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       All Seeing Eye of God       
Charles Sindelar's "All-Seeing Eye of God"

Service to God in Life

  • Also known as:
    • The All Seeing Eye of God (2)
    • Elohim of the Fifth Ray (Although there are many Elohim, Cyclopea is One of the Seven Pairs of Elohim representing the Seven Rays to our System of Worlds.) (9)
    • Vista (8)
    • Elohim of Healing (8)
    • Elohim of Music (2) (12)

  • First Public Dictation / Discourse:
    • October 10, 1937   New York City, New York U.S.A. (1)

  • Twin Flame / Divine Complement / Twin Ray:

  • Divine Quality
    • Truth
    • Science
    • Precipitation
    • Healing (8)
    • Music (8)
    • Constancy
    • Concentration (8)
    • Consecration (8)

  • Divine Ray & Sacred Fire
    • Emerald Green
    • Crystal

  • Office in Hierarchy
    • Cyclopea is One of the Elohim of the Seven Rays serving this system of worlds (9)
    • Holds the Immaculate Concept of the Divine Plan of Perfection for humanity's evolution (4)
    • Governs the use of the Cosmic Light Energy Sphere known as "The All-Seeing Eye of God"
    • Sustains the action of the Sevenfold Flame of the Seven Mighty Elohim in the forehead (above the ajna or third eye chakra) of the sons and daughters of God evolving in this system of worlds. (3)
    • "Cyclopea draws forth from the Physical Sun and the Great Central Sun, the Mighty Light Rays that are to go forth through the Great Eye in the North Wall of the Royal Teton. When that Mighty Stream of Electronic Force is poured forth to various places in the Nation and the World, try to realize that It is Love illumining the atmosphere of the Nation and the World. It is the Love of His Mighty Life Stream pouring forth That which is constructive throughout the World, and It is the Illumining Presence of everything that is constructive, which He draws forth from the Great Central Sun," - Lanto (7)
    • Represents the Fifth Ray as One of the Lords of Karma (10)

  • Retreats
    • Altai Range where China, Siberia, and Mongolia meet, near Tabun Bogdo (9) (read more)
    • Emerald and Crystal Temples (8)

  • Angels
    • Elohim Angels (1)
    • Legions of the All-Seeing Eye of God
    • Legions of the Fifth Ray

  • Appearance:
    • "Fourteen, fifteen feet high" (5)

"I AM Elohim. I, Cyclopea, have come as Emissary from the Great Central Sun to represent all the Seven Mighty Elohim so that you might have a greater understanding of the Power, the Light, and the Focus of Elohim already posited within the Crown of your own Mighty I AM Presence.

"Yes, Beloved, now is the cycle for Elohim to step up their Work in the Earth. Our Work did not stop with the first Creation that came forth long ago. Rather, as with the very first Great Outpouring of the Light of God, each of the Seven Mighty Elohim continue throughout all Eternity to take this Light from out the Great Central Sun and focus It into manifestation as you are wont to create.

"I AM the Elohim of the Fifth Ray, of that Emerald Fire which manifests through your being as the Christic Light that enables you to create all that is held within your own Vision. Now I call upon you to hold fast to that single-eyed Vision of who you truly are, recognizing that the mere feat of creating all manner of things in the universe is not the goal of your being. The Powers of Precipitation are but by-products as you master time and space, as you master the internalization and externalization of your own God Presence where you are.

"Holding fast to the single-eyed Vision of the God Reality of your being is not easy. Many of you do not yet believe that you have within yourself the capacity to know all, to expand the Light of God, to be able to wield the Light of God at your command when the need arises. Nevertheless, this is the Office of your own God Presence! Truly, the outer mind, the outer emotions, and the physical body do not have the authority to do this. But you can command that Light to be released from your own God Presence, for your own Individual God Self will respond to your voice.

