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Gems from the Ascended Master Teachings

Mary, the Mother of Jesus

ascended masters   The Law of the Circle   by Beloved Saint Germain

"The Law is that whatever discordant thought and feeling is sent forth by a human being, it must first vibrate through the brain and body of the sender before it can reach into the rest of the Universe."

ascended masters   Within the Realm of the Heart   by Mother Mary

"These are magnificent contemplations for you to begin to consider should you be new to these instructions � how you are determining the cycles of your life here and now, the choices you make, the determination that you mount, the vibration that you conduct � all this is determining your life."

ascended masters   Love Is Not Wasted   by the Beloved Maha Chohan

"The most important thing I can leave with you is the fact that no Love is wasted. No love goes unnoticed and no love is without the Vibration of God."

ascended masters   Christmas Angels   by Beloved Immaculata

"They know only how to express the true and perfect keynote, born of the Joy of Loving, the Joy of Giving, the Pure Joy of Communion with God!"

ascended masters   Fiats and Affirmations from Volume 3 of the Saint Germain Series   by Beloved Saint Germain

"My I AM Presence is the Heart of God. I AM immediately in the Great Silence the moment I say I AM. Because I recognize that I AM that I AM, then whatever I declare is manifest that moment."

ascended masters   Thinking Perfection   by Beloved Saint Germain

"Every individual can think Perfection at every instant, if he only will, and it takes no more substance and energy to build Beautiful, Perfect Forms and Experiences than it does the imperfect; but if the individual wants this Perfection expressed in his own world, he must use his own energy to utter the Decree which will release that Perfection unto him. . . . "

ascended masters   The Will of God is Good!   by Morya El

"Here in Darjeeling we have a number of chelas who come to us who are required to meditate for twelve hours a day upon these simple words: 'The Will of God is Good.' And then they are examined by certain examiners in our group here who ask them what the results of meditation are. I think if you were able to perceive after twelve hours of meditation what these individuals have learned in that period of time, some of you would realize the great discipline which some individuals feel willing to accept upon themselves for their own God Freedom and the Freedom of mankind."

ascended masters   I AM the Violet Fire

I AM the Violet Fire — God�s All Consuming Love.   I AM the Violet Fire — Descending from Above!

ascended masters   Thoughtform for the Year 2012   by Gautama Buddha

"I am now given permission to describe the Thoughtform to you, so that in your outer consciousness you may hold it dear and understand the implications for the entire Earth. It is the vision of the Earth as the Golden Age."

ascended masters   The Work at Hand - You are Either With Us or You are On Your Own!   by Beloved El Morya

"How many have come close to that Flame of God and determined that that was the most precious place of all to be � and never once looked back? They did not have a second thought as to 'what if' or 'perhaps', for there was no shadow of turning ever to cross their gaze again. The Presence of God was all there was and all there would ever be! And that was all of Life to them!"

ascended masters   True Promptings of Your Heart   by Beloved Saint Germain

"When you come to understand and feel you can turn your attention to this God Presence above you and, through that Ray of Light and Energy, receive Its Mighty, Directing Intelligence, Its Limitless Supply of Exhaustless Energy, then you will know you can charge your body with Its Limitless Energy, with Its Mighty, Directing Intelligence until soon no mistakes will occur in your experience of the human octave."

ascended masters   True Activity of Love   by Beloved Saint Germain

"When an individual feels that he or she cannot give forth Divine Love, it is because that one does not understand the True Activity of Love. . . . The mistake so many people make is in attempting to solve a condition with the outer mind."

ascended masters   To Stand Forever in Akasha   by Beloved Maha Chohan

"Having once agreed to be born into this outer world, you must traverse here for a time. Trust that when your Mission is concluded you will surely return to these Akashic Realms. Once more you will know only Perfection, only the Godly Estate, only a Consciousness that knows no limitation, knows no sense of want � for all is within reach of your Heart�s Desire."

ascended masters   I AM the Light of the Heart   by Beloved Saint Germain

"Neglect not, then, your Heart as the Altar of God. Neglect it not as the Sun of your manifest being. Draw from God the Power of Love, amplify It within your Heart, and then send It into the world at large as the bulwark of that which shall overcome the darkness of the planet."

ascended masters   Realize the Individualized Presence of God as Your True Identity   by the Beloved Maha Chohan

"The more you realize the Individualized Presence of God as your True Identity, the greater awareness you will have of the Consciousness of God at work, both by a hand unseen in far-off worlds and ever close at hand. This God Consciousness may remain somewhat imperceptible in your own life until you awaken your Heart Flame to expand, accelerate, and grasp the True Nature of that God Reality, Divine Genius, and True Wisdom that abides within you even now."

