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Kwan Yin

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Service to God in Life

  • Also known as:
    • Goddess of Mercy (8)
    • Kuan Yin (3)
    • Quan Yin (6)
    • Kannon P'u-sa (in Japan and Korea)

  • First Public Dictation / Discourse:
    • August 27, 1939   Oakland, California U.S.A. (2)

  • Divine Quality
    • Mercy (8)
    • Forgiveness
    • Compassion (8)

  • Divine Ray & Sacred Fire
    • Violet Flame

  • Office in Hierarchy
    • Kuan Yin is a Member of the Karmic Board for this planet, representing the Seventh Ray. (8)
    • Formerly Chohan of the Seventh Ray until approximately 1790, prior to Saint Germain (6)
    • Kuan Yin has taken the Vow of the Bodhisattva to serve the planet Earth until all its evolutions are Free. (8)
    • She Keeps the Flame of the Divine Mother on behalf of the peoples of China, Asia, and the World (8)

  • Retreats
    • Temple of Mercy, in the etheric plane over Beijing (Peking), China (6)
    • Cosmic Temple of Mercy (3)

  • Angels
    • Angels of Mercy
    • Angels of the Violet Flame

  • Those serving at Her Retreats:
    • Brothers and Sisters of Compassion (3)
    • Brothers of Love (1)
    • Sisters of Mercy (1)

Beloved Kuan Yin

" . . . As a member of the Karmic Board, I Kwan Yin, am the first to speak out for those who have struggled against all odds and have no place to turn in their life save to the Presence of God. When they have recognized this as the Court of Last Resort with which they can count on, I will then plea for their case and put into the Treasury of the Allness of God my Momentum in the Violet Flame as Mercy, Forgiveness and Love, so that that one may try once more to hold on to the Hand of God. Time and again there are those that have reported and given witness to some miraculous occasion in their life that assisted in bringing forth an action of God that they felt unworthy to receive, and yet the manifestation was its own witness to the Presence of God that had intervened in their life.

"Why have I come in such a solemn tone? It is because, Blessed Hearts, many of you still struggle and know not why you have not received the Blessings of your own God Presence, why the Ascended Masters have not stood in your Presence and parted the way for you to see what was the next step for your lifestream to take. May I testify to you They have indeed stood in your Presence and, We together, have parted the seas of human creation, holding them back long enough for you to see and to partake of the Consciousness that the Presence of God, in the One Wisdom, the One Love, and the One Will of God proclaimed for this cycle. We have taught, we have held, the Consciousness of Our Own Momentum close at hand, to pour out upon your wearied brow. So do not say that God has failed you - because you have not made room for God.

"Then what remains that will allow you a closer walk with your own God Presence? Surely you have decreed, prayed and meditated, but have they been in their right vibration? Have you allowed the Threefold Flame of your own Heart to unfurl, flooding into your outer vehicles, dispelling all of the doom and gloom that has settled into your way of life? Have you allowed for your own spine to be straight, allowing for the Mother Flame to make her way through the spinal altar, charging your vehicles with that Light of God that can stream forth into all of your affairs and bring surcease to your burdens? Have you bent the knee before your altar, allowing for the allness of your outer vehicles to be swallowed up into the Heart of your own God Presence, re-emerging into the affairs of your life with the faith and the trust in the Presence of God to reinforce your own commitment to the Will of God, to pursuing Illumination Flame, so that you might exercise Wisdom, so that there can be a Constancy of the Sacrifice of Love from your own Heart constantly streaming forth, consuming all unlike Itself and catching those lifestreams that would still labor under their own burden into the upliftment of the Joy and the Peace that was at the Core of your own Being, evidenced by your vibration, your countenance in the overshadowing of your own Holy Christ Presence and your commitment to your own Presence to maintain the vibration that would Heal, Prosper, Illumine, and ultimately bring Peace to all about you. This, Blessed Hearts, is the commitment that you must consciously make every moment of every day.

"No day is an exception. When this becomes the pattern that you allow as the fulfillment of your good works through your thoughts, through your emotions, through your actions, then you will begin to understand how important it is to be in a constant state of surrender to your own God Presence. Where does this leave the Ascended Masters as they relate to your prayers, your invocations, your petitions, not unlike My own Office in the Hierarchy.

"There are those Ascended and Cosmic beings that do indeed assist you all along the way to hold you up in those moments when you may be faltering along your journey, coming as they do to remind you so that you do not lose sight of the goal of the mission. And when you, in the Oneness of your own God Presence, elect to perform a task that is outside the Will of God, on the instant you will know, catching yourself before there is one erg of energy that passes through you creating any energy that would not rise to the level that your Presence would abide within. Perhaps this seems to those who are new to entering into the Path to their Ascension most difficult to maintain. For too long, their outer vehicles have been ruling their life and they have not recognized those areas that must no longer exist and therefore, at every turn, they are catching themselves and wonder at the end of the day, what of them is the Will of God, what of them is worthy? And I, Kwan Yin, would whisper to that one, your Heart Flame, that smile that has conveyed Kindness and Love, that action that you perform for another without being asked, without any expectation of recognition.

