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Djwal Kul

        Djwal Kul        

Service to God in Life

  • Also known as:
    • Djwhal Khul
    • The Messenger of the Masters (3)
    • D. K. (3)
    • Djwal Kool
    • The Thibetan (3)
    • The Tibetan
    • The Tibetan Master (2)
    • Dyual Khool (6)

  • Embodied as:
    • Caspar - one of the Three Wise Men who, along with Melchior (El Morya) and Balthazar (Kuthumi) visited the child Jesus
    • Kleinias, the favorite pupil of Pythagoras, and the first chela of Lord Gautama Buddha
    • He embodied many times in the mountains of Asia and lived in the great Lamaseries there.
    • It is claimed that He was Aryasanga who translated the Sutras of Patanjali by Shankaracharya into English.

  • Office in Hierarchy
    • His service is to teach, give the spiritual understanding and expand the knowledge of the Law. (3)
    • He gives great assistance to those seeking truth and to the healers who have the welfare of mankind at heart. (3)
    • He works with the Red Cross and such philanthropic movements. (3)
    • He instructs students of the various Masters thereby relieving Them of some of Their teaching work. (3)
    • He also works with the healing Devas and certain other Devic groups. (3)

  • Electronic Pattern:
    • A Hand with a Torch (3)

  • Retreat:
    • Djwal Kul's etheric Retreat in Tibet focuses Illumination to assist the consciousness of India and the Masters of the Himalayas. (5)

  • Music Keynote

The Magi

Djwal Kul was a Tibetan and was known by the name Gai Ben-Jamin in his youth in the early part of The Theosophical Society, that was before he became an Adept. He is often referred to as the Master D. K. and is also known as "The Tibetan".

He was on Lemuria and before the continent sank accompanied Lord Himalaya as He took the treasures to the heart of Asia for safe-keeping. He embodied many times in the mountains of Asia and lived in the great Lamaseries there. He was Kleinias, the favorite pupil of Pythagoras, and the first chela of Lord Gautama Buddha. It is claimed that He was Aryasanga who translated the Sutras of Patanjali by Shankaracharya into English; He later gave an English paraphrase of them to Mrs. Alice Bailey.

Djwal Kul worked with El Morya and Kuthumi in bringing forth Theosophy. He was devoted to Kuthumi and built himself a small house further up the ravine from Kuthumi's home at Shigatse, Tibet. He willingly served in any capacity, in whatever there was to be done, and through such service acquired the name "The Messenger of the Masters". It seems he has always preferred to stay in the background and avoid outer recognition as much as possible. He supplied much data for the book "The Secret Doctrine", and a large part of it was dictated by him. He precipitated several pictures during those days of Theosophy.

Djwal Kul, like El Morya and Kuthumi, the other two Wise Men, presumably could have attained the Ascension at the close of that embodiment during the lifetime of Beloved Jesus. They however did not complete their Ascension then in order to have a closer physical connection for that future service in connection with Theosophy. He attained mastery as Morya and Kuthumi had, to the point of suddenly appearing in a room without the door opening, seemingly out of the atmosphere.

He became an Adept on the Second Ray. He completed the Ascension in the latter part of the nineteenth century.

Djwal Kul secured a dispensation to give that work to mankind: that which was given to Alice A. Bailey beginning in 1919. He had to persuade her to take it and had to write quite a bit Himself to convince her of the quality of the work, and that it was authentic, before she accepted it as Truth and consented to take the work. Thus the door to the Ascended Ones was again opened after having been closed when Theosophy ceased to function in that capacity; and much more Law and spiritual understanding was given, which was a sequence to Theosophy. (3)

Pearl of Searching by Nicholas Roerich
Pearl of Searching by Nicholas Roerich, 1924; Copyright © 1997 © Nicholas Roerich Museum

Life Was Intended to be Joyful, Lighthearted, Carefree!

