to stream forth into your outer vehicles and cleave asunder all of the unreality, all of the miscreation, and have transmutation take place.

"You have a Mission.  Perhaps you have thought you have a mission. But I AM here to tell you, you have a Mission — and that Mission, Blessed Hearts, is to become more of your own God Presence. It is to become that Light that will Light the world.  It is to become the Consciousness that will permeate the land with right action, right God Determination, and with God Wisdom.

"And where there is sufficient Love for that God in all of the varied God Qualities that would stream forth, you will see enacted a Golden Age right around you. And that Golden Age will expand and will move out into the land and will continue to catch others up in that great whirlwind action of the Sacred Fire.  They may not, in the beginning, know or understand what is at work, but you who are taught the Teachings of the Ascended and Cosmic Beings, you who have entered into the Holy Communion with your own God Presence, have understood intimately who you are and what you are to accomplish and how that Light of the Mighty I AM Presence is there for every Son and Daughter of God to commune with, to become, to establish as a citadel of Light. . . . "

Beloved Ascended Master Elijah
through the Anointed Representative®, Carolyn Louise Shearer,   April 6, 2007,   Tucson, Arizona U.S.A. (6)

John the Baptist
Elijah - as John the Baptist - with Jesus at the Jordan River

The Baptism of Christ by Bartolomé Estéban Murillo, c. 1655, Gemäldegalerie, Berlin, Germany; from the book One Hundred Saints, page 13

In The Summit Lighthouse, there was an explanation that the Prophet Elijah (Elias) received a Special Dispensation to embody as John the Baptist to prepare the way for Jesus (who was the re-embodiment of his disciple Elisha). On April 10, 2011 Carolyn Louise Shearer, Anointed Representative® of the Brotherhood of Light, also confirmed that Elijah came as John the Baptist to prepare the way for Beloved Jesus. (7)

Elijah and Elisha

"The Angels of the Lord sound Their Trumpets, and the Herald of the Christed One stands forth to make His paths straight. I AM come in this age to renew the Fire - the Fire that, infolding Itself, burns through the consciousness of humanity and prepares the place where Christ is born. I come as the Herald of the Christed Ones; I come to prepare the place.

"And so Saint Germain has come with the Gift of the Violet Flame, summoning mankind to make straight the paths of consciousness, the way of the flow of Light within the receptacle of being. And so the Violet Flame has been called forth and Earth has been saturated with the Presence of Omri-Tas and the One Hundred and Forty-four Thousand Priests of the Sacred Fire of the Violet Planet.

"Preparing avenues of consciousness, the Ascended Masters have used the Torch of Sacred Fire carried by Keepers of the Flame to bore holes in the density of mankind's consciousness. For in order for the Christed Ones to appear, in order for the Ascended Masters to become physical and to walk tangibly with men, the place must be prepared, the frequencies must be raised.

"There must be a meeting ground for Heaven and earth, and that is the place of the Heart. Your Heart is the receiver of God, of Christed Ones; and the womb of the Divine Mother is the recipient of the Seed of Alpha for the birth of the Divine Manchild.

"It is the Materialization of the God Flame that We pursue to make Earth a Haven of Light that all mankind might know the Kingdom of God within and without, the conformity of Sacred Law. And so He said, 'I AM come to send Fire on Earth' - the Words of Jesus signifying His Destiny and His Mission. . . "

Beloved Elijah (John the Baptist)
through the Messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet,   June 22, 1975,   Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. (1)

Elijah by Nicholas Roerich Copyright © Nicholas Roerich Museum, New York, New York, U.S.A.

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Great Central Sun Angels

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