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Lord Ling

        Moses with the Ten Commandments        
Moses with the Ten Commandments

Service to God in Life

  • Also known as:
    • Moses
    • God of Happiness (3)
    • God Ling (1)

  • First Public Dictation / Discourse:
    • 1957   U.S.A.(2)

  • Twin Flame / Divine Complement / Twin Ray:

  • Embodied as:
    • Moses
    • Ananda

  • Divine Quality
    • Happiness
    • Bright Gold Flame (1)

  • Divine Ray & Sacred Fire
    • Flame of Happiness (3)
    • Golden Flame of God Happiness
    • Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Happiness

  • Office in Hierarchy
    • Formerly Chohan of the Fifth Ray, until Hilarion assumed that Office (1)
    • Teaches adherence to the Laws of God
    • Expands Happiness in receptive hearts

  • Electronic Pattern:

  • Angels
    • Angels of Happiness
    • Angels of the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Happiness

  • Historical References:
    • Ikhnaton, a previous embodiment of the Ascended Master Lanello set the stage for Jewish monotheism. Some have theorized that the monotheism of the Hebrews was founded upon the Egyptian pharaoh Ikhnaton's worship of the One Sun God, Aton, (symbolic of the Great Central Sun of GOD THE ONE) which he established in the fourteenth century B.C. In about 80 A.D. the Jewish historian Josephus quoted Manetho, an Egyptian historian, as stating that Moses was a priest of the Egyptian city of Heliopolis who became the leader of a group of "heretics" (i.e., the Hebrews).
    • According to Hebrew tradition, Moses was raised in Egypt and is said to have been educated “in all the wisdom of the Egyptians” at Heliopolis (the biblical city of On).  Summarizing this theory, Robert Silverberg writes in his book Akhnaten:  The Rebel Pharaoh: “Since Heliopolis was the center of the solar cult of Re, out of which Atenism developed, the wisdom Moses would have learned there could well have been the monotheistic solar worship that theologians of Heliopolis had pondered since the days of the Old Kingdom.”  Others argue that the dates of Moses and Ikhnaton are not at all certain and that the Exodus of the Hebrews may have occurred a century before Ikhnaton.  In 1939 Sigmund Freud published Moses and Monotheism, in which he claimed that Moses was a native Egyptian and disciple of Ikhnaton who taught the religion of Aton to the Israelites. (8)

  • Music Keynote
    • The Palms (1)

While in the desert with the Israelites, Moses was made aware of His own Mighty I AM Presence and also that the real Name of God was "I AM". It was then that He received the statement "I AM THAT I AM".

Some time after passing through the change called death at the end of His physical embodiment in the land of Moab, Moses reembodied. He was in India with Gautama Buddha as Ananda. In that embodiment, He learned that service must be rendered in Love - which makes for Happiness. (1) Moses re-embodied in China where he was known as Lord Ling. He Ascended at the close of that lifetime. He now known as the God of Happiness, having dedicated Himself to this aspect of God to focus an overcoming momentum of the Victory of Divine Love and Happiness. (6)

Upon attaining the Victory of the Ascension, Lord Ling became One with His Beloved Mighty I AM Presence. Beloved Lord Ling is now an Ascended Master - a part of the Ascended Host of Light.

"I pray that you have enough God-Determination
to love God, to hear His Call - and answer."

" . . . My embodiment as Moses was most trying, as I'm sure you will agree. When I discovered my True Heritage, I was aware of the Inner Calling - the Invitation to respond to His Calling.

"I did not wish to hear the Call, for I was most comfortable in my lifestyle. It was a great striving on my part to understand why I was thrust into a life of ease, of wealth, of comfortability, of all manner of physical pleasures that one in physical embodiment could desire. And yet that Inner Calling was taking me away from the very nest and home where I had enjoyed those comforts. For I knew that I could not stand in true service to God and entertain all of the degradation of God that surrounded me. This was no small matter. For my feeling world was appeased; the appetites of the desires were satisfied. And yet turning away from all that I was accustomed to would mean great change. And yet there was a Will within my being that could not be denied. It was the Will of my True Heritage. It was the Will of my God Presence that I should do this.

"The Determination of the Will of God stirs all manner of havoc in your world. It will rearrange, it will alter and change all that you think is your life.

"What are the requirements for that Determination to come about? How will you follow the devotion and the Will of God in your life? Will there be the overriding Determination of the Will over the feeling world? Will you be able to put away those things in your life that are taking you away from the Face of God? Will you transmute all of the latent habits and move on toward the Light?

