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The Goddess of Justice

Service to God in Life

  • First Public Dictation / Discourse:
    • April 9, 1939   Chicago, Illinois U.S.A. (1)

  • Twin Flame / Divine Complement / Twin Ray:

  • Also known as:
    • Goddess of Justice (2) (6)
    • Goddess of Opportunity (2)

  • Divine Quality

  • Divine Ray & Sacred Fire
    • Purple Flame

  • Office in Hierarchy
    • Portia is a member of the Karmic Board for this planet. (3)   (5)
    • She keeps the Flame of Cosmic Justice on behalf of the people of Earth. (2)
    • The Goddess of Justice sustains balance on behalf of the evolutions of our world. (2)

Goddess of Justice

You Can Make the Difference

". . . Throughout history, my Beloved has always said, 'To be or not to be? That is the question.' You may elect in this moment to go the way of your own God Presence, to allow for your God Presence to be the hands and feet, the beating heart, the thinking mind, the works of your hands fashioning and forming your life in the likeness of the Christ. Or you may abide longer than is necessary, going through the rounds of incarnation. Every day counts! You cannot think for one moment, 'Well, I will wait another year. I will wait another five years. Or perhaps when I retire from my profession, I will have more expendable time; and therefore, I will wait until then and I will work hard at that point. And then, I will gain my Ascension.' That is not the Path of Christhood that leads to the Ascension. You cannot ignore what is right before you this very day. You know not what tomorrow will bring!

"In many cases, blessed ones, if you knew from day to day Earth’s Balance Scales of Justice and how they will tip and totter back and forth because of the vacillating consciousness of the Sons and Daughters of God upon the Earth, you would be praying on your knees. You would be calling forth the Light of God with your Decrees and Affirmations, morning and night, for intercession. This is not a time for those who know better to ignore what they have been taught. And you, blessed hearts, know beyond a shadow of doubt that your Mighty I AM Presence can and will make the difference. But you must orchestrate your life to allow your Presence to do so!

"There are certain critical times in the history of the Earth that a deciding cycle is set in motion. Those cycles can either go in an accelerated, upward spiral, blessing, healing; or they can go in a downward spiral, sowing the seeds of disintegration. You must recognize, if you are at all conscious, that this is one of those monumental turning points for the Earth. We have spoken of this nigh a number of years so that you would be prepared, so that you would rise to the challenge and make the difference.

"Why do you suppose it is that the veil has been lifted on these Teachings to go far and wide across the Earth? And from the beginning of the inception of a freer mass communication, we insisted that the Voice from this Altar would go far and wide and be available to all who would listen. It is so that your Heart Flames can be knitted together across the Earth, so that the Allness of God in your own I AM Presence can and will be the strengthening of your bodies of Light. You can make the difference, along with those who do not even know of your existence.

"Do you suppose for one moment that it matters to the Cosmic Beings or the Ascended Masters that the majority of mankind do not know who we are? Do you think that somehow we are offended because of all of the service we render and do not get the credit? This is only an attitude that occurs in human creation. Such pettiness does not abide in the Presence and the Perfection of the Mind of God. We desire you to be God Victorious. We wish to give you all of the tools of Cosmic Law to perform your alchemies, your Divine Outpicturing of the atmosphere about you.

"You can make a difference. It is time! Do not think that you can ignore world situations. You cannot ignore the situations in your countries. You must be a Pillar of Light wherever you are. And as that Pillar of Light, you will influence world affairs, even if a word is never spoken, even if you do not engage in any form of physical activity. You will make the difference. . . . "

Beloved Portia
through the Anointed Representative®, Carolyn Louise Shearer,   October 24, 2010,   Tucson, Arizona U.S.A. (7)


"Many a salty tear has been shed, many have experienced the feeling of deep remorse that has risen within the soul when Opportunity to serve has fled. In your Earth plane, there are those you have either neglected or ignored and who are no longer with you. How often you have wished that you had Opportunity again to do for them the little things that would have made life easier, to have said the kind words, to have given them the encouragement, to have provided some comfort, perhaps of a small nature, that would have given the loved one an easier pathway through the world of form. Of all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest of all is: 'It might have been.'

"Beloved ones, today is your day of Opportunity! Today you have a beating heart, beautiful Primal Life is given to you. You awaken each morning with that life. You have enough knowledge of the law as we individually have been able to give to you and each of you have certain momentums of good in your causal body; certain understanding, certain substance of the good of this world, certain momentums of healing.

"You have Opportunity without limit to assist in the Cosmic Momentum of each hour. Mankind always seems to look either backward into the glorious yesterday or forward into the shining tomorrow. They say "If I had lived in that era when that dispensation of Jesus Christ was coming to its height, I would have made things easier for that family" or they look forward into the tomorrow and say, 'When I have developed and matured my consciousness and placed my world in order and when I have done one thing or another, then I shall consecrate the balance of my life to God.'