"I AM Djwal Kul and I have waited long to come and speak in The Temple. However, there was Instruction that needed to precede my coming, for many of you had lost sight of who you were and knew not how to begin the process of rediscovering your Real Self. Consequently, that which I come to teach would have been lost because the proper foundation had not been laid.

"At last, it is time, and I come in honor of the Christ aborning within you. This cycle is not unlike 2,000 years ago when the momentum of my Causal Body, along with that of El Morya and Kuthumi, was brought to the Christ Child, the tiny babe in Bethlehem. These momentums, in the token of gifts, were only the outer representations of our true wealth and abundance, namely our assistance, our acceleration and our attainment sworn to uphold His Mission.

"The tiny babe knew not what was given from an outer standpoint, but the I AM Presence of that one was most aware and received those gifts with full respect and gratitude, knowing full well that the time would come when this little one would grow and become an adult - not simply an adult from an outer standpoint, but in the maturity of his Christ Mind - wearing the full Mantle of his Holy Christ Self. It was during this destined cycle of mastery that these our gifts would be needed.

"Many of you come to the feet of the Ascended Masters to partake in like manner of the glorious Gifts and the Momentums that can be shared from the Masters' own Causal Bodies, from their own Consciousness and the Light they radiate. But, alas, how have you received and nurtured what has been given? Since the beginning of the 1900’s there has been released into Our outer schools on the Earth a magnitude of Light and Instruction so that the students would have the greatest opportunity to begin to utilize constructively all of our Gifts that were available to them. But far too many turned aside, became bored, and lost their way. They did not realize that it takes a conscious determination to hold fast to each point of Cosmic Law and to continue to strive and not give up until you are Victorious in mastering each point. Far too many jumped into the course of our Instruction midway, never having received benefit of the foundation stone of the Teaching that would have become the bedrock of their Victory.

"I, Djwal Kul, understand that each of you desire to continue on this Path until you have gained your Ascension. However, the Ascension will not come if you continue to dally and gloss over those very fundamental and original Teachings. For example, the Threefold Flame of the Heart requires your focused attention - the mastery of the Blue Plume of the Will of God; the fulfilling of the desire in the figure-eight flow of the Devotion and Love poured out to your God Presence; and lastly, the realization of Illumination’s Plume. Each Plume is a necessary part of the whole that is required and must infuse all your creative endeavors in order for true mastery to come forth for your lifestream. Without this understanding of the Threefold Flame, you, beloved, are not ready to begin to create as does God.

"Perhaps you have some understanding of what each of these three Primary Rays stand for, but have you quite realized how you may fashion your own body temple with the Vibration of these specific Rays? The Threefold Flame begins within the Secret Chamber of your Heart, sustained by the focus of your own God Presence's attention upon you. As you begin to work with each Plume, meditating on each one's Essence individually, you will begin to expand the magnitude and the outreach of the entire Threefold Flame.

"And what is meant by expanding? An open and expanded Heart Chakra does not simply pulsate aimlessly into the atmosphere. It begins to saturate the very cell structure of your body. You begin to wear your Threefold Flame as a Garment, for the cells begin to spin in like vibration, and as you begin to qualify the action of the Threefold Flame with your mind, your Christ Mind, there will radiate the Purity and the Perfection that comes forth from your Holy Christ Self.

"When you send forth the mental thoughtform of this expanding Heart Flame, focusing the Power that is within your being; holding fast the energy field that is the solar plexus; holding firmly to the visualization and reflecting it upon the Great Silence, you will then begin to discover how to modulate whichever one of the Seven Rays you are focusing through your Heart Chakra out into the world. Each one of these Seven Rays holds fast to a particular God Quality and one or all are needed in precise combination for every simple or complex creation.

"I will explain another way. When you touch the Flame upon the Altar of the Heart and commune at the level of the Great Silence within the Secret Chamber, hold fast to your visualized precipitation in your third eye. Next, provide for that thoughtform to be detailed and exacting, holding it firm and allowing for it to be nourished by the figure-eight flow of your Heart. You are then able to propel that thoughtform together with the Light Substance required for its outpicturing onto the screen of life.