"You can converse with God, as I conversed with God. For your God Presence, beloved ones, is waiting and has extended the Invitation to you.

"However the surroundings may be changed, will you be so comfortable as to not wish to move from that spot? Is the security of home and hearth all that is concerning you, or would you have the courage to take the staff in one hand and start on a trek that is unknown, uncharted by your lifestream?

"This is what was called of for those in my care from the time of the Passover, which in itself was an oddity, for they had never been asked to observe a holiday, if you will, of that nature - to place the lamb's blood on the door. Where was their Faith? Were they able to be secure in their Faith and trust, knowing that the Angel of Death would pass over? Were they able to hear the Inner Call and respond, and take their meal and wait - all the while hearing the horrible screams and knowing that death was outside the door?

"Where was their Faith? They were commanded to have a staff in one hand and their sandals on their feet - ready to move, ready to be in action. They did not know where they were going. They did not even know if they would be able to go, but they were ready.

"Are you ready? Do you have enough Faith in your God Presence to follow the very Inner Call - that still, small Voice that will speak to you with the fullness of Love; or will you be concerned about the criticism - the very critics, beloved ones, that will jeer at you - will cause you grief.

"Those, beloved ones, who have Faith sufficient in the Will of God will not hear the criticism. They will know the Inner Calling and they will be able to respond. But it is not always the response that the neighbors or your loved ones would want you to engage in. They did not hear the Inner Call that you heard. Perhaps their Call has not come, or perhaps there was not enough Determination in their life to hear that Inner Call. Perhaps it just simply is not the right time and there are other initiations to be passed and won.

"But without Faith, beloved ones, you can not move mountains; you can not part the Red Sea; you can not make your Ascension. At some point in your life there must be the upward gaze that falls fully and completely in the Arms of Trust to your God Presence - without any reserve, without any holding back - burning all of your bridges, beloved ones, so that you can not look back or go back, but you must go forward in the Light.

"It takes Faith in making the right decision to follow the Will of God. It takes Faith to be able to leave the security of the comforts of the feeling world and the surroundings, and it takes Faith to know who you are, in the face of criticism, condemnation, and judgement of those who know not of what they speak. It matters not if the criticism comes as a 'kind word'. However it is veiled, it is still criticism.

"Mark who you are: the God Presence of your Inner Being. The heart that beats in your breast carries the fullness of the Will of God; and that Will, beloved ones, of your heart is devotion to the Love of God.

"For you can not have the Faith to leave all of the feeling comforts; you can not have the Faith to leave security and home; you can not have the Faith in the face of criticism, if there is not a sufficient love for God. For love, beloved ones, in all of the devotion, is what will give you the strength. It will give you courage to take your staff in hand and be prepared.

"Yes this all seems to be a story of long ago, where there were some who traversed the desert, did not even know where their journey would lead them, but were looking for a greener pasture - a better way of life.

"Is this not what you are looking for in the Ascended Master Teachings: a better way of life? Then embrace a better way of life. Accept it and make it your own.

"You can not fully experience the Reality of all of the Gifts your God Presence would bestow upon you if there is reserve. You are not asked to bow and scrape in homage to a personage. For, beloved ones, the One to which you will bow is the Real Identity of your very Being. Yes there is respect, and yes there is honor for Those Who have attained the Mastery and the Attunement with Their God Presence. But Honor and Glory you bestow upon your own I AM Presence.

"For only through the Vehicle of this Higher Body are you able to work the works you came to do, fulfill the mission you came to perform, balance the karma long waiting to be balanced, and most of all - to give the unconditional Love that you would desire to be given to you.

"You can take your staff in hand and walk the desert, and you too can part the Red Sea. For the miracles for your lifestream are waiting for you to perform them, but it takes performing the first step. For if you do not take that first step of listening to the Inner Call and Invitation of your God Presence, you will never reach the Red Sea. You will still be waiting and wondering if you heard - if that was a feeling that you should respond to.

"Be aware, beloved ones, the feeling world does not rule. For the feelings will cause you a great deal of confusion and consternation on the Path. You must trust the pure heart that is guided by the Will of God. For only then can you be sure that the feeling world is in check, and that it is not the human desires that guide your life.

"Faith is the devotion to the Love of God. Faith is truly the Victory in the Ascension.

