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The Goddess of Music

ascended master                Goddess of Music               

Service to God in Life

"You cannot comprehend but a fragment yet
of what can be done through Music!"

"I want you to visualize a cascading Sea of Sound like a Prismatic Crystal Waterfall, descending thousands of feet through the mountain. This exquisite cascading River of Pure Electronic Force pours a Melody through the Seven Octaves of Expression in Its descent from the Heart of God into the world of physical appearance and represents the constant Flow of the Harmony of each Lifestream from the Solar God to man.

"Each plane through which this Exquisite Sound of the Life Tone passes is enriched by this Glorious Melody and the sub-plane below repeats that Melody in an octave that can be enjoyed by those dwelling within the vibratory action of that particular octave, where, again, It is lowered and transposed to enrich the lower octave in Its descent Earthward. Thus, you can picturize the constant Melody of your own Individualization, because the Lifestream is a constant repetition and is replenished anew constantly by the limitless Source of the Fountain of Life Eternal which with unerring accuracy sustains the Note and expands the Melody of all created beings according to their Original Composition. Thus in the World of Cosmic Creation, Color and Music represent the manifestations of Divine Thought and Feeling.

"When the Glorious Melody flows forth from the Holy Christ Self for Its four-fold expression through the lower vehicles, the resultant melody and color depends on the harmony within each of these vehicles. The natural foreordained Melody does not find expression until all vehicles are in perfect alignment.

"Here We come to an understanding of your Oneness with that exquisite prismatic cascading Sea of Sound and Color, and if you will open yourself to Its Outpouring, you will experience great Peace of mind and heart - and great Balance as well as a much fuller realization of the Ecstasy of just being.

"To witness an Expression of Cyclopea's Life Essence is to be privileged to see one of the most beautiful Manifestations of Creation as that Great Being's Life River flows from the Source of Creation, bathing cosmic space in literally Oceans of Melody, Color and Harmony - this, mind you, in His passive or restful state which is the natural order of His just Being, but when the Mighty Elohim chooses to animate this natural Harmony by the Power of the Flame of His Heart, this tremendous Ocean of prismatic Sound and Color is directed consciously in millions of individualized Streams from His Heart which widen like fans as they pass from His Body, each carrying, mind you, the Keynote and Fundamental Principle of His own Spiritual Emanation, into which are woven so many original exquisite interpretations of the ONE SONG that the whole universe seems ALIVE with the Ecstasy of that Music, which passes alike through the Bodies of the Solar Gods, the Angels, the Devas and the consciousness and inner bodies of men.

"In interstellar space, whatever any Individualized Being is doing, He is always conscious of that rush of exquisite Energy passing through Him when Cyclopea is in Cosmic Action, and Their Beauty, Ecstasy and Perfection are Intensified by His Outpouring.

"When you realize that Cyclopea is but One (although the Major One) of countless Legions of Perfected Beings, Solar Gods, Devas, Angels, Cherubim and Seraphim Who represent the Musical Outpouring of Divinity and that All are more or less constantly engaged in Creative Activity, you can, in a measure, grasp the exquisite Perfection of the Inner Spheres and how the Glory of All Life is being increased instantly by the expression of each One's Heart in Service.

"Although Cyclopea and the Mighty Legions belonging to the Music Ray are more concentrated expressions of the Music of the Spheres, yet through every Perfected Lifestream flows exquisite Music, beautiful Color, Tone and Fragrance of the natural Outpouring of God's Grace - and the Realm referred to as the Ascended Masters' Octave is a Realm of Music, Perfume, Beauty, Peace and Perfection - that the word 'Perfection' but poorly describes.

"Contemplating the above, which is but a mere sketch of the Realm to which you aspire, you can see how you may call forth and have directed through your own life-thread Oceans of Harmonious Energy, for the Universe is literally saturated with it and then your Life-thread, locked within this Protecting Essence, you will come to that state of Peace where you will consciously enter into this Inner Sphere - and experience and know the Realm of Harmony and Happiness for yourself.

"I AM known as the Goddess of Music. My Life is dedicated to presenting Beauty, Harmony, Happiness, Fragrance and Attunement, which are all natural expressions of the ONE LIFE, and when you pass through the Veil of My Name, you may perceive My Identity which will delight and Surprise you.

Beloved Goddess of Music
through the Messenger, Geraldine Innocente,   August 15, 1952, U.S.A.   (2)

"From the Heights of Eternal Song I bring you Greetings, beloved People of the Light! You are not Children of the Light longer, you are Sons and Daughters of the Light; and now let Me Christen you tonight, if you will accept My Cooperation, as Legions of the Music of the Spheres! Through your calls for the Music of the Spheres and the Power of the Great Ones to pour through your music - you have joined Those Legions in the Universe, who render Their Service to Life through Music.

"There are Angels of Music who guard Magnificent Melodies and release Them to Earth, when the time of Their Manifestation will bring through the attention of mankind, that which their hearts have desired throughout the centuries.

"The Power of Song, beloved ones, is immeasurable! You cannot comprehend but a fragment yet of what can be done through Music! It is the great Joyous Solvent of all that has been your distress throughout the centuries. And do you know you can sing yourselves free from every problem? Do you not think that is the Great Mercy of Life? I do have much to do with the Goddess of Mercy!