"The outward flow of the Currents and Light Rays issuing from your own God Presence will take on the outer expression that is necessary to project the thoughtform into manifestation. The God Quality that corresponds with that thoughtform, together with the rhythmic flow of the energy with which you are propelling it forth, will naturally invoke the corresponding emanation of the appropriate Ray or Rays through your Heart — Thanks to the Intelligent, Invocative Power focused through the Radiant Outpouring of your Threefold Flame which you have made the effort to master as I have revealed here!

"You see, beloved, the Threefold Flame is the Master Key. Within its science is to be found the understanding to the unfoldment of all creation. Every aspect of God Reality from the beginning of time has come forth from these three Primary Rays. The very outpicturing of your own body temple is fashioned from the Essence of these three Plumes. You, beloved, will begin to approach these aspects of God Purity and Perfection as you commune more and more intimately with the Threefold Flame. Your cells will drink in that Light. They will spin faster and will take on the very God Vibration that is the Essence of that Threefold Flame.

"As you become more masterful, you will find you are able, by a simple act of will, to allow your Christ Mind and your God Presence to reach through the veil and to immediately activate the Heart Chakra with a particular action, not always called for by your outer mind, but originating in the Mind of your own God Presence. This attainment will come forth if you have built an established momentum of allowing your God Presence to intervene in your affairs.

"But first and foremost, you must know the Threefold Flame. AND YOU MUST EXPAND, EXPAND, EXPAND THAT FLAME! You must understand the intricacies of its involvement in your creativity. And then you, beloved, will begin to experience a closer association with your own God Presence. You will express more of your Christ Mind and more of the Divine Blueprint for your lifestream will impress itself on your conscious mind.

"As this transformation occurs, you will not be unlike the Three Wise Men as We moved across the Earth, directed, not only by outer forces as cycles of God unfolded, but by the Mind of God within us. This Christ Attunement, beloved, will be the great gift that you bring to the Christ in others. And once you have connected with the fullness of who you are, and raise a listening ear to the wind – the wind of the Holy Spirit that wills into your being the Divine Direction and the understanding of that which you are to accomplish - you, too, will be a Wise Man or Wise Woman. For you will have the Wisdom of understanding of the transcendent flow of the Light of God. And you will be ready to move at any time in response to the direct call of your God Presence. It may be subtle. It may be loud. You will never know until you have fully embraced this opportunity.

"The Threefold Flame of the Heart is your nourishment. It is your very Life. It gives you all that keeps you within your body temple. Without the Threefold Flame, without the Light of your God Presence sustaining all of the organs, flowing through the bloodstream, breathing through each cell that breathes in this Light, you would not be in the physical octave. You would have already moved on into one of the other dimensions of Light. So you see, beloved, part of the mastery of the physical octave is the mastery of the Heart, learning how to become more of this "Three-In-One Flame" - breathing it in, breathing it out, understanding when there is required a more than ordinary release of Illumination’s Flame, or the Pink Flame of Love, or the Blue Flame of Power.

"Moreover, when one Plume is more dominant than the others, there is imbalance. You cannot have the spinning action of the Flame spiraling towards your God Presence sufficiently without the balance of all three Plumes. Where you find that there is the need to spend more devotional time engaged in God Love in order to bring forth the Pink Plume into greater balance, do not hesitate. Recognize when you are out of balance. You will discover that when the Threefold Flame is balanced, you will likewise have greater Harmony in your life, for a balanced Threefold Flame will not only affect the emanation of its own Light, but it will harmonize all the other affairs of your life.

"The Master Key is the Threefold Flame. Now that you have had an understanding of the Planes of Consciousness, now that you know who your I AM Presence is, and now that you know that your Holy Christ Self stands so very close at hand…IT IS TIME TO UNFURL THE IMMORTAL, VICTORIOUS THREEFOLD FLAME OF LIFE! For life in the physical octave was intended to be joyful, lighthearted, carefree - not burdensome or laborious.