"Once I looked upon the Face of God I knew there could be no other time, no other place, no other circumstance, but that very moment to fall on my knees, to bow my head to the Honor and Glory of God. I pray that you have enough God-Determination to love God, to hear His Call - and answer."

Beloved Lord Ling
through the Anointed Representative®, Carolyn Louise Shearer,   December 31, 1998,   Chelsea, Vermont U.S.A. (5)

Ark of the Covenant

Introduction to Lord Ling by Morya in 1957

"Our Love and Gratitude extend to Lord Ling, God of Happiness! All the gentle readers who choose to accept His qualified Momentum of Joy and Happiness will feel that same Buoyancy and Happiness which is His Gift to life!

"The world today with all its restless peoples requires Joy and Happiness so much. Accept the Opportunity of being a Radiating Center from whence that Happiness flows into the emotional, mental, etheric and physical strata in which mankind abide.

"God Ling who in one embodiment was Ananda, the disciple of Lord Gautama, and in another was the famous Moses, deliverer of the Jewish race from bondage, had many experiences wherein He learned that service without Love is not enough. Based upon His own experiences, He has dedicated His Life to helping all those who desire to serve Life in a Happy, Joyous, Buoyant Consciousness. We are extremely Grateful for His Presence and we know you too will enjoy His Radiation and uplifting Power as you tune into this Presence of Happiness.

"We Decree that all who read and apply the instructions contained herein will feel for themselves that Happiness and Joy in Service, Spiritual as well as mundane, which Lord Ling, Fun Wey and all Celestial Beings feel at all times. Open yourselves, dear readers, to the Radiation of Happiness. Let that Happiness through you fill your homes, worlds and affairs. Then on a larger scale that Happiness will truly add to the Joy of the world! So be it!"

The First Public Address by Lord Ling

"Beloved friends of Light, you who have sought Happiness for many ages, you who especially in this Western world have even been assured the right to pursue Happiness through your laws, today I have become the pursuer and you are now the pursued!

"I shall endeavor to draw into the activity of the atmosphere of Earth the Buoyancy and Vibrant Joy and Happiness which is in the Ascended Masters' Octave. I shall use your inner bodies and your physical vehicles to direct the Pressure and Power of Happiness first to the student body, then into mankind at large, into imprisoned life everywhere and into every focus where shadows still remain, bringing the vibratory action of inner and outer vehicles into Harmony with their own Christ Selves.

"Beloved ones, Happiness is a most positive Quality! It is a vibratory action which must be sought out and practiced by the outer self when that outer self has sunk below the natural vibration of the Holy Christ Consciousness. Happiness does not just happen! Happiness must be cultivated through control of thought processes, through control of the feeling world, through control of the process of memory and through control of the physical vehicle as well. It is time now for all people and for the student body as a whole to come into the Vibratory Action which alone can bring world and universal peace! It is time now to accept within the cells of your inner vehicles that Vibration which is My privilege and honor to bring. I represent the Guardian Power of all Happiness that has been drawn forth and radiated upon this Earth as well as in the Ascended Master Octave and in the Angelic Kingdom. Every Being who radiates the Power and Pressure of Happiness adds to the sum total of that fully gathered Cosmic Momentum which is My responsibility to direct back into the soul of this world as well as into the individual souls of men.

"Will you not help Me now by trying to tune up your mental bodies to the receptivity of the idea that serving God and your fellowman can be a joyous experience, a way and means by which you may balance your own karmic debt to the universe as well as lighten the load of your fellowman! Will you not cooperate by opening your feeling world to the acceptance of a Buoyancy and a Joy within the feelings so that I may use you as a conductor to carry My Radiation forth into the inner bodies of the race? Will you not let go in your etheric bodies of the memories of past failures, disillusionments and depressions? We have come, various members of Our Brotherhood, time after time in an endeavor to persuade you to let go of the accumulation of the ages which you have drawn around yourselves, yet you hold so tightly in mind, in feeling and in memory to those very vibrations which keep you in unnecessary limitation.

"OPEN yourselves, beloved ones, to that pressure of Happiness that We bring and just like little children let go of that wall of resistance which is between you and Ourselves! What do you expect, dear ones, when you come into our Presence? How much do you honestly expect within your hearts that you are going to receive? How deeply have you plumbed the recesses of your outer consciousness for the realization that the Flame of the Master's Presence is a Pressure of Energy which can and will requalify the vibratory action of your vehicles permanently if you choose to accept it?

