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Archangel Zadkiel

Archangel Zadkiel             Zadkiel the Archangel             Amethyst
Copyright © Marius Michael-George / Contact:

Service to God in Life

  • Also known as:
    • Lord Zadkiel
    • Tzadkiel
    • Archangel of Invocation (6)
    • Hesediel

  • First Public Dictation / Discourse:
    • January 31, 1954   U.S.A. (6)

  • Twin Flame / Divine Complement / Twin Ray:

  • Divine Quality
    • Freedom
    • Mercy
    • Ceremony

  • Divine Ray & Sacred Fire

  • Office in Hierarchy
    • Archangel of the Seventh Ray
    • Guards the powers of invocation (2)
    • Assists in developing tolerance and diplomacy (5)
    • Inspiration for scientists, engineers, architects, actors, and performers (5)
    • Dissolution of memories of strife between nations and ethnic groups (5)
    • Inspiration for the creative negotiation and writing of laws, regulations, fiscal and economic policies, trade and preace agreements (5)

  • Retreat
    • Temple of Purification, in the etheric plane over the island of Cuba (2)

  • Angels
    • Angels of the Violet Flame
    • Legions of the Seventh Ray
    • Angels of Transmutation
    • Legions of Violet Lightning Angels
    • Angels of Joy (5)

  • Music Keynote
    • Magic Fire Music by Wagner

Archangel Zadkiel and Amethyst
Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst
Copyright © Marius Michael-George / Contact:

"Long after you are Ascended and Free, Our Words will be a
text for those interested in cooperating with the Angelic Host."

" . . . It has been many ages since the Archangels have been invited into the consciousness of the people - since even Our Names were spoken - and We are grateful in the extreme to have the opportunity, not only to address your own beloved hearts and Presence, but to record in the substance and energy of your consciousness Our Activities. In this way, Our Consciousness may be a permanent record in your worlds and the ever-expanding interest of the mankind of Earth may be fed by a workable knowledge of Our Part in the Universal Scheme of things.

"It is a beautiful thing to have interest in one's service and work! Even in your outer world, you know how grateful and happy you are for interest and comradeship and cooperative service to perfect some portion of the Divine Plan, or even the human plan which is close to your hearts. How then do you think it has felt for Us Who, since the close of the Atlantean Age, have stood patiently behind the veil of maya, spun so energetically from the consciousness and feelings of mankind, until even Our Names and Our Purpose had fled entirely from the outer selves? We hoped one day that somewhere, somehow, some member of the human race might again raise the hand in friendship, raise the heart in love, and make the bridge from the human octave to the Divine through the attention to Our Worlds, and to Our humble Endeavors to serve the progress and evolution of this race! Through your interest in Us, this has been done!

"Coupling action with inspiration is a marvelous activity. The wealth of spiritual material that has been given to the planet Earth, not only since its inception but since the falling of the veil of maya, cannot be comprehended by the outer self, but the fact that the mankind of Earth did not incorporate that knowledge into workable laws to set the planet free is what has caused the race to be a full five thousand years behind in its evolution!

"You will understand then the Enthusiasm in Our Hearts, the Love in Our Hearts, when you, applying the Law, set into motion those causative centers that allow Us the privilege and opportunity of speaking with you.

"The beloved Uriel, beloved Jophiel, the beloved Chamuel await like opportunity and then, you will have as your Gift to mankind, the release of the Activity of the Seven Archangels. Long after you are Ascended and Free, Our Words will be a text for those interested in cooperating with the Angelic Host. Do you see?

"It is interesting to watch the activities through the consciousness as One of Us come and touch a particular Facet of Service or an Activity which has not been familiar to your minds. It is magnificent to see you so alert, to seize upon that Action of the Law and incorporating it into song or decree, call forth that Power and that Service or that Being Who has not yet appeared upon the screen of life, visible in Word and Radiation. It has become a Joyous and Happy Experience in Our octave to be summoned by your calls because those Who have not yet been given the opportunity to speak to you are working through the beloved Serapis and the Beings in the Fourth Sphere, to direct into the consciousness of the group directors and those engaged in the musical compositions particularly, words and music which will draw the Beings Who are waiting to come. As those songs then are interpreted and incorporated into your energy in group singing, these Beings through the Action of the Cosmic Law are given Freedom to come and give the release of Their Radiation and Instruction to you.

"Thus We are planting at every opportunity, new seeds in the consciousness. When they are incorporated into the songs and then your vital energies send them forth, it is a magnetic power. On the return Beam of that Energy you must have the Release of the Being's Energy Who has, for the most part, inspired that song. Do you see? Sometimes the human feels that he sets up the activity of the invitation, but now that We have gotten the Action of the Law by watching you, We are sending forth the Primal Impulse from Our Realm to sensitive lifestreams who can pick up Our Vibration and draw around them a group of individuals who can magnetize Us. Then We can give Our Gifts of Illumination to you and mankind at large.

"My service to life is in guarding the Powers of Invocation. I work on the Seventh Ray.

"In the course of the evolution of a soul, dear hearts (I speak now of the Earth evolution and the souls who were to use the planet Earth to develop Mastery), the Cosmic Law planned to give each soul a fourteen thousand year cycle to develop. Every two thousand years a different ganglionic center within the physical body and a spiritual center within the soul was to be nourished. As the Cosmic Wheel, with which you have become acquainted, made one complete revolution, at the end of the fourteen thousand years that soul would be a Master Presence. As the soul entered into the seventh cycle, at the close of a fourteen thousand year span, he would be a Master Presence, like Saint Germain, in the Power of drawing Energy, qualifying It, and sending It forth to create and sustain anything which His Mind and Heart desired to expand the Glory of the Kingdom. He would be 'born to the purple.' He would be a Royal Being upon whose Head would rest the Crown of Mastery, wearing the Purple Robes of State and holding the Sceptre of Dominion in his hand!