ascended masters   A New Day in the Sun in the Light of the Mother!   by the Goddess of Purity

"It matters not what might be thrust into your pathway, you know it will be the Will of God that you meet it and emerge God Victorious. Knowing how you must move in, through, and around that obstacle, how you must uphold the Virtues of the Christ and the God Qualities that you have become in your striving on the Path will enable you to be God Victorious at the end of each day!"

ascended masters   The God Quality of Faith   by The Maha Chohan

"Start by trusting your own Heart. Become aware of your own inner Being. Feel secure, self-confident and able to hold your head high, gazing out through the Light of your I AM Presence. As you begin to hold firmly to the intensity of that Light, you will feel it consume every doubt and trepidation that could raise its head to question even the slightest Reality of the Truth ringing in your Heart. It takes vigilance."

ascended masters   Constructive Desire   by Beloved Saint Germain

"Constructive Desire is the expanding activity within Life, for it is only in this way that greater and greater ideas, activity, and accomplishment are pushed through into expression in the outer world of substance and form."

ascended masters   Behold your Reality!   by Beloved Jesus

"Do you quite comprehend today the marvel of the slightest activity of your attention? Behold your Reality! and then comprehend that the moment your attention is upon your Great Source of Life, the Mighty I AM Presence, that very moment your Ascension has begun."

ascended masters   Avoid the Necessity for Re-embodiment   by Saint Germain

"There is only one way to avoid the cosmic wheel of cause and effect - the necessity for re-embodiment - and that is through the conscious effort to comprehend the Law of Life."

ascended masters   The Perfect Pattern of God Identity in Love!   by Beloved Rose of Light

"Let your Heart be the Heart of the Perfect Rose that emulates my Heart Flame, as a balanced action of Love, Wisdom, and Power, calling forth the Purity of the White Light of the Mother Flame and anchored in a disciplined Chalice of your vehicles of consciousness to bring forth the Perfect Pattern of God Identity in Love. "

ascended masters   God-Conscious   by Saint Germain

"Man became sense conscious instead of God conscious, and so manifested that to which his attention was directed and which he thought most upon. He deliberately and consciously turned his back upon the Perfection and Dominion with which the Father endowed him in the beginning."

ascended masters   I AM Here, the Light of the Cosmic Christ!   by Lord Maitreya

"You stepped forth proclaiming 'I AM' from the Heart of God. But you did not leave the Allness of God. For throughout all of your sojourn, you have maintained communion with that constant brooding Presence of the One God. You have acknowledged that Presence when you were brought into the awareness of Beauty, of Peace, of Love, of the magnificence of creation, of all things that carry the Divine Qualities and Vibration of the One God. This is how your heart has come to know what is true, what is just. For it recognizes the One Presence that cannot be denied. For when you have cleared your consciousness, even in these outer vehicles you wear, you have known the touch of God."

ascended masters   Place the Violet Flame through your Heart   by Saint Germain

"Yes, beloved ones, We are entering into an Age when you will see Me far more than you have ever seen Me in the past. For I AM directly involved in the affairs of the expansion of the Light for this next two thousand year cycle, and I will be in attendance wherever there are those who say they are students of the Light and are earnest and pure with that intent. But mark well, it must be of pure intent. For I do not have time to dally with anything that is less than the God Reality that will take Us into the Golden Age. There is no game playing."

ascended masters   Establish My Temple for the Earth   by The Beloved Great Divine Director

"Blessed Hearts, the Flame upon the Altar of your Heart desires to be fully engaged in Life, to set before you, as a Standard Bearer, the Divine Intent of your own Presence that you might fulfill every Good and Perfect Desire breathing forth from the very Heart of God. The cycle in which you find yourself engaged is one of great import to the entirety of the Earth. You may not appreciate how important your calls are to the Mighty I AM Presence or the Ascended and Cosmic Beings."

ascended masters   The New Day � Beginning Now!   by Beloved Ascended Master Jesus Christ

"Many times you find yourself involved in circumstances beyond what you consider to be under your control. But there is no circumstance in the Earth you cannot change or right. For you have within your Heart the open door to the Christ, your own Christhood. This Christhood, Beloved, affords you the privilege, the opportunity, to stand in the Light of your own God Presence and proclaim change when it must occur. It also gives you the opportunity to know what is the right change to enact. When you do not know, simply call upon your God Presence to exact the Perfection of God to come forth."

ascended masters   The Ascending Cone of Power   by The Beloved Elohim of Purity

"You are all knitted together across the Earth, and for this reason, you cannot afford to disregard worldly affairs in far-off lands. You must maintain sufficient awareness of world events to make the proper Calls, to give the weight and Power of your Decrees, Affirmations, and prayers to render the necessary assistance to those in need around the world."