"Because you do not enter marble gates of temples of the East, because you do not stand in your physical bodies in the magnificent splendor of Darjeeling, the outer self takes a rather lethargic view of the communion between God and man. In this lethargy the shell around the outer personality is such that very little of that which might be given can penetrate through the freewill barrier. Yet that human resistance is not a conscious activity. It is more an unconscious acceptance of things as they seem, an unconscious acceptance of memory wherein you think promises were not fulfilled so that the soul has become bogged down with the acceptance of the fact that life for the most part will proceed on an even tenure, progressing with no great rapidity to Freedom! Now, let us change all this! You are in the position of leading men and women from darkness and bondage into a Promised Land of Freedom and Light. I know that position well! I have gone through the experiences! They are written into My Heart. By reason of those experiences during My incarnation as Moses, I forfeited my own Ascension at that time. I let a sense of rebellion, a sense of worry, a sense of over-responsibility to my charges through those forty long years as we journeyed in the wilderness overcome the natural buoyancy of Happiness in my association with God and the Angelic Messengers who walked before us as a Pillar of Fire by night and the Pillar of White Mist by day.

"At the close of that long and arduous mission, though My eyes could see the glory of the land toward which I had led the reluctant feet of my followers toward which I had prodded them, pushed them and persuaded them for long long years, I did not enter then into that land. I have asked that by bringing the remembrance of my own experience to you that I might help you to avoid the necessity of postponing your eternal Freedom by completing in Happiness that which you may wish to do for duty's sake!

"In those ages of which I speak almost all of you were present, some of you were among the bands of Israel, some of you were among the household of Pharaoh, some of you were Egyptians of title and some of you of slavery status. I was raised, you remember, in that embodiment in comparative peace and luxury as an adopted son of Pharoah's household. Then there came a restless stirring within My Heart as the feeling of a mission caused Me to renounce the idle life which I lived in Pharaoh's court. During the time that I retired to the desert, I had the great experience of having the mist of maya taken from my eyes and I was enabled to see for a moment within that Flaming Pillar of Light one of the Great Angels of Lord Michael's Legions. From the lips of that Angel did I hear those words of God which were to send me back to bring a reluctant people upon a dangerous journey with very little proof except the faith in the reality of my own experience to go upon.

"I was at that time a timid man! I had as you may have been told a certain impediment of speech and was neither eloquent of tongue nor by nature and soul designed to be a leader of men. I did beg of the Great Lord of Hosts and the Great Mighty Infinite Source that someone else in My place should be given such a mission to accomplish. Those of you who are familiar with the text of your Bible know that although the mission was accomplished through My Lifestream through the Mercy of the Law, my brother Aaron became my mouthpiece and through his strong words, the Message of the Most High was conveyed in a positive consciousness to the people of that era.

"Beloved ones, we were individuals like yourselves, individuals who had perceived a portion of the Divine Plan as the folds of maya parted. We were individuals who worked with our own karma yet unconsumed. With a vast host of untrained and discontented lifestreams, we set forth upon a great and hazardous journey and it was not long before the pangs of hunger, heat of the sun, discomfort of walking through desert sands began to pall upon the outer bodies of the people, and the personal desires of those whom I had brought from the comparative safety of their chains made them wish to turn back.

"Again, again and again through the assistance of Cosmic Law, Miracles and Marvels were performed to bolster their faith. They were fed with manna, they were given fresh water, yet no sooner was My consciousness directed upward for that contact with the Godhead which was essential to prepare those who would follow after Me - no sooner had My consciousness raised up, no sooner had I entered in communion with the Lord than back they went into those practices and vibratory actions which they had accumulated through centuries! As years passed and as I endeavored to keep that contact with the Lord of Hosts and endeavored to write upon the records of the day those Commandments and those Fiats which were to be the foundation for the Jewish Dispensation and that two-thousand year cycle, as I endeavored to do that and keep these undisciplined people from returning again only to be swallowed up into the imperfection of the past, I lost My sense of patience, My sense of Buoyancy and Happiness, and I became as an individual who had lost the True Way!

"I was told later by our Angelic Guardians that the journey which took us forty years to accomplish could have been completed in seven years or less if we had not had doubts, fears, grumblings and all that vibration which represented the condition of the inner and outer vehicles of undisciplined men to handle, and which was too much to sublimate in a short period of time without the conscious use of the Sacred Fire of Purification.

