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Goddess of Purity

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The Virgin in Paradise by Antoine Auguste Ernest Hérbert (1817 - 1908)
Musee Hébert, Paris, France; Cameraphoto/Art Resource, New York

Service to God in Life

"What God has envisioned is what man should envision!"

". . . Do not fear the Flame of Purity. Embrace It. Become It. For the... Fullness of God Love can saturate your entire feeling world in Purity's Ray, irrespective of those around you who walk in illusion.

"It is not necessary for you to be concerned with the newest fads - and that goes for the newest fads in religion, beloved ones. There are those who would make a religion of any new concept that comes along. It doesn't matter if it's born of a foundation of eons of time as Cosmic Law ingrained upon your life. No - whatever fad seems to tickle your fancy has a new bent, if you will, on an old concept.

"Purity's Ray has been Purity's Ray since the beginning of time! And God Reality lives in Purity's Ray.

"If there is not a foundation born in the Light of God Reality, and cannot stand the record of time, does not have its foundation born within every major religious doctrine of the Spirit; if you cannot find a confirmation that you know that you can trust within your heart - then I say run! And I say scamper away. But in your wandering, one day you must stop long enough to anchor, within your own heart, your own God Reality.

"One teaching of the Law versus another teaching of the Law, if it is not based on a foundation within your heart, is no Law for your Being. This would be somewhat of a Zen teaching. Do you understand what I have said?

"If it is not a Law written on your heart, then you have not become It. And for those of you who have these Laws written on your heart, and have not discovered Them - don't you think it's time to put your attention there - to discover what is the Law of your Being? You need not look outside yourself.

"The Ascended Masters stand ready to Guide and Guard you in meeting with all opposition to your lifestream in fulfilling the Law of your Being. But for those who would turn a deaf ear to the Help and Assistance of the Great White Brotherhood, I only have pity. For they know not what they shun.

"It is a sad day for the Brotherhood when those who have an Opportunity to have the assistance with their lifestream decide to turn away - for fear. Yes, beloved ones, for fear they might discover a point of unreality in their world. . . . "

Beloved Goddess of Purity
through the Anointed Representative®, Carolyn Louise Shearer,   January 19, 1997,   Redlands, California U.S.A. (3)

The following excerpt published by The Saint Germain Foundation® further elaborates on the subject of Purity:

"Children of the Light, I bring to you from the Heart of the Great Silence My Blessings this day, eternally sustained; and, I trust, All-powerfully Active in your feeling world for that which Life requires of you. For more than one hundred years the call from the hearts of humanity has come to Me, but the voice of the outer was silent. Today, the voice of the outer has made its call to Me. I AM here to remain in the Great Army of Light and restore to the beloved children of the Earth that for which your hearts have called these many, many centuries. Can you understand how the heart can call so long without the outer response of the voice? Thus, Life has called and called and called, but the outer response was silent. At last, thanks to your Beloved Benefactor, mankind is beginning to awaken and their lips respond to the call of the heart for Purity, for Perfection. . . .

" . . . You will be interested to know that at the time mankind began to recede from the Presence of Life, their conscious understanding of the Mighty I AM Presence, your Great Divine Director went forward. I too went forward at that time, continuing in the Great Perfection of Life; but owing to the Quality of Life which I expressed, it was impossible for Me to remain in direct contact with the earth except as from within the Great Silence at intervals, I poured forth the release of Purity. . . . "

" . . . When Purity takes Its Dominion in your feeling world, the desire for wrong qualification will quickly cease, the natural Dominion of Life will take Its Command and a River of Light will flow forth even greater in Its Intensity, until everything by which the earth has held you in its embrace will release and you will go free in the full Glory of Life. . . .

" . . . Eight hundred years ago, I came forth for a few hours to view the people of earth and found that I was compelled to wait. Thus today you can, I AM sure, understand My Joy in finding mankind responding and in seeing the world being released from that unfortunate condition which has charged the world of the human octave with viciousness. That seems a very cruel word, but it is the only thing which expresses the quality of discord released by mankind and which has been charged into their activity by those who were still more determined that mankind should not be free.

"Do you quite realize that after nearly three million years, mankind is responding from its downward trend? You know in your experience with each other, how very stubborn human qualities are. When that is acting you also know how seemingly impossible it is for one to give response to obedience or accept it as their need; for when you are clothed with the density of long accumulation, mankind cannot see through. Mankind cannot comprehend that they are in need of these great Ascended Master Qualities of Life.

"After all, think you not that there is a reason for the Names of the Goddess of Liberty, the Goddess of Peace, the Goddess of Light and Myself? Why do you think We are called as We are? Because as your beloved Saint Germain represents the Seventh Ray, the Violet Ray of the earth; so do We represent these Rays of Qualities to the earth. . . . "

" . . . I say to you: In all your association, stand guard over human suggestions which would deprive you of your Purity of Life and Its Action through the human form because this will hasten the Glory of your Freedom far more than words can convey; for as I mentioned, it is the last step of Life to Eternal Freedom. As your Great Ascended Master, Jesus, has said to you: 'Death is the last enemy to be overcome.' This step of Purity is also the means of avoiding that last step! . . . "

Beloved Goddess of Purity
through the Messenger, Guy Warren Ballard,   January 1, 1939,   Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, California U.S.A. (1)

The White Rose

" . . . Precious Ones, the Image of God is an Image of Absolute Purity and as this Purity manifests in the Christ Intelligence of your own God Plan, it expresses naught but the fullness of Perfection. It must follow, then, that only Happiness, Victory, and God Success will result from the outpicturing of this Divinely Imaged Plan. What God has envisioned is what man should envision! With the Beauty of such pure beholding the fiat, 'THE PURE IN HEART SHALL SEE GOD,' (7) BECOMES A REALITY IN INDIVIDUAL EXPRESSION. Truly this Man was the Son of God, truly this Man is expressing God to the Universe, even as the Sun shineth in the Purity of His Strength. Ought else is sorrow and but a reflection of the Real in the imperfect mirror of mortality.

