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Rose of Light

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Service to God in Life

  • First Public Dictation / Discourse:
    • August 20, 1944   Ouray, Colorado U.S.A. (1)

  • Divine Quality

  • Divine Ray & Sacred Fire
    • Prana with a color similar to Ruby (4)
    • Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Happiness (2)
    • Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love (2)
    • Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Illumination (2)
    • Healing Flame of Happiness (2)
    • Cosmic White Rose of White Fire (2)

  • Office in Hierarchy
    • Chohan of the Third Secret Ray (4)
    • "Inner Illumination . . . to the Earth through each one's Heart" (2)
    • Assists in the governing of the mental body

The Perfect Pattern of God Identity in Love!

"The petals of a rose unfold ever so gently — but have you understood that at its core is great Strength, great Fire? As the Chohan of the Third Secret Ray, I, Rose of Light, command the Ruby Ray — the intensity of the Fire of God Love — to go forth and to pierce through all recalcitrance that would stop the flow of the Desire of God’s Heart! For it matters not how dense, how entrenched is that misqualified substance. The Fire of the Ruby Ray, when it is released for Cosmic Purpose, for Divine Intercession, will complete the Victory!

"Oh, how delicate is the process of opening your heart. For in the beginning, the heart is often timid, reserved, not sure of its purpose, given its closure for so many embodiments as a result of each one’s human creation and the abuses by others leveled against the delicacy of the heart. So as you begin, ever so gently, to work with opening your heart, you will lift the veil on areas of your own consciousness that have been limiting — outworn perceptions founded upon unreality will need the light of day, as Illumination’s Flame, to be released at the very first opening of the heart. Then, if there is timidity, another petal may open to allow for the Blue Flame of the Will of God to begin to fill your Chalice with the transfer of that indomitable Will of your own God Presence beginning to move through your conscious awareness. Then, just as delicately, another petal will open, and you will discover the Desire of God that has been latent there all the while, as a glorious seed waiting to burst forth as God in Action, God in the highest Ideal, God as Love.

"You will find that each of the petals which you have allowed to open now support and protect one another, guiding and directing each other so that when each of these Flames begin to swirl, intertwining, they become one unified action of God Consciousness, waiting to impress upon Life, waiting to give of their Glory to move into the vastness of the World of God as the great Pranic Breaths, the Elemental Forces of Nature. For your open heart knows not just your own body temple as those Forces of Life, but it knows the vastness that streams out from the Heart of Elohim into the Great Sea of Universal Light Substance, allowing for your consciousness to hold the impression of that Activity of God firmly in its embrace. All the while, there is a Divine Purpose charged within that Substance of the Breath of God.

"To become masterful with the Ruby Ray, you must learn how to discipline those vehicles of the body temple that you wear so that they will expand ever outward, absorbing greater and greater saturations of your own God Identity and carrying them all the way to the Elohim! This is how you can facilitate more of an active participation in this world of form, even with your own, ofttimes, timid heart. . . . "

Beloved Rose of Light
through the Anointed Representative®, Carolyn Louise Shearer,   April 11, 2009,   Tucson, Arizona U.S.A. (10)

" . . . When the consciousness is attuned to the thought of Beauty as a Divine Manifestation, it attracts an inflow of Spiritual Images and Ideas from the Mind of God in an endless stream from His limitless Storehouse! At first this Wealth of Ideas may seem overwhelming and you may wonder as to the purpose of such superabundance - but when you consider that it is a 'Showcase of Glory' from which you as an individual expression may select the applicable Ideas which expressly adorn your own Life-Plan, this variegation becomes an understandable Blessing.

"I AM so conscious of the essential Presence of God that it seems to Me - and did long before My Ascension - that the universe is permeated with the essence of roses, and that each Beam of Light is perfumed substance from the Being of God. When the Great Karmic Board permitted Me the Blessing of being christened with a 'New Name' it is understandable then why Rose-O-Light was chosen!

"Beloved ones, when you stop to consider that each human being is vibrating and expressing the content of his soul-consciousness - and yet all are intended to express the Contentment of God's Own Consciousness - you can well believe that the cause of all human suffering is simply a case of tuning into the wrong vibratory action by misusing free will and by carelessness, egoism or ignorance.