"Yesterday is gone and most of us who have lived in the yesterday, repeat the patterns again today. Tomorrow often never comes. The eternal now is that which is at hand, that which is yours to serve through the use of life. NOW IS THE OPPORTUNITY THAT STANDS BEFORE YOU. As our beloved sister has written "Coming in many disguises, not always blazing Her Light; only vibration apprises what's to be done that is right." Do you understand?

"Be alert for Opportunity. Opportunity knocks at your door to help your fellow men, to help mankind at large, to help My beloved Saint Germain in this great endeavor which has occupied His Heart, His Spirit and His Prayers for countless centuries. Each day is filled with the gifts of Opportunity, and Opportunity shall ever remain in this universe. There is always Opportunity for a beating heart to progress to fulfillment. There was never a consciousness, when it voluntarily desires within itself to go forward, who is not given full Opportunity for that progress."

Beloved Portia
through the Messenger, Geraldine Innocente,   April 1954, U.S.A.   (3)


"As you know, Divine Justice and God-Freedom are quite inseparable and so it is indeed the grateful Joy of My Lifestream to be the Divine Complement of my adored and adorable 'Francis' (which name means 'Freedom' and by which He is known at Inner Levels), but better known to His chelas in the world of form as 'Saint Germain' (which name means 'Holy Brother' and is so symbolical of the One who has given so much of Himself to the bringing forth, sustaining and expanding on earth world brotherhood, uniting the Christ Natures of all everywhere).

"May I very kindly and yet truthfully say that it is really not within the understanding of an unascended being to be able either to cognize intellectually or feel emotionally the depths and breadths of our Love for all of God's creation - and more particularly for each of you who has given so much of that which makes up your physical existence here - your time, attention, energy and financial substance - into the 'Cause of Freedom.' For the eternal Victory of this 'cause' on earth your beloved Saint Germain really 'lives, moves and has His Being.' His steadfast consecration to this purpose all through the ages has been and still is almost unbelievable - even to Us - and it is most beautiful to behold!

"Now, beloved gracious readers - I have just told you of My (and Our) combined Love for you - individually and collectively. Therefore, whenever you think of Me as Portia - Goddess of Justice, will you let My Love draw you very close to Me, thus dissolving from your world all fear of Divine Justice? You know 'Perfect Love casts out fear,' and I would like us to be close heart-friends - if you are willing.

"Now, Divine Justice is not too popular a subject and, as a matter of fact, the Presence of neither the Goddess of Purity nor Myself is too much called for or sought after among mankind. Our lovely Sister of Light Kuan Yin (Goddess of Mercy) is called into action here much more often than We, for Mercy makes one feel so comfortable and brings a sweet sense of forgiveness and release. This of course is because of the feeling within It of the freeing Power of the Violet Transmuting Flame.

"O, beloved ones, mankind are so bent on having justice for themselves, but how many are anxiously willing to give justice to life? And where should justice be given first? Should it not be given to the most important Being in the Universe to each lifestream - his own beloved I AM Presence, the Source of his life? Has it been really just - for ages, mind you - for that outer self so boldly to abscond with the energies of that Presence (which are Its very own Life) - then carelessly to use that Life as though it were the most common and easily obtained thing in existence? The average individual imposes upon this glorious God-Life just 'hit or miss' anything and everything that discordant outer self desires to think, feel, say or do.

"Blessed chelas - that Life which so freely floods into your bodies minds and worlds every second of every day - (waking or sleeping!) - is God's own pure and perfect Light-Essence, by the use of which He creates all the manifestations of Perfection; the Mighty Cosmos (just a little of which you can see in the starry skies at night) being but an infinitesimal part of His great Scheme of Creation - which is without beginning and without end! Now, do you not think that one day there must be an accounting for the waste of this most precious gift of the Godhead - Life Itself? It must be so!"

Beloved Portia
through the Messenger, Mark Lyle Prophet,   June 1959, U.S.A.   (4)

" . . . Once I reigned Supreme over this Earth. The Beauty, the Abundance, the Magnificence and the Blessing of mankind one to another would seem quite indescribable today, yet such was. Such will be again!

"Are you not fortunate in living in human bodies at this time, imperfect as they are? You can have the privilege of reversing all the mistakes of the ages in a few months or a few years and come to the point where you can set yourself free from the limitations and accumulations of the ages. Try to understand this today.

"Try to feel it as this Radiance is poured forth to you, wholly independent of These Words. Will you arise and awaken children of Earth to this Opportunity? Make the Call to Life and have your Freedom in this embodiment! . . . "

" . . . Can you try to come with Me for a moment and comprehend the vast changes in the vibratory action of the Earth, in the change of the currents? All this is the beginning of the great change of the Earth currents. When the currents through the oceans change, your land will through it become a semi-tropical land. As Harmony is restored to the Earth, it will rejoice and give forth from its bosom the Milk of Life, the Honey of Life."

Beloved Goddess of Justice
through the Messenger, Guy Warren Ballard,   April 9, 1939,   Chicago, Illinois U.S.A. (6)

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