"So, beloved ones, after that embodiment when Joshua walked before the individuals who had accomplished the journey into the Promised Land, I had to re-embody and learn to live in Love and Grace in order to complete My Pattern and to fulfill God's Will in Mastery! Many of you know that I was privileged to enjoy the radiation of beloved Buddha whose great Power of Magnetizing Grace and Radiating Essence raised all around Him into a like state of Bliss. In that association with Lord Buddha, in that close communion with His Heart and soul and Spirit, I was enabled to finish the course of My Life upon this Earth plane.

"It was at that time that I took upon My shoulders the full responsibility of the Chohanship of the Fifth Ray, holding it through My Consciousness until the beloved Apostle of Jesus, Paul, took it over. It is always My Great Honor and Privilege whenever given Opportunity to direct to the founders and students of religious orders of every kind the feeling of that Happy Joyous Energy which is essential for their salvation. Even though the mission may be accomplished, even though the work may be well done, if those cores of unhappiness within one's own vehicles are not transmuted and raised, somewhere someday sometime at inner levels or on Earth one must learn the Law of Grace, Happiness, Love and Joy in Service!

"In the Name of the Most High Living God who called Me and before whose Throne I have knelt, in the Name of that Most High Living God who has served mankind through their beating hearts, I do now invoke from Alpha and Omega and from every Sun of the System, from every Archangel and Archaei, from every Elohim, Cherubim, Seraphim and Ascended Master the fully gathered Cosmic Momentum of God-Happiness into the mental, emotional, etheric and physical bodies of everyone within this room and all under this radiation. In the Name of the Presence of God, I charge, I charge, I charge that fully gathered Cosmic Momentum of God-Happiness into your emotional bodies! Accept it! I charge, I charge, I charge the fully gathered Cosmic Momentum of God-Happiness into your mental bodies! Accept it! I charge, I charge, I charge the fully gathered Cosmic Momentum of God-Happiness into your etheric bodies! Accept it! I charge, I charge, I charge the fully gathered Cosmic Momentum of God-Happiness into your physical bodies! Accept it with full Power!

"Let us just relax for a moment because I want you to feel the acceptance within yourselves. Let Me explain to you, beloved ones, that you are the heart of the teaching of the New Age, from your Hearts flow those lines of Energy into the mental, feeling and etheric worlds of every student and every human being on this planet, so the feeling nature of any one of you is a contributing factor to the feelings of the entire body. It is therefore the request of the Cosmic Law that We can lower through you some of this God-Happiness and let It flow out that the student body and mankind of Earth may awaken from the sleep of the senses, and desire to serve their kind in Happiness rather than through a sense of duty.

"Feel yourselves magnetizing that Happiness, the Infinite Mighty Pressure and Power of Light, and then feel yourselves directing It into the world everywhere. There is as much difference between Happiness and giddiness as there is between Light and darkness. Happiness is a very positive Quality, but Its possession demands the absolute control of energy which flows through the lifestream. In the expression of the opposite extreme, the individual has no control and the consciousness knows not exactly what it will do from moment to moment.

"Mankind, experimenting with the development of Happiness, so often come rather into that state of giddiness, let us call it for lack of a better name. Now, that is a dangerous state of consciousness and one against which I wish to warn you as you experiment with the drawing out of a Joyous Feeling from within yourself! You can recognize the vibratory action of anyone who is in Masterful Control of his energy by the Buoyant Radiation of Perfect Happiness which is always poised, always in control of the worlds and actions which can create fun, Joy and Happiness for others at no one's expense. Then you have the uncontrolled activity of showing off, shall we say, which causes energy to vibrate, but the consciousness has no poise and very often the result is a barbed word, unkind gesture, and mimicry result. This is an inversion of Our Divine Activity of Happiness.

"In this room there are none who are so undeveloped as to draw that Flame of Happiness through them and find themselves becoming hysterical. However, in your dealings with the mass of mankind when you wish to radiate Happiness, be very careful as you expand It into an individual or a group because It has an Activity within It that will often stir up the uncontrolled emotions and thought patterns of the undeveloped. So be very careful with your Invocation of that Flame of Happiness until you learn first how to draw it in, through and around yourselves in Perfect and Almighty Poise!