"Would it not be wonderful to have the channels of your being fully opened to the Glories streaming from the Windows of Heaven, blessed ones? Why, when all Life is Vibrant and Aglow with the precious Vibrations of God's Purity and Graciousness, do men and women created and sustained by Love seem to believe in and attune to the vibrations of hate and the hate creations of human consciousness? Could it be that they prefer unhappiness? I think not. The endurance of human misery seems to be the lot of those who dwell in a conscious state of almost martyred patience. Well, dear ones, God does not want any martyrs of unhappy causes! It is the Will of this beautiful eternal Law of Life and Love that everyone should be supremely Happy at all times. If they are not, it is solely the lack of the proper spiritual diet or their assimilation of the finer world of Essential Reality.

"Blessed ones, I do not wish to confuse you but to make this instruction as simple as possible. Won't you please try to understand - regardless of how wise you may feel you are or how simple you may think you are - that none of these ideas you hold about yourself are important by contrast to the Immaculate Idea God holds for you! Of course you can be affected by your own thoughts about yourself, and (if you let them) the thoughts of others about you can create unhappiness for you. But, lovely children of eternal Youth and Loveliness, know always that God's World is the World of Essential Power where the Dynamic Energy of Life is continually qualified with the transcending spiral of God's ever-exalting Wisdom. God's universe is permeated with the Justice of an equal Love from the Heart of God for all His creation which by Law's perfect Balance renders the fullness of Himself to each according to his Kind and willingness to accept more of His Grace.

"Although man may have been made originally a 'little lower than the Angels' he is given constant Opportunity to be crowned with more Glory and Honor! In the Kingdom of Heaven the children of Earth and other planetary homes are given the Opportunity to either return to the Father's House and abide in perfect Peace or go forth to serve as Luminaries to evolving creation. Yet, even the children of Earth can attain the Radiance of a Son of God in imitation of the perfect example of their own individualized Holy Christ Self - the first Begotten of the Father - their own individualized Mighty I AM Presence!

"Remember, blessed ones, the Stream of Life flows first from the Heart of God to the Heart of your own Presence made in the Immaculate Image of the Supreme One, and thence passes to your Higher Mental Body or Holy Christ Self into your physical Heart where it manifests as a Threefold Flame of Love, Wisdom and Power! Unless there is an interruption of this pure Energy - which is impossible by Cosmic Law at Inner Levels - there can be only constancy in a release of Love, Wisdom and Power into your own worlds! Do you see, blessed ones? Yet the cause and core of disease, unhappiness, shadow, pain, jealousy and confusion of mind is ever the stoppage of the Wisdom-Power-Love Flame from within out, and a stultification of the flow of Light and Harmony into your mind and Heart. This can only occur when you succumb to the pressure of the mass thought and feeling of that which is directed at children of Light for the express purpose of stealing their energy to animate human creation!

"You see, all Energy comes from God and only a lifestream can draw it forth qualified with God's own Mind. Natural forces operate in group souls through animals and the plant kingdom, and through the power of the elements - earth, air, fire and water. These are a part of the elemental kingdom of the feeling body of God caring for and governing the outer realms as originally envisioned by Him and sustained by the mighty Planetary Silent Watcher, Immaculata. These Cosmic Gardeners use and direct Energy, but it is a special form of natural intelligence and not to be compared with the Radiance of the Soul of God as poured through an Ascended or unascended being manifest as a lifestream!

"It is each lifestream's God-given Solar (soul) Radiance which the negative forces would steal, then, and use to carry out the nothingness of their plans. Only when you submit to (or in ignorance remain in) the seething vortex of human creation can you be swept aside from the Harmony and Purpose of God. It is never God's Will that you or any part of creation should suffer, but that all should come speedily to the Fount of Ever-Living Happiness and drink the Waters of Immortal Life, which can only sustain the Good, the Pure and the Holy! This Image of God in which you were created sustains you in order that you may have Opportunity to consciously elect to become worthy of every Blessing (including that which the eye has not seen nor the heart dreamed of).