"I could go on and on at all of the wonderful things that I could recognize in your day, even though you may not at present, for what is brought to the forefront of your conscious awareness are those grave areas that are a desecration to your God Presence and thus, are required to be dealt with. Would you fault your Presence for bringing them to your awareness? I should hope not, for as quickly as you recognize these areas of your life that must go into the Flame, you can be about the expanding of all that is good, all that is right, all that is holy within your life. Do not despair but have hope, for you have an I AM Presence that is One with the Allness of God that looks upon all that is good and rewards His faithful Son or Daughter of God in a closer communion. Be at peace in your new found awareness that all is right within the Presence of God no matter what is exhibited to the contrary in the outer vehicles of consciousness among the lifestreams presently in physical incarnation. . . . "

Beloved Kwan Yin
through the Anointed Representative®, Carolyn Louise Shearer,   August 1, 2010,   Tucson, Arizona U.S.A. (9)

Beloved Quan Yin

"I will not leave you without My Flame."

" . . . There are those in the land who do not feel the Love of God. They do not feel the love of their brother and sister. For they have decided that, because of the hurt, because of the distrust, because of the lack of faith, they must seal themselves in a cocoon that is impenetrable - that no force will touch the heart again.

"There are those who talk loudly, and many times those who talk the loudest are the most hurt. And We recognize that it is a part of the process for them to release all that is pent, all that is guarded, all that is denied within their being. If these lifestreams are to feel the Love of God, if they are to feel the honor and the respect that you afford them, there must be a process of healing. There must be a process of wholeness.

"I stand with my arms outreached - reaching into the very crevices of all of the areas where there are pockets of mistrust, hate, pain, anger, and all manner of desecration of the Light of God - righteously and unrighteously held. And I say righteously, beloved ones, for there are those who feel that they have been wronged, and that they have every justification for holding on to that wrong. But I tell you that it is not so. And it is not the way of the Lightbearer. For the Lightbearer must engender Light. There must be the reflection of the Light of your God Presence in all of your activities. And if it is not present, you will find that there are all manner of human conditions that will creep into your conversation, your feeling world, and your actions.

"It is a vigilance that must be guarded, and you must hold fast to the Light. For if you do not, and in an unguarded hour there are times when there is a riptide, or a thoughtform, or all manner of energies that are not your own - they will slip in and pretend to be your own. And before you know it, you will have acquired new thinking, new perceptions. If those thinkings and perceptions are not in accordance with the Heart, are not in alignment with the release of Light within your world, then you must saturate the Violet Flame through each cognized thought, each concept, each erg of energy, transmuting on the instant all that would stand to distort your vision, to distort the Image of Christ in Action.

"The Karmic Board has decided to release a sufficient amount of the Violet Flame, as Mercy's Ray, over all of those Lightbearers upon this planet - all of those who have felt justified in retreating into what they felt was a place of safety, but in reality it is devoid of Life. Yes, beloved ones, where God is absent, there is no Life. And those areas of so-called protection will only bring a later date, a pushing back of the time cycles for that lifestream to come back into the Oneness with their own God Presence.

"As this Violet Flame is released across the planet, It is directed into the thoughtforms of all of the miscreation that each of these precious ones are tied into. It is designed to dissolve, consume, and totally transmute the cause, effect, record, and memory of all that would be present. For I tell you, beloved ones, as long as there are mega-thoughtforms that you reinforce with your negative concepts, you will be tied in to the fullness of the negative outpicturing of the astral plane.

"The Brotherhood has sent forth embodied Messengers to proclaim the Reality of your God Divinity. We did not send forth those crying out in the land of doom and gloom and cataclysm. For beloved hearts, if you are in the Oneness with your God Flame, through the Holy Christ Self and your God Presence, there is no doom and gloom; there is no lack of abundance; there are no scars. For in the fullness of the Light of God, all is well.

"As I sit upon the Karmic Board, I AM called upon to look at the lifestreams on a regular basis who are the forerunners of the Brotherhood's Work upon the planet - and there is a continual review. It is not outside our gaze. We do not wait for a cataclysm to review all of the records. For very clearly, there is a pulse. There is a guidepost that must be maintained. There are those who think that We have not seen - that perhaps We have been too far away to be aware of all the comings and goings, all of the negativity, all of the hurt.

