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Service to God in Life

  • Also known as:
    • Hierarch of the Great Central Sun
    • "Mother"
    • "The Ending"

  • Twin Flame / Divine Complement / Twin Ray:

  • Office in Hierarchy
    • Alpha and Omega are Ascended Twin Flames who hold the balance of the Masculine-Feminine Polarity in the Cosmic Christ Consciousness in the Great Central Sun. Thus, through the Universal Christ, the Word Incarnate, the Father is the Origin and the Mother is the Fulfillment of the Cycles of God's Consciousness expressed throughout the Spirit-Matter Creation.

"We are the Divine Presence in your Heart."

"Our Most Beloved Sons and Daughters:

"We come surrounded by Legions of Angels whose acquaintance you have met in ages past. Be at home, then, for We place over this place, so consecrated by your hearts and the heart of Lord Gautama Buddha, even the replica of our Home, your Home in the Great Central Sun. So long, so long as time is reckoned and as cycles of coming and going are reckoned has been your absence from our Home.

"Now you have said the 'Om'. You have sounded it from within. Now experience it in this moment that will be for you, we trust, a springboard to a new thrust for your Victory and for the ultimate Victory of the Lightbearers of the earth. Therefore, be at rest.

"Our Gratitude to servants of the Light, helpers, angels, elementals, all who have come to prepare this place. In a single year you have made it once again Our Cradle the Cradle where We do give birth to souls of Light annually.

"Oh, it is a coming together! Oh, it is a Sun Center, this very place! And thus, beloved, a planetary and a personal purging is ongoing. Welcome, then, the rain, for it is a special rain of our beloved Alpha.

"I, then, Omega, greet you, and I greet you in the Love of such tender understanding of your innermost thoughts and needs and desires and questionings and doubts.

"It is not easy to be in this octave, beloved. But I would remind you that the Divine Spark within, which is called by a number of Names by the various ones who have experienced the Divine Spark, even the Atman Itself, truly does have a Name - and that Name is Alpha/Omega. We are the Divine Presence in your heart. Brahman is the Divine Presence. The Universal Christ is that Presence.

"Therefore, as We can understand even the dilemma of living in this octave, so will you not understand that there is also the very present possibility for you to live in that Holy Aura, truly that Universe of Light that is the Secret Chamber of the heart?

"This place of our Home of Alpha and Omega with which We surround you in this hour is available to you, each one, as you will retire to the Secret Chamber of your heart each day.

"Beloved, just as all of Death and Hell move against your going in consciousness to the Great Central Sun, so do not underestimate the opposition to your soul each and every day of your life that opposition which would deny the soul her entering in, as the great ritual of the conclusion of the day, entering in to the Secret Chamber of the heart.

"This you do in the Name of your Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, in the Name of Archangel Michael. For you do understand that there are boulders and mountains of karma that stand between you, as the soul seated in the seat-of-the-soul chakra, and that Secret Chamber that is the replica of our Home and of all universes within and without.

"Therefore, under the old dispensation, you could not have lawfully risen to such a holy place without having balanced that karma, but in this day and hour the Archangel Michael does place His Presence over you. And therefore, in the Presence of that God-free, wondrous manifestation of I AM THAT I AM, your soul may rise to that level (as she has not done in many centuries) and be tutored, beloved ones.

"Is this not the mighty Grace of the Lord, who weeps for you, who Loves you, who desires you not to be absent but with Him, with Him in the very Heart of Brahman?

"Therefore, Grace and Mercy abound and the Grace of the Word, the Shekinah, beloved ones, the mighty Power of Mother Flame and of Shakti of God. By that Grace and Mercy, then, you are able to come to the Secret Place of your God and to do so regularly and daily. To so do will strike in you a new tenderness, a tenderness so rare, whereby you can hardly find a harsh feeling or a harsh word thereafter so wondrous, so loving [is the Presence and] so much Love do you find in that [secret] place [where the Threefold Flame does burn].

"Let the rituals of the heart not take hours, beloved. There is no time and space in this. There is being the caretaker of your thoughts and feelings, the body, the heart and the mind, so that by a thought at the end of the day you can give the fiat to Archangel Michael, you can call to Us as Father-Mother and you can mount the spiral staircase [from the seat-of-the-soul chakra to the Secret Chamber of the heart] and be one.

"And then when day breaks and you must go and pick up your karma again after you have journeyed through the night to the etheric octaves, you return through that point of the Secret Chamber of the heart to your lawful place in the seat-of-the-soul chakra and you work the works of God. And you have such love that you pour into each work! And you retain the memory of the exercises of the guarding of the throat chakra, of the silence of the bliss of God that you can maintain no matter what is the requirement of the hour.

"You, then, compress the Fire of Being and concentrate It, using it not for many, many idle words but saving it for the Peace-commanding Presence, raising it up to the point of the third eye, whereby you may see and know and make, without error, your decisions and take your steps and live in the cycles of the hours as though you were living, and indeed you are, in the Spheres of the Great Causal Body of your I AM Presence . . . ."

Beloved Omega
through the Messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet,   July 1, 1992,   Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana, U.S.A. (1)

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  1. Omega, July 1, 1992, Pearls of Wisdom ®, Volume 35 Number 32 (The Summit Lighthouse ®, 1992) Copyright © 1997 Church Universal and Triumphant, Inc.®
  2. Prophet, Elizabeth Clare and Prophet, Mark L. Saint Germain on Alchemy: For the Adept in the Aquarian Age, Second Edition, (Livingston, Montana, Summit University Press, 1986), pages 355 - 356

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