"Music is one of the Mightiest Powers of Life, for when I speak of Music, I mean the Melodies and the Harmonies that are in the Octaves of Light, not what the outer world calls music. The Music of the Spheres to which I refer, releases a Power that none of mankind as yet have ever witnessed in Its Fullness. I shall try to touch lightly upon some of its phases, to give you a temporary glimpse into the Realm that is My chosen field of Life's expression.

"Your beloved Lotus the other night, through her adoration to the Mighty Elohim of Peace for a few minutes - perhaps five minutes - heard something of the magnitude of the Power at the Inner Levels - of Life's Great Joy, Greatest Joy perhaps - for the Activity of Music and the release of Life's Perfection through song and through instrumental music, is the greatest enjoyment within the Mighty Cosmic Activity of Life in the Universe around you.

"She said that it sounded like an hundred organs playing together, and that was just a fragment of what actually was occurring! When the Musical Beings who govern the Activities of whole Systems of Worlds, pour Their Mighty Love out upon creation, there is produced Music of most transcendent Loveliness; such Beauty, such Joy, such Ecstasy in the feelings, as would make you weep with Gratitude.

"I want you to know just a little, if you will, tonight of those Realms of Life's Mighty Powers and Activities in which there is nothing but Joy; nothing but Purity, and nothing but Gigantic Manifestations of Beauty and of Perfection; and yet such Action as shall give the Mightiest Expression to the Expanding Power of Life.

"You have heard mentioned the Angelic Choirs, the Celestial Choirs and you have heard the Angels of Music mentioned; but can you imagine in your outer consciousness, what uncountable Legions of Absolutely Perfect Beings can do with the Voice of Life, when They sing together Their Great Adoration and Praise to the Perfection of Life? Can you imagine what the Perfected Voices of uncountable Legions of Divine Beings can produce, when They sing Their Love to the Great Central Sun! That does occur in the Upper Octaves of Light!

"Precious ones, who have fought so bravely through the shadows of earth, I want you to become aware of the great magnificent Opportunities which lie ahead of you. Do you know every discordant condition on this planet could be dissolved and consumed by the right kind of Music? Is that not a better way, than by the destruction of mankind's bodies, which are the Temples of Life?

"Music, as you know, is harmoniously qualified energy; and when your heart really expands Its Flame through Music, the Love of Life is in action through you; and that Love of Life, in Its process of expanding Its Blessings to Life in the Universe around It, produces through Music, the Mighty Release of Its Powers to bless. It carries tremendous Action.

"Do you know that there could be released throughout the atmosphere of earth, certain transcendent Melodies by enough Beings - I AM speaking of Those above the physical octave who charging Their Joyous Song into the atmosphere which you breathe, could put to sleep every destructive force, until it could be dissolved?

"Now These Activities are in the Universe and These Great Beings, with your call to Them, can and will establish permanent Outpourings of Their Powers of Music; through your music, through your records and through your own individual Light Rays, if you will so call them forth.

"Do you know you can call to your Mighty I AM Presence and ask the God of Music, Myself and the Angels of Music, to Charge the Music of the Spheres forth on the Light Rays from your Presence, that It may go forth to Bless, Heal and Protect your loved ones? . . . Do you know, if you were to call the Celestial Choir and the Angelic Host of Music to your assistance, to charge the air around you with Their Music of the Spheres, that They could set up a Current of Force or Vibratory Action, to flood the energy around you in the atmosphere, which would deflect all that is not Their Harmony and Purity of Life? . . . "

" . . . You have never quite understood what tremendous Power and Service can be released through Music, yet your beloved Saint Germain said to you in one of the very earliest Dictations: 'Music is the thing most useful to Us; because it is energy already harmoniously qualified which We can use to pour forth what is required.'

"Now, precious ones, if you will charge your hands, your feet, your voice, your consciousness, your mind and your feeling with the Mighty Healing Power of the Music of the Spheres, It could flood through you all night long; if you would LET It; if you would make the call! I AM tipping you off tonight, so to speak; because when your body is asleep, your feelings do not doubt, resist, fight nor repel the Light that is seeking to Bless you!

"So, if you will get out of those bodies and go about your business at night, make your call to Us to fill them with a River of the Music of the Spheres while you are away. We will help you repair those temples. I AM trying so intensely to get your temples to the place where you can be as beautiful, young and joyful as you should be.

"You have not been very comfortable under the pressure of this outer world's distress. But precious ones, call forth the dynamic Healing Power of the Music of the Spheres! Just experiment with your bodies. Do not dislike them! Do not criticize, do not blame and do not condemn them! You changed their appearance, they did not; they merely obeyed you, so don't feel hard about it! After all, they are really to be assisted and not condemned for giving you your own way. . . . "

Beloved Goddess of Music
through the Messenger, Edna Ballard,   January 16, 1944,   Chicago, Illinois U.S.A.   (1)

ascended master

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by David Tame

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Meditation music: "Pie Jesu" from "Requiem Mass" by Andrew Lloyd Webber [D.Siu]

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