"I would address this from My Office in the Karmic Board. For the true student on the Path of the Ascended Masters must realize that there comes a time when they have to stand in their own Light. This is not a path of training that you lean on your neighbor. This is a Path that is very individual. Coming together in Community in groups allows for the reinforcement. It allows for the reminding of the gentle reminders of the Immaculate Concept for each - but it is none the less an individual Path. And many times you will feel very much alone - separated and apart, as though no one understands what you are going through - until out of the clear blue someone walks up and says: 'Oh I recognize how you feel. Let me tell you a story.' And at the end of that story you realize that there is the Opportunity to move through that circumstance and that Initiation. For yes, someone has walked the same Path.

"This is why the Ascended Masters are ready to assist each of you. They know the steps that you take. They know the Path, for They have walked it. I know the pain. I know the uncomfortability, but I also know the Joy! And because I know the Joy in the Fullness of God, I will not leave you comfortless. I will not leave you without My Flame.

"If you are in need of any surcease in the battle, if there is a step on the Path that seems too difficult to take - but none the less you find you are forced into that situation, call to Me. I will not turn away. I cannot by Law, for I vowed to stay with you.

"There must first be the transmutation of all of the negative thoughtforms that are hovering over this entire area and over the entire planet - as a weight and a burden on the Lightbearers - not allowing them to feel the Love of God, not allowing them to even feel Mercy's Flame when extended. The Violet Flame Angels will be coming to each and every lifestream who has a Threefold Flame. It matters not if they know of the Ascended Masters. It matters not if they know of Kuan Yin or the Karmic Board. For each of these lifestreams is deserving of Mercy's Flame - for the encroachment upon their heart and upon their lives by the mega-force of this thoughtform.

"I tell you, beloved ones, it is absolutely essential for you to direct your Violet Flame calls throughout this planet so that each of the lifestreams that are ready for an awakening of consciousness - who are ready to receive the outer understanding of the Violet Flame - have the Opportunity to feel It, to know It, and then to become It.

"Your Work, and the Work of the Ages, is to Keep the Flame and the Vigil on the Altar of your Heart for those who are yet to be awakened. It is a responsibility that you vowed at inner levels to take on. Those in Ascended Master Activities particularly knew exactly the Mission and the Goal. Yes many even knew the anguish and the turmoils that they would be caught up in. But I tell you - how better to prepare for a Golden Age than to see what not to do?

"When the energies of disregard of the Holy Christ Self in each of your brothers and sisters is allowed to run rampant, there is a corresponding reaction. And that, beloved ones, comes about in the shutting down of the Heart - the guarding it so tightly that no one will ever touch it again. This is a great pain to the Heart of the Ascended Masters.

"For those lifestreams who would like to cry the loudest that they have been hurt lost sight of the Goal, lost sight of the Mission. For the Mission was not to be caught up in any form of idolatry. The Mission was, and still is, the Ascension in the Light! . . . "

Beloved Kwan Yin
through the Anointed Representative®, Carolyn Louise Shearer,   August 29, 1998,   Bozeman, Montana U.S.A. (5)

" . . . Beloved ones, this Violet Transmuting Flame is the full Power of God in Action to wipe out the causes and cores of all human mistakes, regardless of how, when, where, why or by whom they were made. Its Light and Flame never fail to act instantly at your call. The only appearance of delay or failure there can ever be anywhere is for the vacillating outer self of the unascended to give up too easily and too soon. Keeping everlastingly at it brings success.

"You know, Light manifests instantly for all of Us! Now, why does Light manifest instantly for Us and seem to require time and patience on your part to await Its manifestation in your worlds? Because, beloved ones, We have become Its Own Purity and Perfection, and in Our Personal Worlds (as well as in Our Realm of Life) there is naught of human shadow to obstruct or delay Its instantaneous manifestations. Do you see? At your earnest calls, Light answers you instantly and goes direct (for It is Intelligent Substance) to the person, place, condition and thing to whom and to which it has been directed in the world of form. . . . "

" . . . Now, this Violet Transmuting Flame consciously called into action does actually dissolve (like water dissolves salt) those unfortunate condensations of distorted form created by the "human" but, again, the speed and intensity of Its Action depends largely upon the feelings of earnest sincerity, faith and loving gratitude in the consciousness of the one calling it forth. Then, too, since the Violet Fire is actually God's Memory of Perfection, It does more than just dissolve those forms. It actually sublimates (refines by Fire) and then transmutes into the pure Light Essence from whence it first came forth all that shadowed energy, returning it to the Sun for repolarization.