ascended masters   Currents of Golden Liquid Light   by Beloved Lord Lanto

"Who are you? Many have recognized in their outer conscious that they are the Mighty I AM Presence. But has that been internalized, so that you act based on the Consciousness of God, so that there is flowing through you enough of the Light of God to bring about those creative endeavors of thought, feeling, and action that impart the Purity that is the nature of your God Presence?"

ascended masters   Great Calm Poise   by Harmony

"My dear ones, don't let any student in the land say to Me: 'I cannot maintain self-control.' That is an acceptance of human qualities which is out in the future! DON'T EVER LET YOURSELVES VOICE WORDS THAT YOU DO NOT WANT TO HAVE MANIFEST IN YOUR WORLD."

ascended masters   Life Will Supply All   by Ascended Master Jesus Christ

"If your attention is fixed upon the need of supply instead of the Presence that supplied it, how can you expect to have it? If your attention is held so much of the time upon the distress of your body instead of the Presence that can remove it, how can you have it removed?"

ascended masters   Waves of Light!   by Maitreya

"Say to your Presence: 'COME INTO ME AND ABIDE FOREVER! WALK THE EARTH THROUGH ME AND DO THAT WHICH IS YOUR DIVINE PLAN! HOLD ME IN YOUR HEART! KEEP ME AT PEACE AND MAKE ME YOUR VICTORY OF LIGHT TO ALL FOREVER.' If you will do this instead of even for an instant entertaining a feeling of self-pity or loneliness; or sometimes a sense of discouragement, when you think you are not making as much progress as you would like to, you will gain your Victory!"

ascended masters   The Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Happiness!   by Rose of Light

"Happiness, as Saint Germain told you, is the Great Motor of Existence! So, if you need energy, charge yourselves with the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Happiness! If you need money and supply, charge your business with the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Happiness!"

ascended masters   Beauty and Perfection of Eternal Youth   by the Elohim of Purity

"Arise into the Feeling of the Higher Mental Body, the Christ Self of each Life Stream, and FEEL the Love, Purity, Beauty and Perfection of Eternal Youth from the Ascended Masters' Octave."

ascended masters   Significance of Birthdays   by Beloved Kuthumi

"Birth Date is a new beginning, because the cycle of each lifestream completes a circuit every three hundred and sixty five days, and the energy of the individual's world closes the circle of experience on the day preceding one's birthday."

ascended masters   Your Victory   by Mighty Victory

"If you will maintain your uninterrupted Harmony, just keep Calling My Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory and the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory from every Ascended Master and Cosmic Being to Intensify!"

ascended masters   Your First Duty   by Archangel Michael

"Your first duty - it does not make any difference how much the outer world screams at you - your first duty is to your Presence! Waking or sleeping, many times in the midst of anything, a Flash of Love can go to the Presence with a Call . . . "

ascended masters   The Ascension   by The Ascended Masters of Wisdom

Hilarion: "After countless centuries of bondage, you can well image the Joy that is experienced when the fetters of Earth, the limitations of the flesh, and the veil of forgetfulness are once and for all re�moved from the lifestream."

ascended masters   We will not have another Atlantis. This will be Freedom's Star!   by Saint Germain

"As We have said, as Master Morya has already told you, there must not be a tear or a rent in the garment. The psychic plane has no place in an Ascended Master Activity. This was the reason, beloved hearts, that I, with beloved Godfre and Lotus, was able to accomplish such a Great Work in the 1930's. The psychic was not allowed. It was not spoken of or practiced in any of the corners of the Activity, away from the ears of the Messengers. I tell you, beloved hearts, it is necessary to speak on this, not only for the moment and the time, but for future times because the record must be made clear "

ascended masters   Saint Germain's Three Step Meditation   by Saint Germain

"All the way down the centuries � in every age, under every condition � we are told by all who have expressed the greater accomplishments of Life that the Light is Supreme, the Light is everywhere, and in the Light exist all things. That Truth is just as true today as it was a million years ago."

ascended masters   The Source of Life   by Saint Germain

"There is no failure for anyone who continues to make self-conscious effort to express Dominion of the Divine over the human - because failure only comes when self-conscious effort ceases. All experience through which the individual passes exists for one purpose only, and that is to make him aware of his 'Source.' He must learn who he is, recognize himself as a Creator and as such Master of what he creates."

ascended masters   Contacting the Ascended Masters   by Saint Germain

"There is a way by which an intensely earnest and determined student may make contact with one of Them, but that can only be through the activity of enough Love and discipline of the personality. If the motive for such contact be for the gratification of curiosity, thinking to prove or disprove the Ascended Masters� existence, to merely solve a problem, or to convince a doubt in the personality, it will never come about, rest assured of that for the Ascended Host are never concerned with satisfying the human side of any student."