"Consider for a moment the awe-inspiring realization that the Flame upon the Altar of your Heart is, in Truth, a very real part of the Flame of the Heart of your God Presence! The two are in fact One, the same, identical Immortal, Victorious Threefold Flame! This should tell you how very close are the Creative Powers � the selfsame Divine Powers of Creation used by the Elohim to create entire worlds � to your outer expression.

"Those who say �I can�t� or �I won�t� negate the process before ever trying. Beloved Ones, TRY! In trying, you exert the striving and the effort to connect yourself with all that is necessary to compel the accomplishment forth. It is only the stumbling blocks of old, untransmuted habits and patterns that get in your way. As you maintain clarity of vision, discipline, and the fullness of the Perfection of the Light of God at every turn, you will begin to see your creative endeavors manifest instantly.

"Of what creative endeavors do I speak? Is it the creation of wealth? It is not. Is it the creation of that which is beautiful? It could be. But no, Beloved, that of which I speak at this moment is the veritable creation of the Light of God itself, that Light which knows the Identity of your God Presence.

"For the Heart of God in the Great Central Sun � from whence has come your Individualized God Presence � is yet Home to your I AM Presence. Here, within the Eternal Fires of the God of very Gods, are the familiar surroundings that engender the nourishment, the strength, the fortitude, and yes, the Powers that are focused by your Presence as it continues to support you in your outer vehicles throughout your incarnation.

"Do you see, Beloved, how the unbroken lineage of Sacred Fire connects the very Flame upon the Altar of your Heart all the way to the Great Central Sun and to the Heart of Elohim? This is why We have come to impress upon you the fullness of the Opportunity extended to you where you are, to cajole you, to encourage you, to empower you to strive harder.

"Invoke the Light of God! Allow for that Light to do its Perfect Work! Then, when you have done all you can do, let go � and let your own God Presence complete the Work. That is when you hold fast with the strength of your own inner Fire, hold tenaciously to the Light of your own God Presence, not wavering for one millisecond. Stand fast and allow the Light of God to perform the final Work!

"This is the inner Strength that you must cultivate! For without it you may not be able to hold on to the Fire as It is released through your being. The Fire requires the physical body be strengthened. More than this, as the Pink, Blue and Gold Flames upon the Altar of your Heart begin to expand, they must combine with the Flames of God Light focused within your own God Presence � and, yes, fuse with the Flames of Elohim anchored within thy Crown and Third Eye!

"Do you begin to see how each of the Seven Rays of God Consciousness focused by the Elohim are constantly available for you to create with, to serve with, to love with, to bring about more of God in the Earth? It is not enough to merely desire to improve your surroundings, although this does occur when you invoke the Light of God. It is not enough to merely desire to be in Service, although this occurs naturally when you invoke the Light of God. You cannot hold on to all that will be deposited within your own being. That Light must overflow, and you will desire to share that which you have first received from the Great Central Sun.

"What then of those who turn a deaf ear to that Great Light which you proffer? Love them. Continue to hold the foundation of your support for them by holding fast to the Light, the inner Strength and commitment of the unconditional Love that you will radiate. Do not merely turn on your heels and say, 'Hmm, they did not appreciate what I gave them. Therefore I will take it all back.' That is childish, selfish, and beneath one who seeks to wear their Holy Christ Self as a Mantle entrusted to them unconditionally by the Light of their own God Presence.

"Oh, can you not see how the small and petty things of the Earth are insignificant in the Grand Scheme of your Life? Can you not see that which God, your own God Presence, and, yes, Alpha and Omega have in store for you? You are Sons and Daughters of God! You are the elect, those chosen to stand in the Gates � the High Gates of the Golden Cities of the Universe � where you may elect to be a part of that which is the ongoing Creation of the Universe; where you can move at will in, through, and around all of the Spheres of the Universe; where you can elect to contemplate and meditate upon the Nirvanic Fires of the Heart of God. All this and more are yours once you have mastered the anchoring of the Light of your own God Presence right where you are.

