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Fourteen Etheric Cities of the Earth

Etheric City
Adaptation of a still from the movie What Dreams May Come © 1998 Interscope Communications, in association with Metafilmics, released by Polygram Filmed Entertainment

"I look throughout the land and see many Etheric Cities lowering. These Etheric Cities, fourteen in number, are exhibiting a greater release of Light by the Ascended and Cosmic Beings for the benefit of the Earth. Throughout this coming year, you will hear more specifics regarding the anchoring of that Light in the Earth of which I speak.

"Hold fast as this blessed community and all of the Earth receive Light, Light, Light from the Etheric Cities over Tucson, from over Glastonbury, and, yes, over Jerusalem as well. Know the Light is coming forth. Be prepared to receive that Light.

"I, Jesus, stand before you to proclaim that the EARTH IS LIGHT!

Beloved Jesus
through the Anointed Representative®, Carolyn Louise Shearer,   December 25, 2002,   Tucson, Arizona U.S.A. (4)

Etheric City over Jerusalem

The Fourteen Etheric Cities are real cities in the Etheric Realm of our planet Earth, located over seven deserts or continents and over seven large bodies of water. Certain Ascended Masters and Divine Beings and sometimes some unascended beings serve in these Etheric Cities in between embodiments. Light Rays are projected from there to the Earth for specific purposes; such as dissolving epidemics and accumulating destructive forces and also Light Rays are projected into the consciousness of mankind.

The Etheric City over the Sahara Desert is known as the Golden City. Shamballa is over the Gobi Desert. There is an Etheric City over Tucson, Arizona and the Arizona Desert. There is one over Brazil. There is an Etheric City over Glastonbury, England.

Ascended Masters and Beings work from these Etheric Cities and give assistance to mankind in various ways. They may project ideas of some projects which are worthy enough to promote, into the minds of some students who are in physical embodiment. Many Ascended Masters establish and maintain a Focus of Their own in an Etheric City. For example, in the Etheric City over Tucson Arizona, there are Focuses of John the Beloved, the Goddess of Purity, Lord Krishna, and the Seven Holy Kumaras. This gives Them a sort of step-down or in-between action and connection from the high Vibratory Action of Their Ascended Masters' Realm. Around the Etheric Cities is a Force, a Belt or Sphere which nothing of a slower vibration can penetrate.

The "New Jerusalem" is an archetype of Golden Age Etheric Cities of Light that exist even now on the Etheric Plane (in the "Heaven World") and are waiting to be lowered into physical manifestation (on Earth). In the Book of Revelation, John the Beloved saw the descent of the Holy City as the Immaculate Geometry of that which is to be - and now is in the invisible Realms of Light: "And I John saw the Holy City, New Jerusalem, coming down from God out of Heaven." Thus, in order that this vision and prophecy be fulfilled Jesus taught us to pray with the authority of the Spoken Word, "Thy Kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven!"

Etheric City
Etheric City of Light
Copyright © GilbertWilliams / Contact:

" . . . From the Etheric City that I AM presently serving in with certain Members of the Great White Brotherhood, We are releasing specialized Rays of Comfort, Peace and Healing for the wounds of this dear planet and her evolutions. It is such a Joyous Experience to be able to see, as the result of your Decrees, the instantaneous Manifestations of Perfection brought about by the Light Rays We send forth to do your and Our bidding, knowing that that Light of God cannot fail!

"While you are yet unascended, your lovely Spirits still encased in the heavier garments of flesh, I know it is more difficult for you than it is for Us to feel the full Glory and Power of the Ascended Ones. Of course, this is because the humanly shadowed thoughts and feelings of fear, frustrated desires, and often bodily pain and other distresses surround the outer self and disturb the peace and poise of your being. These prevent much of your enjoyment of the abundant life that is your Divine Right to experience from coming into manifestation. Besides, these human conditions and conditionings take a heavy toll on your energies by drawing and holding your attention to them.

"If you allow them, they live in your world off of your life, for they really have no world or life or power of volition of their own! Then, too, the beautiful, instantaneous service of the Violet Fire is not so apparent to you as it is to Us when you call It into dynamic action to permanently transmute that which is human to make way for that which is Divine.

"However, if you will 'keep on keeping on', as beloved Saint Germain says, in your sincere endeavor to understand and practice the use of this merciful violet fire, you really can rise very quickly in consciousness to a State of Being where you can see, hear, and associate with the ascended ones long before your actual Ascension takes place. If you really desire this accomplishment enough to hold uninterrupted harmony in your feelings, We can help you to this end. For I had such experiences before My Own Victory was attained.

"O dear hearts, could you but know that each of you is constantly held within an Aura of our Personal God Protection and Loving Care! If you consciously realize and accept this Gift of Our Love by turning your attention to Us every so often during the day, we can cause it to act more readily and powerfully for you.

"There are times when I sincerely wish the Great Cosmic Law would allow Us to remove the veil of unbelief from all mankind by permitting them to have even one glimpse of the magnificent Ascended Masters and angelic realms of Light, which are so real � the exquisite Colors, soul-stirring Melodies, and Joyous Expressions of pure Divine Love that manifest there. Were each lifestream to be able to see such God Splendor even once, it should satisfy that one's consciousness for all eternity that the will of God for all is good and that in the acceptance of and loving cooperation with his will they can be safe at last from every human bondage.

"Believe Me when I say to you from personal experience that the truly indescribable Perfection that We enjoy is worth every effort you have ever made to serve the Light in the appearance world; it is worth every so-called sacrifice of the human you have ever made or ever will make to attain your eternal Victory. . . . "

Beloved Godfre
through the Messenger, Mark Prophet,   1958,   U.S.A. (2)

Etheric City of Light

Emerald City
From the movie Oz The Great and Powerful © 2013 Disney (Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)

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