ascended masters   Gratitude to God   by the Cosmic Master from the Great Silence

"That former civilization — that Ancient Perfection — is older than you dream, older than you believe the planet to be. All mankind at that period lived in a similar transcendent state, as the Ascended Masters. The condition of misery, that has followed since that time, down through the ages, came about because mankind chose to look away from its ‘Source’ — Love —as the plan by which to live Life."

ascended masters   The Power of "I AM" - an excerpt from I AM Discourses   by Godfre Ray King

"When the individual says "I AM", he is using the Creative Attribute of the Godhead and announcing Creation at his particular point in the Universe."

ascended masters   God Presence - an excerpt from I AM Discourses   by Godfre Ray King

"All Constructive Desire is really the God Self Within pushing Perfection forward into the use and enjoyment of the outer self. The Great Energy of Life is flowing through us constantly."

ascended masters   The Great Cosmic Law - an excerpt from I AM Discourses   by Godfre Ray King

"Whoever makes himself willingly obedient unto the Law of Love has Perfection in his mind and world permanently maintained."

ascended masters   Use of Affirmations - an excerpt from I AM Discourses   by Godfre Ray King

"One uses an affirmation, mantram, or prayer because he desires something made manifest. Right desire is the deepest form of prayer."

ascended masters   Mastery - an excerpt from Unveiled Mysteries   by Godfre Ray King

"One becomes that upon which he meditates, and since all things have come forth from the Light, Light is the Supreme Perfection and Control of all things."

ascended masters   Electronic Circle

The emanation from the Center of the Electronic Body — the Body/Vehicle of Expression of your Immortal I AM Identity — forms a Force Field rising up and around the outer body/vehicles of expression more than nine feet in every direction.

ascended masters   Eternal Youth - an excerpt from I AM Discourses   by Godfre Ray King

"Eternal Youth is the Flame of God abiding in the body of man - the Father's Gift of Himself to His Creation. Youth and beauty of both mind and body can only be kept permanently by those individuals who are strong enough to shut out discord; and whoever does that, can and will express Perfection and maintain it."

ascended masters   True Visualization - an excerpt from I AM Discourses   by Godfre Ray King

"True visualization is God's Attribute and Power of Sight acting in the mind of man. When one consciously pictures in his mind a desire he wishes fulfilled, he is using one of the most powerful means of bringing it into his visible, tangible experience."

ascended masters   Dominion - an excerpt from I AM Discourses   by Godfre Ray King

"Watch so nothing goes out from you except that which is harmonious, and do not allow a destructive word to pass your lips, even in jest. Remember you deal with a force of some kind every instant of Eternity, and you are its qualifier at all times."

ascended masters   Harmony - The Law of Life   by Edna Ballard

"The eternally fundamental Law of Life is Harmony. It is the foundation principle by which the formless comes into form and, as a condition of the manifestation of ideas into the world of experience, it is imperative."

ascended masters   Auras   by Edna Ballard

The Diamond Self is that Intelligence which controls the degree of substance and energy focused at any particular point. Let us apply this understanding of force fields to the human being and his environment and see what happens. When we change the generation of force radiation within us, It automatically changes the conditions surrounding us.

Saint Germain   Thought Forms   by Edna Ballard

Can the Diamond Self of us cast its perfect pattern upon the mind if that mind is filled with thoughts of criticism, condemnation, hate and judgment of itself and others? Through a soiled window His Light does not shine. Your mind is the window through which your Diamond Self looks at the world around you. Clear as crystal should it be if it is to pour forth His Glory to the world.

saint-germain   Praise Your Diamond Self   by Edna Ballard

The Diamond Self is the only Source of permanent Happiness. We are all seeking that, and he who will, may enter in and be taught by the Knower of all knowledge. Praise, love and gratitude for the good which exists in everything, will move mountains. It is the royal road to Peace, Happiness and Perfection,

ascended master   Grace   by Edna Ballard

You have often heard the phrase "by the Grace of God." Do you know what it means? In a hazy kind of way, it is generally interpreted to mean goodness of God or special dispensation of God. There is, however, the condition of Perfection upon which this present universe is modeled and which is manifesting into form from that which has no form. This is above the law of opposites and simply automatically changes everything into Itself - which is completed Perfection.


"If we are peaceful, if we are happy, we can blossom like a flower, and
everyone in our family, our entire society, will benefit from our peace."

from Being Peace by Thich Nhat Hanh

Great Central Sun Angels

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