"Each two thousand years, a mighty Archangel and a great Chohan worked to render the assistance to those souls and develop them to this Perfected State. You see, then, how very far behind mankind are - as this Cosmic Wheel has turned so many times that there is not human count for its revolutions. My service has been and still is (at the end of each cycle when the Seventh Ray played upon the Earth), to teach the developed souls how to draw and qualify the Sacred Fire and to become priests and priestesses of this Order of Zadkiel, of which I speak.

"The first, second and third root races, as you know, did complete their cycles in the appointed time and it was only after the laggards from the other systems came that the fourth root race and those that followed were slowed up considerably. The spiritual impetus of each cycle, as the great mighty Wheel turned, was not sufficient to bring the buds to flower. Now you all know that in the realm of nature if you plant bulbs or seeds and in the course of the radiation of the seasons prior to harvest they do not show any life within a year or so, that bulb or seed is discarded in favor of a new potential. You will see then the Mercy of the Cosmic Law that has allowed souls who have shown no apparent Spiritual Light, no shoots of merit, to remain a part of the evolution of the Earth and yet it continues to bestow the spiritual stimulus season after season. These two thousand year cycles are the 'spiritual seasons' and it takes one complete revolution of the Wheel with the exposure of the soul for two thousand years, under each radiation, to bring a new soul to full mastery!

"Cycle after cycle has passed, revolution after revolution of the Wheel has taken place, yet the 'bloom' which mankind should have shown has not been manifest, Sanat Kumara has been the 'Bloom,' the 'Flower,' the 'Perfume' and the Light for the entire race with few exceptions - namely Those Who have attained the Victory of the Ascension.

"Now again We come to the close of one of those cycles - the minor and the major - and the Seventh Ray is to again play upon the planet Earth for approximately two thousand years. The Law has said it is the FINAL cycle. It is the final 'warm spring sun' that must draw life from the 'bulbs' and the 'dormant seeds'. It is to this end that We are All pouring the Pressure of Our Light and Flames, and the desire to secure from those of you, who are stirring in your sleep, the assistance of your lifestreams also. . . . "

Beloved Archangel Zadkiel
through the Messenger, Geraldine Innocente,   January 31, 1954   U.S.A. (6)

" . . . The ancient rites of the Mosaic Code, pertainng to the requirement of a blood sacrifice, have no place in Divine Reality or in the Christian mysteries and the drama of the coming Christ.The use of the term, 'blood,' in this connection is the symbol for regenerate Life which relates to the release by Heaven of the Energy supplying Life and Consciousness to man.It also refers to Consecration in the employment of God's Holy Laws which does elevate experience above the commonplace to the state of regeneration noted in the Parable of the Prodigal Son wherein consciousness is prepared to be received into the Golden Circle of Blessing and Illumination. (3)

"The Judaeo-Christian tradition, which seeks to find in the scapegoat concept a vicarious atonement, is based largely on human misunderstanding of Heaven's Laws; for, in Truth, every man shall bear his own (karmic) burden.Yet, all should bear one another's burdens in brotherly kindness and compassion, as Christed Beings, freely outpouring upon the less illumined, the balm of the true understanding of God's Infinite Mercy.

"Material science holds only the barren immensity of a cosmos man can only hope to dimly grasp. This is depicted in the wilderness wanderings of the children of Israel, whereas the 'Promised Land,' flowing with milk and honey, is the purity and sweetness of spirituality which imparts to all the hope of conscious communion with the Eternal Cycles, whereby the Cosmic Purposes of Life become revealed, not in a humanly fashioned doctrine or eschatology, but in a universal tone of continuity. The Law of the Eternal Cycles is hung upon the Great Cross of God and man (the vertical bar signifying God; the horizontal, man) who will one day be revealed to all in the words of the Roman centurion, 'Truly this was the Son of God.' So goes Our hope for each one!

"Blessed Ones, the Rose of Sharon, the rose that blooms in the desert of matter, whose perfumed essence is indeed a bit of Heaven borne to Earth, is symbolical of the hidden Christ Nature ensconced within the Heart of every man as the Sacred Threefold Flame of blazing Love, Light and Power; triune in aspect as Father, Son and Holy Ghost, this Inner Light reveals the Power to do right as manifest in all of mankind's constructive endeavors of the past.Although a thrust toward intellectual supremacy is apparent in mankind's present attempt to educate all men according to the current trends, based on studies of mankind's physical and mental development, it must be realized that the greatest force in the world today is not intellectualism at all, but Charity, Whose Pink Flame of Divine Love shews forth understanding of all that which ever has been and is.KNOW, THEN, THAT THAT WHICH SHALL BE WILL TRANSCEND ALL THAT HAS BEEN OR THAT IS.

"Men of Good Will! You who seek no scapegoat to carry away the remnants of your own errors be it through science or religion, STAND lovingly in a receptive attitude toward God and CALL forth by invocation and purity of purpose the dawn and expansion of the Mighty Christ Light of the World that shall banish the darkness of ignorance and usher in, to all who will receive it, the overcoming Power of the Realm of Victory.

"Graciously, I AM

Beloved Archangel Zadkiel
through the Messenger, Mark Prophet, &  1964,   U.S.A. (7)

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