"You descended into the Earth as a burst of Light � as the Threefold Flame incarnate � scintillating, revolving, spinning, setting into motion the multiplying action of your own cells, which by spiritual contagion, continued to build up your form and all of your vehicles of consciousness in each earthly plane. This, Beloved, was initiated when your own God Presence first elected to enter into the Earth. You have the support of Elohim, of the Chohans of the Seven Rays, and of all of the Ascended Masters throughout the Cosmos who will assist you in the nourishment, in the holding of the balance, and in the Currents of Light that bring forth the Energy and the spinning action of the Earth, as well as the Great Magnitude of the Hearts of Fire of those Ascended and Cosmic Beings who beat the Heart at the Center of the Earth, where the Sun-of-Even-Pressure never lets up, never diminishes. This is the Constancy of the Consciousness of these great and magnificent Ones!

"Perhaps you have considered that these Great Ones are far removed from your own Mighty I AM Presence. But why do you think that the Mighty I AM Presence is called �Mighty?� It is only the outer consciousness, this small fraction of the vehicle you are wearing, called a body in the physical, that separates itself from understanding the Currents and Lines of Fire that connect you to your own God Presence.

"We do not tell you this so that you may lord over lesser creation in the Earth that knows not their source. Quite on the contrary, you would lose your Dispensation and Opportunity should you continue such a prideful expression. Your own Holy Christ Self does not tolerate condescending manners.

"When you understand the fullness and the richness of Life as it is lived in the Light of God, you want for nothing, you desire nothing, for you have All! There is Wholeness where you are! There is no thing that is too great or too small, too unimportant or too impossible. There is no relationship that cannot be healed, comforted, brought into uniformity with the Great Divine Heart. This is the ongoing Work of the Christ in the physical realm.

"The Holy Christ Self was designated to be that One, that Supreme Vehicle, to walk the Earth. Duality, a separation of consciousness, only exists because the willful outer ego of the human self elected to go its separate way. Now you are in the process of reconnecting, realigning, and re-centering in the Heart of God. This allows for the closer walk with your I AM Presence and the Holy Christ Self which you are becoming! It allows the Holy Christ Self to keep you wrapped, day and night, within the protective envelope of your own personal Ray of the Light of God, which you are. That Light of God connects you with the Oneness, the Allness of the entire Universe of Light!

"The Great Central Sun that is the storehouse of God�s beating Heart for this entire Universe knows well what it means to keep the Constancy of the Divine Pulsation flowing. Those who hold the Consciousness of this Emanation of the pure Essence of God know well what it means to be Constant � never wavering � but only allowing for the eternal Inbreath and Outbreath in perfect Rhythm. This is the Life you can lead, the Life that is availed to you � the eternal Inbreath and Outbreath of the Light of God � harmoniously integrating with the Fire Breath of every other Son and Daughter of God so endowed. This is when the Earth will know Peace! This is when the Earth will know Abundance! This is when the Light of God, as the Emerald Ray, will bring forth the Wealth and Beauty of the Earth, the true natural resources that the Earth depends upon for its nourishment.

"And what if those natural resources should dry up or go through major change? Such signs are already showing to be true. Have you considered that it is because there might be new ways for the mankind of Earth to receive their energy? Have you considered that perhaps it is time to move from the era of carbon-based fuels or so called nuclear energy, into a new era of understanding how to work directly with the Light of God? Earthly energy sources are still in the dark ages compared to what they will become during the reign of the Golden Age!

"When you elevate your consciousness to the Etheric City right over this very place where you are, you will begin to understand how the Light of God facilitates all actions that you make throughout your day even to the assimilation of the very food that you may ingest, or perhaps no food at all but only Light. Your physical bodies are not ready for that yet, but one day, not necessarily so far off in the future, your children or your grandchildren may be ready.

"By then you will be Ascended, will you not? [Audience responds: �Yes!�] This is our Desire: To see you Ascended, fully clothed in the Light Body of your own Mighty I AM Presence, fully cognizant of the Light and the Power of God, understanding that when an Elohim comes into the room it is to move mountains!