"Use the Blessing of Opportunity, then, which Heaven has bestowed upon you to take dominion in your worlds and sustain the wonderful communicative Happiness of Heaven in an uninterrupted manner. Remember, blessed ones, the great Master Jesus and every Ascended One Whom We love so well, have maintained absolute Harmony day after day, night after night, long before Their Ascension - no matter what the fury of the lashing storms that may have beat at the 'shoreline' of their Being! . . . "

Beloved Rose of Light
through the Messenger, Mark Prophet,   1962,   U.S.A. (3)

" . . . Every limitation in your bodies, every limitation in your feeling world, every limitation in your affairs, is the condemning of some of the substance and energy of this Universe, to live within human qualities. Now let Us help you let go of that this morning! No matter what your own problems are, BE a Blazing Sun of Happiness to everybody and everything that crosses your path. Make it your business to be a Sun of the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love and Illumination to everybody else; and if you will do that, you will find your own problems and limitations have been removed from you by the time you turn around, when you think you have to take care of them.

"Do you know what your obligation to Life is? Your obligation to every particle of Life in this Universe is to pour Happiness to all the other parts of Life. It is your duty to pour Happiness and the Joy of just living for the Happiness and expanding Illumination, Love and Kindness to everybody and to everything, even to the atomic structure of your bodies. Just live in the Great Joy of Blessing and charging Happiness into everybody and everything that comes in contact with you or your Life Stream.

"Happiness is the Law of this Universe and, My dear ones, if the Ascended Masters, every time mankind disappointed them, were to sit down and mope about it, you would not have much help in this world; because mankind has disappointed the Ascended Masters for a good many thousands of years. If the Ascended Masters don't become discouraged about anything, there is no reason for unascended beings to be discouraged.

"The Ascended Ones have tried to raise mankind out of this distress longer than mankind has tried to raise themselves; so there is no place in this Activity for discouragement! The only difference between unascended and Ascended Beings is, that unascended beings quit and the Ascended Ones never do; and if We could only get that stopping, that quitting, on the right side of Life, your Freedom is here.

"Please feel from now on, My precious ones, your obligation to pour Happiness to every Life Stream that comes to your attention, and it does not make any difference whether you like other Life Streams personally or not, that is not your concern. Everyone is Life and all Life is entitled to Happiness from you; and if you do not pour out Happiness, you will never have It! Each individual has received back just exactly what each one has given to Life. . . . "

" . . . Don't you see that the obligation of your Life Stream is to blaze Happiness, no matter what seems to be? You are not concerned with that which has already occured. That which is manifesting now is the result of former causes. You, today, are setting into action causes to produce Happiness and Perfection for the future! Therefore, if something of the past come forward, if after you have sent forth all your Love, Blessings, and Happiness, then some discordant result comes forth to be handled, instead of feeling, well it did not work; just take that thing and say: 'All right, I shall take that substance and energy and purify it, with the Violet Consuming Flame and the Blue Lightning of Cosmic Purity from the Great Central Sun; and now I command that to become my Eternal Happiness.' You can take every event of Life and command the energy within it to yield you Cosmic Illumination and Eternal Happiness, if you will. Your Free Will is paramount and always will be!. . . . "

" . . . There is not as powerful a Healing Flame in this Universe as the Healing Flame of Happiness. Enough Happiness could cure every bit of disease on the planet; and it seems to Me, it is a far more comfortable method than surgery and some of the other methods by which others try to help mankind, although We always bless every kind of assistance that really helps mankind to be more harmonious. . . . "

" . . . Happiness, as Saint Germain told you, is the Great Motor of Existence! So, if you need energy, charge yourselves with the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Happiness! If you need money and supply, charge your business with the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Happiness! If there are problems to be solved, dissolve them by the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love from My Temple of Light; and you shall know Freedom from every limitation, whether it be mind, body or affairs.. . . . "

Beloved Rose of Light
through the Messenger, Edna Ballard,   August 20, 1944,   Ouray, Colorado U.S.A. (2)

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