"Now you are going to have an assignment, a definite and specific assignment. If you were within any of Our Retreats, you would be given an assignment per day and you would perhaps be given one by which you would have to produce a specific effect. If you were not able to complete the assignment within the time allotted for the task you would perhaps be dropped from the Retreat and would be obliged to return to the world. You have had one assignment for 18 or 20 years, to use that Violet Fire until shadows no longer remained around you. Yet at the end of this period that assignment still remains unfilled! You are trying, true, but perhaps too hard. Now I AM going to give you an assignment which I ask you to work upon for a week. I AM going to ask you to control your four lower bodies and see if you can keep them in a Vibration of undisturbed Happiness. That does not sound like such a large assignment, does it?

"Now, how are you going to keep Happy? It will be a wonderful project for you, thinking about it alone, because if you can keep yourself Happy for a week, when the masses come to you for exodus from their chains, you will have built a momentum. If I could have kept those people Happy after I got them out of the confines of Egypt, I could have taken them in seven years or less into the Promised Land! If I could have kept Myself Happy, I perhaps then could have kept them Happy, do you see? Thus you may reap where I have sown, and while I wept bitter salty tears at seeing those who had worked under Me go past Me into Glory and into Fulfillment, may you stand with smiling faces and move with your phalanx into Victory!

"Now, keeping Happy, beloved ones, is not a foolish idea. It is a discipline which is going to call to your attention the tremendous laxity with which your consciousness has dealt with your lower bodies and the tremendous tenacity that those lower bodies have to act independently of your self-conscious directing! Wait and see! Tomorrow morning you will think of Me even more powerfully than you are thinking of Me today! If you can keep your mind free of one thought that is worrisome, critical, doubting or distressing, you will have done alot. If you can do that for five minutes and then if you can do it for seven days, you can do it forever! Now, watch your mental processes when you awaken! It may not be too difficult until you contact your first human being. Then watch out! Watch the reaction of your mental body and you may see a cause for unhappiness, because that discordant thought emits vibration and color and adds to the shroud which weighs down your energies.

"Then watch your own feelings. Watch your feelings under pressure and you will see what your feeling world still has within it when it is crossed. If you can keep your feelings Happy, whether you have your way or not, for five minutes under pressure, you can do it longer, and if you can do it for seven days, you will never go back to a state of allowing your feelings to become turbulent because of any appearance. If you can keep the mind from turning backward to the etheric memories of injustice - this is something that the student body does not indulge in because you are so busy - but individuals that have a great deal of spare time and allow the mind to turn back and dwell upon past events, add so much to the unhappiness of today through memories of the past.

"In, through and around mental institutions and old peoples' homes you would be amazed to see the effluvia woven out of etheric bodies as individuals who have nothing to do but sit from dawn to dark just relive every unkind word and feeling, thought and action and radiate them forth into the atmosphere. If it were not for Devas who envelop those places in their Light, beloved people, the individuals within them would actually physically smother themselves by that radiation. It was the same, but to a much greater extent, in and around the 'compound' where the people relived again, again and again the terrific crimes that they committed against Cosmic Law and Life and Light and rebuilded that radiation of darkness and of shadow.

"In the Ascended State it was My Desire to reach through to mankind and show them something of the experiences that the soul goes through after passing out of the body when they are earthbound, when they are committed to the compound, when they become sleepers. You will remember that in the thirteenth century, through the kind offices of the Italian poet Dante, I was enabled to free that soul sufficiently so that he could bring back some experiences and write them on the Book of Life for man to see. Mankind however took them just as a beautiful piece of literature and few realized that it was My Endeavor to waken the souls of men while their bodies were still usable so that they could prevent similar conditions from taking place in their lives.

"Now, beloved ones in this activity, if you will with Me draw the Power of Happiness into mankind's experience, We shall endeavor to anchor that Current of Radiation into the mental and feeling worlds of the student body which it must have if it is to survive! Physically too, you may have conditions which require certain control so that you do not feel depressed by them. Once in every 24 hours, I shall come with your permission into your auras individually and look upon your accomplishment along this line of that period. We shall see what seven days will bring! Expect Me daily and I hope that My Coming will give you no sense of strain, no sense of self-depreciation nor of condemnation if you don't have a perfect record. I hope that you will not brush aside My offer, because it is an important one for you in the service which you are yet to render. Thank you for your kind and willing cooperation in helping Me to spread Happiness to all!"