"Gentle, yet tremendously Positive, Determined and Persistent is the Nature of God-Patience, which is One of the many Virtues contained within the Flame of Mercy from on High. For centuries before My Ascension, I so dearly loved and developed the Virtue of Mercy until I became the Embodiment of that Quality Myself. Within Mercy are also Faith (knowing the inevitability of Perfection made manifest); Hope (holding to the Immaculate Concept until it appears); and Charity (that love which will never let go of the loved one or the needs thereof until eternal Perfection manifests all ways). . . . "

" . . . As heart friends and true companions of the Ascended Host on earth, should not all our beloved chelas endeavor now practically and daily to express the most loving patience with those human appearances as yet not transmuted in and around themselves and each other? I can help you to do this if you want My help! Call directly to Me whenever those human feelings would express through you and ask me to give you my feelings of loving, patient mercy toward them. I will give it to you if you will try to feel it. Then hold the Vision of Divine Mastery for yourself and others until that Mastery does manifest.

"Let us make you a perfect outpouring and outpicturing of Our Gentle Patience with all Life. We are never any farther away from you than your own heartbeat and We answer your every call. Believe that, for it is true! . . . "

Beloved Kwan Yin
through the Messenger, Mark Prophet,   1959,   U.S.A. (4)

"For many years, I have been known as the Spirit of the Flame of Mercy and Compassion. I would like to speak to you about that Flame of Mercy, because Its presence is so important in the feeling world of those who desire to heal. No permanent healing of mind and body can come, just through effort of human will, beloved ones! Your feeling world is composed of far more than half of your Life energy, and the quality flowing through your feelings is the "conductor" through which flows that qualified Healing Essence into the world of the one whom you wish to benefit. Blessed ones, your feeling world is the bridge over which flows the gathered Healing Elixir of qualified Life, entering into the mind of the patient to dispel shadows, entering into his feelings to dispel depression, entering into his flesh to resurrect it and bring it new Life.

"Through the ages, there have been individuals who have practiced the art of manifesting Healing Power and who have developed a tremendous capacity for holding a mental concept which is comparatively free of imperfection. This has developed into a science by which that concept, through a trained and powerful practitioner, can be injected into the consciousness of the patient and accepted by effort of human will.

"However, almost without exception, you will find that when the individual who is rendering the service is removed from the Earth in so-called 'death', the condition will either recur in the patient in that embodiment, or remain to be transmuted into Light in a succeeding Earth life. You see, through the ages, there have been recorded upon the etheric body many, many effects set up by causes of imperfection in thought and feeling. These outpicture later on the screen of life as diseases of mind and body. By effort of will, they are often pressed or forced back again into the etheric garment, but not transmuted into Light at inner levels. Therefore, you have no sustained and permanent purification of the lifestream.

"Those healers who render a service of a permanent nature (like unto that of your Master Jesus, whom we honor in this Holy Week), use their feeling worlds as the "conductor" through which the Flame of Mercy and Compassion flows. Jesus embodied that authority in His oft-repeated statement, 'Thy sins be forgiven thee;' also, 'Take up thy bed and walk.' (7)

"Now, these Flames of Mercy and Compassion stir within the breasts of many men and women as a vocation, although not all of them are necessarily spiritual healers. Many of these people act in the medical profession and minister in other ways to the minds as well as the bodies of the people. When we see these feelings stir in any individual, we know that we have a new candidate for our Cosmic Temples of Mercy, new students who are ready to be enrolled among the Brothers and Sisters of Compassion. We raise them to the point where their feelings become master of the energies which they contact.

"I would like to bring this to your attention today, because compassion is a positive quality. Sympathy is a negative quality. These two qualities are exact opposites. Sympathy, your Master Saint Germain has told you, is agreement with imperfection. What does He mean? He means that your Life Force, flowing through the silver cord from your Presence, rushing forth uncontrolled and attaching itself to a person in distress, immediately takes on the quality of that distress. Thus, rather than helping such a one, you weigh him down with more of the same quality of this unhappy energy by turning your attention and your sympathy (your qualified energy) toward him. You let the virtue flow out from you without control - you magnify and magnetize the distress.

"Compassion, witnessing the requirement of the moment, does not allow the feelings to leave the Heart Flame with an acceptance of the discordant appearance. It does not accept that there is a power greater than God. Then, in the masterful poise of that God-anchorage, the Healing Powers are drawn and projected to the one in need. All this time, your own Electronic Presence, through your feeling world, is in complete mastery of the condition or circumstance.

"For instance, in the case of an accident, if an individual with sympathy were to look upon a person whose life-blood was ebbing away, the sympathetic individual would probably faint, while the compassionate person would give immediate assistance to the injured one by stopping the flow of blood. It is most important that you understand this. . . . ."

Beloved Kuan Yin
through the Messenger, Geraldine Innocente,   Palm Sunday, April 1955,   U.S.A. (3)

Beloved Kuan Yin

Kuan Yin, Goddess of Mercy

Kwan Yin

Kwan Yin

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