"'Come, then, let us reason together,' (5) sayeth the Lord. Is not Purity the Greatest of Gifts, and ought not men to pursue Her as men ought to pursue Holy Wisdom, until the Divine Theo-Sophia is enthroned together with Divine Purity in the manifest Image of Overcoming Victory? This is the true Wisdom of the ages for all. It is right action in becoming God-Like!

"Your Ascension in the Light relates to your manifestation of the greater percentage of Life's Ascending Perfection, so that the Lord may lovingly say by Cosmic Law: 'Come up higher!' Shun not Purity, then, nor lament Its attainment or seeming unattainable heights. Purity lives where God dwells, and is no further away than the Flame within your Heart. We prepare a people for a great role: the Freeing of a Mighty Nation, and the extending of Christ Radiance among all the mankind of Earth. . . . "

Beloved Goddess of Purity
through the Messenger, Mark Prophet,   1963,   U.S.A. (2)

"Blessed hearts, when you recognize that you must draw upon the Flame of God that burns upon the Altar of your Heart with the striving, the yearning, the hunger and the thirst for God, then you recognize the intensity within your world that is required to ultimately enter into realms of Peace and Harmony. There would be those that say intensity and Peace cannot stand side by side. Indeed, blessed ones, for you to have true Peace in your life there must be the tension of Light that is exercised by the striving, by holding the bow of conscious attunement at the right foot-pounds of pressure so that when the creative endeavors of your life go forth — shot, as it were, as arrows of Light — you will have the victory. You will accomplish every detail that was dreamed within your own mind, that was held fast upon your Heart, feeding the creative vision with the desire and the love that will ultimately catapult it into the creative nature of your own being and draw it forth, manifest full-blown before you.

"There are many examples throughout life that would teach you the creative process that must be engaged by every Son and Daughter of God. You are about to graduate into a new cycle of Conclave and Acropolis Sophia, a class of study, blessed hearts, that will teach you how to draw from within the Purity of the Mother Light that is deposited upon the energy centers of your vehicles of consciousness and that can be drawn forth daily to replenish all those Life Forces that have already been utilized.

"All this so that you might begin to refine your alchemies, understanding how the Christ Light establishes the Emerald Matrix to bring about all that the Mother Light would feed into in the highest of Purity, the most Beautiful, Holy, and Sacred Vibration. Then, when your alchemy is complete, you will know how true your creation has been to the Heart’s desiring of your Mighty I AM Presence. For all things of value, of worth, of reality come forth into your life from the Mind of God, from your own Mighty I AM Presence having first held that seed idea and thrust it forth into your keeping, allowing you to grasp it, nurture it, breath upon it the Pranic Breaths, filling in every detail and allowing for the Christic Fire of the Emerald Matrix to come forth and establish all that you nurtured of God Desire.

"But can you not begin to appreciate how difficult it would be to bring about the pure Concept held within the Mind of God if there yet remained impurities in your mind, in your emotions, in your attitudes and habits, insinuating themselves into your way of life? Therefore, placing your attention upon the Mighty I AM Presence, making room for that Presence in your life, and establishing the disciplines that will demand of your vehicles that they be responsive to the directive of the Light of God — this will prepare you. And it is a life’s work. Surely there are those occasions when you may experience a more than ordinary acceleration in your own vibration as a result of your attunement with the Mighty I AM Presence and the Grace of that Presence in your life. Likewise, when you come before this Altar, you receive the Blessing of the Light pouring forth from the Ascended and Cosmic Beings and their Teaching and instruction as cups of Light that you ingest into your consciousness — all this begins to leaven and establish a vibration within you that cannot be denied as the Truth that you ratify upon the Altar of your Heart. For the Allness of God is present in what you receive; and thus, you know it to be true. Knowing a thing is true and recognizing its reality is one thing. But then making that reality a tangible manifestation in your life is wholly another. And thus, in this coming cycle, you will be challenged to make the God Reality of your own Mighty I AM Presence as the Christ Light a permanent way of life for you.

"And so, I have come this day to initiate the White Light of the Mother Flame as the first in the line of Initiations that will culminate at the close of Acropolis Sophia of the New Year so that during this Christmastide and the ushering in of a New Year and a new cycle, you will have the opportunity to clear away all of the debris of human consciousness, all of the ill-conceived ideas that you have fostered and allowed to remain in your life, and all of those habits that you know must go into the Flame to be no more. And then, hold high your consciousness so that you might receive the Mother Light to fill your chalice and establish that Purity that will be the pressure of your own God Presence constantly flowing through you, constantly refreshing, constantly refining, constantly building as a foundation for all of the alchemies that you will bring forth. It is that Constancy of the Flame of the White Light that will enable you to have the firm resolve of your Christhood, such that your Christhood will come forth according to the Divine Will of your own God Presence."

Beloved Goddess of Purity
through the Anointed Representative®, Carolyn Louise Shearer,   October 31, 2010,   Tucson, Arizona U.S.A. (8)

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