Beloved Lord Ling
through the Messenger, Geraldine Innocente,   1957,   U.S.A. (2)

"Beloved ones, occasionally the great Cosmic Law allows Us the privilege of drawing back the veil in order to reveal some memories of the past for just one reason, to give encouragement to the builders of the new world of today by making them realize that the builders of yesterday had similar trials, doubts and crucifixions of the outer self. The foundations of the great religions of the world were laid by the builders of yesterday who at that time were unascended beings like yourselves. Yet those great religions still stand today drawing multitudes into their teachings and therefore are a manifestation of the fact that humble and imperfect lives - sincere and willing to serve - while yet imperfect can at least begin the impetus which will later develop into greater and greater glory to God by service to man now and in ages yet to come. You see, I personally know something about this, for I too was once such an imperfect one. I was born of strong spiritual parentage but raised as you so well know in the Egyptian court of great ease and luxury. Thru that experience I knew the comfort which comes with luxury and authority. However, during that time there began to stir within My Heart a certain restlessness of feeling which I later discovered was to arouse Me into outer action to use certain Powers of My own Lifestream in order to be able to accomplish the tremendous task of bringing Israel out of bondage and the bringing of those people back to the worship of the One True God.

"You will remember that after leaving the Egyptian court I spent much time in restless wandering in the desert. I seemed unable to fathom either the reason for that feeling of restlessness within my heart or to realize the real purpose for My Being. One day the Great Cosmic Angel of Unity, Micah, visited me in the desert. When He had parted the human veil for Me and enabled Me to understand the commands which were given Me as to how I was to go before Pharaoh and his court to demand the release of the Israelites from their bondage in that land, I was not only amazed but somewhat frightened as well, for in that embodiment as Moses of which I speak, I was not eloquent of tongue. Right there I fell to my knees and said, 'O Lord of Life! Send someone more qualified than I to persuade the might of Pharaoh!' Yet through My acceptance of the Truth in beloved Micah's tremendous message of the hour that the true Name of God was 'I AM', I was filled with sufficient Strength, Courage and Power to return to Egypt and utilize those Powers which were Mine. So through the assistance of the Great Angel Micah, and My use of His Instruction in the performing of various Miracles which are chronicled in your Bible for your reading, the chains of slavery were loosed from those people and we were able to leave the land of Egypt.

"Until we had traveled quite a distance into the wilderness I had not realized that those Israelites did not come with Me because they either believed My vision or because they thought I was a Messenger of God. I found that they came out with Me because they saw no other way out of bondage! So when the Israelites came to the place where the blazing sun heated desert sands so that they blistered soles of their feet, and when we came to a place where that vast multitude had neither food nor water, I knew what it meant to feel resentments of reluctant energies of people and thousands of voices crying out in disappointment. During those times when I was the target for so much of their resentment and rebellion I knelt often before the Lord of Hosts and prayed for Assistance with all My Heart. In answer to those prayers and Calls for help, the water sprang forth from the very rock itslf, as you have often read, and manna fell from heaven! Thus were our physical needs immediately and satisfactorily met and we were able to survive.

"Beloved Micah told Me that we were to spend some time in the wilderness preparing for our entrance into the Promised Land. To this end, He instructed Me to ascend to the top of Mount Sinai where I would receive from God the Law by which to govern this people. When those who were willing to accept this purification and spiritual instruction were ready to enter the Promised Land, they would then come with a greater realization of the Truth of the Word of God, acceptance of His Reality and a desire to worship Him only. At the command of Angel Micah, I obeyed and ascended Mount Sinai where I received and recorded upon actual rock which was there the Law for that Cycle. While I was thus engaged, right back into thoughts and feelings of the world of form, fleshpots of Egypt and worshipping of idols which they had known went my blessed people again!

"Today you stand at about the same place as I stood then. There are more than three billions of people in embodiment on this Earth today chafing under chains of sorrow, sickness, lack and limitations of every conceivable description, and all calling for relief from their distress. Were you to suddenly loose them all from their chains after a short while you would know what I mean when I say that you will remember me and my experience in the coming days! When the weight of shackles is taken from their wrists, when they are able to stand erect again and when the greatest of the discomforts are alleviated, then will you see just how far they will go in pleading for Spiritual Enlightenment! Because I know so well the tendencies of outer human consciousness I come to you today to offer my assistance in advance so that where I suffered much, you need not if you will heed my words and give me opportunity to assist you. If you will so invite me, I shall move with you and bring you Victory, beloved friends, helping you to be poised and controlled in my feeling of Happiness as you henceforth begin to create and endeavor to sustain an atmosphere of Happiness about you at all times."

Beloved Lord Ling
through the Messenger, Geraldine Innocente,   1950s,   U.S.A.