"You can change any aspect of life that is uncomfortable by expanding the Light of the Threefold Flame. By touching it, examining it, becoming engrossed in the fullness of that Light, all the other God Flames will come forth in Divine Order for your lifestream. If you are a creative individual, the Green Ray will be accelerated because of the balance of the Threefold Flame. If you desire to be in ministration and service to God in Life, you will likewise discover the corresponding Rays of Purple and Gold. So shall it be for each of the Seven Rays because every facet of God Purity and God Perfection must originate in this balance.

"I trust that this is the beginning of many wonderful opportunities that you and I will have in learning about who you are. Hold fast to the Light, for you have many gifts yet to receive, and many that you are already able to give."

Beloved Djwal Kul
through the Anointed Representative®, Carolyn Louise Shearer,   December 29, 2000,   Chelsea, Vermont U.S.A. (4)

Caravan of Magi

" . . . . Of course, in all true Ascended Master Instruction (especially in that concerning the I AM Presence which has been so freely and abundantly released to all who will accept it by your beloved Saint Germain for about a quarter of a century now), there is always a complete and God-Satisfactory Remedy available for every human ill and unhappiness. The remedy here lies in a more constant and complete attunement with the Light of the Christ within one's own heart for, when so many of the outer friendships of the human seem to 'fall away', the new-found friendship of the outer self with that 'Inner Divine One' must be cultivated and nourished by the frequent, rhythmic attention of the outer self thereto.

"Perhaps — before his Ascension - the full meaning of all the various and confusing doctrines of this world may never be made completely clear to the student, and, while it may take quite a bit of persistent 'calling' on the part of the chela to find the answer to every question — yet one thing is very sure — there can no unhappiness or confusions abide where dwell the God-Qualities which are naturally radiated by the Christ. Among these, Patience, Forgiveness and Forgetfulness of every human mistake are the very heart and being of Divine Love (God Himself!). These God-Qualities, of course, are naturally inherent within the Christ Nature of every man and radiate from the consciousness of every lifestream who will allow them so to do — whether that individual be in a high place, whether he be the average 'man on the street', or whether he be a simple 'coolie' or peasant.

"The cultivating by you of more and more Patience (not only with one's self but with others of evolving life), as well as endeavoring constantly to have an understanding heart and be a comfort to all life, will make you both gracious and graceful in your expressions of daily living. Then will you be most willing consciously to call for the Violet Fire to transmute the causes and cores of all mistakes of yourself and others. This merciful Violet Fire sets all free from the pressures of energy qualified with criticism, condemnation and judgment, which energies, otherwise, may continue to build around them until, many times, that pressure alone may compel a repetition of the same mistakes. After all, none unascended are yet perfected, and true introspection of self — together with the use of the Violet Fire — will remove the habit of 'judging according to appearances' from the chela's world. Thus does the seeker gradually become more and more Master of Life through the anchorage of his greater and greater attunement with his own Holy Christ Self and the Ascended Host.

"Before closing this message to you today, let Me refer briefly to a very beautiful aspect of the returning to Earth of the Ascended Ones, in answer to the calls of those who accept their reality and assistance. These Great Ones always — without fail — express their sincere and intense gratitude to the Source of their life which gave them their Ascension. Such releases of Divine Gratitude from their Blessed Selves remains in Earth's atmosphere as great Foci of their Perfected Consciousness — magnificent thought and feeling Forms of blazing Light. Then, as is the Nature of the Ascended Ones' Life and Light, these continue to expand and expand their perfection to all. Now, gracious reader, will you too earnestly endeavor to produce, release and expand the God-momentums of your own lifestreams — so that everywhere you move you leave a permanent blessing of your Light here — for all to enjoy!

"I AM your Friend of Ever-Expanding Light, Djwal Kul."

Beloved Ascended Master Djwal Kul
through the Messenger, Mark Prophet,   1959, U.S.A.   (1)

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