"The Seven Elohim, Beloved, have a direct, intimate connection with the Elemental Forces that move, mold and shape all manner of creation. These are the very Forces of the Five Secret Rays that you have at your disposal, although perhaps not their full, unmitigated momentum. Still, the only difference between you and One who is Ascended, or has been Ascended for millenniums, is full and immediate access to that victorious Causal Body Momentum and the continual use of these very Gifts of God. As you develop momentum in all of the areas of God Consciousness, with right use and right action, understanding the wise use of the Light of God, you will begin to build your own rolling momentum. That momentum, Beloved, will accelerate not only your own individual life, but also all those around you whom you affect and, ultimately, the entire Earth!

"I, Cyclopea, know well what it means to gaze through eyes beholding only Infinity. There is no ending. There is no finite acknowledgment in the Eyes of the Mind of God. There is always continual acceleration, ongoing momentum, and perpetual movement throughout the Universe and beyond.

"The Eyes of Eternity are at your disposal right within your own God Presence and Holy Christ Self! You need not go far, only as far as your Holy Christ Self. Seated in that Authority, fully and completely, the connection of the infinite Mind of God with that luminous mind of your own Holy Christ Self and God Presence will open up that which is vouchsafed to you. In that heightened attunement, you will see and experience firsthand the great expansiveness of the Light that comes forth from the Great Central Sun and moves throughout the universe. It does not stop but continues on and on eternally. Even should that Light be condensed within a particular creation to develop form, still it does not stop. For there are emanations of Light reverberating from the densest matter to the most infinitely refined particles of Light!

"As you begin your trek in earnest as a Christed One, understand, Beloved, that it takes time to build momentum. Momentum does not happen overnight. It takes rhythmic application. But of all things, it takes Constancy. That Constancy of the great River of God Light, flowing forth eternally from the Great Central Sun to you daily, is the Constancy by which you build your own overcoming Momentum of Light!

"Do not put off the day to begin, for the Light of Elohim is already present in your life. Allow this Light to move in, through, and around your affairs. Understand that as the Cloven Tongues of Elohim come forth to ignite the Fire, you, as a Christed One on the Earth, will carry the Keys to all of the Seven Mighty Elohim, and you will know what it means to be God Free!

"I salute each one who is ready to embark upon their true Greatness!

Beloved Cyclopea
through the Anointed Representative®, Carolyn Louise Shearer,   January 1, 2002,   Tucson, Arizona U.S.A. (11)

Eye of God Nebula

" . . . Don't ever allow a feeling to come into you that you're helpless before destructive forces. Once you know of your beloved I AM Presence, once you know you can command with your Life and use the Great Creative Word, 'I AM', give the Great Command of Life for God's Manifestation, for God's Power, for God's Perfection, for God's Control to come into all physical conditions - oh, if you only know what Power you have to command as We command, you would manifest as We manifest; and I must be that Courage for you tonight. It must come! (applause) Thank you so much, Precious Ones. And so long as you Command God MADE MANIFEST, God will manifest to you.

"Now, you've done plenty of commanding on the negative side of Life; you've acknowledged conditions of limitation down through the centuries. From now on I ask you, regardless of all appearances, to command and command and command, and continue to command in yourselves and around you the God-Manifestations of Ascended Master Protection and Victory over all evil. Now, in doing this you build a Powerhouse in and around yourselves of your own Life, your own energy, which We will amplify without limit until you can be absolutely Invincible against everything. . . . "

" . . . You are in the Cycle now when everything that comes onto this Earth in the future - and not too far distant future - must be made Invincible against evil, or We cannot give It. So, regardless of what conditions you want to see changed in the outer world, when you call forth anything that is good, don't fail to demand that it be made Cosmically Invincible against all evil forever. Then, My dear ones, you will never be caught in the trap of the sinister force to enslave you or deprave you or get you connected with something that is destructive. . . ."