"Perhaps you would like to use a Decree something like this: 'Beloved Mighty Victorious Presence of Almighty God I AM right within my beating Heart, I love your Happiness! Help me this day and always to dedicate my life, all energies of my entire being to the drawing forth and surrounding myself with your Flame of God Happiness. Saturate my entire being and world with Its Substance and Feeling and help me to enfold all Life I contact this day in Its Glorious Radiance of Golden Flame from the Heart of beloved Lord Ling, God of Happiness. Keep this eternally sustained, all-powerfully active and ever-expanding until all are wholly Ascended and Free!' If you will make this Call earnestly and consistently every day, giving me your attention for a few moments so that I may answer it for you, I assure you that you will soon come to a point where rather than allowing discordant energies of the outer world to touch you when you enter the atmosphere of others, the radiation of your energy will be master control of all Life you contact.

"By some daily attention upon first your own beloved I AM Presence and then Myself, magnetize the feeling of Happiness, dear friends. Every personal Victory of Master Jesus over limitations and distresses of this world contributed a Radiation of Happiness from Himself not only to His own Life but to all life about Him, His Mother, His disciples and then radiating out to Bless all Life. Think of the Happiness of lepers whom he made whole again, of the so-called dead brought back to life again by His use of God's Resurrection Flame. All such feelings are just energy qualified by the very essence of joy. sincle like attracts like those feelings arise and are drawn into the sphere of Happiness which is my honor and privilege to guard, directing its substance and feelings to any lifestream who will call for them. In this sphere is contained the feelings of Happiness of the Angelic Hosts and the laughter of the Gods.

"Have you thought upon the Happiness of every lifestream who has been given the Ascension under the Dispensations which have been granted by the great Cosmic Law, having rendered during their embodiment here on Earth certain impersonal service to life to the best of their ability through the giving of tremendous freeing decrees for some years past? Some of these lifestreams left Earth for the last time from bodies which were wracked with great pain and suffering. would that you could know of their feelings of Gratitude when they knew themselves to be eternally Free! The carefree laughter of every child on Earth and the Joy from every soul to whose Happiness you have contributed in your personal associations, all of that energy has come into Our Realm and become part thereof. By your faithful and loving service to the cause of Freedom all through these many years, you have made much Life Happy, not only here on Earth but in Higher Realms as well. Just think for a moment of the Joy which is felt by beloved Alpha and Omega when you sing your loving Gratitude to Them in your song to the Great Central Sun! Many who now sing those words had never even heard the Names of those Great Beings before!

"You have also made your God-Parents happy, beloved Helios and Vesta in your physical sun. Think of the Happiness in their Hearts when you are cognizant of Them and send Them your sincere feelings of Gratitude. Do you realize that you have added too to the Happiness of beloved Saint Germain, Jesus, Mary, Morya and All who are serving together to raise Earth into Freedom's star? Now We would like to reverse this procedure and give these feelings of actual substance of Happiness back to you, Qualified and Amplified by Our Feeling of that God-Virtue! Remember! When your inner bodies are completely Happy, your physical forms will be Buoyant and Luminous expressing Perfect Health, Eternal Youth and Beauty. You see, the physical body is but the repository of all vibratory actions of your inner bodies. Therefore if you are sincere in wanting to be an exponent of Eternal Youth and Beauty and the Magnificence of the Divine Expression of Perfection of your own God-Self, please remember Me!

"Keep your mental body alert to refuse acceptance to some tramp thoughts or feelings of discord should they come knocking at the door of your consciousness for admittance. These may be just something floating in the atmosphere, they may come from a friend, from the radio, from television or newspaper! Be alert and give admission to your world only to that which will keep you Happy, Free, Buoyant and Poised in God-Mastery at all times! In the Name of the Most High Living God, I AM, in the Name of all Life which has ever contributed to the Cosmic Happiness of creation since the beginning of time, I now pour My Happiness Flame through this group of beloved students of Light who desire to radiate God-Happiness to their fellowman. I now pour My Happiness Flame through their physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies, and since all life is one, I pour My Feeling of Happiness through them into the people of Earth as well. According to your acceptance of this Blessing shall it manifest for you in daily expression. Just know that I shall hear your every Call and shall happily answer it instantly with My Feeling and Flame of that Happiness which I AM!"

Beloved Lord Ling
through the Messenger, Geraldine Innocente,   1950s,   U.S.A.

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