Beloved Cyclopea
through the Messenger, Edna Ballard,   November 2, 1958   Los Angeles, California U.S.A. (3)

" . . . What can be accomplished on Earth, even in mundane activities of your daily living, without CONCENTRATION - from the smallest task of learning a recipe for your kitchen fare to the greatest dexterity of technique which produces lovely music; to the greatest development of science; to the magnificent perfection of the educator, preacher and statesman? If there is not CONCENTRATION, there is only mediocrity; only the bare surface is scratched. However, those who determine to rise above the masses, take one facet of living and masterfully develop it; deciding within themselves to excel at least along one line of expression. So, they dedicate themselves to this end, consecrating their lives, attention and endeavors, their time and substance; all to achieve this one definite purpose.

"According to the CONCENTRATION of those energies is their development; is their mastery; is their efficacy. How often is it said of someone in the world of form that he is 'Jack of all trades but master of none!' Looking as I do, both in My capacity as Elohim (the All-Seeing Eye of God) and My activities with the Karmic Board, I see so much that is just at the point of being precipitated into actual manifestation. Then, suddenly, the CONCENTRATION is dissipated; the attention is drawn away from that which has been deliberately designed and actually begun to be lowered into physical form. Thus the once desired manifestation is abandoned before it can actually appear here.

"After We had looked into the beauty and perfection of the Divine Design for this planet through the current and Ray of the Elohim of Purity, what could come next but CONCENTRATION, - the drawing of Energy and concentrating It around those convex Rays which had been established as the form of the Earth? We had to CONCENTRATE Light Substance to make the planet solid enough to be able to hold sea, land and general physical form. If We had proceeded through those first four steps (the WILL TO DO; the PERCEPTION as to what should be done; the joy of serving in LOVE; humble enough to do it God's Way - in PURITY) and then had refused to CONCENTRATE upon the task until the planet finally began to revolve upon Its axis; until Virgo and the Beings of Nature had perfected It; until Amaryllis had experimented with nine hundred Springs - what would have happened? There would have been no Earth! Yet, even you who are today the maximum development of CONCENTRATION in the West (so far as the student body is concerned) - you have only touched the fringe of following things through to manifestation!

"It is Law - actual scientific Law - that what you begin can be accomplished, when it is in agreement with God's Plan to bring perfection forth; whether it be healing, precipitation, financial freedom, eternal youth, the restoration of a limb - it can be done - but the 'stick-to-it-iveness' (which is such an important Activity of My Ray and the Qualification of the Energy of My life) is required to produce these.

"Now, what are the obstacles which are encountered in the unascended state that delay your endeavors at instantaneous precipitation? They are mostly discouragement and doubt. When that upon which you work and which comes from the seeming 'invisible' does not appear according to the outer mind's reckoning of a time limit, sometimes the project is abandoned just as it is ready to come 'through thc veil' into the physical appearance world.

"I have seen men and women on the verge of great financial mastery, stop working on their project just within an hour of receiving their financial freedom! I have seen individuals, working in Retreats, draw Currents for healing over quite a period of time. Then, because that healing seemed not to completely manifest quickly enough for them, they wholly abandoned their work just five minutes short of a Cosmic manifestation! Often, such a manifestation, if it had been sustained in Faith and Constancy, would have revealed much Truth to the consciousness of the race as a whole and would have been of great help to them. The 'invisible' Realm is almost filled with uncompleted prayers; with beautiful forms which have never been brought into outer manifestation.

"How many of you - (I know, for I see with the All-Seeing-Eye) - how many of you, just during these addresses, have decided upon some pattern to manifest - have begun to build it and have already abandoned your project? Those patterns are floating in the Causal Body 'forcefield' of this group and will be dissipated because of the lack of your attention which feeds your life into them; unless you pick them up again and either complete them or return them to the unformed, through the etherealizing power of the Violet Transmuting Flame. If you do not reclaim them, your pattern may be picked up and completed by some magnetic lifestream in the outer world and that other individual then will be the beneficiary of all your work!

"Beloved, sometimes people speak of 'strokes of luck' - usually great flashes of financial relief and release which they suddenly receive. Sometimes this comes about because - often - another individual has worked for years upon some project, building a momentum of constructively qualified energy thereby, only to suddenly cut the strings and break the line of CONCENTRATION and attention upon his work. This allows that picture (pattern or form) and momentum to be loosed from his consciousness and float away unclaimed into the atmosphere; to be picked up (mentally) by some other lifestream at the last minute of its preparation - just before it physically manifests. Then that one reaps where someone else has sown! As a matter of fact, there is a man right here in your city of Philadelphia who utilizes the benefits of this very Law of which I speak and, through it, he reaps where others have sown. In so doing, he breaks no law, because it is like the unclaimed money in many banks which simply lays there, particularly in the Chancery Courts of England. If no one wants it, some alert lifestream might just as well claim it for use.

"I implore you - you who decide upon some pattern and plan of manifestation: Follow it through! Follow it through! Follow it through! CONCENTRATE upon your design for precipitation until you have brought it into fulfillment. Rhythmically work upon your project, but not for long hours at a time so that you become so tense and filled with anxiety that you neutralize your endeavors.

"You have been told that, when We created the planets of this system, We came in rhythm and it was the Power of My Ray of CONCENTRATION which drew and coalesced the actual form of this Earth. After all, what are mankind's bodies but forms of concentrated Energy? This Energy, as you know, is drawn forth from the Heart of your Presence. Once you have determined to bring forth some constructive manifestation, follow through in the Name of God! Follow through in the Name of God! FOLLOW THROUGH IN THE NAME OF GOD! Stop sitting by the wayside resting, when you are on the verge of Victory! . . . "

Beloved Cyclopea
through the Messenger, Geraldine Innocente, November 21, 1954,   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania U.S.A. (2)

" . . . The vital point I AM desirous of making has to do with the fact that Jesus' Love did not diminish after His passing, but rather increased by His union with the Father, His I AM Presence, in the fullness of Cosmic Radiance - which expanded His blessed Love for mankind. He, therefore, to the present day, has continued to serve mankind and bless the earth with His Presence. This has meant abiding often in an atmosphere of human destruction, confusion and hatred, and those qualities which are wholly foreign to the Nature of God. It has also meant that in the Glories of Salvation attained, of the Victories won, of the Triumph of Golgotha, of the Reality of the Resurrection and then the splendid magnificence of the Ascension - with its complete escape into Freedom which is possible for all, yet presently attained by the Few, that He has voluntarily returned to earth into the atmosphere of limitation and confusion (from whence He had completely escaped) and has continued year after year, century after century, to render cosmic service to the earth and its people! Is this not the greatest possible Love?

"I cite beloved Jesus, for He is well-known the world around - and especially in the Americas and the West. Yet, when I speak of the Great White Brotherhood (to which Jesus belongs) I AM speaking, blessed ones, of victory, of salvation, of Freedom, of unlimited Power, of a breaking the Sacred Bread of the All-Father's Being - and still more - of offering one's self after achieving individual Freedom, after complete escape, to serve a cause - the full purposes and plans of the Great White Brotherhood! In the present service of the mankind of earth untold numbers of great Illumined Beings serve the Brotherhood in daily dissolving vortices of hate and despair, dissipating foci of negative energy - charging and assisting constructive individuals with Christ-Power, Illumination, Wisdom, Healing and Strength and myriad tasks on behalf of the Light. These are truly Brothers of the Diamond Heart and of the Golden Robe. This is the bodhisattva ideal of the Brotherhood, those devotees of God who love the earth so much they give up their own Freedom for it and its evolutions, have given Their whole allegiance to the Light and by their mighty Light Rays assist you and all men right now today! . . . "

Beloved Cyclopea
through the Messenger, Mark Prophet, 1961,   U.S.A. (4)

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Great Central Sun Angels

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